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[CS] Hotpizza's Character Database

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I have no idea where else to post my character sheets when my characters aren't made for any one particular roleplay.

Haru Kimura

Young adult female human, small and skinny, pale skin, long straight (but slightly messy) black hair
  Clothing: Simple red and white yukata (light kimono) with a pattern of a large sun on it, paired with geta and zori (wooden sandals and socks)
  Equipment: Belt with pouches to store items. A calligraphy brush and 4 ink pots are hung on the belt
  Misc: Often has a white hamster on her shoulder
Haru and her animal companions will reveal their true forms in the spirit realm. People who can see others' spirits will also see their true forms.

   Openness to experience: Curious, appreciates art especially painting, open to unusual ideas and a variety of experiences
   Conscientiousness: Easy-going, spontaneous behavior, careless
   Extraversion: Outgoing, energetic, actively seeks and makes friends
   Agreebleness: Friendly, cooperative, (overly) trusting, soft-hearted, childish, may not understand certain issues

When around authority figures, she becomes quiet and submissive. She does not disobey them, but will not say or do anything more than necessary while they are present.

Occasionally, she displays dog-like or wolf-like behavior. She would chase laser dots or tennis balls, or chase off hostile animals by growling at them. She enjoys headpats unless they're by authority figures. She sleeps by lying on the floor and curling up into a ball.

Motivations: Figure out who she is, adventure, friends, banish Unnaturals, find the other spirits, spread nature, improve her own abilities

Backstory (WIP)
Haru grew up in a small isolated village. The village was surrounded by a dense forest, and every time she tried to leave through the forest, she would walk on and on until she ended up back at the village.

From young, her moments of dog-like behavior had worried her parents. One day, she found her father's calligraphy set. While playing with it, she discovered she could do magic with the brush and ink. However, her parents caught her performing magic. Afraid of what others would think, they taught her to hide her magic, and to tone down her more eccentric behaviors. While she did keep her promise, she stole her father's calligraphy brush and ink and secretly continued to train her magic. She also made two unusual friends: a hamster named Tachi, and a lizard named Yomi. 

On the morning of her 18th birthday, Haru felt a strong compulsion to explore the forest around the village. While in the forest, she came across a rabbit stuck in a thorny and strangely dark-colored bush. When she sliced the bush apart, it turned into dark fog and disappeared into the air. The rabbit bounced away, and Haru headed back towards the village.

However, whenever she tried to cross into the village, an invisible force would knock her away. Haru cried out for her parents, who arrived shortly after. Together, they tried to find a way for Haru to get in, but to no avail.

Here, Haru makes a confession - she's bored of being stuck in the village, and now she has the opportunity to go and see the rest of the world.

Her parents look at each other for a moment, then nod. They gathered her possessions and passed them to her across the barrier.  "You're an adult now. Find a new life. We believe in you."

This time, when Haru went through the forest, she made it out on the other side. She is now exploring the world and seeking her purpose in life.

Equipment & Abilities

Ability to see and talk to spirits. Spirits will see her true form. People who can see others' spirits will also see their true forms.

Enhanced smell, much like a dog's. She can track scents within 24 hours and 30 meters from where it was last left. Factors such as rain, snow, smoke, presence of other scents in a crowded area, etc can make scent tracking more difficult or outright impossible. GM as you see fit.

On her right hip, are a calligraphy brush and 4 ink pots. Each ink pot has a pattern of four circles packed together painted on it. Her magic consists of using her brush to draw simple patterns in the air, which then produces effects. Unless stated otherwise, each cast uses up the ink of 1 ink pot. An empty ink pot takes 2 rounds to refill, starting from the round when a ink spell is cast. If she runs out of ink, she turns monochrome, her shield disappears, her speed slows down, and she cannot cast any ink spells. It takes 2 rounds to regain her colors, shield, and abilities, and she will have 3 full ink pots. The 4th ink pot onwards will refill at a rate of 2 rounds per ink pot.

Her ink counts as mana, and her ink spells count as magical spellcasting. This means she cannot cast in an anti-magic field, and her ink is drained by mana drain. The drainer may not enjoy the taste of ink, however.

Ink Spells:

   Light: She paints a circle, which turns into a small floating glass orb that follows her. It casts bright light in a 6m radius, and dim light for an additional 6m. When cast, Haru briefly glows orange. The orb is orange and has a pattern of flames on it. As it is made of glass, it can be shattered or broken.

   Restoration: If someone is injured, she can paint on their wounds to heal them. Painting takes 1 round of concentration, and the spell will fail if her concentration is broken by getting attacked etc. If the spell succeeds, the wounds glow golden and then heal. When cast, a golden glow briefly emits from one of her belt pouches, as if something inside it is glowing. The total severity of the wounds that can be healed in one cast of the spell is equivalent to a minor healing potion.
      Drink: Ink can also be drunk directly from the pot or brush. It acts as only half a minor health potion, but drinking is instantenous and does not take concentration.
      Plant Restoration: If she paints on an injured plant, items made of plant material such as wood, or on creatures made of plant material such as ents, she will heal the plant/item/creature instantenously.

   Shield: She holds up her left palm, and paints a large circle around her hand. The circle turns into a thick round wooden shield that is good for both blocking attacks and for bashing opponents. The shield is permanent. Painting on her left wrist causes the shield to disappear, without emptying any ink pots. 

   Slash: She paints a straight line in the air. The line becomes a floating sword. When casting, Tachi (the white hamster usually sitting on her shoulder) briefly glows white. She directs the sword to attack an opponent or slice an object within 10m. After one attack, the sword disappears. She must retain line of sight with the opponent throughout the attack.

   Blind: She paints in the air while facing an opponent. A large blob of ink then flies from her to the opponent's eyes, blinding them for 1 round. The ink disappears afterwards, and has no permanent effect on the opponent's eyes. This spell requires line of sight with the opponent's eyes to cast.[/spoiler]

Note on "rounds":

[spoiler]One round occurs when everyone in the plot has posted once and has had the opportunity to react once to a 1-round event. For example, assume a 3 person thread where the people are I (me), B, and C. if I cast a 1-round spell, B posts once with the spell in effect, C then posts once with the spell in effect, and then I post again. The spell ran out just before the start of my post, and thus I will react as if the spell is no longer around.

The spell cost me 1 ink pot. After making my post where I cast the spell, B posts, C posts, I post but the ink pot is not refilled, B posts again, C posts again, and finally I post with a refilled ink pot that refilled just before the start of my post.

However, if I casts a spell on B, B decides on their post if the spell succeeds. Spells can be blocked or otherwise countered. If the spell succeeds, the duration of the spell starts from B's post. For example, if I cast a Blind spell on B and B posts to accept the blindness, then C posts as if B is blind, then I post as if B is blind, and then when it's B's turn to post again, B is no longer blinded by the start of their post and gets to act with their sight returned. 

For conversion purposes, one round is 6 seconds. If in a plot, a round would logically last longer than 12 seconds, it's assumed that 2 ink pots were refilled, the Restoration spell has finished casting, etc.[/spoiler]

Animal companions (and Haru herself) will reveal their true forms in the spirit realm. People who can see others' spirits will also see their true forms.
Tachi: Appears as a white hamster on the material plane. He likes to sit on Haru's shoulder and chat with her.
Yomi: Appears as a lizard on the material plane. He prefers staying inside Haru's belt pouch to work on his paintings. He has sharp teeth.

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