Qato Hebi

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Qato Hebi

Post by DatGuyDusty » Fri May 01, 2020 5:10 pm



Qato was born as an natrual psyker, someone who could control and use powers considered strange - perhaps even fake to the normal person. Those powers, seen as a freakish mutation by some and a gift by others put him in a league above other people. However...

...Qato grew up as average as one could grow up, a normal life. Despite his powers, he never really... Used them for anything. He didn't want to depend on them for day to day life, which made people around him envious. Some people even hated him for it, for 'wasting' such a gift. Qato noticed the people around him, and instead of blaming them for his misfortune - he blammed himself. It caused him to hate what he had become, often overthinking and panicking.

Then he stopped caring. Qato stopped caring, and became standoffish; Cold, rude. People avoided him not because of his powers or out of envy, but because he was just a bad person to be around. No one ever got close to him, and he was purposely distant. To the point Wanderlust made it unbareable to keep living a normal life. He didn't want to abuse his powers, sure; But using them to help others might have been worth a little bit.

Personality Analysis:
Cocky, snarky and often rude - Qato has displayed that he's not a serious person. Very little causes him take a situation seriously, often he will shrug off and avoid problems. Despite his lazy and careless attuide, however, Qato values loyalty above all else. Helping his family (which he lacks) or friends takes a major priority in his life - gaining unending determination not shown by his norm, uninterested attitude. Qato also holds a very loose moral code - if someone has a problem with him, don't drag other people into his mess. This applies to everyone, if someone else is hurt by the aftershock of someone elses problems, he gets involved.

- Qato is a natrual born psyker, meaning he can use energy he stores passively in a multiple different ways. Due to his new world view, he has a handful of ways to maniuplate the energy produced. The most basic way is grabbing and lifting objects around him, or coming towards him. He can lift anything, but the heavier the object, the more the strain on his body.
- By redirecting his energy towards his muscles, he can artificially make himself stronger. At the cost of becoming incredibly weak after his muscles lose the energy.
Artificial Shield:
- Redirecting his energy to create a shield, Qato can block damage incoming towards him. While he doesn't take any damage, the shock or impact of attack will always send him flying back. This depends on the force of an attack.
Odachi - Black Lotus:
- Qato holds onto a family sword and is fiercely protective over, never letting anyone use it other than himself. It's made of steel, and is extremely durable.
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Re: Qato Hebi

Post by Deus Mortis » Fri May 01, 2020 5:45 pm

The biography has brought me to tears. Good job man :)

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