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Fang’s World

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:01 pm
by Fang
Fang smiled as he walked through the alley, his gaze fixed upon a tall skyscraper in the distance. “You know it’s strange to think this used to be my city,” he said tilting his head toward his companion. “In the old days it was a lot less...” He looked around as he searched for an accurate description. “Shiny, I guess.”

“Kinda rude to completely ignore someone like that, ya know?”

Fang turned around, his feet keeping his pace and direction. Catching up quickly was the strange girl from before, this time heading straight for him. “I guess she really was waving at me,” he muttered.

“Okay? Do I know you?” He couldn’t help if it sounded rude; it was a perfectly legitimate question. “No offense but I’ve got somewhere to be. You’re welcome to tag along...”

Given he didn’t even know her name he trailed off there. Of course judging by her stride and the sound of stone against pavement that accompanied her footfalls Fang had already dubbed her “Brick” in his mind, but tact dictated his silence. For all he knew Brick could be sporting some kind of stone based illness, and he didn’t want to seem insensitive. He was still taking measure of the city he had left, and it was best to tread carefully around the new denizens until he knew their strength.

Re: Fang’s World

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:05 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
"You just said this was your city or it used to be? That means you know this place, and that means that you can help me figure out where the hell I am." She said, a somewhat annoyed expression on her face. She tagged along, simply because this man was her best bet to figure out where she was and therefore figure out how to get out of there and back home.

Re: Fang’s World

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:25 am
About 30 feet in front of the group, a small portal opens which deposits a sphere that averages about 4 inches in diameter in size. It smacks into the ground at a high rate of speed, smashing into the sidewalk and embedding itself into a gas line causing a explosion. However, before the explosion could cause any significant harm or damage to the surrounding area, the sphere started to absorb the energy of the explosion faster than it could expand, giving the illusion of an implosion rather than a explosion.

The seared sidewalk hissed from the heat touching the air around the crater that was caused by the Sphere in the center of it, the object glows softly with a light hum if anyone put their ear up to it. Sitting there, unharmed or damaged from the intensity of both the impact and the explosion is a clear sign that this object is not of this world.

If anything, this foreign entity is still asleep...