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Auspex {WIP}

Post by Lord of Nothing » Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:44 pm

Real Name: Shawn Seymour
Alias: Auspex, Your friendly Neighborhood domestic Terrorist
Age: 25
Identity: Public (Terrorist/”Hacktivist”)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African American
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Psychological Profile

“Shawn Seymour was always a troubled child. He ain’t really ever get along with a lot of the other kids but if he didn’t have any friends, that was just fine with him. Never really did well in school but he was good at his job. He helped pay bills. Smart kid, but he was rebellious. Always getting’ into trouble. Always arguing with teachers. Never really wanted to learn anything except what he wanted to learn. He skated through highschool and ended up dropping out of college after two years. But he still made money, and he still made it on his own.
He never told me how, but he always seemed to find a way to get through. I just never imagined it would be like this.”

“Started small. Age 12 Shiplifting. Assault. Battery. Sexual Harassment. Later. Then came the burglary. After he dropped out of college, then the murder. Then the Arson. I was surprised they let him in, but then you look at what he did. He was a smart kid. Specialist. Liked to make shit from nothing and then use it. Computer kid and a gear head. But he wasn’t too good at listening to authority from the start.
Domestic Terrorist? Doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Despite his nickname, this seems to be no indicator of any type of extra-normal insight. Shawn Seymour, while exceptionally intelligent and versatile, does not perform any feats which can be clearly identified or deemed “superhuman.”

However, “Auspex” as he is called has demonstrated an exceptional degree of skills which enables him to evade capture from both authorities and vigilantes alike due to both exceptional mental and physical characteristics that are unusual for baseline human beings to possess in tandem.

Anonymity: Shawn is good at blending in by looking like someone who is apart of the crowd. It's not anything supernatural as it is more so, one must specifically be looking for him in order to find him. His ability to combat electronic infrastructure can make him extremely elusive in the realm of the law and many facial recognition types of technology fail to register the clothes he wears.

Hacker: Shawn is gifted with many things, but much of what he values the most and what keeps able to walk the streets is the careful art of systematically controlling the very infrastructure that should contain him. Anything on the air is at the very least, within reach if not under his control whenever he's around.

LAN's and other local networks are beyond the flick of a cellphone but they still operate within his spectrum if he can directly access it or install/activate it to get online. His hacking is merely the use of tools.

Close Quarters Combat

Gun-Kata: He has demonstrated a proficiency in employing weapons lethally at close range and at using weapons at an otherwise lethal range,
Hand to Hand:
Improvised Weaponry:

Smart Phone
Dummy Phone
Fingerless SAP Gloves
Brass Knuckles
FN Five Seven

• Composition 4
• Semtex
• Flash Powder “Fire-Cracker” material often used by magicians. Can be added to create bright lights to any explosive or independently for a mostly non-lethal effect.
• Fire Cracker:
• Fougasse: A mixture of ammonium nitrate, gasoline and TNT. Creates a makeshift “napalm” bomb with fire capable of sticking to any number of materials. Often mixed in large drums.

• Time-Delay Fuse: “Frag grenade style” A flexibly
• Remotely activated
• Blasting Cap
• Pressure Mine
• Tripwire
• Rocket/RPG: An unguided warhead, fired from often any number of Boozoka like devises.


Being that these explosives can be made in varying weights, compositions and configurations, these explosives can range from anti-tank mines to bombs capable of breaching reinforced doors, to small building breakers and so on and so forth. Larger bombs bombs however require much time to create and are riskier to acquire, sometimes leaving Auspex to be far more vulnerable to interfering entities. Hence, he tends to keep more small bombs on hand to blow up cars and buildings at the most.

Remote Control:



I won't be around much to play this character. But I at least wanted him to float around. Massive WIP who'll be coming over the course of monthes that will be expanded upon and formatted. But there are some nice pictures around to help paint the picture. So, stay tuned.

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Re: Auspex {WIP}

Post by illirica » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:52 pm

Always nice to see what you come up with!

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