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Daemon: Gear

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Among all significant human traits, the intellect is among the most celebrated. Mankind's superiority is informed not only by their resilience, but by their capacity to invent new gadgets and weapons, and to use these inventions to gain an advantage in their environment. But tools are more than a biologically-derived advantage. They are pure extension of intelligence, of man's soul. A well-crafted instrument is part of its user.

Through the use of tools, a man is just as superpowered as a genetically-engineered mutant, or an alien conqueror. The Daemon is no exception - in fact, he exemplifies the ascension of man over his foes. Employing guile along with his tenacious endurance, he is extensively equipped with the best technology possible, derived from the Deterrence Arsenal and maintained by his key ally Eris Rushmore. Through the use of his weapons, armor, and gadgets, he can overcome nearly any conceivable obstacle.

This is a list of the standard gear which Arno is sure to have with him on a regular mission.




The battlesuit Arno wears is derived from the design of Deterrence's old ATG Personal Armor, though its design is even more streamlined and effective at preventing harm to the wearer. Unlike standard personnel armor, Arno's is reinforced, as were all of the much more expensive prototypes allotted to commanders. The suit boasts five layers of protection, though in terms of its actual thickness, is quite slim. New construction methods have enabled the development of sleeker suits that permit greater range of movement while still protecting the wearer from even the most brutal of assaults.

The inner layer of the armor is a mesh weave, a variety of blast blanket decorating the wearer. This internal layer provides complete protection against temperature extremes, higher-order electrical attack, and even lower-order ballistics. Effectively a skintight bulletproof one-piece, it is a remarkable piece of technology that pales compared to the complete package. While wearing the entire bodysuit, Arno is completely sealed off from the outside world; he is immune to the effects of airborne hazards such as toxic gases or aerosols.

A secondary inner layer protects against severe vibrations and concussive shocks, meaning Arno can endure acoustic pulses, explosive shockwaves, and kinetic blasts without dying. A tertiary layer deflects harmful radiation - even concentrated nuclear bursts cannot penetrate the suit. The quaternary layer is the most technical, housing a subdermal fiber-optic network that helps coordinate the suit's movements. Accelerating certain motions for extra explosiveness as well as sending and receiving commands from the user's HUD, this layer is the most advanced.

Finally, there is the actual body armor. Constructed out of a radically hard lab-grown inorganic carbon substrate, it is the apex of direct protection, with a hardness beyond what was previously imaginable for a sole human being. The fibrous web-blanket underneath the external armor combined with the phenomenally durable outer shell enables Arno to walk away from direct impacts which would pulp an ordinary human. The blunt force resilience of the bodysuit is such that a wearer could be thrown from an airplane at high speeds and live to tell the tale. Glancing blows from planetary-level threats, such as Vaaroth, go from being utterly lethal to survivable.

The default color scheme of the Daemon variants is grey against black. A darker demon emblem, occasionally ringed by a lighter outline or oval, decorates the chest. The sloping helm of the cowl is designed to have an unsettling psychological impact on enemies. The eyes are pure-white, with no signs of pupils or irises present. The gloves and boots are generally darker-colored, along with the large versatility shroud. The suit appears skin-tight as a result of the pseudo-muscle undergarment, though it is in fact much thicker than one would expect.

The suit is EMP-hardened, boasting a high-grade fiber-optic network subsystem rather than more traditional circuit-based components. As material engineering evolved, so too did Deterrence adapt - shunning metals in favor of plastics or carbon nano-materials. As such, Arno typically carries very little metal on him at any given time, with the possible exception of weapons or objects he picks up in the field. This movement away from metal towards 21st Century substances also partially contributes to the emphasis on solo operation against unconventional foes, some of whom have the power to manipulate such materials. Exceptions to this rule include the potential use of iron against more mystical foes. Because electromagnetic pulses are historically some of the most popular means of attack used by alien invaders, such as during the Invocation, they are considered important to defend against.

Thermal and laser weaponry are also commonly employed by both metahumans and extraterrestrials. A laser-ablative mold coating similar to Starlite is the ready answer, which can withstand sustained exposure to beams that can produce heat in excess of 10,000 degrees Celsius. Directed-energy weapons and melting bursts are thus accounted for. This mold has been further upgraded to be almost completely chemically stable, rendering the use of acids and other noxious substances, such as the Panacea's nano-spit, less effective, if not utterly neutralized in the case of conventional chemicals. The outer varnish of the armor can be shed in order to slip away from sticky traps, such as ICARUS Containment Foam. This, of course, reduces its resilience, but only to a minor degree.

A number of directed energy microexplosives line the suit's outermost layer, with a number of them concentrated on the emblem. These reactive countermeasures are similar to those found on certain tanks; in practice, when a sufficiently powerful impact is read as approaching, the armor activates small explosions on the surface of the outer shell, forcefully pushing the wearer away from the impact site or deflecting the impact itself. Though this launches the user themselves away at high speeds, often to their detriment, it can be an acceptable trade-off to survive what might otherwise be a fatal injury. The self-detonating bodysuit allows one to explosively "dodge" oncoming attacks, if one is willing to accept the trade-off of being blown up, which the armor is meant to endure. Flint survived a planetary-level blow during the Decimation on account of this countermeasure. These explosives can be manually disarmed or detonated by the wearer.

A holdover from the Frame-1 Exosuit as well as the BLUDGEON battle armor is the use of joint-locking technology to protect the user's limbs, back, neck, and torso. Smooth pressure-based hinges prevent breaks and sprains, with non-newtonian fluids released the moment a joint appears to extend past its allotted range of movement. Rapidly hardening and protecting limbs to prevent breakage, the joint-lock system is part of the overall armor net that protects against the most severe damage. This "super-skeleton" built into the armor is equally effective at preventing deaths from long falls as it is preventing a God-type from tearing the wearer in half.

Indispensable to any tactical fighter is the ability to use stealth, either to evade enemies or surprise them. The outer layer is photoreactive, with a number of microcameras capable of scanning the surrounding environment and fully integrating into it. This variety of camouflage is potent, with a moving wearer appearing as little more than a blur, and a stationary user becoming fully invisible to the visual spectrum. The suit masks the presence of the wearer on infrared; Arno was completely invisible to Ten-O while the latter was in his ghost form, during which perceives the world through thermal signalling. The suit's outer layer can even mimic the texture and heat levels of the surrounding environment, accounting for giveaways such as moisture in the air or sonar-based location.

The suit is covered in sleekly-hidden compartments which contain miniaturized gear. Arno can quickly retrieve any number of tools from special pressure-based compartments in the armor, though these opening slots can be manually locked by the user so as to close them off to the outside world. Like a swiss-army knife, the suit is full of surprises.


Like the rest of the suit, Arno's helmet is composed of a streamlined quintuple-layer armor array that fully protects the wearer against a massive array of attack. The helmet is doubly-reinforced with additional blast-weave fiberweb to protect the wearer's higher brain functions. Though Arno is RFR trained, additional materials which have been theorized to disrupt mental attack have been inserted into the cowl. Two retractable ears, approximately four inches in length, extend from the top of the head. Their first purpose is to serve as signal boosters for the wearer's communications array, doubling as sonar receivers for echolocation-like navigation and tracking. Their secondary purpose is as blades, which can either be manually detached or shot outwards at high speeds.

The upper half of the face is outwardly concealed by the mask, which morphs somewhat to the wearer's expressions. This setting can be deactivated. The wearer's eyes are traditionally completely obscured by protective lenses, the fully inorganic plastisteel material which once composed Deterrence troopers' transparent visors now put to use in the cowl directly. These 3D-printed lenses are fully shatterproof, but also resilient enough to endure at small-arms gunfire without so much as cracking. The color of these lenses can be adjusted or set to transparent. Vital information is holo-projected onto them, a fully-integrated battlefield readout and HUD available to the wearer. The lenses fully protect the user from debris and airborne irritants.

Audio stabilizers protect the wearer from devastatingly loud noises. The helmet itself is designed to reduce atmospheric pressure and nullify the harmful effects of G-Forces on the human head, enabling high-speed acceleration without whiplash when connected to the collarpiece of the suit. Acoustic shielding and high-light vision (as opposed to night vision) protect the wearer from sensory attack, such as loud noises, or transparent beam disruption to the eyes - a common anti-exo strategy that Arno refuses to have turned against him. He can endure a flashbang at point-blank range without feeling ill after effects, for instance, and be shaken around at speeds that should give him a concussion and survive.

Under default settings, the lower half of the face is exposed. This more humanizing design is reserved for conversations with others or to appear friendly to civilians. Furthermore, it creates an easy target for enemies, which can then be exploited - by predicting where a foe is likely to strike, Arno can gain the upper hand in a duel. If he should have reason protect his mouth or fully seal off the bodysuit, however, a durable faceplate can be easily deployed. A sealed oxygen supply and built-in rebreathers enables seamless operation in anaerobic or toxic environments. Arno could theoretically operate independently at the bottom of the ocean or in the depths of space, if for a short amount of time, without warning. The faceplate can be set to auto-deploy in the presence of potentially harmful aerosol substances, or if atmospheric conditions surrounding Arno suddenly shift to be uninhabitable.

The cowl locks imperceptibly to the neck of the suit in order to prevent sudden shocks. A full brace that runs down the back of the armor exists for the express purpose of preventing spinal cord injury. NNF gel surrounds the internal layer as a final line of defense should it be breached. It is colored to resemble blood, so as to throw off an enemy's concentration, or enable Arno to "play dead" after a violent impact as a last resort.

Programmed with a weak AI called a Widget, Arno's HUD (heads-up display) provides him with a veritable flood of potential information on his surroundings. Using audiovisual scanners that can pick up minute changes in his surroundings either passively or on command, the weak AI of the Widget is a tactical godsend. Designed with quantum crypto-encryption and capable of putting room-sized supercomputers to shame, the Widget can record and analyze information as well as provide strategic analysis for the user. Widgets can hack into targets either by radio connection, acoustic spoofing, or direct uplink.

The Widget is equipped with both a continual uplink to information satellites as well as a collected local matrix full of information. This info is derived from law-enforcement databases, hacked underworld files, and compressed archives from the global net. When in stealth mode, the Widget cancels all signal input and output. Otherwise, it is continually connected to the web, monitoring info-strands and managing the Daemon's technology. The lenses are capable of seeing in all frequencies of light.

The cowl itself contains microphones which can be used to transmit long-distance messages or amplify the user's voice. These mics can also translate a speaker's words in real-time. Other basic functions include a navigation system, an analyzer which can identify potential weaknesses in a foe's stance or powers, an anticipatory combat system useful for predicting and accounting for the movements of speedster-type foes, and a targeting system which guides Arno's signature homing projectiles.

The HUD can be fully disabled, or put into a background passive mode, in which only sufficiently threatening alerts display themselves. In the event that the cowl is removed or damaged, the HUD can also be displayed holographically from the suit's collar. The Widget can transmit data streams to others, such as when Arno connected his line-of-sight to the ODIN during the Newark Crisis. Arno can also mark individuals with specific information and track them using the Widget.

The cowl contains a variety of prototype tech systems proposed by Eris Rushmore. An identity-protecting subroutine (which can be manually disabled) can lock the mask to Arno's face, ejecting a variety of toxins if it is improperly removed. Another setting electrifies the outer lining of the cowl, shocking someone if they try to take it off without permission. A mountable external battery pack can be added to make all the aforementioned subroutines possible for extended periods of time - typically, these functions are deactivated to conserve power. The cowl has a separate battery from the rest of the suit, but when attached, it draws power from the main source.

The advanced communications system within the cowl can be linked to other frequencies, such as the one shared by SOS watches, local police / military forces, and civilian cell signals. The lenses in the eyes can magnify and enhance vision, as well as refract light to see microscopic objects.

Arno's black fiber-based strong-weave gloves offer extreme protection to the hands and fingers while retaining fantastic protection from harm. Dampening the adverse effects of recoil and heat from various devices as well as reinforcing the fist, these gloves are more than mere covering, but tools in their own right. The fortified plastisteel digits have a crushing strength far in excess of the human limit, meaning Arno can compress metal with a squeeze. Close-handed or open-handed blows while wearing these gloves can injure ultra-durable foes without harming the striker, the impact force redistributed and nullified through the awesome technology behind the hand-gear.

A tactile-sensing and stimulating system within the glove enables the wearer to perceive "touch" through the material, compressing around held objects and simulating the "feel" of whatever is manipulated. The pressures and textures of minute items can be accurately perceived through the covered hands, making the manipulation of objects more natural. Pain, of course, is not transmitted through the gloves in this manner. This sensitivity also enables a degree of unexpected gentleness, with fragile objects able to be carried in a tight grip without risk of damage to their structure or surface.

The reinforced frames of the glove can injure super-durable foes. An electric shock system has been integrated into the knuckles, adding a potent electric element to strikes which can be activated to draw power from the main cell to dish out excruciating pain to enemies.

The palms and fingers of the gloves can employ powerful Van der Waals forces to generate an artificially unbreakable "sticky grip." There are a variety of applications for this feature, such as enabling the wearer to stick to walls, lock foes into inescapable grapples, or maintain a hold on gear or important objects during a fight. The adhesive force can be used to rend objects or tear at an enemy's flesh in a bind. By alternating between hands and feet, or employing a grapple-line, Arno can free-climb sheer walls and even adhere to ceilings without an issue.

Alternatively referred to as bracers, these segments of the armor extend from the elbow to the wrist, wrapping around the entire forearm and providing the wearer with an assortment of tactically-beneficial functions. The jet-black vambrances Arno wears as part of his Daemon persona are adorned with three angled blade-hooks, which perfectly complement his close-quarters combat style. Notably, they are not used for cutting, but rather, for control; weapons, particularly exonormal blades with absurd levels of sharpness, can be caught in these hooks and broken. Alternatively, Arno can disarm enemies with them. They are retractable, flattening and compartmentalizing on command.

A variety of compartmentalized tools are embedded within the bracers. With a simple command, they can open to reveal an assortment of weapons and gadgets, which rotate into firing position before emerging from beneath a sleek panel. Arno has affixed his bracers with grappling devices, miniature flamethrowers, a scaled-down laser projector, an acoustic pulse emitter, and a multi-purpose projectile launcher, which can be loaded with toxic darts, tracking devices, and EMP disks. Additional modifications can be made as is deemed necessary.

Each vambrance can be opened to reveal a small display screen, which can provide a variety of information readouts. The screen can holo-project information above the vambrance for use in group briefings; alternatively, the controls on the wrist can send manual signals to suit systems in the event the electro-impulse nerve system is damaged.

The sleeve material of the Daemon suit is less thick than the chestplate, though it is composed of the same material composition. In order to allow for unobstructed action, the sleeves and pantslegs of the suits are less cumbersome, giving the limbs better articulation and range of movement. Motion sensors and sonar emitters are located in the sleeves, taking in data at all times unless manually deactivated. Adjusted to compensate for enemy attempts at acoustic hacking, the motion sensors are a critical element of providing info on the battlefield, ranging from an Arno's location to anticipating the movements of enemies.

The suit's sleeves and legs contain the highest number of concealed compartments, all of which hold a variety of tools and ammunition. Collapsed knife missiles line the armor, folded to astronomically thin sizes, which can then extend on command to be wielded by the wearer. These compartments can be activated either by electric impulse (traveling through a fast-reacting nerve net) or by pressing on the outer panel with a highly specific amount of pressure. The suit's compartments can also be locked, as can all the functional hatches on the armor.

The same joint-locking technology is present beneath in the layered muscle-suit as before, though occasionally for extra protection Arno will wear extra pads over the knees and elbows. The pauldrons of the armor are reinforced and designed to deflect strikes at an angle rather than strictly resist impacts.

The chest is the largest target on the human body, and the part most commonly put in danger. Constructed with extra thickness to anticipate attacks from exonormal enemies, Arno's chestplate can withstand astonishing force. The emblem is designed to unconsciously attract enemy fire, and can be illuminated to provide light or a controlled target. The outer panels are layered with concussion-absorbing inorganic carbon plates, ideal for mitigating ballistic, piercing, and slashing damage.

The emblem also houses the highest concentration of reactive armour-style compartmentalized explosives. In the event that a blow of sufficient force is about to strike Flint, such that immediate evasive action is necessary, a micro-explosion will fire off, launching him from harm's way at the expense of damaging the outer plate (and hurting the wearer). Otherwise, the reinforced double-layer of armor ensures that strikes against the chest are the easiest to mitigate.

Reinforced footwear suited for prolonged operation in the harshest of conditions, Arno's boots have been lightly augmented with carbon-polymer inner frames. When activated, they automatically compensate for force, silencing Arno's movement by means of terrestrial analysis and stabilizing "bounce" tech, distributing the impact of the hero's weight against the ground in order to quiet their step.

There are other applications beyond technological utility. The reinforcement to the structure of the boot itself enables effective kicks to armored and / or invulnerable foes without risk of wearer injury, as well as the capacity to easily breach doors and walls without wasting explosive charges or ammunition. A kick from a man like Arno Flint can fully incapacitate an ordinary man, or outright kill them if aimed in the right spot. These reinforced boots also aid in surviving falls from great heights; while his tendency is to roll on landing for absolute efficiency, he could feasibly land from several stories up on his feet without breaking them, simply due to the strength of the material and the reinforced weave-blanket within.

Finally, just like his gloves, Arno's boots can make use of Van der Waals forces to adhere to a surface. This might be to the ground in order to maintain footing through an earthquake or telekinetic blast, or alternatively the side of a building in conjunction with the gloves to scale sheer walls. These forces can be deployed physically through a concealed button on the footwear, via a command from the helmet, or by using the remote vambrances. Arno readily makes use of grappling techniques in conjunction with these sticky boots in order to make himself functionally immovable, granting him a massive advantage and ready countermeasure should an opponent attempt to throw or tackle him. Dr. Rushmore has experimented with inserting both rocket propulsion units and hydro-propellers into the soles of the boots.


An adjustable assortment of bronze compartments lines the waist of the bodysuit, affixed via small Van der Waals mag-locked clips. These range from miniature pods containing flash and smoke pellets to larger capsules stocked with more potent explosives. For heavier-duty operations, Arno can affix light pouches to the belt which hang off of it, as opposed to the sleek capsule-only design of the standard unit. The belt also has clips available for objects to be hung or looped through; there is a dedicated clip hardpoint for the grappling devices, enabling a wire to be easily run through the belt.

The belt can be set to violently self-destruct by manually keying in a special passcode behind a concealed panel.

- Assorted knife missile homing flechettes
- Tactical knife
- Miniature shuriken
- Flashbangs
- Smoke pellets
- Spare rebreather (in case of cowl failure)
- Deterrence MedGel coagulant / healing stimulant
- Variable-grade explosive devices (can be planted and detonated remotely)
- Tracking darts
- Incendiary grenades
- Geiger reader
- ICARUS Containment Foam pellets
- Wireless signal jammer (spare)
- Short range cutting laser
- Aerosol-based sleeping agent
- Variety of anti-toxins
- Sodium thiopentol-based truth serum
- Spare flashlight


Capes were once nothing more than an vestigial addition to a masked hero's choice of garb. In spite of this, they became so closely linked that superhumans are commonly referred to as capes, the clothing of choice for a would-be crimefighter. What they packed in aesthetic dynamism they sometimes lacked in practicality, on occasion more of a weakness than a benefit. In the modern age, most non-powered beings forego them entirely, the current focus on utility and openness to the public downplaying the usefulness of a cape.

The Versatility Shroud, however, is far more than just a cape.

A highly technical piece of equipment, the Shroud is constructed with a mix of dense "carbon fabric" and the substrate collected from a sample of ICARUS Containment Foam, rendering it extraordinarily durable. The force-absorbing foam compound inserted into the structure of the material renders it a complete concussive dampener when faced with a kinetic impact. In short, it is fully bulletproof, and is resilient against strikes by even high-powered superhumans. Arno could be hit by a train and merely bounce off if wearing the Shroud, the force of the strike almost completely mitigated by the unique fabric. It has taken the place of his heavier armor, granting him greater mobility with few drawbacks.

The Shroud can be set rigid by sending an electric pulse through the nerve-weave lining it. This enables the user to glide while wearing it, the fabric catching the air beneath them with ease. A skilled "pilot" of the Shroud can glide nearly indefinitely so long as they have a high enough vantage point to begin with, and with fantastic speed; the material is highly aerodynamic. When not in use in this manner, its settings can be altered, the smart material either drawing in close around the wearer's body or flowing like silk, completely unobtrusive to one's movements.

The Shroud serves a number of purposes in close-quarters combat. Firstly, it can be drawn in close around the user, obstructing their movements and enabling them to employ a form of sleight of hand. When tightly controlled around the wearer, they become practically immune to blunt-force trauma as a result of the concussion-absorbing foam substrate in the fabric. In its second flowing configuration, it distorts the wearer's profile, making their movements unpredictable by line of sight as well as making it far more difficult to tag them with a firearm. While looser, it can also be used to smother an enemy or interfere with their vision. The ends are weighted, meaning Flint can strike foes with the Shroud, or wrap it around someone by flicking it towards them.

The Shroud is connected to the bodysuit via a series of mag-locked clasps, as well as a physical latch for emergencies. It can be easily detached if someone attempts to tangle the wearer up in it, or alternatively, retracted at high speed into a hatch on the suit's back. The Shroud boasts the same heat and laser-resistant properties as the bodysuit, and can shield something from radiation if it is wrapped around them. If it is covering something and is tightened, the Shroud can be rendered air-tight.

Finally, the Shroud is wired with the same photo-reactive camouflage system that can practically render a user invisible. Failing that, the vantablack external material allows the user to easily blend into shadow. The color of the garment can be altered using this camo system, though it usually remains dark, to match the rest of the uniform.

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