[CS] The Runaways

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[CS] The Runaways

Post by Venus » Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:12 pm

Number: (three numbers)
Preferred name:
Age admitted to the facility: (between 4 and 10)
Favored person: (this can be left blank until all CS’s are submitted. But these kids did grow up together so they have to get along with at least ONE person. This can be discussed in the OOC.)
Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses: (this can be any thing from headaches, nosebleeds, fainting, etc.)
Bio: (Obviously they’ve been in the facility their whole lives but feel free to write what their life was before the facility. Also please include how they ended up in the facility. Were they an orphan? Living in the streets? Sold?)
Appearance: (anime or real idc)

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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Veilstar » Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:17 pm

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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Moddy » Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:08 pm

Subject: 384
Esther Bilton


Age of Admission
5 years old

Current Age
18 years old

Favored person


There is no gap in reaction between Esther’s mind and his body, the instant his mind has recognized a threat his body has already kicked into third gear. Esther’s body is fully capable of keeping up with his mind, and is able to act at the moment a thought is formed without delay. When his mind thinks, his body acts, and may reach completion of the objective by the time the thought has fully formed.

However, his body and mind might be too in sync. The ability isn’t yet capable of differentiating subconscious thoughts from conscious thoughts, and that results in Esther’s apparent impulsivity. Esther’s body will sometimes act out background thoughts and passing ideas, causing him to move without realizing it. He also sleep walks.

Through experience, Esther can adapt to his situation and opponent to a supernatural degree. He can develop supernatural powers to deal with his opponent, or his body will go through dynamic changes in order to survive his situation. In some cases it will be something of lower scale, like his body automatically reacting to an attack without paying attention.

Esther’s body evolves based on what it thinks would be the best adaptation to his current predicament. That being said, Esther does not immediately gain power in the beginning of the fight, his body needs time to work out what would be the best ability, creates it, and then gifts him. The speed of this process all depends on his opponent. If they’re constantly assaulting him with their power, his body will be able to produce a solution much faster than someone who is being conservative.

The effects of this ability is temporary, once the fight is over, His gained ability disappears.

Not an ability, but a technique utilizing both of Esther’s abilities. At its simplest state, Esther focuses fully on offense, and let’s his body automatically defend and dodge attacks, giving Ester more time to plan out his plan of attack. This technique is noted for seeming as if it’s two minds at work. It looks quite strange, as if Esther is being pulled by strings when on the defense, but completely natural when on the offense.

The second state of this ability is only used when Esther needs to think. He puts all his trust into his body alone, and relinquishes full control, letting it run on autopilot. At this point, Esther’s body will both attack and defend solely out of instinctual reaction, notably not as aggressive in this state. It is incapable of forming complicated combat plans, but moves off of muscle memory. So while it cannot create its own tricky attacks, it will replicate one’s Esther has already performed. He has trained his pain threshold, so that he may stay in this state even when an attack hits, but ridiculously intense pain can break Esther out of this trance.

Symptoms due to enhancements
-The overwhelming speed at which Esther’s mind and body work can sometimes cause an overload. Esther has described this sensation as an explosive pain that shoots up his spine and rampages through his head. His vision is filled with a blinding light and the pain alone paralyzes him until it dulls down. Esther is not capable of predicting the “overloads”, he’s never prepared for them, and recovering from these symptoms is a difficult process for him.

Esther Bilton has shown beginning stages of light OLD (Obsessive Learning Disorder), showing intense curiosity in anything foreign to him, and won’t hesitate for a moment to ask a question, and will demand an answer until he hears one that satisfies him. Intriguingly enough, Esther’s curiosity seems to place him on a scale of amorality, as his need for an answer trumps over the wellbeing of others.

One of the most notable event happened when Cathy Davis, a well respected staff member, was injured by another subject, resulting in a coma. While Dr. Davis was being held for treatment, Esther continuously asked staff what had happened to Davis, But was given no answer. Unsatisfied with this, Esther later broke into Davis’ room and tried any method he could to wake her, even physical harm. When Esther was discover, Davis was in critical condition, and Esther was extremely agitated. He was tranquilized, but woke up and immediately began began questioning staff about Davis’ original injury. Staff found that the only way to calm him was by providing a false answer. As if a flick had been switched, Esther immediately calmed down, not even annoyed about the entire ordeal.

Esther is not an inherently violent individual. In fact, when he’s not burdened by the need for an answer, he can be rather compassionate and charismatic, having no problem with being social.

His quest for answers can be problematic. When Esther is overwhelmed with too many new experiences at once, he’ll become difficult to control until he’s effectively learned everything he wanted to.

Saying Esther’s first few years after birth was uneventful would be an understatement, being that literally nothing happened to or for him. His mother didn’t care for him, only keeping Esther around for the monthly child support she received. His horrid, though admittedly beautiful, mother had gotten one lucky night with a big named, A-list celebrity. Got knocked up and was reaping the rewards of the six digit monthly income. She provided enough for Esther to keep him alive, and devoid any suspicion of neglect.

Things changed when a new rule for child support was released. A specialized card meant only to be spent on the child came out. At that point Esther was useless, and he was abandoned at a shopping center on a cold night. He was found by the organization the next day, alone in an alleyway, radiating heat from his own body to keep himself alive.


140 lbs


Esther feet seem to be stuck in a sort of pseudo Permanent state of adaptation, being that whenever he touches the ground the tissues of his feet condense, making it safe for him to walk around barefoot and not run the risk of hurting himself.
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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Monika » Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:55 am

Preferred name:
Age admitted to the facility:
Favored person:
1) Healing Aura:
She can emit a healing aura around her, but it is more potent if she focuses it in one area. Because of her Absorption Aura, using her Healing causes her body to take the stress of the wounds she is healing. When healing, she might not take on the actual wound, but her body takes the impact the wounds have on the subject's body. If she heals bones, she doesn't take the break, but will take on the pain and her bone might be more fragile and prone to breaking soon after.
2) Peace Aura:
She can emit an aura of peace around her that can affect those around her, projecting a sense of peace to calm others down. The more worked up the person is, the more energy she has to expend to accomplish this.
3) Absorption Aura:
She emits an aura that absorbs the negative emotions and pain of others. This helps ease people's minds and bodies at the expense of herself. She takes it all upon herself. This was her original ability.
Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses:
1) Energy Loss:
All of her abilities rely on her own energy. The more she uses her abilities, the more energy she loses, and would need to sleep longer. Her Absorption aura going faintly whether she wants it or not, so she's always losing energy. She needs naps, and depending on the situation, can fall asleep without meaning to if her energy goes too low. She refrains from too much activity due this.
2) Fatigue:
Due to Absorption Aura, she's always feeling a bit of the pain or negative emotions of those around her. It makes her body and mind ache, causing her to be generally fatigued most of the time. This also keeps her from being able to do too much if she tries.
3) Physical Weakness:
Due to her use of her auras, her body has taken on more wear than most for her age. Taking on bone breaks and other things has caused her bones to be weaker and can break more easily than normal. Her skin also breaks and bruises easily. So overall, she gets hurts pretty easily. It also stunted her growth due to her weak bones over the years.
Despite being tired and in pain all the time, Aura is always willing to help people. She knows when people are in pain and upset, so she always does what she can to help cheer them up or make them feel better with her auras. Even though she never seems to be energetic, she always tries to keep others from knowing how she's feeling. She can't help but feel sad and depressed most of the time because of everything she is going through at all times.
Aura was raised mostly by her mother, her father having not been in the picture. Her mother tried everything she could, but money was pretty much non-existent and her mother was sad all the time. She did everything she could to help her mom feel better, not understanding everything that was going on. She didn't mind being hungry if her mom felt better. She remembered her mom getting sick, and not being able to get any medicine. She tried to her ability to make her mom feel better. It helped for a little bit, but Aura started to feel bad and couldn't keep it going. So one day, her mom didn't wake up no matter how she tried to wake her.

After that, she was taken in by some people she didn't know, but she went from heartbreak of losing her mom, to feeling all the pain, sadness, and depression everyone around her felt. She fought through it, though, to try to keep everyone happy, and not in pain anymore. Even if it meant she, herself, took it all in. As time went on, the regular pain didn't bother her as much as it used to. Her body got used to the dull aches and pains she received from being around all of the other subjects as they were put through their tests. It only made her use her abilities more to help them.

This made her relatively popular with other subjects after a particularly painful day. She would ease their pain as best as the could, never saying a word about the actual nature of the ability. Some days she would pass out due to the sheer toll on her body, but she'd get right back to it after she woke up. Her own tests were particularly awful due to taking on the pain of the others, as well as being put through her own pain.

After so long, and receiving her new abilities, she continued to use them to help the other remaining subjects, healing their wounds from afar and falling asleep after her energy ran out.
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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by InquisitorRothus » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:00 am

Number: 534

Preferred name: Grendal

Age: 20

Age admitted to the facility: 7

Favored person: TBD

1) Crocodile Physiology: Grendal possesses many features of a crocodile, including sharp teeth, tough, leathery scales, a third eyelid for underwater sight, a thick, heavy tail, a strong jaw, and webbed fingers and toes. Her night vision is much better than a human's but not quite on the same level of an actual crocodile. Due to not having a snout, Grendal cannot tread water for indefinite amounts of time, though she has great lung capacity.
2) Regeneration: Grendal can regenerate limbs over time or immediately if necessary. Immediate regeneration is tiring and extremely painful.
3) Chameleon: Grendal's scales can change to suit her surroundings, effectively hiding her from anything that doesn't have thermal vision. Usually used for hunting.

Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses: Grendal is cold-blooded, and is thus more susceptible to cold environments, which will make her sluggish and can in fact kill her. Because of this, she does need to sunbathe or at least be near a source of heat. She has a fast metabolism due to her regenerative properties, so she constantly has to eat after regenerating else she'll start withering away. Also, because of the thickness of her tail and the muscles within, Grendal has anemia and can be prone to lightheaded spells. Due to her morphed physiology, Grendal has difficulty digesting plants, with the exception of some berries and apples.

Personality: Grendal is a stubborn and adventurous woman who has built up a strong persona in order to deal with the stigma against enhanced beings. She's very territorial, and does not acclimate well to changing locations. However, she's still very thoughtful when it comes to younger persons. She does not believe in babying people though, and will not feed into anyone's self-pity. Grendal is actually very self conscious about her condition, which she channels into aggression and a stand-offish attitude.

Bio: When Grendal was born, she had to be cut out of her mother's womb due to her unconventional form. Her father and doctor were surprised to find that the child was completely covered in scales and had a functioning tail. Little to say, both parents were repulsed by their extremely mutated baby and they gave her up to a Home. For the first five years of her life, Grendal was cared for in the Morning Star Orphan's Home. However, as her age progressed, so did her appetite and aggressive tendencies. It came to the point that the Home could neither afford to feed her nor could they allow her aggressive nature to endanger the other children. With heavy hearts, the orphanage caretakers turned Grendal out into the world with naught but the clothes on her back. For two years, the girl survived by hunting and eating any and all manner of pests, from rats to cockroaches to racoons. It wasn't until the age of seven years that Grendal was caught by Animal Control when she was mistaken for a disturbed crocodile. When it was revealed that she wasn't as much of an animal as she seemed to be, she was transferred to a juvenile detention center. That was when Black Rock Labs homed in on her whereabouts and relieved the center of one of their most dangerous inmates.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 378 lbs

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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by ScorpiBun » Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:37 pm

Number: 133
Preferred name: Israel
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years old
Age admitted to the facility: 4 years old
Favored person: Dorian and Aura

1) Superhuman Intelligence
Israel has intelligence that is significantly above standard genius level intellect. He has exceptional intellectual capabilities such as enhanced memorization, larger learning capacity, and speed, quicker and better thought process as well as enhanced perception.
2) Mind-Over-Matter - Telekinesis
The ability to move objects with a person's mind isn't foreign to Israel. His mind was already superhuman so he could shake objects very faintly with just his mind, and when the scientists enhanced it, he got the full ability of telekinesis.
3) Empathy
A new ability Israel got when his mind was enhanced was empathy. When he touches a person, he can faintly feel how they feel. If a person is in pain, and Israel touches them, as long as they are touching, Israel will feel discomfort where the person feels pain. This ability is both a blessing and a curse.

Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses:
1) Glitching
A single brain can only take so much. When it comes to Israel's brain, it was able to take one or maybe two abilities, but it's struggling with three. If Israel uses his abilities a lot without resting he will experience glitching. Something like computer freeze, but in his brain. His brain will just stop doing anything for five to six seconds until it 'resets'.
2) Seizures
The next stage of glitching. If Israel ignores the glitching and continues to use his abilities, he could get a seizure. The seizures that Israel can get are dangerous for him because he can hurt himself in various ways and they can cause irreversible damage to his brain.
3) Amnesia
The last stage of glitching. Israel will continue to forget where he is and how he got there for a second. That will continue and that second will become a minute and then an hour. If he does ever reach this stage, there is no help for Israel.

Personality: One of the most realistic people you will ever meet, Israel can be positive and negative, but he's mostly negative to avoid being disappointed. He doesn't want to admit it, but he cares a lot about people that are close to him and will destroy anybody who messes with his family (the subjects). Apart from that, if somebody is feeling sad or scared, Israel has some kind of impulse that urges him to make the person feel better and that is probably because he knows the feeling of being sad and scared. Israel appreciates humor and will laugh if he thinks something is funny, but will not laugh if it isn't. Also, he is a very charismatic person and usually acquires the trust of people quite easily.

Bio: Israel's mother gave birth to him when she was merely 16 years old. She and Israel's father both had superhuman intelligence which is where he got his from. Because both of them were 16 at the time, Israel's mom's and dad's family didn't approve of them keeping the baby at such the young age they have been. Nevertheless, Israel grew up in a nice home, with love coming from both his mother and his father. He learned how to write and read at the age of 2. He doesn't actually remember how he was taken to the facility, he only remembers that his dad and he were in a car accident of some sort and that he woke up in the facility. He swore to himself that he would find his mom and his dad if he ever escaped the facility. He did try to escape from the facility lots of times using his intelligence, but he obviously failed.
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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Maxx[2.0]ine » Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:38 am

Number: 137
Preferred name: Dalia
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Age admitted to the facility: 10
Favored person: TBD

Dalia has always had luck on a meta level, be it good or bad. Nothing is ever just… neutral, for her. More often than not, though, it is the negative side of this that affects her. She has no control over it, but it does sometimes seem to be affected by her mood, or the events going on around her.
Luck Bestowal
Dalia can be like a living good luck charm. She is able to grant luck to others.She can’t control what happens, but something always does. Well, nearly always does. Sometimes. When it decides it wants to work.
Her inability to control what actually happens means she can’t even control the size of the event. This means that she doesn’t ever know how much effort it will take from her.
Using this seems to worsen her personal luck. And the size of the good event mirrors just how worse her own luck will get.
Dalia is also a living bad luck charm. Sort of. She can manipulate the luck of others negatively. Using this with little to no effort only causes small, random incidents to happen, such as causing someone to simply to lose their keys. If she puts more effort in, she can actually control what happens. To cause a big negative event to happen can take a lot of effort.
Although she can control when this happens, it also tends to happen involuntary. Meaning she could be just walking past a random stranger, and accidently cause something bad to happen without meaning to. Or, you know, cause bad luck to the people close to her.
Using this, even involuntarily, appears to improve her own personal luck. Not that she would use it solely for that purpose.

Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses
Some may see it as completely unrelated to anything to do with her powers, but if Dalia uses them too much, she does tend to get nosebleeds. Sometimes rather bad ones. You know those sudden ones that people have, that leave you thinking how unlucky it was for that person to have a nosebleed like that? Those sort of nosebleeds. And the worst thing? The smell of blood makes Dalia feel sick. So you can probably guess what it’s like for her when she does have a nosebleed.

Dalia is a strong person. Right from the start she has been. She’s the sort of person who you will never see cry. She’ll just bottle it all up, insisting that she’s fine. It’s not even that she thinks crying is a sign of weakness, because she doesn’t believe that. She just hates the thought of doing anything that could cause people to worry about her. Dalia doesn’t like guys all that much, if she has to be completely honest, but she puts all of the others in the group before herself. Even if she is dying inside, she will still put on a smile and make a joke, if that’s what it takes to make them happy.

Dalia’s mother died when she was still a wee baby, no more than a month old. Severe post-natal depression that led to suicide. Her death meant that Dalia was stuck being raised by her father.

Her father was a drug mule. The... employee.. of a pretty powerful dealer. But the thing was, he wasn't even good at his job; he was always messing up. Constantly late, nearly getting caught by the police on a frequent basis, that sort of thing. As a result, Dalia became used to seeing her father come home beaten and battered.

One day, a few months before Dahlia’s tenth birthday, her father lost an order. A big order. He was basically given the choice of paying back what he had lost - around $150 000 - or being shot. He didn’t want to die, but didn’t have the money. So what did the bastard do? He handed his daughter over without a second's thought. Of course, that wasn't one of the options, so he was shot.

Not going into too much detail about the next part of Dalia’s life… Let’s just say, the dealer was quite nice at first, until he realised he could make money out of the girl.

And then, about a week after Dalia’s tenth birthday, the dealer heard about some people looking for kids with powers or something, and sold her to them.

Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Weight: 114.8 pounds

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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by jehan » Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:42 pm

Number: 859
Preferred name: Dorian
Sex: Male
Age: 14
Age admitted to the facility: 6
Favoured person: [leaving blank for now]

1) Mediumship - after an attempt at enhancement almost killed him, leaving him on death's doorstep, Dorian has lingered on the edge of death ever since; he can communicate with and see ghosts, as well as attempt to call specific spirits to him, although it won't always work as the spirit may refuse to come talk to him, or they may not be particularly willing to help. He can also allow a spirit to possess him for a brief period of time, in order that they can communicate directly to another living person.
2) Visions - Dorian can see visions of things happening elsewhere in the world, or occasionally of things that have happened. Most of the time, they're visions of people connected to him (most frequently, his old gang), but sometimes they're just visions of seemingly random people, oftentimes violent. If he gains more control, he might be able to attempt to see a specific thing, but right now, he has no control over it at all.
3) Regenerative healing factor - since Dorian exists somewhere between life and death, any injury he sustains can be rapidly healed, although he'll still feel the pain, and worse injuries will take far longer to heal (a small cut will take a matter of seconds; a broken limb may take several hours or even days, depending on how generally tired he is). He also can't stop himself from constantly healing, which risks tiring him.

Symptoms due to the enhancement:
1) The ability to see/hear the dead can't be turned off, and means he sometimes struggles to focus on what's happening in the real world, if something's distracting him from the spirits.
2) Allowing himself to be possessed can have various negative results; most mildly, a bit of a nosebleed or a small headache, but could result in him being completely drained of energy and passing out. It's also just generally not a very pleasant experience.
3) The visions are frequently horrifying and leave him either terribly anxious and shaking, or have resulted in him having breakdowns, screaming and lashing out to the point of being tranquilised.
4) He often suffers rather bad migraines, although it's not clear whether this is due to the visions, the exertion of being constantly bombarded with noise from the spirits, or just a general genetic predisposition to having a lot of migraines. Dorian doesn't really care what's causing them, he'd just like them to stop.
5) Dorian's healing - or possibly just from being not-quite-alive-not-quite-dead - means that the effects of aging are slowed drastically. He's got to look forward to being IDed in bars for a long, long time.

Personality: A bright, cheerful sort of kid, nothing seems to be able to break Dorian's spirit. He's incredibly smart, and probably could've done extraordinary things, had he been allowed to continue his life outside of the facility. No matter how badly he's treated, he always seems to be more concerned about the welfare of the others than himself. He's outgoing and a bit on the loud side, making stupid jokes as much as he can. Being deprived of contact with the others would be the worst possible thing to happen to him, and he'll do anything to stop that from happening.
Although it hasn't been formally diagnosed, it's highly possible he has some level of OCD; he often displays high level of anxiety, alleviated only by performing rituals. He's also plagued by obsessive and intrusive thoughts, which he does his best to hide, but are worsened by the visions. Additionally, he's always had a slight speech impediment, leaving his S's pronounced more like th or occasionally sh, and his D's and T's often confused. If he speaks slowly and carefully, he can often avoid it being noticeable, but Dorian usually speaks rapidly, far too excited to slow down.

Bio: Growing up on the streets, Dorian isn't quite sure who his parents are - nor does he really care, honestly. He ran with a little gang, who taught him how to pickpocket, lie, and cheat his way into meals and warm shelter. They often employed him to sneak into houses - usually through cat flaps or slightly opened windows - since he was the smallest, and then could let the others in without having to break in. The gang were his family and he adored them all immensely; as the youngest, he was something of a team pet, and the older members did their very best to look after him and give him a good life. Given he remembers nothing of his family or life before the gang, and isn't even sure he had one, his name was given to him by the head of the gang, Nattie, who was something of an Oscar Wilde fan.
When an over-ambitious burglary went south, Nattie made a guilty plea in exchange for Dorian's safety. The gang were promised he'd be taken into government protection; what none of them realised was that this "protection" involved some rather horrific experimentation. Once they've escaped, Dorian's biggest motivation is to find Nattie and the rest of his family again.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 44kg

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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Azra » Sun Dec 16, 2018 12:12 am

Number: 115
Name: Kiyra
Age: 20
Age Admitted: 9
Sex: F
Weight: None
Height: 5'5
Eye Color: Changing luminescent
Hair Color: Purple
Favored Person: Aura and Israel who's tendency to want to help the subjects feel better has made her frequently in their company.
1: Light Composition: Kiyra is no longer consisting of biological matter only of photons, only existing as in short light. Which makes her quite difficult to damage or capture.
2: Light Manipulation: Kiyra can manipulate light which can lead to blinding intesity and creating darkness. Or changing the colors of herself or even being invisible as she stops projecting the light meant to represent herself.
3: Temperature Control: when one thinks of light they think of warmth, darkness cold as the third ability was sought after this was what they found with Kiyra. An ability to control temperature, though only in relation to lighting.
Symptoms: While the three powers of hers are quite fascinating and versatile they came with an incredibly high cost.
Insomnia: She can't sleep it just won't happen the parts aren't there and to her night and day it'd been growing similar before the full changes anyway. The additional Mental health issues coming from insomnia thus came to also be.
Anxiety: A result of insomnia to some level but also from the cruelty of experiments done to her. Which has made her untrusting and nervous around anyone.
Incorporeal: She's light, she can't really touch anyone or feel anything at least how she used to. She doesn't eat she doesn't drink and she can't much as her mind still thinks she needs to. As a person she longs for so many physical things and yet she can't engage in so many of them.
Deaf and mute: Again being light and not having the pieces of biology she can't speak or perhaps more frustrating for her hear.
Rage and depression: For all the symptoms she has and pain she had to endure it seems rather obvious why these might be symptoms.
Personality: Scarred of, and angry at the world. And loving and sorrowful of her friends. After all she was put through and all she lost her trust of anyone outside is gone. And despite knowing better she can't help but feel like the whole world is something against them. Knowing those around her though for so long and what everyone suffered from she'd do anything for the subjects. Making any fight within the ranks heart wrenching for her, and any thing they wish to express or say she's eager to "listen to".
Bio: Kiyra was born to parents who loved music and performed for a popular band. The touring and life on the road though was something also dividing the two more and more. With her dad just wanting to settle down and take care of their daughter while her mom couldn't imagine retiring from what she loved. Something Kiyra also loved, the kid from almost the beginning falling in love with drumming in particular. Neither thought the other wrong but changing sides was impossibly hard, it ended in divorce and Kiyra ending up with her dad, as her mom went on to tour. Slipping into depression though of divorce and not being on tour without her daughter her mom looked to drugs and would eventually overdose.

Meanwhile her dad struggled to make ends meet he began being a musician so early on he had few other skills to appeal to businesses. He didn't let Kiyra see it but he to would end up going for drugs and the like as an effort to soften the stress. The people who would go on to experiment on Kiyra told her dad they would help her grow up, could offer so much more. Better schooling, music teaching, and a better home. While Kiyra cried not to let her go with them it sounded so much better, he felt bad for saying yes but thought it might be worse for his girl to say no. It didn't end up that way however.

Kiyra under their research was someone taken in for disection. The light within her every cell they thought could be taken for research and through experiments could change the composition of Kiyra. Organs were taken out and light seemed to take it's place, although the body struggled to register there was something a miss. They took more and her mind and body struggled to adapt to this change working eventually to try and keep a cold and arguably dying body warm the addition of temperature related power came into being. Soon enough she was nothing left but light. While learning sign language and how to lip read, and getting used to projecting light into words to help her "talk" helped continue to communicate with the others she will never be the same.
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Re: [CS] The Runaways

Post by Venus » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:34 am

Number: 626
Preferred name: Parker
Age: 17
Age admitted to the facility: 5
Favored person: TBD
1. Telepathy: Originally, Parker could only read minds. This was her first ability, and because of this it’s also her strongest. Like a radar, it’s always on. She can read the current thought process of anyone around her, as long as they’re in a 15 feet radius. The closer they are, the clearer she can hear them. As they walk away, it becomes more and more distant until she can’t hear them at all. If she were to master this ability, she may be able to focus on a particular individual until that person's mind clears up to her while the rest get tuned out. But for now she hears everyone at once, and it is often difficult for her to tell who is thinking what.
2. Illusionary Feelings: Due to her first ability being a mental one, her second ability relies heavily on the mind and how easily someone can be convinced what they’re experiencing is real. Parker has the ability to create a mental illusion of great pain on a person just by being in her line of vision. Of course it does not harm whatsoever, she’s simply tricking the mind into thinking it’s in pain. This pain is strong enough to incapacitate someone into a helpless target, although when she stops how long it takes them to recover depends on their mental strength. If someone has a particularly strong mentality, or isn’t easily tricked, this ability can be rendered useless.
3. Sedation: Being Queen of Minds, Parker can cause someone’s consciousness to quickly fall into REM sleep by simply placing two fingers on their forehead. REM sleep is the final stage of sleep, before a new sleeping cycle begins. During this stage people will typically have very vivid dreams as their brains are the most active. She does not control how long people are asleep, but REM sleep can last anywhere from 10-90 minutes unless they’re woken up.

Symptoms due to the enhancement aka weaknesses:
1. Headaches: Parker suffers from extreme headaches. This is due to the constant chatter going on in her brain. It never shuts off, and because of this she almost always has a headache.
2. Insomnia: Parker has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep due to, again, the chatter she has to endure. In the facility, where her abilities were neutralized most of the time, she could easily sleep. But outside of the facility, she’ll have an extremely hard time with it.
3. Mental Instability: Hearing what everyone is thinking all the time, plus how heavily her abilities rely on her mental strength, can take a huge toll. Parker may be prone to random, and intense fits where she’ll go into a rage and lash out at everything and everyone. She can become hysterical, anxious, and a danger to herself and perhaps others.

Personality: Parker is generally a kind person. Generally. When she’s in a good mood, she’s kind, generous, friendly, and pretty much a joy to be around. But when she’s in a bad mood... it’s like living with Satan himself. There seems to be a switch inside the girl that will constantly flick up and down at random. Going from angry to happy. When she becomes upset, she’s like a car rolling down hill without breaks — slowly growing momentum until she’s speeding down to her death with no way to stop her. Perhaps it’s due to the immense pressure she feels, constantly hearing what everyone is thinking, or maybe crazy just ran in her family. She’s not all bad though, and can be a really understanding and loving person when in control of herself.

Bio: The first five years of Parker’s life were rather unconventional. She was given up for adoption almost as soon as she was born, and never saw her biological mother after that. She was raised by a nice woman up until she was two, and then jumped from foster home to foster home until she turned five. It wasn’t until the Black Rock facility began combing the foster care system for superhuman children, that she was finally given a “home”. She was legally adopted by the facility, who at the time had the ability to do that, in the name of “science”. She has no real memories of her time in foster care, and has only ever known the facility and the people in it.
Height: 5’0
Weight: 95 lbs

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