藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Azra » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:46 am

NYC Subway, Last Train Of The Evening

Asuka smiled seeing the flash of cherry blossom hued light from car five. There was no passengers in car one, meaning five out of eight jobs of recruitment had gone accordingly. A solid amount of civilians brought in but more significantly gang members, possible cops that might gun for them and so on. The clandestine function had tried to make sure enemies knew where hey would be. Used music to try and dull the resistance they met on the train until now where many of them would be made just another member of the ninja cult. With everyone as well caught up in fighting those members so far bested could be extracted. It wasn't perfect but it was going as accordingly as one could hope for.

"Rest of those who want to know where to go. Delete all footage, remove any control I had on things." Asuka remarked, brief and setting things up for the departure. The passengers on car two through four now knew of the Lotus locations to venture to. Any recordings on the members would find themselves purged, intending to leave no digital trail. Lastly to let the train go back to what should transpire for one bombarded by small explosions, knocked about by hurricane speeds and so on. With that Asuka moved to the ledge of the train and stepped off. Falling into the streets below to start disappearing into the nightlife and crowds below.

Hisa though wanting conflict knew her role in things. The elemental manipulating assassin before joining the cult leader reached out to the rail tracks. The metal beginning to glow a radiate white hot from the flames that began to dance along them. The metal getting soft it was possible it'd give out and leave the train falling into the streets if it reached that far. Plenty of property damage, and endangering of people. Of course the cult was fairly sure it would stop just before then, and that heroes would stop it anyway but that was the point. A distraction meant to keep others off their potential trail.

The Return of Nothing

Those two had a fairly easy out which perhaps could not be said for the rest of the cast of martial arts practicing killers. Nothing stood on a mangled leg before a the urban ronin. Both weathered from the ongoing fights but not entirely tapped out of things. "We've ways to keep at it." The lotus remarked quick to downplay the severity of the almost twisted off limb. It was true though the clan had ways of recovering that was otherwise impossible. There was even tales of members coming back from death itself. Which was more than a rumor but was also speculated the more altered and or Metahuman might not be so easily capable of doing.

He sighs at some of the rest of the words though. "Kind of the opposite actually. Fighting is the one thing I do still know, might not agree with them but this is me holding onto who I was before." This was the true horror behind the faction of killers. They were inviting of almost any willing to join, but those who joined were not the same as who became members. Memories shifted and changed, thoughts tweaked and reworked ever so slightly. Slight methods used to make a nurse of an asylum with a passion for music into a acoustic assassin, loyal gang members into being bound to what they had no original ties to.

"I'm Nothing now, wouldn't say I don't deserve that to be entirely true. Head to Vocal Sounds, the one here in NYC or the one in Millenium ask for whoever is in charge there." With that the Lotus looked to the approaching sky scraper to the right. Of course they weren't to high up in comparison to the buildings full scale, but this side of the city was more populated by the ever reaching spires. A quick slash perfect in angle and from a blade that met no resistance softened the glass as Nothing then crashed through the glass. The lethal figure using the darkness of the currently closed building to fade into shadow.

Car "Six" Baba Yaga

The end of the tunnel was coming up wasn't like the various members could jump ship otherwise. For now though given how far back the members were the reptile themed huntress was still surounded by walls. They helped her moments before but would be a detriment soon after. The vampire was a expert in using the make shift door as a shield, angled with minute and precise actions to help keep the object in hand and as a effective defense. Her machine gun like kicks that should have bashed in doors just like that one instead only denting. Maybe not for long but enough so that he could retaliate soon after.

Her palm met the shield exploding like the mortars her gauntlets were named after. Who knew how well the shield would hold up against it but it was at least enough to help keep the vampire alive and move in with an attack of his own. It came up and her free hand looked to halt it. One could hear the echo of bone popping out of place as the left arm twisted against the natural maneuverability of ones elbow. This broken nature allowing for the imediate follow up of the pummel strike.

Teeth scatter rattling along the roof of the train, blood spews as the tongue was bitten sharply into. A vibrant red trail arcing in the air before the woman collided with the ceiling of the tunnel. Further sound of bone crunching and crumbling as she collided with the concrete. The body skidding briefly from the speed tearing at flesh along the side of her face and arm before the Baba Yaga drops into the streets below. One final set of bone breaking and flesh testing impacts as the Baba Yaga stopped. Seemingly at crippled if not dead in the streets, near by pedestrians and workers rushing to the fallen woman's side.

Soon officers and medics would be on the scene. Who knew if the vampire would pursue or not though. Or if tending to matters on the train would take precedence.

Car Five Natasha

As visceral as the Baba Yaga "exit" might be, as mangled as Nothing was Natasha instead found herself in a place of surprising kindness. Violent as the fight before had been the flower with transparent limbs looked to help the acoustic assassin. No doubt Cadence would have hated being carried in such a way but Natasha wasn't going to oppose it. Any help to the violet killer was welcomed by the teleporter.

"Thank you, I'm her biggest fan. Poke." The umbrella tapping Lilly and with that a final pop echoes in the train car.

Not even a second later and they find themselves in a skyscraper miles away from where they had been. The walls covered in music equipment instruments and art from posters and records. Any furniture in the room moved to the side however as ordinary people tended to injuries of train goers and the wounded Lotus members. The care seemed practiced, some hands seeming to have super human abilities to attend to healing, many didn't look like doctors or assassins though.

Which was kind of the point, club running staff and musicians party goers and dance enthusiasts. They could blend in anywhere. "It'll be awhile before Cadence wakes up or Asuka comes back. Anything I can do for you in the meantime? Natasha by the way, pleasure to meet you." The voice of the umbrella toting lotus surprising soft and kind for someone in a ever growing army of killers.

Car One & Two Haruka

If Asuka was taking off then it was up to Haruka to hold of the silver opponent. Not that she would want it any other way, she didn't see herself as a leader after all. She was just the noir lotus, Asuka or father those were the figure heads to her. She was a woman of the older ways of the clan, but not entirely against the new ways of the cult. She saw herself as a bridge more than in control. As Asuka left though and gave up her influence on the train the movements of the metal figure were now felt. Each step making it tremble and bounce, the metal of the train giving way a bit more then it once had. Pedestrians in the third car which wasn't empty screaming and protesting the ear splitting sounds of his movement. Maybe this would slow him down maybe it wouldn't wither way however Haruka braced for what was coming towards her.

Haruka didn't attack but rather waited to see what came for her. Step and turn to the right, then to the left a third strike finds the Lotus' ribs as she looks to punch at the sternum alongside the impact. Her extended right hand recoiling to block a forth strike and left moving to push against a fifth, turn it more into a glancing shot. Her right knee rising to catch a sixth before as the foot came down her left leg kicked for his knee.

She ducks under a seventh and moves to the left to avoid an eighth as she then goes for a hook looking to collide with the left temple. Though going for the strike left her open for two jabs that went for her gut. As the eleventh blow comes in her left hand catches it as her elbow looks to come down in a blow that normally would have shattered the bone of a human foe. A brief boxer like stance taken as she weathers another trio of punches before a swift jab looking to pulverize the left eye. Fourteen attacks in and the Lotus was still going as she ducked under a fifteenth before a sixteenth met her chest the Lotus using the moment to then punch upwards once more looking to target the joints of the arm.

Further rotations left then right then left again as the highly trained killer avoided the next three punches. Until finally the duo extended into a last punch. The twentieth from Total Experience as the fist collided with the jaw of Haruka, bone fracturing and blood pulling in her mouth from torn cheek and gums. A muted brown color forming along the mask from the stain of blood. Haruka's own fist extended in a jab looking to collapse the windpipes of the throat of her taller opponent. "I assume you'd rather save then follow."

Haruka commented this as she then kicked off the train car. Using the incredible strength to go well into the night sky and amongst the numerous towering buildings. Her midnight hued attire easily being lost amongst the night sky. Maybe she could be tailed, but the train needed tended to. Up ahead the railway was glowing hot soft and likely not able to handle the weight of the train car. The controls and so much of its vital mechanics gone from the front car having been destroyed. The Lotus had no intentions of killing everyone left on the train, but who would logically trust a gang of murderers? What hero would let a train battered and ravaged and likely to derail be left to continue that way? The Lotus members Harruka included trusted they'd be allowed to escape because heroes were just as glorious and inspirational as they were painfully predictable.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Total Experience » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:39 pm

Hook, jab, jab, jab, hook, feint, uppercut, hook.

Some punches landed. Others were deftly blocked. No attack was randomly thrown out by either party. They were either probing strikes, feints to open up a hole in a foe's defense. Total Experience's hands started to glow, heating up with the velocity of his punches. His third strike carried hard into the ninja's ribs, but she retaliated with a kick to his knee that nearly blew him back, forcing him to step away for a second before he redoubled his efforts. Pain was nothing to MUSCLE MACHINES.

When the ninja ducked under his subsequent attack shots - something he'd expected, as he was still closing in - she rose with a shot to his temple, snapping his head to the side as her knuckle bruised the silver skin. Her elbow slammed into his foreram, but he bent with the blow, power rippling across chrome muscle. A barrage of punches from his left hand were endured and answered with a jab into his eye. He closed it at the last second, temporarily unable to see.

His thoughts were razor-sharp and as reflective as his shining flesh.

This is the most skilled opponent I've ever faced.

Over a dozen punches in, she landed a solid hit on his arm, metal groaning in protest as he overworked the muscle. This wasn't human pain - it was a mechanical warning that he was overexerting himself, a pervasive soreness that begged him to stop. If he fought too hard, his life would be in danger. But that didn't matter now. There was more at stake.

One final punch - !

There was an opening. He'd need to take a punch to land his. He had to trust that his own strength was stronger, that his resolve could surpass her technique.

"I'll - do -

With that declaration, he slammed his fist into the ninja a final time, just as he endured the strike to his windpipe. He felt his throat close, dented. Reflexively, he coughed and sputtered, nano-blood spurting up between his teeth. It functioned like lubricant in an engine, transmitting signals from his muscle machines faster, a fluid that suffused his teeth from the sheer force of the Lotus' strikes. But she'd endured too much to go on too, it seemed.

So they resulted to sabotage.

The ninjas fled. He coud pursue, but up ahead was danger on the tracks. They gleamed red-hot, and he knew that if the train went over them, it'd collapse.

These foes could be hunted down later. The lives of the people still on the train needed to be protected now, no matter what.

Experience coughed, wiping the silvery-black blood away from his lips. He felt weak, tired. It'd take days for him to recuperate after this.

This might be beyond even my strength.

There were only seconds to spare.

It could very well kill him.



Springing from where he crouched, Experience pumped his arms like pistons as he raced across the roof of the subway cars, leaping out in front of the train.

Executing a perfect three-point landing some distance from where the tracks had melted away, he pivoted to face the oncoming train.

The top speed of a subway train was about fifty miles an hour. A single car weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 85 tons, and there were ten about to slam into him.

With a defiant smile, he braced himself, and caught the train with two open hands.

The tracks beneath his feet were obliterated. The sound was deafening. His heels dug into the iron, sparks flying up as he was forced backwards. It'd taken all that remained of his power to not just be run over.

And slowly - agonizingly - the cars came to a stop.

Experience fell away, down onto the street, as pursuing firefighters and police swarmed the area. He landed hard on his back.


It was over. He breathed out.

They got away.

Propping himself up on an elbow, he looked up at the tracks. The civilians left behind were being extracted. The flash of cameras surrounded him in his defeat, though they called it a victory. Perhaps the truth was something more in the middle - a draw. Or an intermission.

He kept his chin up. It wasn't a total failure. They'd only gotten away...

...for now.

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by Lord of Nothing » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:47 pm

A soft clatter of teeth scattered along to top of train.

An admittedly delicious and colorful stream of blood accompanies her impact as she is sent into the fast moving ceiling. Flesh tearing from high speed friction of skin onto concrete, before she landed, dropped onto the train and then onto the street below. Septimus walked to the edge of the train and leaned over. His eyes watching in slow motion as the train moved and he attempted to verify an incapacitation.

The woman was not hiding along the side of train. She was not moving. Never during the battle did she demonstrate the ability to catch a moving train. And thus as far as the Pale Man was concerned, she was no longer a threat.

And then he turned, his stoic facial expression lapsing as his eyes grew wide and his fangs bared. The front of the train started to give way. And then soon he saw multiple figures jump off the train and enter into the crowds below.

One good ear not deafened by previous explosions tune to the sounds.

The screeching of steel against steel. The smell of scorched sparked and smoldering flames. A growl as he laments the futility of himself in this situation. For he could fathom no way to stop the train on his own. And that was not his mission. He was here for one person and one person alone. His acts of good samaritanship had to come to an end.

Septimus was never the type to wait on heroes to save him.

The door was placed back into the doorway so as to not endanger anyone below. And shoved his way through the crowd until he got back. Seeing people scramble around to give medical care to the wounded. Other hugging along the sides of train. Some crying and hushing children. Fear and panic painted on everyone's faces as they could do naught but wait. Wait for the heroes to save them. Their numbers thinned. Having joined among the Lotus' ranks seemingly. Some part of him almost wished that he could save them all.

But with no emergency brake present, he found himself incapable of saving anyone except for one. His current assigned duty. One he himself took personally.

"Sitri! We are leaving. Now."

His sword was placed in it's guitar-like suitcase before being slung around his back. There was no room for her on his back. And then without much in the realm of objections, playful or not, he picked her up bridal style and walked up to the the end of the train car. His eyes straight forward as other gaze along the pair. Some stares hateful. Others understanding. If many of them had the choice, they would do the same. And he himself would not have looked down on any of them.

I wish I could help you. But that is not my role.

With one hand he reaches out and opens the door to step out between the train. Then he jumps to the top. Air rushing by. And he watches. Eyes critically analyzing traffic. Watching for the most clear path-

Before he jumped. And left everyone else behind.

He hit the ground into a seamless transition to running. His knees strained as they supported the pair's combined weight upon impact and then were forced to continue. But it would heal with time. To the eye the pair were a brief blur. Getting slower and slower until Septimus was forced to come to a scraping halt.

Rubber burned. The soles of his shoes reduced to a molten goo as he stopped just shy of a speeding intersection. Cars passing in front of the a pair. A car...honking at them from behind them. Ever so casually Septimus strolled out the street. Everywhere he walked, goop trailed from his shoes and stuck to the ground. Piles of steam accompanied behind him. And his shoes were completely ruined. But the pair were fine.

Once they'd reached the side walk, the V.I.P. was released from his grip. He took one glance at the run-a-way train. A deafening noise heard in the distance and the results of the train become known to him.

A sigh of relief.

And then looked at the crowd. Half gawking half just walking by. With a single sigh, he took Sitri's hand and began to lead her back through the crowd. A part of remembering what thought had departed his mind in the fray.

"It seems I have forgotten your orange juice."

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Re: 藕 Flower On The Tracks 藕[Open Event]

Post by HighVoltage » Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:42 am

As Lily held the unconscious and still-bleeding Vocal over her shoulders, she felt like her legs were about to give out. The glowing blue arm had replaced her old one, but only managed to stifle the bleeding slightly. As the Lotus in front of them tapped her in the chest with the umbrella, the ground suddenly fell out from under Lily's feet, her stomach twisted and just as quickly, the ground solidified and Lily and Kira were gasping for breath in a building covered with music memorabilia and equipment. "Vocal Sounds." she muttered, as she transferred Cadence to a Lotus medic who came rushing up.

Lily zoned out a bit, taking in the sight of so many members of the Lotus clan in one place. They looked, well, normal. She could pass any of them on the street and not bat an eye. Hell, she was pretty sure she recognized some of them. It took her a moment to register Natasha's voice, and her question. LIly had almost forgot why she fought. "Oh yeah." she rasped. "Two things. First, I didn't fight for myself." She slung her good arm around Kira, pulling her close. "We know you can grant powers and augmentations. She'd like one." Kira nodded. "I have light powers, but I want something more than just pretty colors."

Lily nodded. "And second," she raised her glowing appendage. "You have anyone who can regrow arms?"

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