Mina Koroko: Puppet Master

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Mina Koroko: Puppet Master

Post by Ryoko » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:53 pm


Not the most intimidating face, is it?

Affiliation: Millennium Academy
Age: 16
Grade: 11th. Highschool Junior.
GPA: 3.0
Notable Skills: Staying out of trouble? Do videogames count? She's a good liar, at least.

For the first 13 years of her life, Mina was... about as average as it gets. She'd be lying if she told you that that she had abusive parents or a difficult upbringing, but she didn't have all that much to brag about either. She found joy in life by living vivaciously through those who were great; the heroes who saved the world with their godlike powers in wondrous spectacle. And, for those first 13 years of life, the hardest thing that Mina had to accept was that, in a world of magic, monsters and super science... she was a nobody. There wasn't a single thing about her to make her special or noteworthy.

Until there was.

Mina developed her abilities later in life. They didn't come in some vibrant display of power, nor did their arrival result in some accident or tragedy. They came quietly, barely noticeable, and so too did her potential. And when Mina found that she had some special gift of her own, she changed.


And not for the better...


Mina possesses the ability to create matter. More specifically, she has the ability to create objects and creatures of varying complexity.

As a 16 year-old with an average intellect, Mina has never been effective at creating complex inorganic objects. At best, she can create decent knives, a metal stick, and maybe a steel shield to provide her with... some level of physical defense. She's working on conjuring a functioning gun, but she's still a way's away from managing that. What Mina specializes in...

Is making monsters.
"Puppet Seeds"

It's not a scientific name for them, but it's what Mina calls them.

Puppet Seeds are focal points for power, "eggs" in which monsters must ferment in order to be battle ready. Or ready for whatever she intends for them to do. Black "balls" of energy that Mina can either hold in her hand or store within her body. In terms of what Mina can create, even she's not sure of her potential. What she does need in order to make a monster is time. In active combat, with only seconds to react, the strongest monster that Mina could create would be something as strong as a... sick mouse?

Yeah, pretty much. And that's precisely why monster making is more of an after-school hobby than a combat ability. In order to make monsters that are effective in a world of Metahumans and the like... they must ferment.


The process by with a Puppet can grow, evolve, learn, and specialize in order to become something that Mina can put to use. Normally, making a monster capable of standing up to a standard police force and giving low-level metahumans trouble is something that must be done overnight. Make a Puppet Seed at around 6pm, do some homework, eat dinner, sleep, and your civilian nightmare will be ready to go when you wake up in the morning!

Mina keeps a few of these around for special purposes, but the vast majority of her creations are born for more... singular usage.


Mina has a connection to all of her puppets. She can give them instructions from wherever she is, share their senses if she wants, and pilot them directly if she believes that she'd be able to put their bodies to use better than they could (for whatever reason). Through her dominance, she can prevent those with certain psionic or magical abilities from taking control of her minions, if only that.

With her new abilities came a new lifestyle. Boredom no longer plagued her existence... and neither did humility. Publicly, Mina is nothing more than a newly emerged metahuman looking to use her... limited conjuring capabilities to become a hero. Or... more likely a sidekick who can hand the actual hero a wet-nap after their face has been covered in alien blood.

Privately, Mina uses her power to "edit" the world to her liking. Some annoying person causing trouble at school gets eaten over here. A problematic family or business gets diced into pieces over there. That bitch trying to steal my boyfriend gets burnt alive, slowly by a fire demon.

Making the world a better place by removing one problem at a time.

So far, Mina only has two:
The Shadow in Her Room

The 8th puppet that Mina has ever made, and the longest lived, by far. An abomination that Mina had fermented for years before allowing it to wake up. It defends whatever place she currently calls home, and remains docile and unresponsive to the events occurring around it until someone threatens its master.


Don't worry, you'll learn about this one eventually.
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