A Story of Fate or Choice

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A Story of Fate or Choice

Post by Tokuyu » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:19 am

Note: If you want to see the intro, go to http://rp-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=9721
The OOC chat is here https://rp-forums.net/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=9775

Magical Systems
There are countless magical systems in Imavition(the world this rp takes place in), and if you want, you can create your own system of magic that your character follows. However, said magic system must make sense, and be explained somewhat without abusing 'magic' as the sole reason.

There are 6 systems of magic that are generally used by people
The Path of Fire - Like it's name suggests, this form of magic revolves around fire. Though it may be seen more like a religion, or a way of life, than an actual form of magic. This requires you to become one with the flames, isolating yourself from the frigid cold and engulfing your soul in fire. The path can then diverge into two ways: the Way of the Dragon, and the Way of Elphyria. The former is more powerful, but requires you to deal with unknown individuals to continue receiving benefits. The latter is much more tame in comparison, but you derive your power from Elphyria(the sun). Consequently, you are weakened during the night. This is generally used in a continent called the 'Fire Dan Lof'

The Path of Frost - This form of magic is similar to the Path of Fire, but revolves around ice instead. You become one with the cold, expelling all the burning heat from yourself, and embrace the cold calmness of ice. Unlike the Path of Fire, this form of magic does not split. Your power's growth or decline depends solely on your body and soul. However, mortals - elves included - are not meant to stare into the abyss. If you are greedy, and try to gain too much power at once, you will lose yourself to nothingness. This is generally used in a continent called the 'Ice Dan Lof'

The Art of Magic - This form of magic is most familiar to everyone; it's magic closest to the classic fantasy magic people are used to. Wands, staves, tomes, incantations, spells, etc. All those are employed here, though rarely all at once. This form of magic is also divided into 5 major elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Magic. A typical mage has two of these; a primary element, which they focus on, and a secondary element, which is their backup. This is generally used in a continent called the 'Gelbing, Phalin'

The Eyes of the Soul - This form of magic is unique. People who are familiar with the 'Sharingan' from Naruto will see that I have taken inspiration from it. In short, this form of magic is linked to your soul, with your eyes acting as the conduit. Your magic depends heavily on the state of your soul, and your way of life. Generally, the state of the eyes could be divided into three stages: the First, Second, and Third Awakenings.

The First Awakening occurs sometime during a person's childhood. When they first realize that the world is unfair, their souls undergo a change in state. Their eyes reflect this, and show a simple geometrical pattern unique to every person.

The Second Awakening occurs sometime during a person's adulthood, although chances of this happening are rarer than the First. When they experience a life changing event - whether it be a near death experience, the formulation of a lifetime goal, or anything equally life changing - their soul undergoes a change, and their eyes reflect this with a more abstract pattern forming around the original.

The Third Awakening occurs when something truly incredible happens in a person's life. Consequently, it is much, much rarer. And much more powerful. Having your kingdom destroyed, your family slaughtered, your biggest dreams being realized, being responsible for a decisive victory against an impossible foe... All those, and much more. When an individual undergoes the Third Awakening, both the First and Second patterns merge into one.

This form of magic does not require spells and the like. It is purely visual and spiritual, affecting the world through the eyes of the wielder. This magic is generally used in a continent called the 'Narlap Uth Don'
Important: When picking this form of magic, just tell me what Awakening you have(excluding the Third). For the case of the Second Awakening, I shall include it in your missing memories. The First Awakening does not matter... Much. Just know that this form of power is costly, and not in terms of magic

Willpower - This form of magic is only usable by elves. In essence, this is pure willpower given form through magic. There isn't much to say about this, except that this requires a strong will and a stout mind. Without these, an elf will not be able to use magic at all. And even an elf child could cast magic. This form of magic requires no spells or incantations. It only requires the user to be an elf.

Races Human - This should be easy enough to understand without explanation. They crawled into sentience on their own, stubbornly carving out a slice of life whether life wants them to or not. They're resourceful, adaptable, and able to excel in anything they decide to specialize in. A jack-of-all-trades is not uncommon, but humans tend to stick to specialized 'classes'. Fate seems to have a loose hold on this race in particular.

Elf - This isn't your generic fantasy elf. Elves are part mortal, part spirit, and are more magic than physical matter. Legend says that they descended from a human and a forest spirit, although the Elves deny this firmly. And since no records exist, this can never be proven. Their hair color signifies their familial ties and social rank, as magic defines an elf's social ties and their hair color reflects their family's magical aptitude. Elves can also cast magic using their own force of will, almost as if they are bending the world to their whims. Combine that with their near immortality, and you get a race that claims that they are demigods. Some kingdoms even worship elves.

Hybris - Like the name implies, they resemble human-animal hybrids. The most common ones are wolves, foxes, and felines - mostly due to human influence - although they can be any land dwelling animal. Their animalistic looks range from being limited to a few external features(animal ears, claws, teeth, tail) to being a humanoid animal(everything is animal, except for their humanoid appearance). Their physical abilities are incredibly high, making them easily the physically strongest species in the planet. To give you an idea of their physical prowess: scattered groups of hybris tribes successfully repelled or destroyed every attempt at invading their homeland. A hybris can dodge a shot from an arquebus point blank, facing the other way, using just their hearing. And a hybris maddened with bloodlust or something similar can easy tear through nearly any non enchanted metal. They have a long lifespan, and frequently outlive even the lifespans of human kingdoms.

However, despite their superior physical abilities, they are sorely lacking in intelligence or technological development. Their species never advanced above the tribal lifestyle, and prefer using their claws, teeth, or raw strength over tools. They cannot even use magic... Or so people think. No matter how isolated a newborn hybris is, they always mature as if there was a mother hybris caring for them. They know their own language, can identify their own kind through scent, and worship the same god as the other hybris: Moonshadow.

The hybris are thought to be a more evolved version of the lesser hybris scattered across Imavition. The ones found in the wild are no more than mere animals, though they share a lot of qualities with the hybris.

Note: If you choose to be a hybris, even your memory of Moonshadow is erased. And your intelligence rivals that of a human, as well. This contributes to the story.

Aerolien - These are similar to the hybris in the way that they resemble human-animal hybrids. However, the aeroliens are limited to birds. Like the hybris, their bird like characteristics range from being limited to a few feathers and maybe wings, or being humanoid birds. They, however, are fanatically religious. The aerolien society is a theocracy, and they all believe in the Deities of Altebah. You can usually see some aerolien temples in the bigger towns, and the other races tolerate them - not out of respect, but out of fear. When the aeroliens feel as if the spread of their religion is threatened, they go on a crusade. And an aerolien crusade is terrifying. They slaughter with reckless abandon, and call down curses from the heavens.

Every aerolien seems to have a connection with their gods, and small miracles tend to happen in temples worldwide. And as a result of their temples and priests, the aeroliens are scattered across the world in a fashion that rivals the humans.
Note: If you choose to be an aerolien, you lose connection with the Deities of Altebah. You do not even recognize them.

Half Elf/Wood Elf/Exile - These are the result of a nearly impossible union of human and elf. The child loses the hair color of the elven parent, and has the characteristics of the human. Their magical abilities are several lowered as well. That, combined with the fact that their parent is human, causes them to be exiled from elven society. They are forced to live in the woods, hence the name Wood Elf. Due to their unique parentage, they are more connected with the life force of living things, and can even communicate with the more intelligent animals.

Watsha(unplayable race) - They are another one of the Sentient Races, but they most likely aren't going to be relevant to the storyline.

I decided to take a page out of tabletop rpgs and add stats and learnable skills. Don't worry, I removed all of the number crunching and dice rolling: this will only serve as a basis for your character, your resistance to poisons, your natural wound recovery, and prevent you from being too OP too quickly. However, if you reach a high enough level, you may be able to challenge gods. And win. I'll be sure to warn you if you do something that seems unreasonable for your stats, though I'm confident that I don't have to.
You gain more stat points by training, using magical items, and drinking special potions. You can also gain spend able points to allocate to the stat of your choice during moments of character development. Oh, and don't worry too much. I'm generous with stat points. I think.




Eye color(optional)

Hair color(required for elves. Optional for others)

Equipment(nothing too good. Be fair, and all that. Your equipment determines your proficiency in armor, weapons, or magic.)

Magical System(exclude this if you are hybris)

Primary Element(if you choose the Art of Magic)

Secondary Element(if you choose the Art of Magic)

Awakening(if you choose the Eyes of the Soul)

Points to Spend: 20

Strength 10 (physical strength. Used when you exert force. The higher this is, the stronger you are)

Constitution 10 (the condition of your body. Used when you are wounded, poisoned, cursed, sick, etc. The higher this is, the more punishment you can take.)

Dexterity 10 (your... Dexterity. Basically. Used when dodging, doing acrobatic stunts, picking locks, pick pocketing, sneaking, etc. The higher this is, the more things your body can do)

Speed 10 (your speed. Duh. This stat is only used to determine whether or not you are fast enough to do things. Will you reach them in time? Will you outrun them? Are you fast enough to do this? Etc.)

Intelligence 10 (your intelligence. This determines if you can decipher codes, ancient runes, dusty tomes... This also affects spell and skill learning)

Willpower 10 (your willpower. This reflects the state of your mind. Used when resisting mind affecting spells, overcoming traumatic events, and using magic.)

Perception 10 (use of your six senses(including magic). If you are hybris, this stat is maxed out but too sensitive. Like an animal's. This stat is used when searching for something, sensing magic, hitting something accurately, identifying weaknesses or traps, etc.)

Luck 10 (this is your character's luck. It's sort of a wildcard, and can affect nearly anything. A high enough luck can make the enemy fall on their own sword and accidentally stab themselves. A low enough luck and the same thing might happen to you. Some things that are too much for your current skills can also be explained away by luck, but you can't overuse it of course)

Note: I do not have my own OC. I shall be a sort of 'DM'(for lack of a better term), and control the events of this rp. Still, I encourage people to write their own scenarios whenever possible, as long as it doesn't affect the main storyline or unbalance the rp. This isn't a tabletop game. This is a roleplay for enjoyment.
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Re: A Story of Fate or Choice

Post by Snake Eyes » Sat Aug 11, 2018 4:43 am




Eye color:
Dark Purple

Hair color:

-Shinobigatana: A straight, single edged blade around nineteen inches long, weighing just under a pound. The sword sports a rectangular tsuba of the same dark color the rayskin wrappings that coil around the handle in their signature diamond pattern. The weapon itself sports many scratches alongside its surface, especially alongside its dull side - a testimony of the blocking technique utilized because of the inferior steel used to produce the easy-to-chip edge. Its saya is notably longer than the sword, causing one to think that the weapon would be longer, and thus slower to draw. Otherwise, the ninjato is sturdy, although unremarkable, save for the crudely engraved words on its steel surface - too faded to be legible.
-Kaginawa: An iron hook with four points. It lies connected with a length of rope that could be used to scale tall walls, pull boats and hang equipment at night. Although useful, It appears to be rusted form exposure to moisture.
-Shinobi Shozoku: Shen usually adorns a navy blue ninja grab, embedded with a strange symbol on the back. Underneath the thin layers of rough cloth lies a vest composed with rings of chainmail, providing protection from slashing attacks. Preventing the metal from rubbing against the skin, a plain black shirt, one that is actually an extension of his mask lays. Knee high tabi boots begin where a pair of black baggy pants end, ones made out of the same material. Likewise, this outfit comes aired with a steel headguard - one that apparently saved his life more than once, judging by the deep cuts it sports.

Magical System:
They Eyes of the Soul

Stage Two


Strength: 8
Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 22
Intelligence: 11
Willpower: 10
Perception: 14
Luck: 8
And so, they became strangers again.

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Re: A Story of Fate or Choice

Post by FUCK » Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:22 am


Rito Karopica



Eye color(optional)
Bright green on the bottom and blue on the top of each eye. Around her right pupil is the outline of a diamond (her first awakening)

Hair color(required for elves. Optional for others)

Rito is a short thin owl variation of the Aerolien with large eyes and small beak like red nose. Her face is round and flat with bright snowy white hair sprouting all the way from the top of her head down to her jaw line pulled up into a neat bun on top of her head. She has large eyes that seem to always be glaring because of her thick diagonal black eyebrows. She is petite with pale greyish brown skin and her arms are covered in long white feathers the drag on the floor when fully extended.

Rito carries a stone flute that plays unnotes. Unnotes are sounds unhearable to most races and can cause effects ranging from head aches too causing your ears to bleed, however other Aeroliens can hear unnotes and are immune to taking damage from all but the last 2 notes. The stone flute only has a range of 3 meters but when played inside of a cave or a place with echo these sounds can cover the entire room hurting allies enemies! Rito doesn't wear armor but a bright and elegant white robe of mysterious origins, seemingly belonging to some kind of orginization or church since it has a large insignia on the back of a black moon with a yellow crescent moon beside it (🌒 like this).

Magical System
The eyes of the soul

Awakening(if you choose the Eyes of the Soul)
Stage 1:
Rito's first awakening allows her to see sound as colors that lean more towards red the deeper in pitch they get and green the higher as well as becoming more blue the lower in tone and becoming more yellow the higher. She is also able to manipulate her own voice to match the colors she sees perfectly, even unnotes.

Points to Spend: 20

Strength 7

Constitution 7

Dexterity 10

Speed 12

Intelligence 17

Willpower 14

Perception 13

Luck 20

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