Deterrence [Hypercorporation]

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Deterrence [Hypercorporation]

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"We are more than a company, and more than a nation. We are a united front committed to the defense of mankind. We are the best and brightest, the most committed to peace.

We are a promise of retaliation, a guarantee that force will be met with force.

We are the evolution of Perseverance. We now live in the light, to strike fear into the dark.

We are Deterrence."

In the 21st Century, the number of exonormal crises has skyrocketed. The secret organization Perseverance had dealt with the unusual from the shadows, maintaining always that they served the interests of humankind. Free will itself was under threat - rogue metahumans, artificial intelligences, malevolent extraterrestrials, and incursions from other realities all posed grave threats to mankind's continued sovereignty. It was no longer enough to remain hidden, secret, and alone. To survive, Perseverance had to destroy itself, and then be reborn into something new.

The enemy had to be made afraid. It was time for them to know that humanity was under protection.

The Hypercorp - Overview


Deterrence is a militarized synthesis of a private military company and a nation with its own ideology and society. It evolved in secret under the guise of Perseverance, a clandestine private agency which dealt with exonormal threats. Perseverance prospered as an American secret society, but failed to account for the surge in exonormal crises which began at the turn of the 21st Century. Perseverance was amorphous, totally insular in nature; its agents did not interact. It was shut down and recentralized, the company going global as Deterrence.

Deterrence could be described as the world's first HYPERCORPORATION, a business with enough resources and identity that it becomes a nation unto itself. A nation is a stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common culture. Deterrence fits this description, boasting its own internal economy, territory in the Caribbean, and a common language of good and evil as related to exonormal affairs.

The Deterrence government is aristocratic in the Platonic sense, grounded in reason and wisdom with the objective of combating exonormal threats to human existence. The most qualified are selected to lead, and those beneath them in the hierarchy follow their orders without question. The governmental structure is not democratic but rather totalitarian in the same manner a corporation is. A board of directors is rumored to exist, whose function is to set the agenda for the nation. A man known as the Major carries out their orders.

The original heads of Deterrence's government are unknown. Funding for the hypercorp was acquired via technological advancement, the leaders of the information revolution working closely with the military-industrial complex to form a counter-conspiracy conspiracy of sorts to keep mankind safe. The funds which legally secured Perseverance's existence were carried over into Deterrence, leaving them with an estimated wealth of 700 billion dollars in liquid capital.

There are varying degrees of participation in the organization; certain employees are considered partners, retaining their national identities and loyalties while functioning on the payroll of the private company. Others, such as special agents, live only as members of the nation, abandoning their homelands to fully integrate with the military force dedicated to serving mankind's interests. The ethnic makeup of Deterrence is varied, though many recruits come from developed nations.

As a nuclear-armed state located in proximity to the USA, the sovereign nation of Deterrence has already topped risk-assessment charts. The services they provide to the world, though, throw into question whether or not they will be allowed to operate with sanction internationally.

Deterrence has immediately been cited as one of the first examples of what appears to be an accelerationist state.



Contrary to popular belief, the invention of money and the proliferation of market capitalism was far from a bad thing. Currency is an extension of a human being's capacity to think ahead, towards the future, and invest in tomorrow. The rise of agriculture and the introduction of surplus resources resulted in an advancement in mankind's mindset towards saving and creating, injecting power into the idea of money. Just as much as a cross, star, or moon is a sigil of belief, so too is the dollar, which represents faith in another's ability to pay back their debts. Deterrence therefore embraces money as a sigil just as it emphasizes its members to find their own passions or beliefs.

Deterrence could not, of course, rise overnight. The maintenance of personnel, equipment, and territory all required a powerful economy. However, at the same time, Deterrence could not be indebted to any particular stakeholders who might use its power for their own gain. Therefore, it relies on convincing the world that they are all stakeholders in the company's success, as the company's success guarantees them a future of independence from exonormal rule. Marketing campaigns throughout the developed world aim to show that Deterrence's presence is necessary and ought to be bolstered. Political entanglement with Third World nations earns the Hypercorp a foothold in exchange for security.

Though expressly not a mercenary group, Deterrence does make money by providing security in particular areas of risk. These tithes sustain the Security Nation, and are often negotiated through government contracts. Furthermore, Deterrence has been known to market some of its inventions to investors and other private corporations, ranging from information technology to material engineering. The money made from these patents contributes to sustaining the Hypercorp and its society.

Within the borders of Deterrence itself exists a domestic economy. Most conventional goods are imported, with the primary export being security. Commercial centers exist across the artificial island chains, accessible by all those who live there. Farms and agribusinesses dot the metal coastlines of the HQ, growing crops for export. Deterrence's lack of drug regulation makes it a haven for sellers who would otherwise be put out of business, and while this may put them at odds with some international neighbors, it earns them a hefty profit from operators in Central and South America.

Territory & Sphere of Influence


A nation is a people; a people, a community. A community is little without land to define them by. Deterrence is no exception. Rising in the strategically optimal position within the Caribbean, the Secret Country began as a collection of offshore oil and research rigs, eventually ballooning into a project that resulted in a massive ring of the structures being built south of Jamaica. Though constructed in international waters, they all soon came to bear the same flag: a peace symbol stylized like a warplane. Security through force.

These offshore rigs became hubs of trade and engineering, stocked with more and more occupants. Eventually the economic boons they provided to the surrounding keys led to their full buyouts, gaining the Hypercorp tangible ground on which to build. A chain of islands and beaches came to characterize Deterrence, all surrounding the massive artificial cliffs and towers jutting out from the clear blue waves of the Caribbean.

Deterrence's forces proliferated throughout the area, exerting their muscle all the way up to the Gulf of Mexico. They are not in themselves a naval power, but via strategic alliances to staff international vessels with Deterrence soldiers, their influence can still be felt. Suddenly trading ships were crewed by Operators capable of taking on exonormal threats, resulting in a mass decrease in metahuman piracy off the West Coast of Africa. These new secure passages for oil and other goods are under Deterrence control, marking the area as theirs while they collect a magnificent tithe for their services.

As a nuclear state, it's impossible for Deterrence's influence not to be felt throughout the Western hemisphere. Much like North Korea, they are paradoxically a tiny nation but also an immense threat to neighboring nations. However, a first strike from Deterrence against any nation is unlikely, as its mission is expressly to defend those territories. Likewise, the threat of instant retaliation from the Hypercorp makes first-strike attack by the U.S. equally impractical. There is simply no way to breach the standoff. Further, many of Deterrence's technology contracts are with American businesses. New ties with Silicon Valley guarantee that war with the Security Nation would never be profitable for any power.

Deterrence operates internationally, maintaining bases in every continent save for Antarctica. These bases are typically staffed by local Baselines, but overseen by Deterrence-appointed commanding officers.

Though they claim to be above politics in their mission statement, in practice, Deterrence's placement in the Caribbean and the ethnic makeup of their leadership (predominantly American, ex-intelligence) gives their actions an undeniable political bent. An arms race has followed their introduction to the world stage.


Without intellectual virtue, a man is incomplete. The same can be said for the state. Given that they are only as strong as what they understand, Deterrence seeks tirelessly to push the bounds of science and engineering to places they have never gone before. Unlike the strictly conservative "contain, banish, or destroy" Perseverance, Deterrence continually researches exonormal entities and artifacts. Military engineering has expanded under the Security Nation at an unprecedented pace, and ventures into the once-forbidden strong AI fields hold great promise for strategic analysis.

Reports indicate Deterrence has attempted to partner with SpaceX and other private research foundations to gain an edge in exploratory markets. Deterrence's research into aeronautics along with SpaceX led to their developing a high-speed plane which uses atmospherics to circumnavigate the Earth, leaving the atmosphere momentarily before returning in order to take advantage of the planet's spin. There are also questions of lunar colonization - though it is utterly impractical for military matters, there is no doubt that the highly-trained operatives of Deterrence would be well-suited to life in such extreme conditions as outer space.

Despite the economic hurdles that come with such research, part of the Hypercorp's mission statement involves the pursuit of knowledge as a good in itself, lauding those who make new discoveries which by proxy benefit all of mankind.

There are also rumors that Deterrence is experimenting with the once prohibited transmission of information across dimensional boundaries - a precursor to sending matter, and eventually, soul.

Further Detail

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- The Manpower of Deterrence
- Tools and Weapons of Deterrence
- The Vehicles of Deterrence
- Deterrence Exosuits
- The Special Arsenal of Deterrence
- Orbital Defense Platforms
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