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Wanna Carve Some Ice? (closed)

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 11:19 pm
by Sayde
Beatrice Fries woke up groggy. Her vision was hazy. The room was unfamiliar and most concerning was that she could not move. Her wrists and ankles had been secured to a padded gurney.

She turned her head, feeling her heart migrate to her throat. Her voice comes out as a hoarse rasp. "Help...someone?"

Bea tried sitting up as best as she could with her weak muscles and restraints with little success. Her panic increased as she realized she was wearing scrubs. She didn't own scrubs.

Why would she? She was a scrawny fifteen year old with white eyes and hair. Not a doctor. Normally, Bea would be in school this time of day. Not in some godforsaken place, alone and scared. Her breathing increased and the white smokey whisps came from her mouth. Her cold breath turned the air to fog. She was cold even to the touch.

Bea tried calling out again. "Help!"

Re: Wanna Carve Some Ice? (closed)

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:14 am
by Internal
Think She's Coming To : D
Poking At Someone For The First Time Since They Kicked Me Out
Eight Months Ago (before I met Anarchy, so before I had my cool nickname)
Doctor Bea Hindley, because now I'm whatever class I want to be

"Beatrice is such a bea-utiful name. At least that's what my mama always told me."

A pair of elbows, the right one etched with extremely neat criss-crossed scars - Mommy had always been efficient, at least - rested on the bed on either side of the secured teen's head, culminating in a pair of slender hands folded above Bea's face. Another face made an appearance, short-cropped white hair framing a pale, bony face, inset with a pair of bright, laughing, red eyes.
Heavily saturated brown, my ass.
"Say it just like that, too. Or just like this. Used to tell me how pretty white hair was, too. Said it was unique and whatever. Guess she was wrong, huh?"

Grinning, she blew gently down at the teen's face. Not sterile, but she could clean her off before getting started. Mostly she was dispersing the cold mist developing around the cute cryokinetic's lips, watching it fizzle out of existence like she'd watched a lot of other things just give up and die at the smallest whisper of a breath. In theory, she wouldn't need to fret about being incredibly clean with this one, since the cold should slowly kill all the bacteria that came into contact with the girl. But both mama and them had pounded in sterile techniques and stuff, so she'd make sure to clean up the area again before starting on the investigations process.

Ah, but she had a friend here, she couldn't get distracted by that just yet. She smiled down at the other Bea, twirling her hair with one of her scarred fingers. "Anywho... hey, hey, stop kicking like that." She got distracted for a second, scowling down the teen's scrubbed body to where she was struggling against the bonds. "Don't want to end up with necrosis in your extremities before we even start, do you? Didn't think so."

As if expecting her to stop just like that, she looked back down into the other Bea's pretty white eyes, still smiling. "Don't worry, we'll move you to the operating table when it's time. But right now I'm thinking about... lunch, maybe. Do you like sandwiches?"

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Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:39 am
by Sayde
"How do you know my name?" Hearing the woman say her sent shivers down her spine. Beatrice turned her face away as the red eyed lady blew at her face. It was unsettling and gross. Her hair? What did the hell did Autopsy care about her hair.

But, being strapped down to a gurny kinda made that inconsequential.

Bea also didn't care about the necrosis. She shouldn't even be tied down. She just wanted to go home. Struggling was proving to be futile, so she thought it best to wait it out while Autopsy glanced over her body. Like a piece of meat.

"Wait what?" Beatrice asked, wide eyed. Surgery? "What are...what are you gonna do to me? What are you gonna do to me-tell me"

Re: Wanna Carve Some Ice? (closed)

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:27 am
by Internal
Other Bea stopped, which was good enough for Bea to smile even as her captive began to tremble even more than she was struggling. Cute as it was to watch her struggle fruitlessly, she really didn't want to have to deal with the issues necrosis would cause to her overall plans. But she didn't say that. There were other things to say, after all. Questions to ask, even if Other Bea hadn't had the mind to answer the issue of lunch.

"Bea's your name?" she asked, excessively excited, as if she hadn't known all along. Then she laughed. "That's my name, too! We're like... name buddies!"

There was a certain tremble Her touch was so soft that the other Bea would barely feel it as it swept down her face. Unfortunately, Bea didn't quite have mommy's touch, but this would do in the meantime. "I'm not gonna do anything bad to you. Not gonna hurt you, anyway."

She paused a moment, to let the comfort linger, then grinned, wicked sharp.

"That's what the anesthesia's for."

There was the sound of wheels on tile as Bea pushed away from the gurney, her makeshift perch being a computer chair she'd aggressively cleaned after taking it out of another room in her temporary shelter. She'd get a real lab someday. That day wasn't coming soon enough, but it would come. For now, she had to make do with a heavily sterilized room in a contemned hospital on the edge between a big city's uptown, and the worst district on the planet.

She pulled the computer chair around to the side of the table, gliding effortlessly on her freshly cleaned floor, and came to a stop right beside the other Bea's right arm. The gentle touch reached out toward the girl's shoulder, anticipating her tension, and ran her finger down the surface of the teen's skin. "I'm really not gonna do anything too bad, though, don't worry. I just wanna see how your abilities tick. Maybe get under your skin..." her fingernail dug ever so slightly before she rolled the finger down to the knuckle to finish her stroke. "Maybe take a look at your core... and maybe, if you're not a good girl, I'll even take a look at your brain. Lots of unexpected powers are rooted in the brain. You wouldn't believe."

She smiled again, then leaned back toward Other Bea's face with a much less intense, but no less wicked, smirk of pleasure.

"But if you're good and don't squirm too much, we won't have to go to that. Or any of your organs, really." She reached forward, and gently poked the tip of Other Bea's nose to punctuate. "But! You gotta be extra. good."

She pushed her chair back again, away from the gurney, leaning back in it and looking up at the ceiling. "Now since I'm prolly not looking at your innards today, I can give you lunch. What do you think? Sandwiches? I know a good sandwich shop near here. Soup's pretty good there too. Or maybe something else. Chinese. Yeah, that actually sounds not too bad. What do you think?"

She lifted her head expectantly, smile devoid of warning or malice. She just wanted some lunch with her new friend, after all.

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Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:54 am
by Sayde
"Ok...we uh, share names." Beatrice tried to speak calmly, but then Autopsy mentioned the anesthesia. What the hell was this lady doing? But it all became clear.

Bea had been swimming when it happened. A few and her friends were at the local pool, taking turns on the body slide. She slid and slid until she realized she was slowing down, slowly freezing to the sides of the slide. The waters below also began to creep with ice. How it happened, no one new. All she did know was that her hair turned white, like an old ladies, and her green eyes turned white too. Beatrice was a walking cooler. But she never really flaunted or trained with her powers. Bea was no cape. What could she do, she was fifteen.

Beatrice flinched away as Autopsy "booped" her nose.

"You don't have to...cut me open. Please-I'm not even that interesting." Beatrice pleaded. "Let me go. Theres nothing special about me."

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Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:06 am
by Internal
"Oh, Bea. People with powers are always interesting. Much more interesting than normal people, anyway." Bea got back up, rubbed her hands together, then returned to the girl's side. Still ever so gently, she barely brushed a finger against the outside of her captive's borrowed scrubs, right over her belly button - hoping to incite a natural giggle reaction. People could be so sensitive, after all. They were funny like that. Maybe that was why Bea was still smiling herself.

"Normal people don't got anything new inside 'em. Same organs, same skin, maybe a tumor, but then I feel like I'm doing them a favor. And if I wanted to do favors, I think I'd be a doctor." She turned her face back to the girl's arm, but didn't move her hand from the vulnerable midsection. "We'll start under the skin, I think. A local anesthetic should do the trick for that. And then you can watch!"

That last part sounded almost proud of herself. For a moment, it seemed like she'd forgotten about lunch, as she smiled proudly at work that wasn't done yet. Yeah. Just numb the arm, peel back the skin, poke around a little at the muscle underneath to look for a reaction of some kind. Maybe... hey, maybe it wouldn't hurt to take a skin sample for later, either! It'd have to be bigger than just flakes. She might as well do that while she had the skin peeled back. It'd make stitching it up harder, but mama had taught her good and well. She was confident in her own abilities, at the very least.

She was less confident in the girl's self-control to keep from squirming during the surgery. And that was exactly what Bea would count on as an excuse to take a good look at the midsection she was so harmlessly threatening even as she stood there contemplating what lay beneath.

Re: Wanna Carve Some Ice? (closed)

Posted: Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:17 am
by Sayde
"Please!" Bea felt a hot tear roll down her cheek. She pulled at the restraints. In her panic she could feel frost collecting on the surface beneath her. "Don't...I'm not anything you think I am. I'm ordinary. Please..."

The feeling of Autopsies hand on her stomach lurched her insides. This lady was psycho. A true, Charles Manson like psycho. She wanted to vomit. Beatrice feared she was going to die tied to the table, forgotten and discarded like a common murder victim. Judging by this lady, she'd be flayed and have a few organs missing. A real Ripper type scene.

"I'm ordinary...I'm ordinary." Beatrice closed her eyes. "I don't have powers."

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Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:55 am
by Internal
Aw, she really was scared, wasn't she? Pleading and even crying. Mommy had never hesitated for whiners. Maybe that was exactly why Bea... did. She wasn't as heartless as mommy had been, or at least, that's what she tried to think. She was just... curious, that was all. That's what had made her researcher material for them, after all. She let her attention come closer to Bea's face, the touch on the girl's stomach relaxing so that it was barely there, She leaned in real close, so that every word would be felt with an accented breath on the girl's ear.

"You can't lie to me, Bea," she scolded, but there was nothing harsh in her tone. It was almost comforting, or it would be, if it wasn't slightly disappointed. "You don't have to talk down about yourself just because of little old me. I've seen what you can do. I see it right now."

She stood up and paced away, to a counter outside of the other Bea's line of sight. There was the sound of running water as she washed her hands, followed by the noise of plastic packaging being opened, and a bottle cap touching a hard surface. There was a faint humming, too, but the song stuck in Bea's head wouldn't matter any to the other Bea, so she didn't bother humming it loud enough for her to hear. Instead, she started talking, half to herself.

"Y'know, cryokinesis is such a funny ability. Nobody seems to know where it comes from, what causes it, especially when it happens naturally. Course there's always accidents and stuff that can reverse a body's production of heat to the point where its cellular synapses becomes an intake - endothermic, if you would - instead of producing warmth, but that's all explicable and honestly boring. Having to find your own explanations, though? Now that's much more exciting."

She reappeared with a needle in hand, smiling broadly as she went right to the girl's right side and rolled up the scrub sleeve to expose the upper arm and shoulder to the white room. She ran her gloved finger over the quivering muscle under the skin of the girl's upper arm, then very gently dabbed the alcohol wipe over the area, cleaning of all infectious bodies. She expected the patient to tense up a little bit at the cold touch of the chemical, so she waited a few moments for the inevitable bout of squirming to stop before brandishing her needle and quickly and expertly driving the tip into the deltoid.

Mommy had shown her how to do it enough times that there was no hesitation, no doubt. Aspirate, check, inject. Even with the aftershocks of squriming, mommy had accepted nothing short of perfection, and Bea could probably do this with her eyes closed if she didn't have to make sure there wasn't any blood in her needle. Which there wasn't, obviously, because like Mommy, Bea was a perfectionist. She could absolutely do this in her sleep. But it was always good to check.

Satisfied, she walked away from the table again, stripping off the gloves and discarding everything into the trash can. Tempting as it was to start operating now, Bea was getting hungrier the longer she waited. If the other Bea wanted food, she'd make sure to bring something back, though the girl wasn't in any condition to ask for anything. Instead, Bea passed the patient on her way to a brightly colored sweater, and talked through it as she dragged it on.

"Now I'm gonna go get lunch, and you are gonna take a nap while I'm gone. When I come back, I'll untie ya to eat, and then we can get to work. How's that sound? You wanna spend some time not on that table before we get started, don't you?"

Obviously the girl wouldn't be answering, given the choice of fast-acting drug, so Bea figured that she'd be okay to leave her alone for a few minutes to run down the street. It wasn't like she was going anywhere, after all, and even if she could, the hospital was a maze outside this one clean room, one that Bea herself had only mastered out of necessity. With one last stretch and wave, she disappeared through the room's doors, leaving the other Bea alone with her thoughts until the drug took even those away.

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Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:03 am
by Fill

Well, the case in point was abandoned hospitals. These sorts of places never were his sort of styles. Sure, he had the whole psycho murderer thing going for him, but he liked the outdoors and exploring the city. Causing chaos wherever he went, that was his sort of thing. Fighting. Killing. The occasional maiming.

Hospitals were boring. Waiting rooms. Crappy magazines. Never a decent rug carpet for your feet to relax on. People hooked onto machines. All boring. A graveyard would be more fun than a place like this, but he didn't have a choice. Today had been tiring, and he needed a place to rest. With little to no options, his best bet was the abandoned hospital. At least he could head for the roof and sleep under the night sky.

He enjoyed little things like that.

Kicking the hospital door open with his left foot, Anarchy stepped into the structure with his right as his hands rested in his pockets. The first thing to assault his senses was the smell.

Then the sound of a heartbeat.

Anarchy could care less about someone hiding out here, but, since whoever it could be was on his way up to the roof, he might as well check it out.

Walking up the stairs, he began towards where the heartbeat was. He wondered who would be here. A hobo? A homeless child? A chick from another planet? A psycho like himself? Honestly, the questions ran through his head at a million miles per hour. Maybe it was another person to fight.

Only one way to find out.

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Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:04 pm
by Sayde
Beatrice tried to fight off the sleepiness. The sedative was overwhelming and soon her mind faded into darkness.

She came to with a massive headache, still strapped to a table. She panicked slightly before taking a breath. Bea had to focus. Ice formed on her fingers, creating a knife like instrument. She sawed away at the restraints, desperate to free her hand. When it came loose, she quickly freed herself and tried to stand. Once she was off the gurney, she collapsed to her knees, still weak from immobility and the drug.

Beatrice stumbled to the door.