Super robot wars, Paradox Cascade CS{doing this for the GMs}

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Super robot wars, Paradox Cascade CS{doing this for the GMs}

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:43 pm


Name: (your character's name)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (Your character's age in years)
Height: (Your character's height)
Weight: (Your character's height)
Rank/Title: (Your character's status in the military or other special titles he/she might be known as)
Special: (anything else worth noting, be very brief and categorical, for example: robot, alien, ESP, magician etc...)

(You can add a few more other information you want but generally these are the minimum.)

(Write a short introduction about your character. Who is he/she? Where did he/she come from? How did he/she became a mech pilot? What he/she can do? How skilled he/she is? What are his/her motivations? Etcetera,etcetera...)


(image for your machine, not obligatory but helpful)

Name: (how's your mecha called? With model/serial numbers and everything)
Type: (Is it a Real or Super Robo?)
Dimensions: (How big is your machine? If it's a humanoid robot then you only have to mention its height in meters)
Weight: (How heavy is your machine? Preferably expressed in metric tons)

Stats: (The 7 parameters showing the power of your machine.They range from 1 to 100 but the differences aren't linear. For further details, see below)

Strength: (Your machine's strength. How hard its punches and kicks? How much weight it lifts?)
Armor: (How tough is your machine? Mechs with high armor can easily withstand even the most powerful attacks.)
Firepower: (How much destruction you can deal? Applies to guns, missiles, energy cannons and any other ranged means to attack)
Performance: (How fast is your machine? High-performance mechs are so fast the enemy has problems to target them)
Mobility: (Determines how easy your machine performs turns and generally how agile it is)
Energy Output: (How much power can your machine generate? Generally it shows that for how long can your machine last in combat.)
Sensors: (Radar and other sensing/detecting stuff. Allows the detection of stealth/cloaked units. Also if your machine has auto-targeting systems your sensors determine their effectiveness.)

(Briefly describe your machine, including its appearance, development and special features)

(What kind of weapons your machine possesses? If it has hidden weapons that you either want to keep secret or your character has yet to become aware of them, then they're an exception. We'll treat those kind of weapons as "upgrades" in the future.)

(What sort of special abilities does your character have? It can be anything from a temporally speed boost to a whole transformation sequence that changes your machine completely)

Signature Moves:
(Mostly the property of Super Robots, what kind of character defining attack you have? It can be a flashy finishing move or a combination of various attacks. If your mecha has energy attacks that aren't connected to any weapons, they belong here)


Okay, further sentiments about the Stats.
They are here for us to get a relative estimate on each other's powers, including their general strengths and weaknesses.
Also helps to resolve cases when two people are arguing who's the faster,more powerful and etc.
Furthermore I plan to write stats for most of the opposing mechs so you'd get a general idea on the enemy.

On the other hand don't expect me to be a hardass about these. If Mech A has the firepower of 50 while Mech B has the armor of 60, that doesn't mean Mech A's attacks are useless.
Quite far from that. It just means Mech A needs to put in more effort in their attacks. Maybe by scoring many hits or using a charged attack.

Writing and RP-ing always takes priority compared to the stats.
They're a roleplaying aid, not a rule.

OOC thread: x
RP thread: y
The RP over at the previous place: z
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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:04 pm


Name: AEK999

Gender: Technically female? I mean she’s a robot so….

Age: Her body looks 19, model and AI system have been in use for 40years, this unit has just been deployed and as such has no real age.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180kg (Rather light for a robot her size tbh)

Rank/Title: Advanced Exploration Unit, CB AI model

Special: Is a robot/AI. This means:
  • Can interface with other electronics wirelessly; allowing the unit to hack it easily. Because of how the AI model was designed; it ‘sees’ its interfacing as entering a VR scape where the system and code can be directly interacted with (VR scape looks similar to that of ARMA3 but more blue)
  • Body material is a substance known as swarmite; a metal with extremely good resistances (especially kinetic based) making her bullet proof to most small arms. If it’s not on par with a bolter; it’s safe to say it’s not going to do too much damage per shot.
  • 3x hardpoints on body, 2x in arms, 1x in back. The unit is build with modularity in mind and therefore can switch out these hardpoints as long as they have the time and resources to fabricate the replacements. Units do wear clothing like regular people and as such clothing used by them is usually modified to accommodate deployment of hardpoints; often including flaps and such.
    • Arm hardpoint (right): Arc thrower (Concealed). 50ft range electric bolt that has a power range of between taser and lightning bolt. When not deployed it is impossible to spot as it is hidden within the arm: when deployed the arm (about up the halfway up forearm) splits in half and folds back to reveal the weapon.
    • Arm hardpoint (left): Pneumatic Slugger System. Concealed pneumatics that activate to increase punch strength. Turns a punch to like being hit with buckshot at point-blank, however generally non-lethal.
    • Back hardpoint: Strike drone - Hivemind payload. Concealed within the back of this unit is a strike drone UAV. wing span 20cm, length 30cm, VTOL thrust. It is armed with a small package of 1x hivemind missiles; which technically is 4 small micro missiles that cluster together.

Unit AEK999. AI in use: CB. Designation: Advanced Exploration Kommando.

“Wait wait wait… why is is kommando with a k?”

I have my reasons; one of which being as homage to /k/ for all the stupidity they’ve done. Now shut up and let me do my report…

Ahem, AEK999 is a unit vitalising CB’s AI due to request by the main CB unit, referred to henceforth as CB actual, to create as series of units using her AI to explore the multiverse and gather new information and experience. Unit AEK999 is the final of these, as well as the least experienced. How so? Because she hasn’t actually been deployed yet; this is a report being made just before she is initially deployed.

AEK999’s main goal is to travel the multiverse and gather new information for CB actual to use. Their secondary objective is to aid groups in keeping peace and whatnot wherever possible. To aid in these goals, AEK999 is able to freely access the central databank for CB actual for information stored on it; though not for the extra processing power. We are also granting the unit access to one special equipment of their choice. They have chosen a rex class light recon mech… I honestly wasn’t expecting that one… Alrighty then.

Above: Rex class light Recon model in combat during operation Dry Claw, shown equipped with 2 punisher mortars as shoulder hardpoints and carrying a Beowulf heavy blast cannon.

Name: Model: Rex class light recon, Serial: AL-09

Type: Light recon mech

Dimensions: 3m tall, base area is 0.5m by 1.5m

Weight: 1500kg

Strength 30

Armor 50

Firepower 30

Performance 80

Mobility 100

Power output 50

Sensors 20

Description: The following is the Shadow Alliance official database entry for the mech:

The Rex class mech is a lightweight bipedal recon mech notably equipped with a high power thrust system first deployed around 10 years ago during “operation dry claw”; the first direct joint op between SA and King’s guard forces. The armour piece was used predominantly in phase 2 of the operation however it’s use during phase 3 as a light assault technical is also of particular note. The mech was originally designed by Null Corp but was afterwards improved by engineers of the King’s guard; improvements added include:
  • EVA capabilities, including enough life support to last 12 hours
  • Swarmite armour reinforcement; allowing the suit to take a tank round and still keep working, albeit at minimal functionality
  • Re-worked thruster systems turning it into an extremely agile machine AND capable of 3d movement with little to no rotation. 21st century AA guns rely on spraying hundreds of rounds at a jet fighter and hoping they connect, or rely on a AA missile. These systems make the mech capable of dodging the spray fire and move too fast to lock onto, if not just outrun the missile. Hitting this thing is like trying to hit a fly with just your finger.
    Despite how much more agile the suit was made: Null Corp CEO Sam Shepard was unhappy with just how dangerous the new thruster system was; stating that “putting a human in the cockpit of something that could dash around that fast and was that responsive to even a slight motion was tantamount to signing up for suicide by hitting a tree.” He did accept the redesign, however before putting it into the production line he added a limiter to the thruster systems so that it was still incredibly agile but not dangerously so as long as you were trained to use it.

The Rex stands at 3 metres in height and uses a standby pad size of either 1.5mx1.5m or 2mx2m depending on how large the used hardpoints are. It’s top land speed is 40 miles per hour; and it’s top air speed (assuming Earth standard measurements) is mach 2 or 1434 miles/hour with the limiter, however it is generally piloted at lower speeds for safety and accuracy. Speed tests without the limiter show a true max speed of nearly mach 10 (7170 miles/hour). All of the speed measurements are of course done with a mech unladen by hardpoints and as such will be slightly lower in practice.

The rex has a total of 4 hardpoints. The Suit’s hardpoints are as follows:
  • 1x hardpoint for both left and right arm, capable of light mounts. Arm hardpoints are, when retracted, covered by actual hands, allowing for things to be grabbed.
  • 1x hardpoint for each shoulder, capable of using light and medium mounts
Hardpoints (Weapons):

Left arm hardpoint: Lucifer rotary destructor cannon. The lucifer is a terrifying weapon mounted only ever onto vehicles simply due to the absurd amount of kickback it would give people trying to fire it handheld. At a 2000 round per minute fire rate it doesn’t sound too bad; however the fact it chambers for SA standard shotgun rounds (which are 20 pellet by the way) mean this thing can output nearly 700 pellets in a second (I calculated. It’s crazy). Whilst not insane at long distance; up close this will shred through most armour due to the Armour piercing qualities of the ammo in the shells. The mech can store 4000 rounds meaning there is 2 minutes of fire in this.

Right arm hardpoint: Gargoyle pulse cannon. Using technology inspired by that used on the ships of the “thargoids”; the gargoyle fires a pulse of energy that knocks out any and all electrical systems it hits, with a max range of around 100m. EMP shielding does not affect this, due to it not actually being EMP but an alternate energy that interferes with electronics; meaning that specialist shielding is required to be able to counteract it. The pulse’s radius is not particularly large, meaning that for a complete shutdown you have to aim for the cockpit, however the shut down of whatever it hits is basically total, and unless the system automatically reboots it requires a manual reset to work again. Between shots a 10 second recharge is required.

Left shoulder hardpoint: Punisher mortar. Fires a cluster of 5 shells in quick succession at a slight variation of angle, resulting in a good coverage of mortar fire. Each of these clusters makes up 1 “shot”, and the weapon stores 3 shots at the same time; though talented engineers have been able to mod theirs up to 5 shot capacity. The standard issue is 3 still however. AEK999’s is 3 shots.

Right shoulder hardpoint: T-doll particle energy cannon. What happens when you take a power system that converts all matter into energy at 100% conversion rate and 80% efficiency, a bunch of a heavy element, and some railgun accelerators? You get a T-doll particle energy cannon; a mixture of laser gun, railgun, and LMG so strong it’s classified as a naval weapon. It’s generally used as a deployable infantry weapon; however it does also have a vehicle mount. 500 rounds of high energy blasts with a range of 500m before dispersing too much for effective fire and the blasts have the same effect as being slugged by an A1 Abrams tank shall.

Non-core internals (Abilities):
  • Speed limiter removed. She is a super-intelligent AI after all; she can react in time.
  • Adjustable power distributor: The mech’s power source cannot run all the hardpoints, thrusters, and utility items at all times simultaneously. It’s just not possible. In order to at least somewhat fix the problem; an adaptive power distributor has been installed, meaning that one of the 3 systems (Hardpoints, thrusters, utility) can work at 100% at any time while the other 2 are stuck at 75%
Signature moves:

Jack shit. She doesn’t need any fancy maneuvers; just speed and maneuverability.
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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by sir_fire » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:31 pm

Mecha Name: Sixshot

Mecha Type: Real/Super

Size (height): 15m robot mode, 8m wolf mode

Tonnage (weight): 31 tons, Cybertronians are near-impossibly light and fleet-of-foot for things their size; no doubt thanks to their nature as Primus' progeny.

Source Material: Transformers G1 derivative

Background: Hailing from an unknown universe in the Primax cluster, this Sixshot was pretty much just like how he was in most G1 verses; being a Decepticon-made living superweapon who enjoys the power that entails. But the main difference with most other versions of himself is, is that he's gone rogue and the Cons don't exactly want a point-one-percenter of his power and skill running about with highly dangerous and esoteric cybertronian technologies on a galactic joyride.

Signature Feature: Six-changing and ease of modification, his spark is capable of enduring even full-body overhauling like an Armored Core. Resulting in his extensively heavily modified and enhanced body that has extra organs and parts added like a metallic endoskeleton and an auxiliary electrical system absent on others of his kind.

Strength: 75
Armor: 83
Firepower: 70
Performance: 77
Mobility: 94
Energy Output: 75 60
Sensors: 56

  • Mecha-Wolf: A powerful assault mode that gives Sixshot the ability to literally smash through a city block without slowing down and giving him energon-charged teeth and claws that can hew through mech armor just as well as his Katanas, though at the cost of not having any ranged weapons aside from the slow-firing plasma missiles along with having difficulties in maneuvering or coming to a stop. Maximum running speed of 202 km/h
  • Astro Magnum: Inspired directly by Shockwave's alt-mode, Sixshot can turn into a gigantic hovering handgun that can easily level a Mountain or cut a colony in two with a single, immensely powerful blast of charged particles and Energon traveling at massively FTL speed.INSUFFICIENT POWER FOR PARTICLE ACCELERATOR ARRAYS. ALTMODE UNAVAILABLE.
  • APC: Sixshot's least used form, this low-profiled and long bodied APC, while not quite as fast as his Mecha-Wolf form or as destructive as his AA gun mode, is however rather hard to hit, deceptively agile and can seat about 12 humans inside the frontal section in relative safety while still retaining heavy frontal firepower, making it ideal as an assault vehicle or as a means of quick, safe and efficient escape. Goes up to 165km/h on flat roads.
  • Mobile AA Gun: His slowest, but most destructive form; this mode can easily clear out entire skies full of enemy starships, fighters and bombers with volleys of gravitational singularities, while smaller than the full-charge version but just as dangerous. Ground targets also aren't safe from his wrath, as his front-mounted plasma guns can easily contend with most armor. GRAVITON WEAPONS UNAVAILABLE, COMPENSATING FOR OPERATION USING ALTERNATE HANDHELD WEAPONS.
  • Starfighter: Sixshot's quickest and most agile form, it retains great firepower even for its speed thanks to the rapid-fire laser cannons inside the nose of the craft, the plasma missiles on the sides and the Graviton blasters on the wings for taking out hardened targets. For all it's speed, it sometimes suffers from going too fast and it isn't unusual for Sixshot to suddenly transform in mid-air into robot mode in order to tank whatever he's about to hit using his energon shield. Goes up to Mach 3.1 in the atmosphere

Weapon Loadout :
  • Energon Sabers: Energon-charged swords made out of near-unbreakable Cybertronium alloy, these lethal weapons can easily cut through ship and mecha armor like butter while also being quite good at cleaving energy shields in half no thanks to the electrical interference caused by the energon field surrounding the blades. Their scabbards also double as plasma guns in his vehicle modes.
  • Graviton Blasters: Unbelievably destructive and illegal weapons that utilize the power of gravity to cause things to literally collapse under their own weight, rendering shielding systems and armor generally useless against them, at full power, they can unleash a gravitational singularity that can pulverize an asteroid several miles across. Fortunately, these weapons are slow-firing and their gravity pulses are relatively easy to dodge compared to Sixshot's swords and limbs, they also happen to hurt the Six-changer due to their AOE and he rarely uses them against singular threats, preferring to take them down using his katanas and martial arts skills. GRAVITON REACTORS COMPROMISED, ENERGON POWER PACKS RUPTURED. WEAPONS MISSING. CURRENTLY INOPERABLE.
  • Monomolecular disc catapults: Mounted on hidden launchers in his forearm-mounted wheels, these gravity-impulse launchers shoot out monomolecular discs at hypersonic speeds that can shred through several skyscrapers before coming to a stop at full power, or near-silently chop a car in half without even wrecking the road it was on at the minimum.
  • Plasma Missile pods: A pair of three-tube missile launchers that fires high-speed plasma-warhead projectiles that can vaporize an entire tank company each. While deadly and incredibly difficult to evade no thanks to their powerful tracking abilities, they are rather slow to rearm and reload even for someone of Sixshot's power. AMMUNITION FABRICATORS INOPERABLE, MICROSPACE STORAGE SYSTEM EMPTY. REQUIRES AMMUNITION.
  • Energon Shield: A powerful active energy barrier that can deflect both energy and kinetic attacks, the barrier is quite capable of tanking several Beam Rifle blasts one after the other. SPARK CORE REPAIRED, SHIELD PROJECTOR SYSTEMS ARE AT 67% EFFICIENCY. PERFORMANCE AT ACCEPTABLE LEVELS.

Background Story: Deserting the Decepticons after growing bored of several million years fighting the same opponents again and again along with desiring greater independence, the Six-changer decided to make a name for himself by becoming the greatest mercenary in the galaxy; usually by butting into interplanetary wars and by siding with the losing side for the challenge or taking contracts to hunt down the rarest and most dangerous creatures and personalities in the known universe. Though it was not always an easy or simple life, Sixshot got what he always wanted in the life of a scoundrel and a mercenary dog: The thrill and excitement, the recognition; With numerous star systems owing their prosperity or destruction solely due to his intervention and a trophy room in his ship being the envy of bounty hunters, poachers and rich idiots the galaxy over and lastly, a sense of contentment and perhaps true happiness. It seemed as if Sixshot was to become a legend for better or worse among his race, up there with the Thirteen or the Metrotitans; but then, he suddenly disappeared without a trace; not even his ship was found and it was the size of a Capital ship despite being only big enough to accommodate the Cybertronian, his belongings and a couple of drones. The denizens of his universe put two and two together and deduced that the mercenary had met his end in a most inglorious way: A catastrophic accident with his Transwarp drive. Some were disappointed, others rejoiced. In the end, his passing was quickly forgotten by all but those whom owe their current hardship or progress to him.

Pilot Name: Any self-respecting Decepticon will kill anyone who dares assume that he would let an Organic take control of his body.

Pilot Appearance:


Pilot Backstory: See above.

Personality: In a word, Sixshot is... Restless. Never one to rest upon his laurels, he always seeks new challenges to pit himself against and with an entirely new universe to explore and filled to the brim with warriors clad in armor and machines that matches his size and strength? This must be cyberutopia! Despite his enthusiasm for combat, Sixshot is still a practical Con' at heart and when it comes down to it, he'll fall back to fight another day without losing any sleep cycles over it and would do missions with as little fuss and complications as possible, seeing a mission well done as much of an achievement as killing a giant space worm the size of a small planetoid with nothing but an energon knife and a canister of engine coolant.

For all his bluster and pride as a mercenary, Sixshot is surprisingly frugal when it comes to money, only spending as much as he needs to and paying only a fraction of his riches on creature comforts, mostly on decorations and mounts for his trophies as he believes that luxury will make him soft. And related to his pride, he shows respect to worthy enemies; allowing them to be buried by their comrades at arms and would speak well of them if prompted to, but is extremely intolerant of those would trample over the honor and pride of warriors and soldiers and doing so would make a quick enemy of the Cybertronian.

Actually all of the above is mere conjecture of his personality and what people only see on the surface. The true Sixshot is actually an immature, impulsive and extremely violent and mean-spirited 4 million year old manchild. Whose mentality and personality is the result of not being raised as an individual with hopes, dreams and aspirations but as a weapon, a tool to be used and as a living science experiment. Naturally, with all the power forced unto him and a hellish childhood of painful surgery, constant combat and abuse, It was a miracle that he didn't end up worse than what he currently is now. However with immaturity comes innocence and Sixshot is a rather trusting sort of bot, both from his immaturity and his (mostly rightfully) self-perceived inviolability, along with him generally being a showoff to both enemies and allies as their fear, their hate and their awe are what he believes he needs to earn so as to validate his own existence, with the whole rising up to the challenge and seeking them being a flimsy justification and cover story to hide his deep-seated trauma and insecurity. And lastly with all that power and the terror he commands, he is ultimately a being onto his own, a unique existence and one that few dares to understand or approach; while he says he doesn't mind solitude, he doesn't really know or get why his spark feels so empty, especially during times of peace and quiet...

Ultimately, Sixshot is the truest example of the idiom: "It's lonely at the top" and a living monument as to why warriors raised from birth are never the best-adjusted beings around.

Pilot/Mech Skills:

Hard light: Sixshot possesses a built-in holomatter projector of unusual potency and power that allows him to create "clones" of himself that can be physically felt and attack, but are far more feeble than he is; having a fraction of his strength and can be destroyed with a single; rather weak blow. The projector also allows him to camouflage himself or send out holomatter avatars to scout ahead without giving his position away.

Infiltrator: For someone so large and powerful, he is surprisingly sneaky and evasive. Being able to sneak into places that really shouldn't fail to notice the 15 meter tall Transformer and quietly perform all sorts of mischief behind enemy lines.

Master of Metallikato (Self-proclaimed): While he shows exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills, a closer look reveals that his technique is too crude, showy and brutal to be Metallikato, Circuit-Su or any of the Major Cybertronian martial arts; indicating that he learned to fight as he went though countless years of combat.

Requiem Furnace: A special modification to his spark core courtesy of the Cybertronian responsible for turning him into a monster, the Furnace is a custom-made energy booster that runs off of Sixshot's Innermost Energon and the power of his Spark; essentially burning off his very life force in exchange for extreme performance boosts and temporarily overriding the safeties and limiters of his body as well as suppressing all sensations of pain to gain the upper hand in desperate situations. In order to avoid abuse and the shortening of his lifespan, the device is hard-coded to only activate in events of extreme duress.


1 Energon Saber

Beam Magnum: A weapon of unknown provenance, quite possibly a custom build by the Cybertronian merchants/weaponsmiths Swindle, Swindle and Swindle; the Beam Magnum is a very powerful particle beam handcannon that loads like a traditional six-shooter using energy capacitor cartridges. Despite its rather compact size, it's power is equivalent to high-caliber beam weaponry like those mounted on Mobile Armors or as heavy defensive emplacements.

M8F-SB1 "Shorty" Beam Rifle x2: Specially designed close-combat/backup weapons made for the Strike Gundam-E. The Shorty beam "rifles" are very fast-firing and maintain relatively high levels of firepower despite their smaller size while having only 35% less range than their larger cousins, in effect making them powerful and effective enough to be used as actual main weapons rather than sidearms. Due to directly feeding on the power source of their wielders, the Shorties have effectively unlimited shots; so long as the generator keeps providing power for them that is.

MR-R102 Assault Rifle: A 50mm Rheinmetall Assault Rifle, and the first of its kind specifically developed for use by mechs. Originally meant to bridge the gap between the Marksman's Support Assault Cannon and the standard Assault Cannon, as evidenced by the railing assembly underneath the barrel meant to fit in a 220mm grenade launcher, now replaced by a multimode targeting sensor; the rise of Project NEXT eventually prompted its modification and further refinement into a weapon more suited for use by NEXTs, improving its durability and performance all-around. While extremely capable all around, the MR-R102 particularly excels in mid-close range combat due to its rapid fire mechanism and ease of handling; however, it can also be used in a marksman role due to its accuracy and because it was initially designed to provide in that role.

04-MARVE Assault Rifle: A deadly 57mm rapid-fire rifle that fires APHE rounds that penetrate and then explode inside targets in order to maximize damage. The underslung cleaver has an extremely fine yet durable edge that allows it to hack and slash at opponents in melee combat effectively. The MARVE however suffers from powerful recoil and substandard long-range performance due to the weight and design of its APHE ammunition, maximizing explosive filling and having a high-density AP core to successfully penetrate Mechasaur armor.

GRA-TRAVERS handheld Grenade Launcher: Made by Aldra, a Leonemeccanica subsidiary; the TRAVERS is essentially a standalone version of an Assault Cannon's integral grenade launcher with a dedicated FCS, drum magazine and comes with an auto-balancer system to ensure high accuracy and reaction time for its use. Powerful, reliable and lightweight, the TRAVERS is much beloved by FPA pilots ever since its introduction and is an excellent alternative to the Support Assault Cannon, being more powerful than even when it is using its largest caliber and owing to its low recoil; much easier to use when in mid-air, but lacking in its rate of fire, ability to switch calibers to deal with different opponents and in ammo capacity.
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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by VF-25 Messiah » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:39 pm


Name: Franz Evel
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Rank/Title: 2nd Lieutenant
Special: The Master's son

Franz faced the brutality of the world since he was born. His birth resulted on the dead of his mother, and his father suddenly vanished. People associated with his mother raised him, and he joined the OMNI military thanks to their influence. However, upon joining, he was told about his father, his aunt, and his mother by a man calling himself Friedrich, and was personally trained by him for reasons currently unknown. His father became The Master, leader of the terrorist group known as Christian Allegiance, after the death of his mother. Franz must learn the secrets of his past, that if he wants to stop his own father and his plans for humanity...

Franz had a hard life, being the son of a wanted terrorist. Regardless, there is no pessimist outlook in his life, even at the face of danger. He is commonly cheerful and has a quirk for jokes and black comedy, but still very loyal to others even if they ostracize him, trait of which he got from his mother. Don't misunderstand; he still has some traits from his father. He disregards the life of enemies who threaten the existence of his loved ones, and in such cases, he has a liking for cracking sarcastic remarks or lame puns to provoke his enemies. Deep down, he is depressed and cynical about the status of the world, and also properly paranoid about everyone around him. Thankfully so, he always keeps those feelings in check, afraid of becoming like his father...

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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by sir_fire » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:46 pm

Name: Texas Mack Desperado Custom
Type: Super Robot
Dimensions: 57 meters
Weight: 240 Tons


Strength: 80
Armor: 75
Firepower: 80
Performance: 24
Mobility: 57
Energy Output: 70
Sensors: 66

The Texas Mack D.C was heavily modified and enhanced from the wreckage of the original after its previous pilots fell in battle against ADVENT in their attempt to save America from alien dominion, while it mostly looks the same from the outside, addition of a new hat and a poncho in place of the cape notwithstanding; its internal workings, fire control and computing systems were upgraded with cutting edge technology and parts scavenged from other mechs in order to keep it competitive in the rapidly evolving global battlefield for the legend of its last stand against tyranny to continue onwards in these trying times.


Big Iron x2: A massive mech-scale Magnum revolver that can reliably oneshot battleships thanks to the atomic charges inside the hyper-dense magnum rounds it uses. Though it can use more conventional and less destructive ammunition if needed.

Beam Tomahawk: Scavenged and upscaled from the wreckage of an unidentified red mech, this weapon replaces the Texas Mack's old transformable shield and sword as they were unable to be replicated by the Engineers under Jackson's command. Still, this weapon is quite deadly.

Mariachi Band: A guitar case-shaped weapons container that can fit an entire carrier's arsenal worth of weapons and ammunition, typically it is loaded with a heavy machine gun that can be fired from inside, a massive amount of missiles and the Peacemaker in its disassembled state.

Peacemaker Sniper Cannon: A massive fuck-off anti-mech rifle that's more of a portable battleship-grade artillery piece than anything resembling a rifle. Made from the remains of the original Texas Mack's own massive fuck-off rifle, this variant is much less of a burden to use in extended operations and fires faster due to the use of a magazine, a semi-auto action and a gauss assembly to further accelerate its shells, improving range and accuracy. Still, its huge size makes it awkward to use and the recoil forces the Texas Mack D.C to need stable footing to use it with any form of effectiveness.

Special Features:

Anti-energy Poncho: An enormous piece of glass fiber fabric used as ablative armor, being treated and reinforced much in the same way was anti-laser coated armor used by TSFs, this not only breaks up the Texas Mack's form but also increases its resistance to directed energy weapons.


Xavier Greywood
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 210 lbs.
Rank/Title: 1st Lieutenant
Special: Medicine Man

Xavier Greywood was not always meant for the dirty business of war and slaughter, once he was the respected and beloved heir apparent of his tribe's Medicine Man; destined to take his grandfather's place when his time had come to provide spiritual guidance for his people, but alas; it was not meant to be as in a fit of madness, he had slain his own mentor and family by hacking him to bits with a hatchet before taking off into the night. Over the next three years, he slaughtered about 20 other people across the Southwestern United States, seemingly at random and through downright impossible means of access yet all through the same method he had used on his first murder: Extreme bodily Mutilation with a Hatchet. Eventually his reign of terror ended when he was caught in the middle of his 22nd kill: That of an Atlantic Federation senator in the ruined husk of his Limousine after Xavier had bumped it into the path of an oncoming train. During his court hearing, he professed that he never killed anyone; saying that his murders were simply putting the tortured souls of the living dead to rest and that the Senator was the one who started it all and was a Skinwalker who had targeted him and his grandfather to finish a blood feud started a thousand years ago. Needless to say, the Judge wanted him in a mental hospital as he needed serious help, not to be trapped in a small box for the rest of his life. But the public demanded justice as the Senator was a liberal reformer who was a champion of the poor and thus he was sentenced to life in a supermax prison off the coast of Mexico. It would have been the end of his life and story if not for a firebrand of a ship captain that came to his cell, looking for scum with special talents and mindsets...
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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by sir_fire » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:46 pm


Name: Azure Defiant
Type: Super/Real Robot
Dimensions: 70 meters.
Weight: 1500 metric tons.

Strength: 70
Armor: 65
Firepower: 88
Performance: 25
Mobility: 75
Energy Output: 80
Sensors: 50

Azure Defiant is the Philippine's sole mecha and the ace on the hole of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, created with the help of both Saotome Labs and the American Government-in-Exile; the Azure Defiant is a rather unique machine in that it combines both conventional weapons technology with the Getter-Ray based technologies of the Saotome Institute to make a machine capable of handling any situation reliably as the Philippines only has enough infrastructure and budget to support just one super robot unlike their wealthy and industrialized allies across the seas, who can employ entire armies of mechs. Thus Azure Defiant stands as the sole guardian of the Pearl of the Orient, standing alone against the predations of the Dinosaur Empire's South East Asian satellite states.

HyperKriss Plasma Sword: A combination of a conventional cutting blade paired with a specially designed plasma blade projector system to create a uniquely vicious weapon that can easily hew through even the toughest Megasaur's armor thanks to the mass of the physical blade aiding the plasma's cutting ability greatly. Even when low on power, the blade is durable and sharp enough to be utilized effectively in melee.

Sibat Heavy railgun X2: The main weapons of Azure Defiant, a pair of 375mm railguns that can engage targets at extreme ranges and deal fatal damage. Due to variable power and fire rate settings, the Railguns can also be used in close-mid range as Autocannon-like weapons when their range and power aren't needed.

Tirador missile battery X2: A battery of quick-firing, high-agility heatseeking missiles meant for taking out smaller, faster targets that the Azure Defiant's other weapons would be overkill against. Can also be used as unguided rockets for when saturation fire is needed.

Agimat close-in defense system: Strategically located all over the Azure Defiant, these panels of ablative armor plating are much like the Supplemental Armor used by TSFs; albeit upsized and refined to be used for extended periods of time. The panels are laden with launchers that can be loaded with just about anything the pilots could want or need. Though due to their tastes, they're mostly loaded with Fragmentation charges and flashbangs for extra close-combat capability.


Mo-Cap: The main pilot controls the Azure Defiant using a motion-capture system to replicate the movements of his body. While this makes the mech particularly vicious in close combat as reaction lag is massively decreased due to this control system, pilot fatigue hits it way harder than most.

Gunner's seat: With its long-range railguns, Azure Defiant needs a dedicated Fire Control System and gunner to utilize them to their maximum potential and thus it comes with a co-pilot who controls both the railguns and the missile batteries as well as handling long-range detection and tracking.

Plasma Overcharge: Running on the same Plasma Reactor as the Getter Robo Go, Azure Defiant has all the power it could ever want and then some. With a few commands, the Pilots can overclock the reactor to gain a massive boost in the performance of the Azure Defiant's railguns and plasma sword as well as giving them extra attributes like having the Plasma Sword shoot out destructive waves of plasma or making the Railguns fire out plasma beam-assisted slugs, dramatically increasing damage potential. Though this power comes at the cost of internal damage and a chance for the reactor to develop a fatal breach, blowing the mech's chest apart from the inside.

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Re: Super robot wars CS thread {doing this for the GMs}

Post by Cavaliere » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:53 pm

Name: William Liam Tinmall

The image doesn't belong to me, i just edited it a little for story purpose.
Gender: Male.
Age: 25.
Height: 1,70 m.
Weight: 64,5 kg.
Rank/Title: Techpriest Initiate, The Lost Scientist.
Special: he is a doctor with a Ph.D. in advanced physics but suffers from an inferiority complex.

Liam is the second child of a middle-class family on BND-12, a human colony that acted as a crucible for the greatest minds of the Federation and as a big university campus. While his childhood was relatively normal for the people in the colony, with a focus on educational games and basic logic puzzles, one constant always made Liam feel uncomfortable: his bigger brother Franz. Franz was a genius in his field, but its reputation made all of Liam's achievements lose their value. When he started his first educational cycle, Liam chooses to study in a completely different sector from Franz, but it was futile as the news of his brother becoming a teacher, one of the Highest ranks in the colony, reached him regardless.
After ending his advanced physics studying cycle, surrounded by people who praised him for his brother accomplishes, he decided to leave the colony for one of the Union's research facilities in the sector 17-PR, where his talent contributed to developing new technologies in diverse fields, such as mobile suit research. On the eve of an important experiment, the pilot destined to conduct the test on the new mobile suit had an urgent call and had to return to his homeworld. This sudden situation brought the scientists at the head of the project to ask for volunteers between the staff and, because of a discussion had the same morning, Liam was one of the few to accept the request.
What started as a way to affirm his identity, became one of the weirdest discoveries in his life:
He was pretty good at piloting.
In the days before the test, Liam registered high performances in the simulations, surprising both himself and the military representative in the facility, and studied the inner working of the robot.
However, when the true test began, his anxiety took over, giving false data and damaging the experimental reactor the team was working over.
Liam was destroyed: their work was damaged, he caused the failure of the test the team put the effort in it and he failed in become is own person, but not all was lost.
The military head of the facility offered him a job as a mech R&D and test pilot.
After building what became his personal suit, the Gundam Zer∅, he became one of the aces, until he was dragged into the big event that is the Super Robot Wars.

Personal inventory:
Pilot suit
Electrician tools (taken from Adeptus mechanics at the base)
Laspistol (found on the battlefield of the Dark Eldar attack)
Name GN-SP000 Gundam ZerØ => GN-SP000/RE Gundam ZerØ_Repair => CURRENTLY TOO DAMAGED TO OPERATE
Type: General purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering weapon system mobile suit (GUNDAM for short)
Dimensions: 19 m
Weight: 55 tons => 65 tons

Strength: 30
Armor: 45 => 55
Firepower: 70
Performance: 70
Mobility: 70 => 60
Energy Output: 90 => 75
Sensors: 65
This mecha is built for rapidly going through the battlefield to deal damage. Armed with a couple of GN Muskets designed by Liam himself, the unit excels at long Quarters Combat, but the blades attached to them make sure that Liam has a close-range alternative. It also has a beam Rapier (not dissimilar to the Gundam Wing Fenice) as a secondary weapon. Using his thrusters mounted on the back and on his legs, the Zer∅ has a lot of mobility, but this is counterbalanced by his medium-low armor. By a technical point, the Zer∅'s internal systems are what the creator is really proud: his sensors can lock on weak points of the opponent mecha to disable them and his energy source, the one that started the mess that Liam is in, has put the Zer∅ in a little advantage. The engine can go in overdrive for a few seconds, the Trans-Arm state, creating an illusion of a cape on the mobile suit back, making his power output really shine. This ability has a heavy cost on the structure of the mecha so it can be used only one time for battle.

1 x GN Beam Saber (Rapier handle mod)
GN Muskets: the main feature of this suit, it a weapon built and optimized by Liam from the blueprints of the GN Sword V, which it shares many similarities with, like the blade filled with GN particles. They work as a submachine gun with high fire rate and draw their energy from a socket in the Gundam's forearm.

Trans-Arm system: by releasing all the GN particles stored in the Condenser in his body (the orange orbs) the Zer∅ can enter in powered up state that lasts a minute and requires the Condenser to fully recharge to be used again. In this state, the Gundam assumes a pinkish red coloration while the particles assume a cape-like appearance on his back.
WARNING: due to the lost of the GN Drive, this function is now inoperable until the original core is restored

Signature Moves:

One GN Musket lost.
Energon infused Transformium Blade (From SixShot) Acquired

Mission Failed: Fail a mission
Afraid of the Dark?: Encounter Dark Eldar Mandrakes and survive
The Great Enemy: Encounter a Chaos Worshiper
Light of Courage: Fight a Mandrake on foot and win.
We're not infantry!: Go on Foot on a mission for the majority of the time
The Root of all Evil: Encounter Embryo or his envoys
Be careful what you wish for: Get screwed over when asking for something
Warm Reception: Get arrested/captured within the first five minutes of arriving in a new area
Duck Hunt: Overwhelmingly win against a group of opponents much smaller than yourself
The Green Mile: Escape from prison
Cardboard Prison: Escape from prison in less than a day
A Spark of Magic: Encounter a denizen of Byston Well or any highly magically inclined individual
Big Bad Beetleborgs: Encounter an Aura Battler
This is war...: Witness the true face of war
My god, what have I done?!: Kill or injure someone you didn't mean to
GAN GAN GAN GAN: Get defeated by a Getter Robo
Nobuseri: Become an enemy of the Empire of Japan
Brightslap: You know why
The Preemptive Conquerors: Encounter the Grados Empire
The Hawk of Grados: Encounter Ru Cain
Planet of the Apes: Become enemies of the Grados Empire.
The ZOG: Encounter the Socialist Republic of Great Zogilia
Fucking Bolsheviks: Become the enemy of the Socialist Republic of Great Zogilia
Butchers of Fleed: Encounter the Vegan Empire
This is no GN-X Boy!: Encounter enemy Valiancers
ET go die: Become the enemy of at least two extraterrestrial factions
Encounters in Space: Encounter a newtype
Odysseus Gambit: Successfully infiltrate enemy territory by hiding inside a transport
This guy is an Ace!: Be utterly dominated in a fight with an enemy ace pilot but live
Impatience: Participate in a mission with a strict time limit
Shipjacked: Steal a ship
The Wings of Zogilia: Encounter Zogilia's best pilots
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Re: Super robot wars, Paradox Cascade CS{doing this for the GMs}

Post by Guy of G » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:58 pm

Name: Hazantcore Ezmodus Almph
Gender: Male
Age: 900
Height: 9 feet
Weight: 700 pounds
Rank/Title: Shield Captain
Special: Adeptus Custodes/Post Human

Bio: A Shadowkeeper warden on task of keeping the Dark Cells on holy Terra he found the Galaxy under threat by the great rift releasing the occupants of the cells. He donned The Sacred Allurus Terminator Armor to pursue the deadly Man of Iron escapee Omega 29867gh with Assistance from Ordos Chronos. Confronting the mad Machine and his cohorts of a group of maddened Necrons dedicated to the destruction of all life and tehcnoslaves with a force of Imperial Guard and elements of the Space Marines of the Flesh Tearers & Black Dragon Chapters.

Hazantcore dueled Omega for a reality rendering artifact being excavated by his enslaved mechanicus thralls, a cursed warhammer that was the key to unlocking the location to a ancient corrupted Titan predating Old Night. Before the final blow was struck Omega tore open a portal in reality scattering both factions throughout reality leaving the two foes struggling over the hammer in an infernal nexus until the dimensional tidal wave ended the struggle and separated both as well.

Pilot Skills and Personality: As an Adeptus Custodes Almph is a living weapon imbued with a fraction of the God Emporor of Mans power. He is a philsopher, a diplomat a general, an artist, a strategist in addition to being a gaurd of his Masters darkest secrets. Like most Custodes Almph is a hero in his own right a solemn gaurdian of the Black Cells he is dedicated to stopping the terrors from Old Night from reeking havoc on reality again.

Name: Allarus Pattern Terminator Armor
Type: Terminator Armor
Dimensions: height: 12 feet
Weight: One ton
Bio: Allarus Pattern Terminator Armour is the pattern of Tactical Dreadnought Armour currently used in the 41st Millennium by the Allarus Custodians of the Adeptus Custodes, the praetorian guard of the Emperor of Mankind. The Allarus Pattern is an expertly crafted form of Terminator Armour whose worth can be measured in worlds. Allarus Terminator Armour provides its wearer with an exceptional range of movement and near-unencumbered speed, augmented strength and resilience, and the survivability to stride unharmed from the blast of a Macrocannon shell. Coupled with the protective blessings of the Emperor, Allarus Terminator plate is arguably the most effective man-portable combat armour in the entire Imperium.

Armor: 50
Firepower: 25
Performance: 10
Mobility: 35
Energy Output:50
Sensors: 40


Guardian spear: Close combat and long range weapon twice the size of a man
Balistus grenade launcher: To supplement their usual weapons load out, Allarus Terminator Armour is also outfitted with Balistus Grenade Launchers mounted upon the left forearm. These drum-fed weapons can be triggered with a thought, spitting salvoes of sanctified projectiles in saturation patterns through the enemy ranks.They are also capable of launching concussion grenades that explode amidst bursts of electro-exorcist chaff and overwhelming light and sound. Enemies subjected to these barrages are sent reeling, their senses rebelling against the onslaught even as their weapons and equipment falter and they spasm in pain.
Misericordia: Traditional Combat knife of the Custodes.

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Re: Super robot wars, Paradox Cascade CS{doing this for the GMs}

Post by Elric of Melnibone » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:40 am


Name: Edgar Rowley
Gender: Male
Age: 464
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs
Rank/Title: The Living One
Special: Sorcerer, Mechanist

A jack of all trades. Edgar Rowley was born on Arcanum. A world of magic, and machinery. As a result of this he is proficient in both the colleges of sorcery, and the doctrines of science. He became renowned as The Living One after defeating Kerghan the Terrible, the progenitor of the White Necromantic and Black Necromantic, and united the factions of his world. At which point he became venerated as a living god. Something that brought him no end of misery.

He has mastered all the branches of magic, and they include the following:
  • Conveyance - Deals with motion and transportation.
  • Divination - Concerns itself with the gathering of knowledge through magical means.
  • Air - Holds the spells that manipulate the first elemental material, that of air and wind.
  • Earth - Holds the spells that manipulate the second elemental material, that of earth and stone.
  • Fire - Holds the spells that manipulate the third elemental material, that of fire and heat.
  • Water - Holds the spells that manipulate the fourth elemental material, that of water and ice.
  • Force - Contains spells that manipulate and direct pure energy.
  • Mental - Contains spells that influence and control the minds of their targets.
  • Meta - Contains spells that affect other spells.
  • Morph - Contains spells that change the substance of the target.
  • Nature - Contains spells that control plants, animals, and natural forces.
  • Black Necromantic - Contains spells that negatively affect the life force of a creature.
  • White Necromantic - Contains spells that positively affect the life force of a creature.
  • Phantasm - Contains spells that concern the control of light and illusion.
  • Summoning - Contains spells that concern the summoning of creatures of progressive power.
  • Temporal - Concerns spells that control the flow of time.
Spell List


You were born to wealthy merchants. They made a profit in the mercantile trade.

Your family did not have the inclination to raise you so your maids and butlers did. In your youth you would run away at night. No one would ever notice. You would cavort and cause trouble with the street urchins. They taught you how to steal. They taught you how to lie.

They were your friends.

You grew older, and as you did your family expected things from you. You were supposed to take the hand of some treacherous sow. A poisonous, and manipulative woman. Who was born into the aristocracy.

Naturally, you refused. You humiliated your bride.

Your family disowned you. You were cast aside.

You did not have money. You made a spectacle so no one would dare hire you. You could not work. So, you had to take what you needed.

That is when she found you. An elf who was just another mark.

A high-born lady. Whose life was measured in centuries. Whereas your life was only measured in decades. The sorceress took a liking to your thievery, and your lies.

"Dear, if you need a place to stay so badly why not visit my vineyard?" It was the first time anyone ever showed you so much unconditional kindness. It left you speechless.

You couldn't refuse. You needed this.

You were her indentured servant. You couldn't say you were a slave because you chose this. You were certainly treated better than they would be. You had a bedroom, food, water, and clothes. In return you need only dutifully serve your mistress, and fulfill her every need.

You were never happy living as one of the elite. You were happy serving your lady as a butler instead.

As the years flew by you grew closer to her. The elf saw something inside of you. A talent that most human beings did not have. A proficiency in the mystic arts. Your mistress began teaching you. Of course this was not free. There were hungers that she sought to sate, and only you could satisfy them.

"You could have anyone..." Your run your fingers over her legs. You lips kiss at her feet, and make their way upwards. "Why choose a disheveled criminal?"

"Don't be so melodramatic." Your mistress wears something of an impish smile. "You have stolen something precious from me. If you must know."

You knew the answer. You knew what you stole from her.

"You should never bend the knee." Your mistress speaks. "No, not even for me." Her hand caresses your cheek. You gently grab it.

"I do a lot more than that for you..." You tease her.

"You know what I mean!" Your mistress has the decency to blush.

You knew what it was like to live. After so many years?

This was life.

"No one knows what the cause was! Sir, I know you are upset by this loss but--"

"Get out of my way!"

The white necromatic. You envelop her corpse in a soothing energy.

Poison. Who would do this?

"Never trust a relative. It is far worse than trusting strangers." You thought she was paranoid but now you wonder. What did she mean by that?

Your investigation bears fruit.

Her sister. The inheritance was what she sought.

When you meet with her to discuss the matters of your lady's last testament? You offer her a cup of tea. It takes only a few moments before she drops her teacup. Her body convulses, and foam leaks from her mouth. After which her carcass is frigid.

Your mistress was avenged but you felt no satisfaction. This was your duty.

You read the will. You are not surprised by what it says.

"Sir, the vineyard belongs to you now. You should tend to it." Someone who was once your friend now serves as your butler. You worked beside him.

You couldn't stay. The authorities were looking for you.

You have the coin, and in the end you were given everything.

It was time to leave. You remember the IFS Zephyr.

The blimp that was supposed to bring you somewhere where you could start anew. Your life was over. You were not an indentured servant. You were a wealthy entrepreneur.

That is when you plummet into the ground.

You never did have good luck. After that, you became embroiled in a conflict beyond your imagining. You were mistaken for Nasrudin, and people thought you to be his reincarnation. The truth wasn't as glamorous. It was a case of mistaken identity, and the prophecy was a hoax.

You ended up saving the world anyway.

Now as the years go by the world changes. You become venerated as some sort of godly figure. You breach the barrier separating magic and technology. You bring them together, and with your help the people would make titans in their image.

Hundreds of years later, and you haven't changed at all. Your magic has kept you young, and now you have mastered it in ways you never did before. Only Kerghan the Terrible could match you, and you brought an end to his life.

There was but one problem. The world would not leave you be, and as you are forced into another conflict?

A darkness envelops you.



Name: Titan Model-VII
Type: Real
Dimensions: Height is measured at around 100 feet, and width corresponding to shoulders is approximately 60 feet
Weight: 1,000+ metric tons


Strength: 60
Armor: 60
Firepower: 80
Performance: 60
Mobility: 80
Energy Output: 20 (100)
Sensors: 40

A mass produced machine of war. Made using a combination of magic, and science. This model was specifically made with close combat in mind, and excels in fisticuffs.


Steam-Powered Chainsaw: A chainsaw built into the left arm of the Titan Model-VII, and which is powered by steam. It excels in tearing through armor.

Steam-Powered Knuckle Dusters: Titan Model-VII has knuckle dusters, and through the clever use of steam they can increase the impact force of punches. They can be used to cause earth-quakes.

Pressurized Steam Claws: Steam is shot of the finger-tips of the Titan Model-VII, and can cut through nearly anything. Not as effective as the chainsaw when tearing through armor but much faster, and harder to dodge. They can extend the reach of close combat.

Telsa Mantle: The Titan Model-VII is cloaked in a blanket of electricity. Which electrifies anything that comes into contact with it.

Telsa Pulverizer: The Titan Model-VII's fists are imbued with electricity, and paralyze enemies. While at the same time disrupting whatever computer systems they might have.

Rocket Punch: A steam propelled fist which pulverizes everything in its way. The right arm of the Titan Model-VII is sent hurdling towards any enemy, and makes short work of them.

Steam Cannon: Built into the palms of the Titan Model-VII these projectile weapons are one of the few ranged weapons in Model-Vll's arsenal. It fires blasts of pressurized steam which melt everything in their way.

Propulsion System: Using steam the Titan Model-VII can achieve flight for short periods of time, or simply use it to propel itself higher into the air whenever it jumps. This propulsion system can also be used to create omni-directional blasts of steam which can be used to create smoke screens or knock back enemies.


Steam Engine: The power source of the Titan Model-VII. It can be used to power any steam based technology from Arcanum.

Arcane Matrix: The pilot can cast their spells within the Titan Model-VII, and propel them outwards as if the machine is an extension of themselves.
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Re: Super robot wars, Paradox Cascade CS{doing this for the GMs}

Post by sir_fire » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:48 am

Approved. Though i would like a summarization of his magical talents to complete the sheet

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