[CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

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[CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

Post by TheDarkOne » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:49 am


Religion (Church of the Divines, Valkyrn, Dwarven Ancestor, etc)

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Re: [CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

Post by LarissaLemon » Tue Aug 18, 2020 11:30 pm

Name: Livbet Frokleft
Age: 19
Race: Human
Religion: Loosely aware of the church of the divines (enough to stay out of trouble), also aware of the Valkyrn

Appearance/Equipment: Stands a slightly taller than average 5'11" with dark hair and light blue eyes. Favors bow and arrow, but also carries a small battle axe (one handed viking style=simple and multi-use).

Personality: Curious to a fault. Not particularly eager to fight. Has the hearty endurance of those who survived childhood in cold inhospitable land. Quick to laugh and cheerful, though years of perilous cold and war bands have taught her the value of silence.

Skills/Magic/Crest: An excellent hunter and forager. She follows no Crest she is aware of. She has some magical skill she found she possessed in line stretches in the forest but is aware enough to not speak of it to anyone. All combat training she has is focused on defensive; avoidance, stealth, blocking.

Bio: Livbet grew up among a small group of northern nomads teasing at the limit of the cold expanse. Her childhood was happy if harsh at times. Snow to her is as natural as sunlight. Her older brother Clefvin left home and joined a warring band despite her parents disapproval. She rarely sees him now, and then only by chance. Though her mother birthed as many as 7 children, only 3 survived. Her younger sister Mayi has had delicate health since a fall through ice 2 years ago that resulted in pneumonia. Her mother clings to her youngest daughter; the entire family dotes on her as the youngest (and apparently last) child of the family.

Livbet loves the spruce forests and barren hunting grounds of her youth. As she grew however, so did her curiosity about the rest of the world. To such an extent that other members of her small community started to treat her as odd and somewhat foolish. Especially considering the danger on the "road" for a girl who didn't ever like to fight if she could help it. Eventually Livbet could stand her curiosity no more and struck out to travel alone (much to her mother and sister's distress). Travel, not at all foriegn to the nomads, was always done in family or warring groups. To travel without the ties of community in the northern reaches is dangerous. Still, Livbet waited until the season that brought them furthest south, then started out on her own toward the nearest permanent town. She mostly plies her way selling goods she catches or gathers herself, and with the odd job. Trapping fur bearers, gathering mushrooms and cold tolerant edibles is something less and less people seem to be talented at the further south she gets. Though the fur bearing animals also grow more scarce in the south. Instead she finds other animals more common.

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Re: [CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue Aug 18, 2020 11:41 pm

Name: Ezekiel

Age: 27

Race: Human

Religion: Church of the Divines


Ezekiel is a large, darker skinned man who inherited the ox-like strength of his family of farmers and work ethic. As such, Ezekiel stands over most at a daunting 6 '2" and weighs about 240 lbs. Due to his travels, he prefers to shave his head and facial hair often much like a monk does in order to evade the maintenance with such hair.

As a mark of his favour, he was healed of his eye. What was once a scar is now a marking. And his eyes are now Heterochromatic. One being brown. And the other being a sun-like orange.

He wears a ceremonial tunic -- bright and noticeable. Also very cool in that it reflects sunlight. He generally wears light armor consisting merely of riveted chainmail on his torso in more forgiving regions, while forsaking metal armor entirely in the desert in favor of padded gambeson.
Minerva (Weapon): A razor sharp "hybrid scythe." Typically a farmer's weapon, this weapon has the ability to transform from a regular scythe through a war scythe through mechanical means. The War Scythe configuration makes the weapon able to work more like a spear or normal polearms.

The normal scythe configuration is first and foremost, intimidating. And also is capable of allowing the weapon to trip, disarm, bind blades and confuse enemies with it's niche uses.

Khanjar: A slightly curved dagger which is saved like a claw and sharpened on both sides. It's use is straightforward for slashing and stabbing through gaps. Useful in the alleyways the city. Rarely does he draw it.


Devout: Is dedicated wholly to his faith, so long as it seems to serve what is just and values the lives of all beings who abide by their good nature and divine law. He values humanity in general and will gives his life if it is for "the greater good."

This also leads him to go against his nature. If for the sake of man, he will spill blood, often with little question.

Faithful: Believes in the divines and the forces of nature itself. Overall he believes with few deviations in the teachings of the divines and they were at the very least sent down to. He believes that they are good and have the interests of people as a whole in mind.

He will go to great length to enforce divine law and do what he believes is right.

Enduring: Will weather the greatest turmoils in the name of his gods. His faith gives him a will to go on and brave through most things.. The more evil the threat is seen as, the more easily he be able.

Strict: Having gone from living on a farm to living in an in an impoverished area to living there.

Cautious: Is very skeptical of most non-human races due to the history of the Valkyrn and encounters with more magic prone societies.

Xenophobic: Very wary of magic and magic wielding races in general. Is very quick to jump to conclusions until proven otherwise. The exception to this rule comes in the case of other members of the church, who have in his eyes, proven themselves worry of their power.

In addition to being skeptical of certain races, Ezekiel tends to harbor suspicions of the wealthy. Particularly any who have any natural or inherited wealth of their own.


Scythe Wielder
  • Disarm: Rip away the weapons. Sometimes at the cost of one's own fingers.
  • Trip: Use the Scythe's curved blade to grapple from a distance, hooking opponent's forward.
  • Trap: Locks a weapon with the scythe, preventing it's use and rendering some more vulnerable to hand to hand strikes.
  • Bash: Mostly non-lethal attacks. Spinning the spear around allows it to be used non-lethally so long as he holds back. Allowing for both efficient knockouts and brutal beatings.
  • Anchor: Can use the scythe to climb, hold one's self in place or to slow one's self down.
  • Ward: Defensive posture in which he holds the weapon with it's edge pointed towards the enemy, causing charging beasts and men a like to run themselves through with their own force.
  • Surgical Strike: Much like a knife but on a stick, can send forward the War-Scythe through the weakpoints of armor and the weakpoints of any beasts with great accuracy.
Brace: Sacrifice mobility and maneuverability to brace the bottom of the weapon into the ground via a spike. This allows one to stop larger opponent. Sacrifices maneuverability. More effective in dirt, sand and unpaved roads where the spike can be more easily.

Bare Handed: Able to fight with his barehands. Knows boxing and wrestling moderately well and often employs them both for the purposes of self defense, capture and punishment.

Blessing of the Divine (Holy magic)

One such as Ezekiel has always functioned as the protective older brother of his family and as such, he is given the role of a warrior, protector and dispenser of justice.

Power: A very simple ability that improves physical capabilities in short bursts, increasing strength, striking power and by that same measure speed.

This increases durability but not to the point of being able to withstand blades, fire, increased temperature, poisons or diseases. But it does decrease the damage of blunt impacts. Particularly with softer weapons such as one's own hands.

However the burst of energy is finite and needs time to recharge. Indeed, this is less usable in desert environments. Lasting only about 30 seconds in such environments and a few minutes in cooler places. With time and usage this can increase.

Eagle Eye: A marking on Ezekiel's face which changed him forever, an eye previous scarred and useless was turned into something useful. Eyes like that of a hawk allow for improved vision, the ability to see things at a distance and the ability to detect heat.

The heat detection is useful in illuminating the darkness of the desert night, allowing Ezekiel to track down many a thief and murderer if such a thing is reported to him soon enough.

The eye oddly enough works in the dark better than it does in the light -- where it is all but aesthetic in function. A dim glow sometimes can serve to give him away in the dark as easily as it illuminates it.

Strike the Ethereal: A form of dispelling in which Ezekiel functionally "cuts" through magic using his scythe's blade, manipulating the force of the magic itself as he dispels it.

In effect, this allows him to counter magical attracts and weapons by touching it with his scythe and "scattering" it. He can make magically imbued water part like a tidal wave. Disperse a fire. Part a boulder. Bend the winds around his frame.

This does not work in otherwise natural occurrences such as large fires, floods, rockslides or the terrible wind of storms. Such things are beyond him. It also does not work on things that contact parts of the scythe which are not the blade nor does it work without direct contact.


Ezekiel was born the boy to a farmer. He is the youngest of three siblings, having three sisters.

Raised a farmer at first, Ezekiel lived a mostly honest life based on hard work. He tended to the goats and chickens. However at the whim of nature their crops were buried beneath sand. The land remained fertile but it would be an entire season.

This forced the group to become nomadic, opting, selling everything they had in order to attempt to make a new life in the city working now under a noble.

Ezekiel's family ended up doing much of what they did before, farming. Two of his sisters however were sent to work in the houses of a Lord. However an "incident" with said lord's son. The cost of this was his own eye and imprisonment.

Unable to return to his family's work, Ezekiel was forced to find new meaning and purpose. He found his own job under another Lord -- stealing from them. However he was caught one day during a visit by a visiting priest. One who however, offered the downtrodden member a chance of redemption. And he soon found this in the church of the divines -- all too willingly offering his flesh and blood for what he had seen as a great and just cause.

Now, Ezekiel spends most of his days wandering the land. Going wherever so he appears to be needed the most. No matter how far the place or perilous the journey.

Lethe, The Once Reaper
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Vas, The Shadow Man
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Jackal, The Devil's Dog


Varcolac, The Cursed Cartel
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Re: [CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

Post by TheDarkOne » Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:54 pm


Name: Arthur Drakion 

Age: 32

Race: Human (Lord)

Religion: Valkyrn Worship, loosely in line with the people he rules over. Strongly believes that the races are capable of ruling over themselves. 

Appearance/Equipment: Arthur has medium length black hair, which he often pushes or brushes back to keep strands from falling into his eyes. He maintains it as well as he can depending on if he is on campaign, along with a short boxed beard which makes him look slightly older than he is. His eyes are an electric blue, striking against his dark hair. A small scar runs down at an angle across his forehead, finishing in his eyebrow where no hair grows.

Standing around 6'1, broad shouldered and well built from a life of battle, Arthur strikes an imposing figure on the battlefield when astride his horse Regulus and donned in his armour. Made up of a loose white cotton shirt, covered with chainmail and then topped with a black leather gambeson that separates at his waist to allow of more mobility, he also has padded trousers and long, black leather riding boots. His left arm his protected by full, black metal plate armour, segmented to allow for full mobility, and with the hand shaped like a claw, allowing him to use it as a weapon against poorly armoured foes. A thick black woolen cloak is fastened to the lower part of the pauldron, stretching up to reach his right shoulder with a ridge of black and white fur before sweeping down to the ground where it often dragged in mud. When not travelling or on campaign, he wears a black tunic fastened with silver clasps, with matching trousers and brown leather boots. On his left hand, he wears a simple silver signet ring with a ruby inlaid in it. 

For weapons, Arthur normally carries three at all times. Either strapped across his back or on his horse saddle is a slender claymore, its grip made of twisted steel with an ornate pommel in the shape of a spike, allowing him to bash with it and still cause a wound. The crossguard forms an ornate U-shape, made to trap enemy blows should they slide down the blade, while the blade itself has a thin ricasso, widening out once more before tapering down to a sharp point, allowing for wide slashes and devastating thrusts. Usually he, or one of his men, carries his personal duelling weapon, the bladed spear. A weapon picked up from his time in the Orient, the shaft is made of redwood, with the tip of the spear is flat, long and sharp, able to pull off cuts as well as thrusts. A red tassle hangs where the blade of the spear meets the shaft, used to confuse and disorient opponents when striking. Lastly a simple baselard dagger hangs at his waist, secured by its sheath. 

Personality: Although a Lord, he has often served as an enlisted man and as such is a man of the people and well beloved by his soldiers for fighting on the front lines with them. Humble and charitable, he is popular amongst the poorest of his subjects, never hesitating to help them with their tasks and get his hands dirty. When it comes to religion, he is quite cynical, and is of the opinion that humanity is capable of ruling over itself, but being a Lord of the North he especially has a dislike of the Divines for the turmoil they have encouraged to spread. However when dealing out justice he is often hard, but fair. Should a man be caught stealing, he will either allow them to return what they took, with interest, or lose a hand. 

In battle he is a natural born leader, able to inspire those around him and often the first into the fray, showing incredible bravery in the face of adversity. A skilled warrior, he never asks anything of his men that he himself would not do. If the infantry needs to hold firm, he will grab a shield and join them, if the calvary faces poor odds, he himself will lead the charge. His time with the enlisted men has given him a jovial and sarcastic outlook at times, using it to pick up their spirits with a simple joke. 

Skills/Magic/Crest: Both Arthur's past experience as a Duelist and now a Lord lend to his skills:

Master of Arms: Through his travels across the Orient and Ostinia as a Duelist has allowed Arthur to master a wide variety of weapons. Whether its a pole arm, a longsword, bow or exotic curved weapon, Arthur has great mastery over the weapons, allowing him to be flexible in a fight. 

Duelist: Arthur excels at personal combat, as well as being capable of holding off other Duelists, often multiple at a time. 

Crest of the Dragon: The crest Arthur recieved after defeating the leader of the Black Drakes and assuming command. Like the dragons themselves, this grants Arthur heightened endurance, strength and speed, with some even claiming he can parry crossbow bolts from the air. Able to bestow on his followers the Mark of the Dragon, this instills in them courage to stand and fight, as well as share a portion of his strength. While he can only share the mark with a small group of soldiers without it being a detriment to himself, as he increases his crest, the more that can share in the power. 

Blood of the North: Mysterious powers that Arthur keeps only to himself, only to be used in the most dire of circumstances...

Bio: Not much is known about Arthur, the first records anyone has of him was when he signed up to the Bleeding Spears in Jalbator, joining them as they sailed across the sea to the Orient. Here they found themselves in employment to the Amythest Emperor, assisting him in his wars against the savages in the Eastern jungles and deserts. He would serve as a Duelist for the Bleeding Spears, honing his skills against the tribal warriors armed with poison curved blades and shark tooth clubs. When the leader of the mercenary group refused to share in the wealth accrued, Arthur and those who were affected most left to form a small party that worked for the Adventurers Guild from the Imperial Capital of Xia Pi, often exploring caves and ruins as well as escorting merchant caravans until they earned enough to return to Ostinia. 

While some of them went their own way, Arthur and the rest set off towards the north to join up with the many hordes and warbands that turned the hills and tundra into a battleground. Eventually they met up with the Black Drakes, where they served for another 2 years until the death of their Lord during a skirmish just south of the Frozen Wastes. His crest and leadership of the Black Drakes passed to his son, Eradius however he was not the man his father was. While his father was honourable, just and respected the ways wars were fought, Eradius was hot tempered, greedy and ruthless. Under his command the Black Drakes raided towns and tribes for supplies, taking the men as slaves and the woman for their own entertainment. After two raiding parties returned with their spoils, Arthur was furious with the practic. Challenging Eradius to combat, the power of the crest made sure it was no easy contest, however Arthur wore him down by dodging his furious strikes until he opened himself up, running him through with his spear. 

With his opponent bleeding out on the ground, the power of crest passed onto him, granting him the Crest of the Dragon. With his lordship over the warband assured with the aid of his allies who followed him from the Orient, Arthur made looting and pillaging punishable by death and installed discipline amongst the warband. Those who has taken part in the raids were ordered to give up their loot, or face the sword. Those that challenged him for leadership, rather than return what wasn't theirs, were cut down where they stood. The real trouble came with the several hundred slaves, whose villages and homes had just been burnt to the ground. After taking the night to sleep on it, Arthur decided to establish the first true lordship in the North. The whole warband up and moved towards the southern border of the Heartlands, challenging and subjugating a minor warband which had taken up residence in the area before moving into an old Valkyrn fortress which they named Drake's Eyrie, they began to rebuild. 

Perched on a high cliff, next to a waterfall that pooled at the base near the main road south, Arthur freed the slaves gathered and put them to work in the ruined fortress. He and his men helped build the first townhouses within the walls, and trade from the south ensured they were never at a loss for building supplies. With wall repairs under way, some of the men began to set up farms and mines, and before long it began to look like a real home, the first true fortress in the north, none of those wooden palisades defending the other settlements but real stone walls. However disturbing reports began to filter in over the last year, of monsters spotted roaming the North in packs while traders and caravans were found torn to shreds with all their goods left behind. More news came from Poltansk to the west, just on the edge of the territory he ruled and that of another warlord and of course, the Heartlands, of strange figures spotted in the surrounding woods. Gathering ten of his finest warriors, Arthur personally led his men to the town across the western road, arriving not long before nightfall. Paying to stay at a local tavern with his men sleeping in the stables, Arthur intended to begin his investigation the next morning. He had no idea that in the night, monsters would breach into Poltansk, the first attack against a settlement by monsters in hundreds of years.

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Re: [CS] Chronicles of Ostinia: Of Gods and Men

Post by Azra » Tue Aug 25, 2020 6:01 pm

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Name: Isabella Naicitrom
Age: 25
Race: Human
Death, not a named deity but what such a god represents. The fact all life has a finite ending that the world is dependent on the dark as much as the light.
A darker skinned woman with a slightly toned physique. She stands at just under six feet tall with hair nearly as black as the wings of a raven. Her eyes are a forrest green in hue. At almost all times her face is painted to resemble that of a skull.
Bone Laced Clothing: Gloves are worn usually rolled down to mid forarm but able to extend up to the elbow. Boots extend to knee height as her pants are held up by a belt woven of bones. And a camisole top, all of this fabric is made of leather. Allowing it to be breathable and somewhat resistant to the elements and allowing for protection. More significant of course though is that all of this is covered in bones. Isabella can manipulate these bones to extend. This can lend to extending limbs, a exoskeleton styled armor, or knife like spikes and protrusions. It's easily concealed which helps as well in travels, but it does have limitations. Such as range, durability and the cost of making her useless with most conventional weapons.

This was a arcane use of power to have a alternative, less draining on the body and ones magical ability per day. It doesn't cost mana to use, but it's tied to corrupted magic and impedes on the use of any weapon not tainted by malicious forces or crafted with bone in the design.

Ceremonial Dagger: A handle of interconnected leather bound bones with a small feline skull on the handle. A groove runs down the curved blade collecting the blood it sheds. It's useful in daily life of course or in a fight but predominantly it's use in flaying skin and cleaning bone.

Backpack: Sometimes keeping ones provisions on their horse isn't ideal obviously. So this can be used to bring things with her, such as food water and camping provisions. There is also a series of books in relation to biology and history, with as well a journal consisting of notes from Isabella. There is the one oddity to the bag, that being a section of the bag separated just for bones she keeps on her. These bones being those of arms and a few animals.

Ghost: a black stallion covered in bone related armor. Naturally storing a number of traveling necessities on the back. There is however as well pouches kept on the horse housing more bones.


Isabel is someone driven to resolving whatever corruption is slowly taking hold of the world. Fully good intentioned and eager to help others. This is bogged down by her use of course of darker magic, which isolates her from most. She's not to religious as she sees it more conceptual then a deity but she still finds herself infuriated by those devoid of beliefs. She tries to be good humored and serious, however the more magic she uses on a given day the more irritable and prone to negative emotions she becomes.


image.jpeg (281.15 KiB) Viewed 80 times
Marrow Manipulation: A free to use on herself ability to manipulate bones, this can include weakening, strengthening, breaking, mending, extending and so on. In addition it helps her have a surprising amount of control over her body. This is very difficult to use against others though. Latent energy in ones body often providing a resilience to her influencing the body of others.

Life Drain: The capacity to withdraw life energies from organic matter for use of healing herself and others. This is why as well there is a groove on the knife to collect the blood spilt. This isn't to taxing on her magic but is on a target. Where she withdraws life it struggles to return or perhaps may never return. A tree wilted by her may forever be a dead scar upon the land.

Death Communion: This is a medium cost on her energy but allows her to talk to and understand the fallen. Different languages, animals it's all understandable to her. Granted when talking to the dead it likely sounds to most like ghastly gibberish.

Raise The Dead: The main ability of Isabell to raise and control the dead. Below five summons is easy up to ten is taxing mildly. Going anywhere up to twenty is exhausting, and anything above that is bordering on dangerous to herself. More she looks to bring forth the easier it is for corruption to seep into her body or even threatening her very life.

Necrotic Bolt: A mildly costly power to cast a skull looking projectile of deathly energies. A cold burning, and exhaustion
causing attack. She can only cast this three times a day however.

Puppeteering: The summon or summons determine the cost over the action itself. This also requires making Isabella's physical self is somewhere safe or protected. This spell however allows her to be in the body of those she's brought to life, able to see the world through the eyes of the undead raven, or perhaps as a zombified rat listen in as a spy, or even exhibit better control of the undead legions she may use.

Amalgamation: At times the numbers may not be enough, this is to costly to use more then once a day but it allows the necromancer to fuse the bodies taken to form a singular entity. It may be akin to a cerberus or centaur, form wings or multiple arms. The necrotic combination in form may very but the result remains the same a high mana cost for a powerful summon.

Spectral Body: By plunging her dagger into herself Isabell can bring herself to the precipice of death. To become a ghost a being of possession and intangibility. However should something happen to the knife, the blood collected into the groove or the time spent away from the body expand over an hour the death would be permanent.

Resistance: Put simply being closer to the point of death has allowed some resilience to things like poison or narcotics. She's to interlinked with death and pain to easily be swayed by injuries shy of the most severe. Most significantly though is meat, raw or rotten even diseased the bodies of the dead don't make her ill.
Survival: Hunting, scavenging, knowing how to barter as a Nomad Isabel had to learn to get by on her own and in the wild.
Martial Arts: The use of necromancy is corrupt, fowl, primal she had to know how to fight with her body over tools. While she knows weapons it was vital she come to know how to rip and tear apart the body through magic and her own hands.
Tactician: This was more by her own doing. Constant studies to learn how to manage numbers and troop formations. She expects one day she may need a army of the dead to help fight the forces against the world. The power to summon so many though is nothing if they're just sacks of meat devoid of any actual ability.
Knife Weilding: She is no master with any melee weapon but its proximity to claws feels relatable to the necromancer.
Swordsmanship: While again no master she is familiar with the art, and more significantly the use of skeletal arms can bolster ones obvious potential.
Language/Arcane Studies: Studying the dead can lead to learning the language of the dead, of meeting people from all walks of life. This has lead to better understanding of languages and writing from the common, to the magical, to even the lost and so much in between.
Isabella was born on a battlefield, a camp in the Northern Wastes. A warband wanted control of the ruins that a small group wanted to make a village out of. Her father looked to defend the camp but was cut down on the front lines of battle. He slew the leader of the warband but at the cost of his own life. This lead to Isabella being taught from as soon as she could remember the value in death. That life came and went, that it was fragile and fleeting but precious in just how finite it was.

A daughter just wanted to know her father she never got to meet, but the student of her grandfather knew there was a need to come to know magic. So she grew up studious of the arcane but ever drawn to wanting to see her dad again. Until one day the small village was assaulted again. This time though her dad wasn't there to defend them and the rest of the villages were more scavengers and book worms then fighters. Most died as spells were cast, and the spells were weak. Until finally all that stood before them was Isabella.

The warband was ready to kill the children, no survivors or slaves could be allowed. So they came at her, she tried to cast fire but the armor was to thick for flesh to burn. They got close so she took her grandfather's knife and tried to fight, but a six year old skinny girl with a knife wasn't going to defeat a well fed six foot tall man in plate mail. Eventually a sword was driven through her chest, a scar permanently marking her torso in the years that followed, in that moment though she was close to death.

Corruption took hold, some force telling her she could do something bad from which there was no coming back. But by doing so she could keep those remaining alive.

So eyes turned a ghastly green, her hands glowed a spectral jade and slowly the growl of the undead could be heard. Blood flowed from severed limbs and from wounds to deep to survive. The bodies moved with a stiffness as the stages of death had tried to settle in and the body that'd stopped was forced to move. The fallen village swarmed the warband though, hands ripped at flesh, the nails broke and bones cracked from trying to take purchase but the undead didn't care. Their teeth bit into meat with a wet squelch and Isabella watched.

With her wound she felt close to them, with her loss she almost thought herself like them. She knew it was wrong, but it felt like it could fill a void in her. Besides life and death, day and night they were sides of the same coin. She knew she could use this to protect people. Sure the few survivors of the village saw her as a monster, but they'd lived.

Sense then Isabel has largely been on her own most the time. Looking to better master the necromancy she uses and protect the world. She's come to study martial arts from her father's ghost, and arcane teachings through the ghost of her grandfather. They were not corrupt they could only show her so much about herself. It helped though to forge her into who she is now. She is well aware that given how deep she has delved into black magic she likely will never have a child or reach the age of fifty. Things like this however are a acceptable price if it means protecting others.

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