Star Wars Centric

With a suggested standard of two paragraphs or more and dedicated lore threads, this is for the more verbose roleplayer. (10+ sentences per post, on average.)
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Star Wars Centric

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May She be Damned
"Here I stood in front of the man I called my father my whole life as I watched him destroy Alderaan. A part of me was ripped to pieces as I stared out of the star ship. I was both hypnotized and horrified by what he had done to the helpless planet. They had no idea what was going to happen. The children that played before bed. The husbands who kissed their wives good night. The teen girls who wrote in their diaries about their crush at the academy. Their whole lives were gone in an instant. My stomach twisted into knots and I couldn't breathe. How could he? He said he was only going to threaten the woman they had taken hostage. She didn't actually think he would destroy a whole planet. What had he done?"

The idea is that Leia was found by Anakin/Vader as a toddler. She remembers nothing of her life on Alderaan. Anakin/Vader raises Leia from a toddler to be his apprentice (as well as his daughter obviously). Leia learns the ways of the Jedi under the dark forces. She is quite a tyrant but because of her mother's blood, she struggles with being apart of the Sith. Unlike her father who struggled to stay good, she struggles to stay evil.

"But who would play who?" might you ask? Well I would play Leia and my partner could be a few people. Either they could be Anakin/Vader and we could start from when she was a young child all the way up to when Alderaan was destroyed (The idea is that another person was captured when Alderaan was destroyed) or my partner could be Han who comes aboard with Luke and Chewie to save said female and Leia ends up helping them get out and from there Leia follows them under the guise that she is for the rebellion and ends up falling for Han and turns good. Or my partner could be Luke, and she helps them escape and under the guise of being for the rebellion, ends up learning that Luke is her brother and turns good. It has the potential to go so many ways!

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A Not so Happy Family
"If only Ben and Han would get along. The twins will be here any day now and I can't take the fighting between them. Luke tries to help us but Ben just doesn't seem to listen. You can only punish a boy so much before it just doesn't work any longer. Han suggested that we send him to live with Luke. His Jedi powers grow stronger every day and I don't know how to teach him control. Perhaps it would be good for the twins and myself if Ben goes to live with Luke for a while. It wouldn't be perminant. Only until the twins are a year old. Maybe then it would be safe to let him come home."

So I love the idea of Ben living with Luke and training as a Jedi but I'm not sure I agree with him becoming Kylo. Yes it's an interesting story but I feel like it's almost... "cliche". I love the idea of Han and Leia not splitting up because of their son and I love the idea of them deciding to send Ben off to Luke. I also enjoy the idea of Leia and Han having more than one child. I always got the feelings in the movies that Rey was Ben's sister or cousin. Either way, I would rather Leia be pregnant with Jaicen and Jaina from the EU Series. Basically it would be about their lives in a different light where Ben doesn't turn into Kylo.

As for who would be who, I'd love to find someone to play Han for this. We could share the roles of Ben, the twins and Luke. I love the idea of exploring the life after they defeated Vader. The idea would be that we would explore the relationship between the two of them, their lives, their struggles. It would be a lot of fun in my opinion. But if not, I wouldn't mind someone being Ben and exploring the before and afters of learning to control his Jedi powers.

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A Political Race
"We knew something was different about him. He didn't seem to understand what it was the people needed. It was as if he completely ignored everything that mattered to his people. That was why so many hated Skywalker. They knew he was a tyrant and that he would never gain the vote of the people - at least that was what we thought. Now here he was neck and neck with General Amidala. Things were tense enough as it was and it seemed things would only get worse from here."

I absolutely adore the idea of bringing the Star Wars story to Earth. But instead of the Sci-fi aspects, it's simply one man trying to rule over a country against a woman. I think this would actually be super challenging but a ton of fun. The challenging part would be how to tell the story without the sci-fi aspects - But I think it would be a lot of fun to see the way we could tell it and what we would come up with! I mean they would be just normal human beings trying to tell a story of a political struggle. We could set it in any era. I personally thing WW2 or Modern times would be the most fun. I'd even be willing to take it back further in time but that's up for discussion.

This could possibly be a group roleplay but I honestly prefer one-on-one. I'd be Leia and my partner can choose their person. Chewie, R2 and 3PO would be humans too. Chewie a tall maybe deaf-mute man, Artoo a rambunctious little person and C' would be a very highly intelligent human who would be helping Han, Luke and Leia on their adventure.

Well these are some of my ideas! I really hope someone snatches these up! I'm super eager to start these asap.

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