D3M-ONI-C-GIRL [A Divergent Bio]

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D3M-ONI-C-GIRL [A Divergent Bio]

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Name: "Soul Supplier to Styx! Harbinger of Hades! Hell's...uh Hellion..they can't all be clever man! Lady of Doom! The Catacylsmic Chick of Chaos! Oblivions Generous Onslaught Giving ONI-GIRL!
Age: 20
Height: 8 ft
Weight: "no."
Hair color: "BLACK AS THE PLAGUE!"
Eye Color: Glowing Yellow
Distinguishing features: "None at all. A perfect smile, with normal ears and cut nails. And a healthy complexion. The tail is totally just a fashionable belt. WOULD I LIE TO YOU!?"
A baby was born who had more destructive capacity in her throwing of a rattle than many a weapon. Priests tried to banish the demon when she was born but found it could not be done. So it was that the baby was stashed inside a bunker, the government hoping they could raise her into a weapon instead. If purging the vile thing couldn't be done than hopefully a destructive instrument could come from it.

Delta base was where she was stored, kept in the third underground level in the thirteenth cell. She was supposed to have guards around her at all times. Even when thinking Oni was going to cooperate guards were instructed to have weapons of a class C at all times or higher. Loaded with munitions to try and contain the monster, even though once the child was around five they were starting to think such firearms wouldn't be nearly enough. This did however lead to files often on her being filed under D3M-ONI-C it was at least something cheeky to try and rob the tension of what they were dealing with.

They were quick to find that Oni was born with one ton strength, as well as able to hit with the destructive capacity of one ton of TNT. This was found to genuinely double for each year that went by. Soon enough the child was being sent on covert missions and being supplied with custom designed weapons. Serving as a instrument of death when things called for a nothing left sort of policy. For awhile she at least got to go out of the bunker she was stored in, when half the population was wiped from the world though they thought it best to keep her contained. A tool to contain things if a last resort was called upon.

This wasn't to be the way of things though. When the source died and they went to let her out a large vermillion hand closed around the guards throat. The last words documented on the classified security videos was "It's already hell now....fuck that was edgy MY BAD RICK!" As the video coverage showed though Rick still had his head blown into chunks. Military personnel has concluded that the demon's personality at times does not equate to actual sympathy. Theory being that her obsession with violence and destruction is about the only thing to believe from her.

Powers: Super Strength/Speed/Durability and the senses needed to function in those parameters. The calculated magnitude of strength is able to lift over a million tons and for her punches to hit like atomic bombs. That she can move as fast as a nuke would go off at roughly eight hundred kilometers per second. Her body having enough to weather plenty of hits by the kind of force she could het with. Thankfully she doesn't seem to have anything beyond this, there is a leading theory though that she might awaken the use of hellfire if aided by others. We think she can heal fast but it's been years sense her black blood was even seen.

Gear: It was pointless to give her armor. Time was taken to try and make undergarments that would prevent being independent in the more destructive war zones. The limited outfit having been assisted in designing by leading designers in superhero outfits and the demands of such things. Mostly she just wears cargo pants and a torn up black tank top. Her emphasis was just on weapons and specially modified ordnance. While usually worn on harnesses easy to remove it's important to note they are by no means slowing her down, only getting in the way at best. This arsenal includes but may not be limited to

-knives: usually storing dozens in pockets. They're not specially designed but that's on purpose as the blade breaks inside the body it's put into.
-dual M2 Brownings: wearing an ammo pack usually around the hips housing two thousand rounds, these fire armor piercing fifty cal munitions. The barrels are shortened slightly having been modified for her but that's more for space and keeping slung around the hips as the weight and kick is inconsequential to her.
-GAU-8 Avenger: Adjusted to have a large ammo pack worn on her back, or a even larger one dragged behind her. This weapon fires thirty millimeter shells intended for tank killing. It's rounds being a the high explosive incendiary variety. Though there is other options out there one should consider her as having.
-Katyusha Multiple rocket launcher: Usually the Avenger is stored on her back so that should she chose she can bring an eight shot modified for her use Katyusha. Normally intended for being mounted on a vehicle Oni will bring it simply held on her shoulder. Given that as awkward as these weapons are to carry in size it's nothing to her. At most looking like the over the top 90s artwork. These rockets are M31 300mm consisting of a 64 pound warhead.

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