[OOC] Cypher

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[OOC] Cypher

Post by Maxx[2.0]ine » Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:03 pm

@Gecko @Apophis @Kirby

I forgot to do this earlier, but here's the OOC thread now... Lol. And I'm tagging you all because why the heck not. Makes life easier.

I think, before this starts, it should definitely be discussed a little. This is what I had so far: "A series of murders had taken place in [TownNameHere]. The only clues are codes left at the scene. Our characters are somehow related to the murders. They somehow get trapped in the murderer's hideout place."

I know that needs expanding, but can't think of anything more at the moment...
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Re: [OOC] Cypher

Post by Kirby » Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:16 pm

It's a great start so far, I like it! ^^
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