[One] Life of the Party

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[One] Life of the Party

Post by Light-Witch » Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:47 am

Old idea from before the last wipe, and with a few edits.

Elissa White wasn't really that much of a social person, but around the right people, she could appear to be from a distance. She never really liked the idea of socialization, mainly due to people nowadays preferring to talk in a "text talk" or the idea that everyone wants to have a one-night stand rather than a relationship. What doesn't help is that she can't stand today's pop at all, and will immediately become irritable if she's forced to listen to any of it. So when her friend Nick has a party for the brief time that he's back home from the Marines, she has them promise that it's going to only be music from early middle school and older if it has to be pop, and he agrees since their odd taste in music is what solidified their friendship. Everyone's old enough to drink, and friends both old and new show up, and Nick makes her promise that she has to come out of her shell at some point when she avoids socializing for some reason. Yet when the Pandora station shuffles and These are the Lies comes on, Ellie suddenly comes out of her shell and dances with the first person she grabs, a friend of Nick's known as (insert name here), whom she hits it off with as if they were an old friend.

As the two get to know each other, (insert name here) learns that Elissa is family friends with Nick, but the two never attended the same school while spotting each other at events during school. She's seen socializing with them for the rest of the party, and despite some egging them on to make a move as a joke, they part as friends. When they see each other a few days after the party, she appears to be someone else with how she acts, and it's hard to think that the same girl forced them to the dance floor when one of her favorite songs came on. With some convincing, she agrees to hang out with them more often, but she has some demons that Nick doesn't want to disclose without her permission. Then, out of nowhere, she's taken to the hospital for a suicide attempt, and while their true feelings come to light, so do the skeletons in the closet for both of them. Will Ellie be able to recover and manage to be functioning as (insert name here) comes to terms with her past, or will it be enough to drive them away and force her to acclimate back to society alone?


Welcome to the remake of Life of the Party, and as you can see, nothing is as it seems with my character. She's considered "out of time" to those around her, and yet she has walls up due to a traumatic past. If you dare to join, she's not going to be easy to get to know since she's not very social. Links will be provided below, and once they're up, feel free to check them out once the hyperlink is established.

"It's only a nightmare, and soon we'll be set free." - NateWantsToBattle

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