The Hunt.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Alpha » Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:00 am


Lucia dropped her fist to her side, ignoring the flecks of glass still stuck in her flesh. The pain helped to focus. Without it, she would have little left but blind rage.

With her other hand, she accessed the Pack's communicators. Virgil was still in the field, albeit not active. Wyatt, returning. Eliza delivering some long-awaited punishment. And Calvin...

"The operation is over. Exfil by Raptor in fifteen. Don't keep me waiting."

She disconnected, and set about dismantling this temporary base. All that really consisted of was pulling the plug on the bank of monitors and collecting her weapons. She'd activate the thermite charges in the foundation after she left, of course. All that remained was a final message.

The Alpha's voice came through every device remaining, regardless of whether those holding them deigned to pick up.

"I have seen you all fight and die more times than I care to count, and not once has one of you proved worthy of anything greater than a shallow grave. One I'll be happy to grant you, should any of you develop any foolish notions of tracking me down."

As the Apex spoke, she strode up the stairs to the roof, where her exit awaited. The Raptor had been on overwatch in the clouds for the duration of the hunt, and a simple remote command had brought it down to her location.

"I wish you all the very best of luck finding the hostages before they starve."

Her Pack- what remained of it- was waiting for her when she arrived. Before they were in earshot, she left her erstwhile contestants with a final message.

"Oh, and Jason? Garrick? I'd start sleeping with one eye open from here on out."

Rather than disconnect, the Alpha simply tossed the burner phone off the rooftop, and strode inside her VTOL.

"Let's get going. We're done here."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deterrence » Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:58 pm

The combat knife came down hard through Ice's helmet, the glass flying everywhere as it was forced aside by the blade. Shards scratched along the side of Jason's arm, but were unable to penetrate the battered Miracle Suit, the design of which was intended to protect the wearer from such hazards in battle. The knife itself was gruesomely lodged into Black Ice's bare head, his demise instant. The blade broke, frozen by the same energies which the Pack member had projected through his gun.

The colossus fell with a crash onto his back, and Jason rode his body on the way down, exhausted. It had been Noctua, he realized, who had sacrificed himself to bring the titan to the ground. He looked like he was in bad shape.

A small beeping sound brought the Unknown Ace's attention to Ice's corpse. Frost was spreading rapidly from where he lay, and it had already enveloped his rifle on the floor. Could the vigilante move?

"Come on," he managed, extending his hand to the downed fighter. If he took it Jason would do his best to bring him up into an over-the-shoulder carry, bringing him out of the devastated apartment block before the ice spread too far.

Gonna miss that knife, he thought idly teeth chattering.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by illirica » Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:28 pm

Lucky day, hm? She doubted it. Any day that included a nuclear explosion wasn't lucky. She wasn't thinking about that, though - the andro-android had let something else slip in his departing commentary that was of more concern. Williams was here.

"Subject reference identified: Hector Williams," her digital assistant voice offered.

"Truncate," she said, shortly. She didn't need a recitation of Williams' alliances and capabilities right now. He was capable of absorbing vast amounts of energy... but a nuclear explosion? Would he be able to absorb that, or was that above his capacity? He wasn't here, and that didn't bode well at all.

As much as she would have liked to do something about that, it didn't seem like she was able to right now - and besides, she needed to keep watch over the city. Things seemed to be resolving - Django had pulled back, and her scans indicated he wasn't alone in that. Alpha's changed priorities. Is that because she got what she wanted, or because she's on to the next thing? We need more information about her. She's going to be more of a threat than people are anticipating. At some point, someone's going to have to stop her.

She looked out over the ruined square, the city beyond it where heroes had fought one another while a woman sat in the back and watched it all. It shouldn't have gone that way. There should have been someone there to stop all of that, not just play the hand they were dealt. Someone to tackle the problem at its source. A line of defense. Someone had to stop her.

I'm going to have to stop her.

She shifted a little, glancing up to the skies. Somewhere up there, Sol's Hammer kept watch - and beyond it, the universe. Somewhere out there - but not here.

It's going to have to be me. There doesn't seem to be anyone else. Not any more.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deus Mortis » Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:39 pm

As Noctua’s vision became entirely taken up by the armor of the Ice Cold Killer, there would be a hollow thud as Garrick and Calvin collided, followed almost immediately by a snap.

The Paragon’s body would hit the floor almost silently in comparison to Black Ice’s lifeless body, the metallic crash masking the small thump. Sharp pains shot from Garrick’s shoulder as his mind began registering that bone had been broken and snapped. A large grunt escaped his lips as he reactively tried to move his arms to block his head, unknowingly protecting himself against an impossible attack by a dead adversary. The shlink that came from Calvin’s skull when Rook’s blade stabbed into it had gone unnoticed, the sound of his bone breaking and the pain that emanated right after having grabbed Noctua’s full attention.

It would not take long for him to realize that Black Ice lay motionless on the ground, his nitrogen blood spilling and causing the ground around to freeze over. A beeping...well, beeped from the corpse’s armor, almost causing Garrick’s heart to stop for a moment. Was this how he went out? Killed in an explosion after a hard-fought victory?

”Come on.”

It seemed not.

Noctua would accept Resolute’s hand, clasping his wrist with his good hand and using the support to stand onto his feet. An enhanced touch on Noctua’s broken shoulder would do little to help his mind focus on something other than the pain, his tender skin feeling constricted by his normally unrestrictive suit. Near hypothermia numbed various spots on his skin, stabs of pains screamed from his broken bones, and exhaustion from combat and an earlier sprint throughout the city all began to take their toll on The Paragon, who’s chest heaved in the fallout of the battle.

”I-” Noctua started, hesitating as his eyes fell upon Calvin’s corpse. ”I’d probably be dead if it weren’t for you. Thank you.”

Though his goggles would hide it, a sense of guilt swirled within Noctua’s eyes. Even though Black Ice was a criminal, Garrick pitied the Ice Cold man. Any possibility of such a brilliant mind atoning for his crimes and using his skills for the better of mankind was gone. Gone like the hostages that had been murdered. Noctua and Resolute might have killed Black Ice but they failed to save Calvin and the hostages. If he managed to escape the Hunt, his mind would undoubtedly be filled with guilt over his failure.

With his phone having miraculously survived the ordeal, Alpha's statement about finding the hostages and her warning to Garrick and “Jason” could be easily heard. Valeria was not only alarmed by the threat but he was also offended. Whether out of rage, pettiness, or something in between, the woman had revealed the Duo's real names. Something that was a bit frowned upon in the world of vigilantism.

”More hostages huh?” Noctua would say, ignoring the newfound knowledge of Rook's name. ”Whoever was up to this sounds they’re about ready to leave. Makes finding the remaining hostages that much easier.”

Garrick didn’t expect Jason to stick around now that Black Ice lay dead alongside the frozen and shattered hostages from before. With the wounds the two took and the amount of losses they’ve just seen, he doubt the man would want to stick around. Perhaps he’d believe that searching for even more captured innocents would end up with them just as dead as the ones the two found here. No matter what Rook chose to do, Noctua would stand resolute in his choice in continuing his search for the surviving hostages. His injuries and exhaustion weren’t even factors in his decision. They couldn’t be. Garrick wouldn’t be The Paragon if they were.

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