The Weltgeist Legendarium

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The Weltgeist Legendarium

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The Legendarium - Timeline of Events
The Primordial Era
The Eldest, innumerable representations of concept, come into existence, and begin shaping reality. Among them are Weltgeist, World-Forge, who specializes in the creation of realms.

Weltgeist builds worlds alone for millennia using his hammer Lichtdring.

Weltgeist forges his axe, Erujaorn, and meets the challenge of Gorroth the Weaponeer. Much of the solar system is rendered uninhabitable.

Weltgeist comes to be known as World-Forge. He is exalted among the Eldest and becomes a champion of virtue. He falls in love.

Weltgeist and his companions travel the Earth in disguise. Primordial humans begin to learn of his existence, which will echo through their collective subconscious for eternity.

Countless millennia pass.

There is a war in the over-cosmos against anti-life. Many gods perish; all reality is destroyed for the first time. Everything dies, save for the gods. The forces of being triumph over the forces of un-being. The concept of finality is introduced to the Eldest.

Reality is rebuilt for the first time.

Infighting breaks out among the now-aging Eldest, who grow mortal in word and in deed. Weltgeist marshals the forces of justice against those deities who do wrong, but infighting plagues their countless campaigns. The gods grow petty and afraid; many pass from the primordial plane as a new rash of wars break out, with heroes and villains on every side. Reality is damaged irreparably.

Reality is partially reconstructed, but a flaw persists; the Eldest are no longer extemporal, and are instead chained to the above-and-below. The war in the heavens continues.

Beginning of human recorded history; circa 3500 BC.

As his sacrifices mount, the World-Forge's iron-flaw becomes manifest in his left hand. It soon grows to consume his entire arm.

Weary of the deterioration of his realm, his fellow gods, and his body, Weltgeist goes into exile alone.
The Modern Age
Weltgeist exiles himself to an area around Oregon, freezing the surrounding valley and making it his own.

During the Age of Exploration, ship captains occasionally report uncanny changes in weather conditions, often saving their vessels from certain doom.

1812 - Napoleon retreats from Russia as the weather turns against him.

1882 - A flood washes away all thirty members of the Blood Red Gang before they can burn down the town of Goldenbriar, Oregon. There is one survivor.

1938 - Superheroes rise as a cultural phenomenon in the United States and abroad.

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