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Name: **Classified**

Aliases: Contingency AH-64,Cee,64,Kara

Age: 21

Alignment: Between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good

Affiliation: Circle of Steel (They are a well equipped group of radicals)

Rank: Captain in the Circle of Steel (Paladin Status}

Notable Career Skill: Nurse

Motivations/Biography: Eighteen years ago before the formation of the C.O.S a man of high ranking in a secret sect of the American Military fell in love with a French woman, the two engaged in a intimate relationship for three months before finally marrying and nine months later the wife would give birth to <Redacted>. Some weeks after <Redacted's> birth her mother was killed by a force of hostile metahumans who sought to kill every man and women in the city the couple lived in but later after a grueling fight the sect of <Redacted's> father defeated the metahumans at a great cost.

The loss of his beloved caused <Redacted's> father to go awol and along with the rest of his Military unit form their own faction that would be able to engage threats to humanity with out political red tape hindering their actions, <Redacted> would be raised with out a mother and her relationship to her father was kept secret to everyone but the two. It was only when at the age of six while being raised by her military family as an orphan did she discover heridatory powers originating from her mother, it was then where she was given the designation of Contingency AH-64. She would become a tactical weapon of the Circle of Steel but her hidden status as the founders daughter granted her a great deal more privelages and freedom then most who served, nevertheless her motivation to serve in this faction was to make sure that threats too big for normal militaries could be terminated more swiftly.

Origin: Contingency's mother was a individual of celestial origin however she only inherited three known gifts of many potential others, the first power was a personal healing factor with a mé·lange of applications then the second was Chronokinesis and last but not least is her unique super human physiology.

Traits of the Nephilim

[Uniquely Enhanced Physiology]
When Contingency was born her celestial traits were intitally the dominant features of her physical appearance, even now she is was what would some people consider to be part human and part monster. Her unique physiology would change to appear more human over time but her physical capabilities would remain bordered in super human levels from being able to launch grown adults larger than herself up to 25 meters away with a casual backhand to being able to lift people one handed by the neck as if they weighed as much as a doll.

Contingency's unique physiology also gives her enhanced physical speed as well as reflexes giving her comparable physical speed as to that of a cheetah which allows her to replicate such feats such as being able to engage in short bursts of speed ranging from 68-75 mph and while she is able to 'turn on a dime' during this 'burst of speed' she can only maintain this speed for up to 30 seconds before needing several seconds of rest to recover.

Contingency's traits do not end at just having greater strength or speed than a human she also possesses a significant magnification to all five senses which in turn has given her enhanced perceptive abilities, her fives sense are acutely improved to levels similar to the beasts of nature which gives her capabilities such as being able to pinpoint a specific persons shallow breathing several rooms away or track their smell like a bloodhound, even her sense of taste is enhanced allowing her to pick out certain elements in a flavor.

Finally we have her miscellaneous physical features most notably her red horns,wolfish canines followed by eyes that glow crimson red and a tongue that can change from being human like to lizard like in the blink of an eye, all of these features are a result of her genetic link with her nonhuman side that is about 50% of her DNA (The other 50% of her DNA being human). Contingency can willingly repress to a certain extent most of her celestial features which allows her to operate and appear as a 'normal' human (Exception being the healing factor remains active as always). However becoming 'Human' locks out her genetic gifts (In other words by repressing herself she depowers or limits herself to the level of a human being) and is the equivalent of caging the beast for her, (Her celestial side actively resists being repressed) despite her attempts to cage it Contingency still constantly possesses primordial impulses from her Nephilim origin and can't get rid of these impulses only redirect them.

[Celestial Self-Healing]

Contingency possesses an impeccable passive healing factor that can provide reliable rapid self healing from various sources of esoteric damage that even normal regeneration is incapable of healing. Such is the strength of this ability that in many instances she appears to have enhanced durability or was never harmed but in reality the damage inflicted is either already immediately healed over or being healed as the damage is transferring across her body, in many instances the healing factor has made Contingency immortal and resistant to many forms of attack.

Chronokinetic abilities:

[Temporal Slow]

Contingency can project multiple temporal slow fields an area of effect ability that slows down anything with in the fields she does not give an exemption to, the slow factor at its base level can reduce a a person or objects speed down to one hundreth of its current speed however it can also be strengthened several times over should the initial slow effect be insufficient.

[Temporal Reverse]

Contingency can reverse the state of an object to a point in time when it was either in better or worst condition as such she has been known to use this ability to heal others or restore damage inflicted in an area but she can only manipulate an objects state with in a one week time span and no further , in addition to this she is unable to use Temporal Reverse on herself.

[Temporal Stop]

Contingency can completely halt time through an area of effect ability and anything with in it will freeze in place but unlike Temporal Reverse this ability requires active focus and can only be kept up for a limited extent as it drains her significantly.

[Temporal Speed]

Through time manipulation Contingency can enhance her reflexes and physical speed to incredible levels however the faster she goes and the longer she remains in this faster time line the quicker and more potent the strain on her body becomes, when temporal speed is used Contingency leaves after images behind a display of time lagging behind her as she remains one step ahead of it.

[Temporal Remant]

Similar to Temporal Speed there are after images of Contingency left behind however a Temporal Remnant is a solid after image of Contingency and can serve as an expendable doppleganger allowing multiple copies of herself to exist at once however each copy has a smaller fraction of the real ones power and at most an hour of life span before they fade away.

[Temporal Enthropy]

Contingency can accelerate the object or rate at which a person degrades and unlike Temporal Reverse she has no limit to how far she can age them however Temporal Enthropy's strength is distance based so the closer a target is to Contingency the more years she can age per second on them. Temporal Enthropy has a maximum range of one hundred meters but only a quick kill radius of ten meters.



Using any of her temporal powers costs Contingency some of her health with the more powerful abilities costing more of her health per usage and with out pauses inbetween usages the soldier girl's healing factor will steadily weaken until she drops from exhaustion or potentially dies.

[Pain/Too good at healing]

Pain is Contingency's number one weakness and one she has yet to be able to get used to despite utilizing her healing factor often, attacking soft targets on her body often stuns her. In addition to this her healing factor serves as a double edged sword if a projectile does not pass clean through her as it will be entrapped in between her flesh causing excruciating almost incapacitating pain to Contingency until the embedded object is pulled out.

[Sensory Overload]
All of Contingency's enhanced senses often leave her vulnerable to being overloaded/overwhelmed which depending on the intensity of the overload can result in a very strong and long lasting disorientation possibly even knock out.
(Sonic Weapons are incredibly effective against Contingency, fortunately those types of weapons are very uncommon)

Contingency's body requires a vast amount of calories and sugars to keep her self working at optimum efficiency, she requires an average of 100,000 calories a week to maintain her strength other wise her physical abilities and healing factor will notably become weaker and weaker until she meets the requirement. In addition to starvation being an issue so is dehydration, she must consume forty three gallons of purified water a week to maintain her healing factors strength at maximum efficiency.

"Every entry is the summary of one week and consists of me writing down what ever I think is worth remembering on what happened to me in that week...started doing this since I was ten"-Angela commenting to herself
#Entry 001 Uhh entry zero one
#Entry 250 Primordial desires
#Entry 572 So I got my ass kicked


Contingency has a strong loyalty to the Circle of Steel but after falling for one of the few women in her faction and getting rejected the tactical weapon found her lifestyle too restricting and sheltered and as such did the only proper thing she could...she filed a request to have leave time away from home and successfully got permission.

Contingency's full name is Angela D'arc, her bloodline on her mothers side stems from the remains of Jeanne d'Arc's family {Note she is not a descendant of Jeanne herself but rather a descendent from one of her blood relatives} unsubstantiated theories of Angela's confirmed link to the bloodline of a saint and gaining celestial grace from exiting her seraphic mother's womb only gives assumptions on how a human being can have a mother that is angel and also human {One theory resides that her mother was possessing a human vessel which allowed combination of both angelic and human traits}

Her connection to the bloodline of a saint has given Angela rather great pride in the fact {One she is not afraid to boast about or take advantage of} and she does her best to adhere to the values a saint follows however she occasionally strays from them due to certain desires and specific temperament issues.

Angela D'arc is unique both physically and mentally, her mind or rather brain has grown to be hardwired differently than a normal human's brain and as a result possesses 'two sides' to her character, her 'sides' are divided only by two the first being a human side {her father's genetics}. and the second being her celestial side {her mother's genetics}. The celestial side is Contingency's predominant set of mind, with the human side influencing significant decisions by itself rarely however fortunately for Contingency in most instances she gets both her human and celestial aside to agree on the majority of conditions or situations.

The human side of Angela covers the obvious intellectual capabilities of a normal human but more importantly serves as her "Moral Compass" along with being the focal point of her empathy. On the other hand we have her celestial side which gives Angela a sharpened sense of bestial "instinct", her traits of courage,curiosity and perseverance are abnormally high in addition to having behavior or thoughts similar to that of felines or canines which has earned her the moniker "Beast Girl" on more than one occasion.

Angela D'arc does not have just beastial behavior but also beastial like physiology, to expand upon this there will be an expansion on traits yet not discussed.

-Flexibility:Angela possesses a spine with inhuman capabilities, the spine is in such a way that it allows her to walk upright like a human perfectly but also mimic the flexibility of a cat scaled up to human levels. This allows Angela to comfortably put or move her body into certain positions that would other wise be incredibly painful for a human or outright impossible. Angela's collarbone is also capable of this odd dual ability of switching from mimicking the capabilities of a cats collarbone to a human's collar bone and vice versa as easy as if she was changing clothing.

-Tongue: Going a level above dual type flexibility we have a tri-changing tongue, Angela's tongue can change or adjust up to three different shapes. The default tongue is that of a base human, the second tongue is similar to that of a cats including the barbs that allow personal grooming and sandpaper like licks, the third and final tongue is reptilian like sacraficing girth and density for a much longer but somewhat thinner tongue.

-Vocals: Angela's vocal box can adjust to perfectly mimic the growls of a large canine, the roar of a lion and the purr of a cat while still allowing to speak human languages fluently.

-Robust Body: As suspected Angela's body is super humanely robust to be able to perform the enhaced physical feats she is able to do, but while her muscles and bones are certainly many times stronger than a humans they do not have added weight and are still just as vulnerable to stabs or gunfire. Infact Angela's robust body only seems to add an increase to defensive resistance from blunt trauma attacks only.

-Body Mastery: Angela over many years has practiced muscle control over her body {Another unique ability of her body} and has mastered it to such an extent that she has essentially perfect control over her entire body {This aiding her in being able to command the few parts in her body capable of shifting structure}. With Body Mastery she can utilize her muscles to their maximum efficiency and maintain it that way for as long as possible, one example being Angela able to support her entire weight with one finger or another example being able to hold her breath for many minutes and a final example could be her being able to willing slow or accelerate her heartbeat.{Angela also has the ability to ignore pain by inducing significant generation of adrenaline in her body by using many negative thoughts or memories as the ignition, however this process takes time and is incredibly taxing for its limited duration}

-Balance/Awareness: Angela's enhanced hearing gives her incredible balance and awareness of her surroundings making it very difficult to sneak up on her when she is not distracted, her balance is also on the level that she can perform tasks such as walking across a tightrope quickly and effortlessly or perfectly balancing herself on a bottle with one finger as her legs point up to the sky.

-Vision Magnification: Angela's eyes have a dual-shift mechanic where at base level she sees with 20/20 vision and on the other level she can magnify her ability to see objects at close range, note this ability does not allow Angela to see far away but rather see tiny details up close like a very powerful magnifying glass which she often uses during her examinations of people or objects. {Note she can also induce a red glow in her eyes but this mostly serves as an aesthetic and only allows her to see in the dark slightly better than with out inducing it}

-Pure Body: Possibly a result of being half angel or a genetic mutation, Angela has a unique trait in the sense that she is incapable of smelling 'bad'. Even when sweaty Angela does not generate bad odors and infact seemingly always has a pleasant scent no matter what she does {Including her choices of hygiene or dietary choices} or where she is. The scent or 'musk' she projects off her body varies in most days from being a mix of sugary and fruity to completely odorless. {In addition to smelling marvelous her fluids such as blood,sweat and saliva also have a similar very pleasant taste that is devoid of bitterness or filth. This purity gives Angela's saliva healing benefits, her saliva is anti-bacterial and also aids significantly in speeding up a bodies healing ability which with sufficient application of Angela's saliva can be sped up to be as twenty times faster than the rate the person in question normally heals at}

-Celestial Mark: Often confused as pink eyeshadow are the markings beside the corners of Angela's eyes which are actually birthmarks, upon conception every centimeter of Angela was intitally crimson colored and it was only as she grew older did the color begin to fade away slowly to be replaced by milky skin. Now what remains is a light red marking by her eyes that can not be removed only hidden with make up or repressed for a few hours a day.

Depowered/Repressed Contingency
A depowered Angela D'arc differs rather significantly in appearance,abilities and behavior compared to her unrestrained form. Most notable is the size differentiation, in her brunette and turquoise eyed form she is six inches shorter in proportion to her five foot nine size. Angela possesses no special powers in this form aside from her healing factor which does not remain as powerful as when she is transformed nevertheless in this state she is very close to human as can be and so it is further emphasized by her behavioral traits.

Angela could be considered very sweet and empathetic in this state, her temperament is also exponentially more contained than the other form of hers. However this very optimistic and loving side of hers comes at the cost of her willingness to engage in conflict or aggression which becomes quite low so she would rather talk things out or avoid confrontation if possible but this does not mean she is unwilling to get violent if push comes to shove rather it means that it must be something quite serious to get her into a aggressive state of mind.

-Added enhanced physiology
-Added Rank of Captain
-Added Skill as a Nurse
-Clarified Self Healing (Might need to again in future)
-Added and edited equipment (Some stat changes and mechanic changes)
All updates/Edits during entirety of May ^
-Edited Radom Trivia and added a character progression for checking well character growth.
-Added a "Journal" for detailed lore expansion
-Updated Random trivia for quick lore adds
-Put everything in spoilers
-Switched out a few words to allow character evolution
-Updated and edited her unique physiology section
-Updated random trivia
-Updated journal
-Added additional physiology stuff on random trivia
All Updates/Edits during second week of June ^
-Equipment update, added high tech medkit as apart of standard gear
-Added beneficial effect to her saliva
All Updates/Edits during third week of June ^
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Re: Contingency

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Won't lie the entropy part worries me some lol nothing wrong with it thoughnjust my preference
Do like that the healing is a bit of a double edged sword however where like some objects might get stuck from it being to quick

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Re: Contingency

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It works, knock yourself out. With a hammer. ;)

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Welcome on over (Wes)

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Contingency AH-64 is a prominent member of the Circle of Steel as such she has access to most equipment created in the organization as well as the unique privelage to order comissions for custom tailored gear but as of yet she has been using the same custom equipment for the last three years which is a rather small but practical kit.

Crimson Scout Armor:

Intitally and still presently the 'Crimson Scout Armor' serves as a unique pilot undersuit meant for an experimental mecha still being tested by the Circle of Steel, however despite originally being meant to protect a user inside a mecha vehicle it also serves as an excellent Ultra Light armor in combat operations. The red armor is essentially a lighter variant of the new gen nanosuits being constructed by the scientists in the circle of Steel, this lighter variant is officially classified as [Crimson Scout Armor] but can only match 25% of the potential a non scout nanosuit has.

Attributes of C.S.A:
Due to being composed of ten's of millions of advanced highly adaptable nanomachines the C.S.A is able to grant the wearer low meta human physical enhancements as well as very resilient defenses to the extent of which is listed below.

-Strength Mode
By default upon wearing the suit it immediately gives the wearer enhanced physical strength to which is comparable to ten times that of a peak human, the process that makes this possible are due to the nanomachines layering themselves in a specific manner while also perfectly mimicking the properties of CNT fibre when this happens it is also capable of remaining locked into this position which leaves Contingency AH-64 enhanced strength in the scenario the suit happens to be devoid of energy.

While Strength Mode is the default mode of this suit it does not always operate at its maximum potential unless the brain signals of the wearer send the command for it to operate at Maximum Strength Mode, when that command is sent the suit allows the wearer to effortlessly sprint and maintain speeds of up to 60mph as well as be able to lift ten metric tons above their head or strike with ten tons worth of striking force.

-Armor Mode
Armor Mode is the second optional form that the C.S.A's nanites can rearrange to but unlike the former variant armor mode is not as flexible and actually increases the suits weight as the nanites themselves mimic a property excessively more durable and dense than the CNT's in Strength Mode. Armor Mode does not focus in enhancing Contingency AH-64's physical strength as such only 25% of the nanites will convert into CNT's (Giving her in this mode 2.5x Peak Human Physicals) the other 75% will consist of <Redacted>, <Redacted> will provide excellent shock absorption from kinetic blows as well as extreme temperatures capable of vaporizing most metals on earth in a instant but its physical resistance while impressive is not as good as its thermal resistance. Armor Mode makes Contingency AH-64 mostly invulnerable to small arms fire such as pistol and rifle fire however calibers starting at atleast 7.62 can cause minor damage over extended focus fire and anti vehicle weaponry such as PTRS-41 or RPG-7 are capable of causing moderate to severe damage based on the amount of shots and where they hit.

Due to being made out of nanites the suit can take on nearly anyform as such Contingency AH-64 had its default shape programmed to be that of a small sphere around the size of an apple, the suit once activated by a keylocked DNA scan will then rapidly expand itself onto the conforms of the body. This allows Contingency to carry her armor nearly anywhere she goes and rapidly access it in short notice.

Armor Mode drains the suits energy supply when ever it takes noticeable damage and while it does posses a degree of self repair even mid combat that too will drain the suits rather small energy capacity, even accessing maximum strength mode drains the suits energy which makes it rather difficult to use at full power since the battery charges slowly over time however this weakness of low energy is often reduced in severity when Contingency uses her ability [Temporal Reversal] to reset the armors energy back to full charge but as mentioned before excessive usage of temporal manipulation comes at the cost of her healing factor and personal health.
ELO Laser Pistol:

The ELO Laser Pistol is Contingency AH-64's primary armament and the standard issue pistol for everyone apart of the Circle of Steel, surprisingly unlike her armor there is very little that sets it off from any other ELO Las Pistol. She has been using this specific ELO Pistol (Serial Code 2587) for eleven years and of all the potential modifications has only added a aim assist holographic attachment as well as improved power cell magazine.

Attributes of ELO Laser Pistol:
The Laser Pistol as its name implies is a handheld energy weapon, it projects out a high temp beam of particles every time the trigger is pulled.

-Weapon Stats
Projectile Speed: 1.5 KM/Per sec
Maximum Effectice Range: 3 KM ( Range decreases significantly based on how many objects is struck during travel)
Magazine Capacity: 20 shots [Default], 40 shots [IPC Mod]
Damage: One full power shot from a ELO pistol can burn a one inch diameter hole through three meters worth of reinforced steel.
Fire Rate: As fast as the shooter can pull the trigger

-Holographic Aim Assist Mod
A small device is installed at the top of the pistol normally where the ironsights are located, performing a small flip on the button beside it will unravel a rectangular sight with holographic display. The scope once active is capable of creating a slight vibration that is run by a computer script followed by changing from a blue color screen to a green one which signals the gunwielder that the projectile will indeed hit the target if they do not move, if there is a low chance or no chance at all to hit the target the mod will not vibrate and instead will have a red screen signaling poor chance to hit.

This mod also 'pulls' the gun a few degrees into the right direction if the shooter is in danger of missing a target by a mild or slight margin, all the combined factors enhance Contingency's accuracy significantly allowing her to occasionally compete with people at medium rifle distances that would ordinarily be impossible to do with a pistol.

The weapon is very light and has no recoil, in addition it has a low power setting which triples the amount of ammo a power cell magazine has but at the cost of reducing fire power by a significant margin. (40 shots = 100% Full Power, 120 Shots = Shots at 30% Power) unless necessary Contingency typically uses her weapon on the low power setting.

The laser pistol can not exceed a fire rate of forty shots per second as the gun automatically locks up and vents excess heat out a safety feature which prevents the gun from exploding due to overheating, in order to circumvent this Contingency must use her time reversal powers to reset the cooldown or other wise wait six seconds for the cool down to end.


The A.M.K or also known as the Advanced Medical Kit is a a piece of gear only given to combat medics or approved nurses who are apart of the Circle Of Steel, the A.M.K is considered a state of the art piece of equipment for its various life saving supplies and unique medicinal instruments.

Components of A.M.K:

-20x Medical Gauze & Elastic Bandages
For prevention and protection the medical gauze and bandages will keep all the juices from flowing out from where they're supposed to be, made high-grade and highly resistant to most bacteria that could cause infections.

-6x Stimpack
The newest achievements of modern day technology include the Stimpack.
It was perfected to allow for enhanced regeneration of tissues from bones to muscle to skin.
With a 4000% increase in regenerative capabilities, the Stimpack must be injected in moderation, as although its effects last for only a few minutes, overdosing on it could result in an extreme of the side effects, from the usual sensations of burns caused by the nearly instant drop in the energy used up by the body under the Stimpack's effects, to where one could die of a heat stroke or a heart attack

-4x Medical Tape
To maintain the position of all intricately placed gauzes and of the sort, the first aid kit is packed with medical tape to adhere whatever is needed to stick to the patient's skin.

-10x Medx
Out with morphine and in with Medx, a superior form recognized as being able to nullify the patient's pain receptors without affecting their other attributes such as coordination and reflexes, best known to be used by battle medics, limiting the feeling of pain to a very insignificant one, such as a very surreal tingling from being riddled by a barrage of bullets.

-20x Benzodiazepine derivative
A sedative used to induce a sort of pseudo-paralysis state, Benzodiazepine derivative, informally recognized as Bd is intended to prevent patients from moving too much and opening their stitches or cause unnecessary self-harm through the means of a powerful calming effect.
Bd is recognized by two variants, one which sedates the recipient to an unconcious state of sleep, the other keeps them awake but incapable of operating heavy machinery or performing any motory function beyond the simplest of simplest like moving their fingers, keeping them from physically resisting treatment.

-2x Anti-Burn Gel
Anti-Burn Gel or ABG as it is informally known as is a specialized gel utilized in burn emergencies and relieves the recipient of possible damaged nerve endings resulting in burning sensations and any damage caused by fires, quickly stabilizing patients and preventing the exacerbation of burn-based injuries.
Those under the influence of ABG report feeling a nearly instantaneous sense of relief accompanied by a cool effect in the area where the gel was applied.

-4x Biofoam
Used for preventing exacerbated blood loss from open wounds, biofoam quickly and efficiently clogs up wounds and treats cases of internal bleeding albeit less efficiently than Stimpacks, but is able to be used reliably in cases where the latter is not available or must be conserved.
Once injected, the foam becomes a sturdy yet flexible foam, capable of retaining the wounded's near-full reach, perfect for sealing ruptured organs, specifically designed for penetration injuries.
The foam lasts up to 12 hours and is made with healing components that help reduce deaths, and when doubled with Stimpacks the effect can heal most combat injuries in a day or more so long as an adequate amount of both is applied.

-2x Antiacid Spray
To neutralize even the most powerful of acids affecting a body, the first aid kit is equipped with an antiacid spray, capable of neutralizing even the chemical burns of acids generated by the most ferocious of metahumans.

-1x pair of Z-Ray Contacts
In order to protect and aid those wounded as fast as possible, medics must get a proper grasp over what has ailed them.
For many cases like these were made the Z-Ray Contacts, allowing the medic who wears them to see in real time what is going on inside of the subject's body. The contacts allow the wearer to see through a special spectrum, which aids healers to detect and identify injuries and their sources, and allow for more accurate applications of medicine or removal of potentially dangerous or even hazardous foreign objects.

2x Medical Pliers
To extract foreign objects poking from the patient's flesh like glass or other types of debris, the kit is also equipped with a pair of medical pliers.

-1x Plasma Cutter
For more serious cases where the foreign object can not be easily extracted from the victim and may hinder their transportation, the first aid kit comes equipped with a high tech plasma cutter blade which projects a very small contained plasma field.
The plasma cutter's other include but are not limited to cauetrization and emergency amputation.

-2x Injector Gun
In order to inject the biofoam or any other medicinal liquid into the patient's body, the first aid kit comes equipped with an injector gun. To the device are attached various vial attachments which, with the pull of the trigger, will launch the contents of the vial into the person's body with speed and ease.

-2x Stitching Gun
In order to avoid the arduous and painful process of stitching up wounds, with the evolution of technology came the Stitching Gun™, a pistol-shaped device that performs a very similar process when pressed against a patient's injury. The gun utilizes a modified form of spider silk with increased durability, which melts naturally after a few days.

The A.M.K case has a six digit key pad combination that prevents deft of medical supplies it also contains a digital display screen on its front which keeps track of the amount of supplies or the contents with in. The case is made out of a very sturdy but light metal and the case itself is relatively large with a size comparable to a large medical case.

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May 31st

Bio/Gear finished 😲
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Re: Contingency

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Nice. Are you gonna have a bio/arsenal catalog for Circle of Steel though?

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