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[Req][Inter][Closed] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:11 am
by Cole Faux
Magic, it is something everyone dreams of having however, what if I told you magic was already around? Half-Breed High is the place to be! This school was formed on the premise of maintaining the lives of livelyhood of the Half-Breeds of society. Sure not every Half-Breed is exactly the same... but, that is little compared to the greatness that you can become.

No two of the hybrids are ever exactly the same and in fact usually are quiet different. Each breed being a different rarity based on their breeds. The most rare being Demon-Angel breeds. The least rare being animal half-breeds. Vampires and Werewolves sitting into the mid-grounds.
[This is a high-school and College all in one school. Half-Breeds are a fusion of two different species to create a humanoid character. IE: A half-demon half-angel, A half-cat girl half wolf girl, or whatever else two halves you care to fuse.]

I'm anticipating characters to be between the ages of 14-24 the school will let a student stay until 24 at which point they are kicked out as by then they should have gotten through all of high school and their master's in college. (14+4=18+4=22) Leaving 2 years for flunking a grade or mistakes being made. Anyway, everyone has a power of some kind even something as mundane as extra strength or extended hearing.

Everyone is given a dorm-mate or room-mate chosen by random draw. Sometimes you might not have one but, eventually you do get one. Whether you want them or not isn't your choice and everyone stays at the on-site dorm. Pairings are not even separated by gender or sex so. . . you could get really unlucky or lucky if you want to view it that way.

On the note of powers: Keep them reasonable nothing too crazy, if I look at it and think "Man, this guy is op." I'm gonna tell you flat out to change it.


Sex: [Some races not applicable but most are.]
Grade: (HS =High School CLG=College)
Weaknesses: [If applicable, Ex: Vampire half-breeds probably have a low sunlight tolerance, Werewolf half-breed not a fan of silver.]
Bio: [Min 2-3 sentence]
Other: [Anything extra you want to add in or so on so forth. Leave blank/remove it if you have nothing to say. Sexuality would go here for example.]
Dorm-Mate: [Leave TBD until you get a partner, I will decide partners VIA a name wheel I will create after all members are set in stone.]

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:29 am
by Cole Faux
Name: Aki Moburu
Age: 19
Breeds: Tree Spirit / Bunny
Powers: Acute Hearing and a powerful jump, also communing with plant-life. Restorative properties for plants and slight increase to growth of nearby plants.
Grade: HS Senior
Sex: Male
Appearance: Image
Bio: Aki Moburu hardly recalls a time where he wasn't mostly left to his own devices. His mother being a tree spirit was almost always in the forest tending to the trees. His father was a busy bunny, always working and never home. So he learned quickly what is means to be alone. Not that he minded, he inherited a lot of traits of a bunny, being constantly skiddish he rarely finds himself able to talk to others anyway. The only thing he has ever needed to chat to are the plants in his backyard. He has learned a lot from them about how mean humans and most half-breeds can be. So when his father came home one day and told him he would attend Half-Breed High... he was less than pleased. However, he didn't have much say in the matter and moved into the dorms against his own better judgement. For the most part he has kept to himself and avoided talking but, this year he heard he was to be given a room-mate. As he has gone through his school years games became a good outlet for him. Hopefully his room-mate won't get on his case...
Other: He is more interested in females than males but, doesn't honestly have a set-in-stone preference.
Dorm-Mate: Erinne White Fox Rivers

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:07 am
by Lenny
Name: Arion Lotan

Age: 17

Breeds: Cat x Snake

Sex: Male

Powers: Can hear and smell really well, can see great in the dark and had a venomous bite.

Grade: HS Junior

Weaknesses: He is not a big fan of extreme cold temperatures or water.

Appearance: This is what inspired his looks, but it’s not exactly what I had in mind..
He have light brown hair and cat ears, his skin is light pale but have light brown, but smooth scales on half of his body and some on his face, most notably under his eyes. The eyes are black, with the greenish yellow iris of a cat and vertical-slit pupils and the inside of his mouth is all black. Arion is usually seen wearing a thin black sweater, that covers even the back of his hands and the neck, black jeans and leather jacket.

Bio: Arion grew up with his parents and an older sister, who often used to look after him, since she was a lot older. She always looked out for him, as he had a hard time finding friends, due to his frightening appearence. He is not very strong, but enjoys reading and listening to music.

Other: Demisexual, likes anyone but it will take some time. His looks usually scare people, so he’s shy and reserved, but he is ready to get into the world and get friends.

Dorm-Mate: Ellie Miller

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:16 am
by Cole Faux
Alright, Arion is A-OK accepted.

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:32 am
by Cole Faux
Character List and slots Open -

- Aki Moburu (Cole Faux)
- Arion Lotan (Elenore Nightswarmer)
- Erinne White Fox Rivers (illirica)
- Mercy Lionheart (Azra)
- Ellie Miller (Ellie Miller)
- Bean Ximenez (Rabidgravity)
- Aris(a) (Swag Cat)
- Open Slot

Putting a lot of slots because this isn't intended to be very action-driven and more of a slice-of-life RP. With some Mystery elements so more people will make for more interesting rp.
We begin when at least 4 slots are filled.

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:53 pm
by illirica
Is it time to get back to basically joining every group thing that pops in Intermediate? It is! All righty, school slice of life, we got this.

Name: Erinne White Fox Rivers
Age: 17
Breeds: human x human (I’m willing to change this if it doesn’t fly, just let me know). Erinne generally claims she’s wolf x bear, but her special powers are shamanic rather than inherited. The higher ups at the school are aware of her situation, but most students are not.

Powers: Shamanic abilities - communing with spirits, “spirit channeling” that allows her to focus the abilities of her spirit animals, the White Fox for whom she was named, and the Bear who was her mentor. The Fox gives her quickness and a strong sense of smell, and the Bear gives her strength. She cannot channel both at once.

Grade: High school senior

Weaknesses: Erinne can’t not commune with spirits. She’s pretty constantly hearing dead people. It can be difficult to sort out the dead voices from the living ones, especially if she can’t see who she’s talking to.

Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes, Erinne’s Native American heritage is a strong influence in her appearance.
I have an image at home I’ll insert later but I’m tablet-only for the next few days.

Bio: Erinne is a Native American girl, and like many Native American people, she has a little bit of several tribes in her and a little bit of other things as well. She’s mostly Cahokian, she thinks - again, it can be a little hard to tell. Like many Native Americans, she was raised on a reservation in relative poverty, but her sense of family and community is strong. Erinne has always had the ability to hear spirits, but it wasn’t really understood well until she was six or seven, at which point she started training as a shaman. Her mentor, Bear, was a shaman of the Cahokia Mounds site, though whether he himself was Cahokian or of the original tribe that built the mounds is a bit uncertain. Either way, he’s been dead for hundreds of years, if not thousands. He attempts to guide Erinne on her path, often a bit more frequently than Erinne would actually like. She took the name White Fox at the age of 12, and enrolled in Half-Breed High at 14 as a freshman, since traditional high schools weren’t well suited to her nature. She hopes, one day, to be an archaeologist.

Other: Erinne’s sexuality depends on the spirit she’s channeling. When she’s herself / the White Fox, she tends to prefer boys, when she’s channeling Bear, he prefers women. Given the complexity of all this, Erinne hasn’t really experimented much with dating, because it can get weird in a hurry.

Dorm Mate: To be determined.

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:03 pm
by Azra
Name: Mercy Lionheart
Age: 18
Breeds: Lion X Cheetah
Sex: Feline, I mean female
Powers: Cat like reflexes and senses, strength of a lion and speed of a cheetah, claws, ability to control and commune with other cats
Grade: High School Senior
Weaknesses: naps...laser pointers....
image.jpeg (129.3 KiB) Viewed 245 times
Bio: Mercy was a green eyed blond haired wild child sense the moment she was born. Noisy and rowdy without end from the very beginning. Sense she was a kid she wanted to eventually learn how to make arcane items, using unique resources crafted with metals to make unique items. Such as the hammer her dad made for her that can cause explosions upon impact three times a day and emits a lions roar whenever it strikes something. Other then forge work she has been a bit of a troublemaker over the years.

She sometimes can't help but try and pick fights. Proud to a fault it can be hard to admit to being wrong or standing down its a thing that's gotten her a bit of a record. This has thankfully been a bit counterbalanced by a strong desire to help out others. Usually quick to think of classmates and friends like her family. She might never be a leader of anything most teachers have felt sense she came to Half Breed High four years ago, she will though claw out the eyes of anyone who tries to start something with those she cares about.
Other: "Bisexual if you gota know. Fond of Rock, martial arts, and a supporter of glorious manes!
Dorm-Mate: TBD

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:10 pm
by Cole Faux
Both approved adding you in now, the human should make things interesting. ;)

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:12 pm
by Cole Faux
Going to put up OOC and first post shortly.

Re: [Req][Inter] Half-Breed High(er)

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:20 pm
by Cole Faux