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[REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:53 pm
by SuXeSoN
Link to CS Thread: >>>HERE<<<


One fine morning in the northern Grand City of Gladis, many woke up to find the streets littered with printed brown parchment. Every street from the Crown District to The Dreads was absolutely filled with the very same parchment. For those who couldn't read, orators spoke loudly at the top of their lungs so that even the heavens would know...

"His Royal Highness, King Rodlin of Galadia, first of his name, bears an important announcement!"

Important it was, as anyone could tell, so much so that the papers bearing this message spread all over the continent of Eurisa. Not one town, no matter how small, was untouched. Every tavern had a copy pinned to the bulletin board, and an educated stranger willing to read out loud to the masses.

"Dear citizens of Galadia,

I wish to inform you all of a forbidding doom, that is ever growing down south. That is The Taint, which many of you may have heard of. I regret to inform you that the rumours are true. Indeed, it's a maddening darkness that corrupts everything it touches! Turning every living being, flora and fauna, into Fiends most horrid. Many of us sheltered within the Divine White walls of Gladis will be safe from The Taint's unwavering hunger of all things. However, I have a duty, as king, to serve all of Galadia.

While the threat is currently small at the moment, but my Court Mages and Royal Scholars both agree that The Taint grows exponentially, threatening to consume half of Eurisa in the course of a few years. I fear that the rest of the land will soon follow after that.

This is why we must take quick action. We have to nip it in the bud! We must find a way to control and eliminate the taint before it grows much stronger.

I plan to personally investigate the Taint. On-site. As The Taint is a matter of great importance, I must examine the situation in person. I believe that is best for our Beloved Galadia.

However! I do not plan to go alone. While I do plan to bring a selection of my royal servants. I would like the citizens of the kingdom to aid me in my adventure as well! I am sure we require specialists and commoners alike, the more the merrier! That's right citizens! I extend an invitation to every man and woman, of all races! Hume, Elvish, Orcish, Felish! Even the more uncommon ones, such as Fae and Serpentine, and to think of the ones I haven't listed. We will unite as one to fight against the taint!

Knights in shining armour to combat against Fiends. Mages and masters of the arcane to support them! The common thief may also be welcome, keen eyes and senses may be needed. Farmers to help revitalize the land. Cooks to feed us all! Airship Captains! Jesters! Monks! No matter your occupation, I'm sure you'll find your place in...

The King's Expedition!!

You will all be rewarded handsomely, once this is all over. If wish you join The King's Expedition, come to the Grand City of Grandis before the 4th of Viridian to enlist. (Please keep in mind that you require permission from your parents or guardians if you're younger than 14. If you don't have any, then you're free to join.)


Needless to say, this was a mission of high priority. Hundreds of men and women from all over Eurisa came to Gladis to enlist. Those who wish the join the King are required to fill out the following document. Those who are unable to write had transcribers fill out the form for them.


The King's Expedition Official Application:




Race: Aye? A race we never heard of? Intriguing... Feel free to call your race whatever. And tell us more in the Lore section.

Occupation: Ahahah! The King would probably require many different people in this expedition. Feel free to write whatever suits you

Abilities: So, what sorta things you could do? Weapon techniques? This should relate to your listed Occupation

Magick: You may or may not be talented or previously taught in Magickal Artes. Mana is present in everyone and everything. But to harness and control it requires quite a bit of studying.

Inventory: Anything special you'd like to bring to the King's Expedition? Special enchanted items?

Home: Where did you come from? You were living somewhere in Gladia before coming here. No? There are many cities and towns of different types out there. I wouldn't be surprised if there's one that I never heard about.

Bio: Tell us about yourself, say as little or as much as you think is suitable. Do not say much to wear yourself and The King's eyes out though. There is still much more to write!

Personality: The king would like to know what kind of person he is working with. He is a very open-minded man, don't think what you say here will bring you any prejudice. However, this is optional.

Lore: You see, we would like to know more of what you know. Your culture, how you live. Everything from your Race to your Home. Eurisa is very vast, and we would like your help for us to learn more about it's occupants. We'll even add them into the archives for future reference! After all, no archive is complete. This is mandatory when you put down an unusual race, or a home that is very different and detached from Gladis.

Appearance: A picture alone would be just fine! (No Real Life photographs) It would be great if you were able to provide a description too though. It would be helpful if we were to know of what you're wearing too

Extra: Would you like to say anything we never asked about here?


*cough* Well... *cough* This whole thing was a piece of work. Just a few more things I should say:

- Yeah just had to get that out, sorry.
- Respect your fellow role-players (it's not hard, the rules of the RPF (mandatory), and The King, (or not... Cries in King)
- Please try to make lore to make Eurisa a vast, magical land. I will be adding my own lore over time. See, the special thing about this RP is that, there are not really limits. Unless.. I say so. So go wild with the lore. Appropriately go wild. I'll make the 2nd Post in the [REQ] and 1st post in [OCC] dedicated to lore.
- I may or may not make a CS Thread tonight. If I have, it's definitely there by the time you read this. If not then.. Wait patiently to submit your CS there.
- Oh yeah, I encourage creative occupations. Sure you can go for standard White Mage/Healer or Warrior but... What's the fun in that?. I recommend something "unique" or "unusual." Like.. "Sky Pirate" or "Geomancer". As long as it's not too over-powered. It's probably going to be to fine. Surprise me!
- If you read this. Confirm you've read the Terms and Ramblings of SuXeSoN (to have your CS accepted) by putting something among the lines of "Swearing loyalty to the one True King, OzymanDIO." Nah, it's not like I'm inviting you to a cult or anythi-... I'm joking. "Swearing loyalty to The True King." Is enough.
- This is my first time doing a High-Fantasy RP such as this. I hope you guys like this idea. Have fun! Be creative! Romance is totally fine as long as it doesn't come from nowhere.
- Just a tiny recommendation... Anyone wants to do a shared past with one of my like... 3-4 characters I'm planning to make?
- Yeah, I'd like you to make a lot of characters if you can manage them. I don't mind if the other CSs are shorter as long as the first one is of good quality.

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:54 pm
by SuXeSoN

Gods and Goddesses:
  • Rucyst - God of Creation, Beginnings, and Life. The father of all gods and goddesses, and certainly one of the most popular ones. Depicted as half-man, half-dragon. For his head and tail belong to that of a dragon. Many agree that Rucyst was the one who created the world, time, and life itself. But it has been debated whether if he was the one who created man-kind to his liking.
  • Vaernys - God of Theatre, The Arts, Entertainment, and Madness. Many say he is a faceless god who switches between wearing his "comedy" and his "tragedy" mask. While some religious pacts do not think of Vaernys as a Major God. King Rodlin put a stop to that once he took the mantle of King.
  • Hume/Human
  • Fairies/Fae - In most parts of the world, Fairies are thought of as legends meant to create wonder in the hearts of children. However, in the Enchanted Forests of Eurisa, they are slightly less rare then anywhere else in the world. Fairies are known for being very calm yet protective, on guard yet never anxious. But this is only how they act in the presence of a fairy king. If a fairy king dies the enchanted forest and its fairies live on, but the fairies very rarely stay once the fairy king has died. Fairies are actually very curious and mischievous and they love laughing at others getting hurt. (Submitted by Flamma (Apologies for the edit))
Cities, Towns, and Lands
  • Grand City of Gladis - The Capital of Galadia, and the first city built by the Founding Hume of Eurisa. While the Humes were not the first race to set foot on Eurisa, they were the first to build such a large civilization. Built behind great, white walls. This earned The Elder God's, Rucyst, favour. Legends say he descended from the heavens to crown the First King of Eurisa personally. Granting The First's King's Gift. The voice that carries out God's will. The First King then sought out the land of Eurisa, discovering it's many races and offering many to come to The Grand City. Now, The Grand City is a hub filled with all kinds of people and races. The Crown District is the innermost district, surrounding the castle, it's where the nobility and those who serve the King lives. However, dark slums do lurk in the outer rings of Gladis, named The Dreads. Crime here is higher than in other parts of the Crown City, and is generally not the most pleasant place to live. They say it's origins come from The Founding King punishing it's criminals and made them live in horrible conditions, rather than sending them to prison. There are many other districts too. Like The Market District, The Commoner's District, The Theatre District, and many more.
  • Enchanted Forests - Enchanted Forests can be found all across Eurisa, they are ecosystems brimming with magical energy. Enchanted Forests can come in all different sizes and ecosystems but the surefire way to point one out is by finding a fairy king. Fairy kings are the personification of the enchanted forest they come from and they live to protect the enchanted forest they come from. If an enchanted forest has enough magical energy it will also create lesser fairies to serve its fairy king. Enchanted forests are known for producing obscene amounts of edible fruits, or plant or flowers depending on the ecosystem, that also brim with magical energy that can give a great boost in magic to whoever eats them. These magical treats are called "fruits of Eden" and some can even grant people permanent magical powers. (Submitted by Flamma)
Guilds and Groups

General Lore:
  • The King's Gift - For every King who had ruled over Galadia, a gift is given to them by the gods. The power of the Gift itself depends on which god wishes to give the King their gift. Rodlin himself has appeased Vaernys. As this King is a dramatic and amusing person to watch. Plus, Rodlin worships Vaernys more than any other god. They seem to have a common respect for one another. Thus. Vaernys granted Rodlin Light Augment and The Spotlight for him to command. Vaernys will always be watching who is under said Spotlight.

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:55 pm
by SuXeSoN

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:15 pm
by Maxx
This looks like it will be awesome. I'm gonna start on making... I don't know... a few characters...

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:24 pm
by SuXeSoN
Let me create a bit of an example CS over in the CS Thread. Just for example ;)

I won't finish the whole thing. But I'll be able to do enough.

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Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:30 pm
by Maxx
Okay. By the way, I don't think any of my characters will be the usual races you'd see, cos I don't know shit all about them, so I'm just gonna make my own races.

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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:53 am
by Blameless
Is this rp still open.

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:15 pm
by SuXeSoN
Blameless wrote:
Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:53 am
Is this rp still open.
Welcome, and welcome to the RPF. If you've read the rules and think you'll be able to post in Intermediate then I wouldn't mind you making a CS. But... I'm not sure if people are interested in this, so I've been holding off on finishing my own CS too.

Re: [REQ] The King's Expedition

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:57 pm
by Maxx
*rushes into thread, hair flying everywhere* I SWEAR I WILL FINISH AND GET MY CSES UP AS SOON AS I CAN *rushes out again to continue whatever i was doing before*