The I.R.P.D Precincts

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The I.R.P.D Precincts

Post by Azra » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:25 pm

International Registered Police Department
"No difference in who we serve and protect"

At the core to the agency is people, order, and law put simply an I.R.P.D officer is still supposed to serve and protect based on the rights of people by the regulations of the land they may operate in. They are not free to do as they please but expected to be an extension of the regular men and women in blue. In concept however they are more intended for the metahuman, supernatural, and extraterrestrial. Each hexagon in their badge and logo a representation of where they usually are sent to investigate. Nearly every individual working for the I.R.P.D is beyond the ordinary people, possessing unique abilities or gear and so on that makes them equipped to handle what most could not.

When the more extraordinary began to become common place regulation was brought up intended to document and offer aid to these people to use their talents responsibly and for the betterment of others. One such way was joining a large more loosely opperating precinct. They'd abide by predominately the laws of wherever they operated at any given time, they'd mostly follow the orders of commissioners and police chiefs and so on as expected. They just had the capacity to handle more. The I.R.P.D operates within all United Nations and usually is embraced by even others, though of course only so long as again they work with the law. Do to their unique nature they have some liberties, there also though are some rather strict limitations.

Liberties:Do to the nature of the various extreme situations they can end up in there is some leeway in equipment used, uniform and force applied. With everything they can end up combating, or the fact that sometimes what makes someone fit to be an officer is their inventions most gear of any kind is acceptable so long as it wouldn't impose on human rights. Every officer is expected to wear their badge at almost all times and in clear visibility but the attire is at the officer's leeway to decide so long as it isn't indecent. The level of force is expected to be non lethal in nature if it can be helped, an officer is intended to protect the people that includes suspects of criminal conduct. While violence is more common in their line of working it isn't unheard of for things to go to extremes, there is a standard to try and uphold.

Limitations: at absolutely no time beyond some kind of state of emergency or almost clearly invasive action should an officer be involved in a political matter. They are not soldiers, nor should they be invested in such figures that can muddy the lines of laws and occupation. Report criminal activity sometimes your neighbor just needed to steal just a little money and sometimes a vigilante is a good person etc, it matters not. As a registered meta an officer is expected to value law and order, even if being kind this time around there is an expectancy to at least take some action. Collateral tax fact is every officer is taxed monthly a small percentage to assist in the repair efforts of this line of work. May not like it but for the damage an officer might cause, be in proximity of, and just what's expected of the registered some money has to go toward restoration. At times some may be taxed more if it's clear they are responsible. Stay out of emotional targeting sometimes an officer is a target. Sometimes a vendetta might drive one to become an officer, the responsibility expected of an I.R.P.D officer though means that one is not to feed into such instances, let your brothers and sisters in arms handle it. Penalty of responsibility do to what is expected of an officer the standards they are held to, the reprimands they face upon breaking the law is usually extended by fifteen to thirty percent.

Government and Commanding Officials Reception: mostly positive

Other Police and General Public Reception: middling, some still are mixed on the idea of an officer with heat vision over a taser
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Currently having fifty three buildings around the globe, each precinct usually overlooks a city though not the tallest building the founding members thought a certain watchful height captured the business model they were going for. In the future themed like to have a facility in every country, casting a more global overwatch for the betterment of society. This is more the idealistic mentality of those in charge though, most officers are likely a different matter in their hopes for the future. While the towers may be reaching for the skies each building usually has at least three basement floors. A series of helicopter pads and garages is common place anything larger varies precinct to precinct. Each houses a vault for evidence, while the precincts don't hold prisoners for long the dangerous findings of radicals and criminals they encounter deserves the utmost security. There is also in all structures usually med bays, labs and research rooms extensive in supplies of their fields of purpose.
Central Command
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Within each structure at the heart of such a building is the command room. Where usually the commissioner of each building has their office, and where most communication goes to first. The information shared between precincts is made up largely of the regular police force, with the addition of some military police. Intel shuffled through to try and emphasize what the I.R.P.D is intended for instead of every little crime. The rooms themselves are usually circular and covered in monitors, with a table at the center. This is also where the various staff usually clocks in or out during the day, where a briefing is most days held before officers decide where they'd like to keep watch during their shift. Usually an officer decides where they would like to be, will by some means be transported there, though response times is vital. Sometimes it doesn't matter what an officer wants a shift to be if somewhere else could use them.
List of Staff
Founding Members five figures who as one can probably tell were instrumental in the funding and creation of the I.R.P.D

Commisioners those in charge of a precinct

Officer Pygmalion an archer hard as stone
Officer Tradwell the elastic rookie

general security, possible npcs, individual precincts etc

Ideas are welcome I'd love to see this expanded on by multiple people honestly not just me. It's open to join please just say if wanted or use a pm or contact on discord. It's also open to attack being a public place though I'd kind of like it to develop a bit first. Standard rules and things, uh and think that does it for now.

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Re: The I.R.P.D Precincts

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Awesome stuff. ^_^

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