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Friends That Rob Morgues Together Are Friends Forever [CLOSED]

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:33 am
by Internal
Donnor Mortuary - Border of Duskburg - Millennium City

There's almost nowhere better in the world to find random, unidentified, unwanted, and unmissed metahuman cadavers than the edges of Duskburg. Obviously, you weren't supposed to just take 'em off the street corners, because that was just plain unsanitary - and if there was anything Mama and the people she wasn't supposed to remember had taught Bea Hindley, it was that you really had to be sanitary with your corpses. Otherwise they got moldy, and their squishy bits got too squishy to even examine, and they collected bugs, which, though interesting to study, eventually got boring. Just like regular people. Even the squirmy ones - as much as she appreciated Anarchy bringing her a squrimy one every once in a while, even regular squirmy people just didn't make the cut. That was Bea's job, obviously. And she liked it. A lot.

Even if regular squirmy-or-not people were boring, they were something to do, a reason to shut herself up all day while Anarchy went out and did whatever it was his alternate personalities had in mind for him. Or whatever he had in mind, every once in a while. He was usually him when he came home, though, and that was okay for her, especially when he brought a present back. She didn't normally see too much of the outside world these days, though. They'd succeeded in teaching her to be paranoid, too, that was for sure. But Anarchy's offer to take her out for the evening - to get her a new batch of actually interesting subjects - well, that was enough to get her excited to the point where she was willing to leave all paranoia behind. It was just too good to refuse.

She'd promised to let him get them in, even though she knew he'd probably pick the most roundabout and time-consuming way to do it in the process. Honestly she just had to wait until he'd taken care of whoever was still working - since the building hadn't quite closed yet - and then go in and take her pick of actually interesting bodies to take home and poke at while he made dinner. Needless to say, the plan was foolproof enough for them to both make an entrance and vanish without a trace. Her job right now was just waiting until the screaming started, and she checked her wrist with a self-satisfied smirk as she predicted his timing.

And-a three, a-two, a-one...

Re: Friends That Rob Morgues Together Are Friends Forever [CLOSED]

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:42 am
by Fill

He had gotten Autopsy out of her lab to get some fresh air. Staying all pent up in that lab of hers would have driven him insane, and he had no clue as to how she could stand it. Then again, he was always more of an outdoors person, going out and exploring the world and city. Seeing the sights and all that jazz.

The crisp night air filled his lungs as he took a breath before opening the front doors. While he could have clambered up the sides of the wall thanks to his claws and remarkable parkour skills, there was not a real need to do so, considering that there was no real threat inside the building. The worst that could happen would be a metahuman worker or a vigilante showing up.

But that would only just mean another body for Autopsy to have her fun with.

Strolling up, well, more like stalking, to the front desk, the masked murderer placed his hands into his pockets. The lady at the front desk looked up from her computer.

"Can I help you-!"

Then the screams began. At first, it started as a crescendo before descending into silence. And again. And again. Until the silence reigned supreme.

"Yo! It's, like, all clear!"

The front desk was littered with blood as the head of the front desk lady sat on the wooden parapet while a bloody smile was plastered on her face. Literally.

A few bodies littered the hallway, mangled and dismembered. Drawings and words covered the walls, formed from the blood of the victims. Sitting crosslegged in the middle of the hallway drawing more markings on the floor was the king of carnage himself.

"Well, that was a boring game. No one came even close to winning. How . . . disappointing."

"Not enough blood. Enough to send a message."

Anarchy peered over his shoulder at Autopsy while his mask and hoodie caked in blood.

"Oh hey, Autopsy. All the bodies should be up ahead, I think."

Re: Friends That Rob Morgues Together Are Friends Forever [CLOSED]

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:23 pm
by Internal
Perfect timing.

The screaming started right on the mark, and she closed her eyes to appreciate the music of Anarchy's work. She liked to guess at just how much damage he'd done. He was messy, sure, and liked to take his time with his little games, but he was also absolutely effective, and she had to admit she appreciated his creativity. It just... wasn't her taste, at least in practice. She'd leave the mess-making to him.

Precision, on the other hand, was Bea's forte. Getting gently under someone's skin, administering sedatives, gingerly handling organs so that they didn't burst. Convincing a squirmy specimen to sit still long enough for her to take a good look at what she wanted to see. Hearing a voice call out, smaller than the screams, but so big in the quiet, to give her the all clear to come in.

She'd spent enough time with Anarchy to know to step carefully as soon as she opened the door. Lucky she did, too, because she almost stepped into a mangled pile of intestines with the body they'd come out of nowhere nearby. At least, not in one piece. She found herself admiring the brutality even while she criticized the waste. But he'd had fun with them, at least.

She heard him before she spotted him, looking over the writing on the walls as two other voices echoed in the otherwise empty room.

"Well, that was a boring game. No one came even close to winning. How . . . disappointing."
"Not enough blood. Enough to send a message."

At least he seemed happy - all three of him. She'd caught on pretty early that her one and only friend was more than one friend. It wasn't really something they talked about, mostly because, as long as they left Bea and her work alone, she didn't mind them. And they didn't seem to bother the primary Anarchy too much, as he sat on the floor, sketching in the blood. She was careful not to step on his work - he'd done a lot to get her in here, after all. All those innards would go to waste if he didn't put them to good use.

She smiled down at him as she passed, resisting the temptation to pat the top of his head as she did so. The only thing stopping her was the fact that she wanted her hands as sanitary as possible when she got down to the bodies - and, well, a hooded head covered in the rapidly drying blood of human beings wasn't exactly sanitary.

"You'd better be planning to clean up before dinner," she teased, mostly because she knew full well that he would. If her lab was sacred, his kitchen was a temple, and while her lab was a place for sacrifices and blood and a magical cacophony of screams, his kitchen was a place where culinary miracles were worked. He wouldn't sully it, even if both of them were otherwise fine with the blood. Bea knew Mommy would've approved of him.

Ah, but mommy wasn't here, and Anarchy was Autopsy's friend. He pointed her toward the mortuary proper, and she followed the hall, expecting to find a staircase. Bodies stayed better if kept underground, she'd learned. But this also meant that there might be people who hadn't heard the commotion up here, or maybe stayed hidden from it. That'd be fine, she thought, slipping her hand into her pocket and wrapping it around her knife.

After all, Anarchy wasn't the only one with a decent sense of fun around here.

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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 6:50 pm
by Fill
Anarchy smirked.

"Real funny. Coming from the germophobe."

His hands glossed over the linoleum floor as he made the last touches to his work. Shifting his hands into his pockets, he got up from the ground and began to follow Autopsy, keeping pace with her. Someone had to carry the bodies Autopsy picked out, and it certainly would not be her, considering her small physique.

Besides, he had to keep watch in case anyone decided to show up, whether it be law enforcement or the far and few vigilantes that hung out around here in Duskburg. Of course, there could be the off chance of criminal scumbags showing up, but what interest would they have in a bunch of cadavers? Disturbances like these were a normal occurrence, especially in the Duskburg area. If something was not being broken into, then there was a real problem.

Leaning against the wall right of the door that led to the room full of corpses, Anarchy gave passing remark before Autopsy went in alone. He knew better than to mess around when she worked, especially when she was completely focused on a task. Last time that happened, well, Anarchy would just say he preferred to be on Bea's good side.

"I'll be here in case you need me, keeping watch. Have fun with your shopping. Remember, if it's past its 'Best By' date, it doesn't necessarily mean it's gone bad," Anarchy gave a small chuckle.

He could do a bit of teasing too. After all, she started it.

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Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 1:06 am
by Internal
The germophobe rolled her eyes, even if she couldn't help but giggle at the joke. She was well aware that her obsessive need for cleanliness was a little much, but mommy had been much worse. Not like she'd talk to Anarchy about that, though. She didn't need to bum him out by talking about mommy. She didn't even like to bum herself out by thinking about that.

Which was why she quickly shifted her attention to the doorway. She frowned and paused, eyeing the entrance and its distinct lack of stairs judgmentally. They keep their bodies above-ground? Really? It was Duskburg, sure, but she'd've thought even Duskburg knew how to take care of cadavers. Still, there had to be some bodies that hadn't started decomposing. She sighed, not getting her hopes up too high as she walked in, but still hoping there'd be at least one good specimen in here. She'd hate for today's outing to be a waste.

She was relieved to feel the distinct change in air temperature. At least the cadavers were being kept in a cool, dry environment, even if there was a much higher chance for contaminants to get in here. She skimmed the room with her eyes first, keeping as quiet as reasonably possible while the door swung shut behind her. Seemed like she made a little noise, though - as a movement

The man in the corner was tall, and thin, and trembling. Bea resisted the urge to snicker as she padded toward him, rolling her feet so that her sneakers didn't alert the poor thing to her presence. He was lucky that she'd come in here before Anarchy. And lucky she was in the mood for a little fun herself.

At least with Bea, he didn't suffer.

He didn't even have time to scream as she got him in the side of his throat. The knife disappeared up to the handle, through vein, artery, cartilage, trachea, esophagus - and out the other side of all of those. His entire system of oxygen flow was interrupted, and she released the blade and stepped away as he collapsed to the ground, suffocating.

...okay, with Bea, maybe they suffered a little, but at least they didn't have the time or breath to whine about it. She like whiners about as much as Mommy had, though maybe in her case, it was because she started to feel a little bad if they started to cry. She shook that out of her head, though. She had Anarchy now. She didn't need to think about Mommy. She rummaged a sterile glove out of her pocket and tugged it onto her dirty hand, to keep the blood off her potential specimens.

It'd help if she'd gotten a look at the official files before Anarchy got them soaked with blood and internals, but toe tags tended to have the same info, and he'd had so much fun with everyone out there she couldn't fault him. Instead, she got to work, opening each drawer, reading over the tags for "metahuman", and then closing them, marking the interesting doors with the blood from the dead man on the floor. It was a shame he wasn't a good specimen. She might've considered bringing him home still squirming if he'd been the fun kind.

"Alright, Anarchy, I think I'm ready," she called, when she'd finally finished cataloging. Total, there were three definitely metahuman cadavers just asking for her to take a good look at them. There'd been two others, but she'd decided that their abilities were probably more interesting when they were still squirming than they were now that they were just cadavers. The ones she'd picked had pretty obvious physical traits, though. They should keep her busy for a good while.