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Super Name! Oni-Girl!
Regular Name... Carmen
Age! 666 years! Minus like 647
Height! 21 feet tall or like at least a third of that
Glorious Mane! It's black as the void of my soul! Kay that was a bit much, let's just say midnight
Eyes of the Devil! Blue, like uh the frozen circle of hell...forgot which floor that was, flash red when RILED UP!
Weight...Can I just say it's all muscle and leave it at that?
Bonus Features! Horns! Claws! Sharp teeth! Pointy Ears!


Might Of A Hundred Demons!
Right so I'm going to level with you I've never met one couldn't really say. I'm also garbage at math but here's what I do know when I went to the academy there wasn't a lot that I couldn't move and lift. Hit something hard as I can and its going to break. If I had to guess I'm unsurdly up there. I'm not going to break the planet that shit is dumb but I probably can knock over any building if wanted. They had a bunker equivalent door for me to test myself on and I kicked that in as that Sparta Movie with the cool kick scene. Point is I'm like stupidly strong okay? Okay. Now this does assist in jumping around, and it does mean I can strike incredibly fast, that said I don't really use it for running. Like I'm fast but I'm not looking to run a marathon bro, I just want to fight.

Tireless As The Flames of Hell!
I don't know if that analogy works but it sounded cool. The point being I got stamina for days, when I was a tiny little devil I would spar with my dad for hours, and when he was tired I'd spend more hours lifting or punching bags. My longest work out session was three days straight. Pretty sure I could go longer but that kind of routine eventually kinda smells. Moral of the story fighting is the best but sweating is gross.

Durable As uhhhh well it's more then your face shut up!
So I couldn't think of a clever line there, going to be honest with you chief I'm not from hell but it's thematic you know? Here's the thing, I've jumped off sky scrapers landed and didn't feel a thing. I've been clumsy from time to time while lifting and despite the weights falling on my foot I didn't flinch. I did my best boop to a speeding semi and it came to a crashing halt while I didn't even chip a nail. I don't have a lot going for me but I can take as much as I can deal out and that chief is saying something.

Arsenal Of Satan's Fiercest!

Right so that sounds cool but uh I just have a costume sometimes I made. Nothing to fancy here.

It all started long ago in a land far off to the rising sun.

Was Millenium Nineteen years ago shut up!

Or that. Point was that a young girl was born, from a king and a mighty demon. She would come to be known as the fierce Oni-Girl. She didn't start out being so ferocious though she used to love flowers and own even barbies to go with those heroic action figures.

THATS A LIE! Take it back! Oh also mom isn't a demon she just left us chief be nice.

She hem was swift though to be won over by her father's ever rising brilliance in the ring and the countless movies filled with action and martial arts. So it was that eventually all toys were abandoned by the tiny devil to learn how to fight.

image.jpeg (166.36 KiB) Viewed 245 times
Over the many years the devil would come to know all her father could teach about boxing and moved on to Karate. Couldn't afford to many schools but the spirited youth showed a talent for picking up on the arts of combat with great skill. Many championships were won but soon the ring it was not enough so it was that she took to streets. Her might could help with many tasks but nothing was greater than the rush of trading blows. A lot of helping people and to many fights to count and the Academy reached out to the young fight enthusiast.

They suck and the teacher absolutely deserved it.

Ugh, right was a teacher a little to attatched to Duskburg activity. So the Oni punched him.

A seven ton guy made of stone! And I sent him through five walls and five hundred yards from the school campus!

Excuse my eccentric daughter, it was four hundred and seventy nine. As I was saying the oni much as I love her is now an academy drop out and should get a job.

I work with moving companies a lot and partake in fights ignore him.

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Re: Oni-Girl!

Post by Deus Mortis » Wed Apr 22, 2020 8:27 pm

azra would love this character

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Re: Oni-Girl!

Post by Azra » Thu Apr 23, 2020 6:58 am

It's true I'm honestly jealous
Totally isn't me though >.>

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