Crossroads: Character Sheets

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Crossroads: Character Sheets

Post by illirica » Thu Jun 11, 2020 7:58 pm

This thread is for accepted CSes only. I will post them in once accepted. Thanks!

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Re: Crossroads: Character Sheets

Post by illirica » Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:08 pm

Chapter One
Name: Vincent Martin
Age: 39
Sex: male

Personality: Cold, Separated, greedy, Cunning, and quick witted. These are the things that brought him to the top of his career. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear, and if you believe him you've fallen for his trap. Underneath his human skin lies a snake ready to strike at whatever can get him ahead.

Skills/Profession/Roles: He was a investment banker, a very lucrative investment banker, a very illegal investment banker. His way of buisness got him alot of money and alot of connections, he aquired these with his silver tongue, quick wits and sheer luck.

Equipment: his wallet, a comb, and some suspicious white powder he doesn't like sharing.

Bio: Vincent was at the top of his game the year was 1982, the sun was setting over Detroit and he just landed the biggest deal of his life with a Up and coming super car company called De Lorean. The expected turnaround profit was so high there was only one thing to do and it was to celebrate. After a few very fun hours of "legal" activities he went on a joy ride in his car. The last thing he can remember was he was going 160 on the southbound when there was a bright flash and wound up here. Now he's just looking to get back, by any means necessary.

"Kat...uh yeah that's about where the excitement ends"
"Katiè Madeline Kipper"
"Depends who's asking. I uh got two IDs though, one says nineteen one says twenty one..."
"Five foot Six and three quarters"
"Not a lot low triple digits is all ya get"
Hair Color:
"brown with neon pink bangs"
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Features:

"I've a lot of piercings and tats. A fish sleeve and a cat sleeve, flowers around the neck and on right hand. A sleeping cat tramp stamp, a flower pattern up my left leg. Pierced belly button, nose, lip, left brow and usually three different earrings in each ear. "

~~~Arsenal of Greatness...or you know not~~~

I uh usually have my skateboard with me. A pocket knife, and if I had it my way my cat Purrderr."

~~~Kat's Kinetic History Hoarding Heroic Happenings...uh can I lie here?~~~

"I ain't playing man weird as this shit is Purrderr should be allowed, he's my best buddy! Right so history I wish I could hype this up make it sound so much cooler than it is. But I try and be up front you know? I picked up skateboarding early on. Gave parkour a shot when that was kicking up. Mix that with sports a bit and I'd say I'm pretty athletic I guess, better hand eye coordination then most my age. Not like jumping off buildings but I've made parks a playground and usually not broken a bone acting like a idiot. Uh I watch a lot of crime shows so might be a good investigator I guess. I've uh been in about half a dozen school fights so I'd like to think I can maybe hold my own. Grades are mostly good, graduated and current sophomore in college. I'd say I'm okay at small talk and stuff. You know I'm starting to think this is rigged, I'm not gona make myself look like more of a loser for you mystery person! This is all ya get."


Toni Kuznetsov

Profession: Head Chef
Age: 39
Weight: None of your business
Height: 6'5". Yeah, she big.
Build: Athletic

The Head Chef at "The French Laundry" for roughly four years, Toni is a master at her craft. It's argued that no one on this earth has greater precision with a knife or more refined taste buds than hers. And, as for her subordinates, she's viewed as a short-tempered demon just as often as she's accused of being a superhuman in the kitchen.

Most of her subordinates have never seen her break a sweat but, given what she's about to be dealing with, that might change real soon.

Five-Star Michellin Chef: The most obvious of Toni's skills. She's a better cook than you, and you're just going to have to deal with that. She could use ingredients with only a quarter the level of quality of yours and still make a dish three times more enjoyable. She's earned her stars for a reason, and you can count on a feeling of utmost satisfaction after you've tasted one of her meals.

Unbreakable Nerve: Years of managing her stock, organizing her underlings, working under inhumane crunch times to satisfy her customers and bearing the weight of every mistake made in the kitchen have hardened this woman's resolve to an unimaginable degree. While she may not have the answers to every problem or the skills to overcome every situation, she'll always be the last person to lose her nerve in a tense or hopeless situation.

Leadership: A skill that comes natural with her experience. Toni has mastered the art of thinking as a group, rather than an individual. When she's tasked with leading or working with a group, she excels at recognizing the value of those around her and utilizing their strengths to their utmost value to make the most of what, or who, she's got.

She also gets pissed off real quick when someone's not working to their full potential.

"The God Tongue": Or at least, that's what it's been called a few times. Toni has an almost superhuman sense of taste. Coupled with her natural proclivity for eating slowly and taking the time to fully experience any food that she puts in her mouth, she's become damn near immune to poison. Or, perhaps, "poisoning" is more accurate. Any bit of it that enters her mouth, no matter how faint the taste, will end up spat out over the floor before it has a chance to cause any noticeable damage.

Natural Intelligence: Literally knowledge about nature. Skills that she picked up before making it big. Toni is naturally gifted at finding and identifying ingredients in nature that are edible and healthy. Coupled with her "God Tongue", it's a damn near flawless skill, indeed. Won't protect her from any dangerous animals or environmental hazards but, if she's lost in the woods and there's something edible there, she'll find it and neither starvation nor food poisoning will be an issue for her.

Fitness: Not really a remarkable skill, but Toni takes care of her body. She doesn't just eat well, but she gets plenty of exercise and rest, too. She's not particularly athletic, nor does she have a high degree of kinesthetic intelligence, but she'll surprise the shit out of you in an arm-wrestling contest, a footrace, or anything that requires a bit of muscle and stamina.

The Clothes on her back: What she was wearing when she got here.

Cellphone: For calling folks, ordering around her underlings at a distance, and maintaining her sanity when things get quiet and slow.

Emergency Make-up: Well, duh.

Handheld Mirror For the makeup, duh

Key Ring: For the house, the car, "The French Laundry", and the occasional booty call.

Box Cutter: A must for any good chef who won't allow themselves to be slowed down by inconvenient food packaging!

Other Triflings:: Mints, hair ties, wet naps, and a bunch of other junk that she's collected for her convenience.

A Purse: To put everything above in. She's only got two fucking hands, c'mon people!
> query: oliver benjamin kennedy_


2 file(s) found_


21 years old.


5 feet, 8 inches.

150 lbs.

There's not much to see with Oliver besides his academic career, but skill-wise his entire life has been devoted to technical abilities. Not just focused on one aspect either - hardware, software, hacking, coding, you name it. The bright young man (who is an extremely avid comic book reader, by the way) is on his second-to-last year as an IT major at a small but notorious college. Truthfully, it's Oliver's own fault that he won't be graduating with his classmates this year. Shame.

The young man is quite the anxious joker, meaning he mostly makes jokes in the most stressful of situations. He's at his most confident when centering around his two specialties; he talks circles around comics and computers. Oliver shows some bright, untapped initiative, but can't seem to get past several mental and physical obstacles. Known to cause some trouble with his quirky, sometimes clumsy nature. Very apologetic.

Not much close family - lives with his paternal grandmother that is clearly going senile. Mrs. Kennedy has been away for years (reasons undisclosed) and Mr. Kennedy passed away nine years ago. Only a couple of friends within his class.

A...somewhat disappointing specimen. Besides legitimate technical skills and being able to recite the entirety of the Star Wars Episode V script, there's nothing glaringly unique. That being said, his consistent studies paired with high cooperativeness bodes well in a team setting. Creative thinking and problem-solving is a huge plus. With only one collective skill, there's a lot of potential to grow in his future.

Oliver carries around a backpack filled with his basic essentials, which includes his laptop and charger, comic books, a cellphone, a wrinkled notebook that comes equipped with a bag of pencils/pens and a bunch of silly, nonsensical doodles inside the margins of the pages, his wallet, an extra pair of glasses, and a water bottle.

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Name: Jeremy Jacobs otherwise known as JJ


Height: 6 feet 0 inches

Weight: 160 lbs

Occupation: Clothing store salesmen, musician/street performer


Personality: JJ is a generally calm and laid back person. He has an aura of friendliness about him, and is generally able to get along with most people he meets. He’s quick witted and a smooth talker and is able to find humor in most situations, or if need be talk his way out of the bad ones on the rare occasion he finds himself in one. He is very confident and has a peculiar obsession with balancing being hard working while trying to get the most out of life.

Equipment: Aside from the basic phone/keys/wallet mantra everyone repeats to themselves as they leave the house, he doesn’t go anywhere without his guitar. His general model of choice is Gibson, and in its hard shell case he keeps spare strings, an electric tuner, a capo, an assortment of guitar picks, and a little gadget that cuts guitar picks out of old credit cards.

Background: JJ was raised and grew up in a small city in northern New York and had more or less an un assuming life and childhood. He took an interest in music at a young age and was supported by his parents through and through, though buying him his first guitar and signing him up for his high school music program. However when it came time to prepare for college they had understandable amount of worries, and pressured him to not put all his eggs in one basket. He went straight into the workforce for a year folding shirts at a clothing store, as it took him that long to convince his parents to compromise. He majored in accounting at a local college that he applied for with a minor in musical study.

Tragedy struck early into the third year of his time in college, when both his parents died in a car crash, having been hit by a drunk driver. JJ was wracked with guilt for a number of reasons. He had been arguing with them recently as some tension grew over his grades. Despite that, the reason they had been out that night was to see him perform at a local bar. The driver there had also been at that bar that night having too much of a good time.

He went through a deep bit of depression and couldn’t bring himself to finish school. Having held his job on and off throughout college, he was able to convince his boss to give him a full time position, and renegotiated the lease for his college apartment into his permanent residence. He inherited some money and his childhood home, which he mostly used to pay off his school debt, leaving the rest to sit in the bank for a while, while he went through the motions in life.

It took some time but JJ was eventually able to pull himself out of the emotional hole he had dug, most of the credit due to rediscovering his love for music. He eventually sold his childhood home, and bought a small place suitable for one and a half people at the most, with a garage big enough to install something of a DIY music studio. He’s made friends, as well as reconnected with some old ones from childhood and college since then, and has managed to become something of a local fixture, being seen out in public playing his guitar with the case open, that is when he doesn’t have a gig with a local cover band he joined as a guitarist/singer.

While not famous by any standard, he well liked in his home town, and has a small Youtube channel with just under 500 subscribers, where he uploads cover songs, recordings of his bands performances, and rare uploads of original work he has written. While he isn’t resentful of the fact that he isn’t necessarily famous, there’s something that seems to always be at the back of his mind as to whether he is making of most of the hand he has dealt, and how he can bring himself to push and do better, though he is afraid to tell people that he feels that way.

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