Blinded Visionary

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Blinded Visionary

Post by Azra » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:12 pm

Blinded Visionary
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Name: Cerelia "Cere" Boucher
Age: 19
Height: 5'9
Weight: 131
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Usually covered as it's constantly changing in a confusing rainbow of colors

Ocular Variations: "So I got two abilities which branch out some. The first is vision based, they can perceive the world instantly. In addition they don't seem to be influenced by lighting or lack of, or by things like hallucinogens. Look I don't promote drugs but I've met some less then savory habits having people before. X ray vision which I refuse to use that way don't be gross, and lastly for LAZORS! Uh I mean laser vision, beams of variable size and heat. I don't know the upper temperatures but I know it can get to about the size of a house before it hurts me."

Blinding Speeds: "Granted that is kind of under selling it. I don't know if there is a upper limit but I do know it goes up to light speed. My body doesn't seem to generate the destructive energy in moving at these speeds or harm me. That said it doesn't extend externally. I can outrun a bullet but if it hits it's still gona do what bullets do. No you can't see the scar. Lastly is stamina for days, or it would be. I can I think run at light speeds for a full two hours before I tap out which at slower speeds is almost a non issue."

Equipment: "Given that the weapon will be super hot and won't be ruined by my speed I'll admit the edge and metal isn't the best. I'm not rich and these aren't special. However I have a odachi and katana that I'm fond of using. It's not to often they meet resistance this is do to me though more then their design."

Abilities: "I know French and English. I'm pretty athletic I'd say and well trained in sword fighting. Mostly though I think what's impressive is my ability to run in heels or be so fast that if I did trip in such you wouldn't know. I'm not big on heels, one has to stick to a look though you know?"

Cerelia grew up in Paris her eyes making some activities feel redundant or frustrating to deal with. When able to see every frame in a movie and feel the time between them in insufferable detail the silver haired kid took to athletics. Sports, dance climbing anything to escape those limitations she found. Eventually finding a love for swords she took to practicing this daily after school until she was twelve when her secondary power came into fruition.

She soon found herself able to move at incredible speeds. When she danced it wasn't just for the art form but suddenly became a race to the beet and eventually against it. To a point that despite her efforts to be lady like from her family, she became a metal head. The heavier, the faster the better. Eventually though sports and dance wasn't enough, she was to quick for them to keep her in. Meanwhile they were even when trying to join metahuman versions to slow. So she focused on swordsmanship and schooling.

It wasn't perfect of course, most notably during the Holloween Ball of last year. Her at the time boyfriend had taken to practicing a new metal song. "Satan's Hymn of Spilt Craniums!" Admittedly the lyrics were painfully try hard the instrument work though was baught off the dark web from a Innsmouth cult. The music notes had actually turned the ball, which was a huge assortment of her classmates into demons or undead of the brain chomping variety. This was based on their fondness for metal of course. The head bangers made into horrors of hell unlike the non metal heads.

Twenty five students were saved...and a hundred and seven others were cut into pieces. This lead to the "hero" known as the "Blind Visionary". Said in parenthesis because some think that there had to be a better way then decapitations at Mach eight. And some find that wearing the same dress as a hero outfit is in bad taste.

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