Lily Pond, Kicker of Ass

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Lily Pond, Kicker of Ass

Post by HighVoltage » Sun Apr 12, 2020 7:25 am

Name: Lily Pond
Alias: Kicker of Ass, Psycho-Punch, Cutie
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Background When the Ponds decided that they were going to have a child, they discussed what gender they hoped the child would be. To their joy, they both wanted to have a son. Marie wanted to have her darling little man, while Richard wanted to have someone he could mold in his own image, leaving behind a better man. When the delivery date came, everything was set. The child was due on time, ultrasounds showed that it was a boy, and the couple couldn't be happier. So when the doctor raised their child up to the light after a relatively easy delivery, the words "Congratulations, it's a girl!" shattered their expectations like a girl-shaped stone thrown at a window.

The two new parents had different approaches when it came to taking care of their new daughter. Marie decided to still give her daughter the love and attention she deserved, even if she did appear a bit more aloof than most mothers would be. Richard went the complete opposite direction. He wanted a son and God be damned if he wasn't going to have one. As soon as she was old enough, he treated Lily as if she was a boy. Having her help with yardwork, signing her up for sports, teaching her how to shoot a gun, use a bow, and fight: all this and more Richard did as if Lily was simply his son who looked different than she should have.

When puberty rolled around, however, Marie seemed to come to her senses and realized that Lily would need her mother to help her navigate the harsh world of womanhood. In her mind, she imagined helping Lily pick new clothes, go to ladies' nights together, and maybe even gossip over boys. Unfortunately for Marie, Richard's influence on their daughter had gone far deeper than she'd expected. Instead of fawning over boys with her mother, Lily found much more interest in girls. Now in her senior year of high school, Lily has been accepted to college on a martial arts scholarship, and is currently just trying to survive, along with some hero duties here and there.

Degenerate. Troublemaker. Rebel. Stubborn. Badass. All words that come to mind when first observing and encountering Lily, and all are correct. Lily is, for lack of a better term, her own person. Most of the decisions she makes are made with exclusively her in mind, and with little regard to others. She's headstrong and foul-mouthed, usually diving headfirst into trouble while spewing a string of curses.

Increased Strength, Speed, and Endurance
Lily's time spent training in the martial arts, combined with her powers, allows her to strike with greater force, react quicker, move faster, and take more damage than most human beings, pushing these traits to superhuman levels. She can control these reactions if she wishes, allowing her to appear normal, but this takes effort on her part, something she'd rather not bother with.

Martial Arts
Lily has spent years learning martial arts, ever since she was little. She also has a knack for them, and loves blending styles into new and unknown combinations. Her powers augment this, allowing her to rapidly learn new styles of fighting and quickly combine them to form something completely unique.

Psychic Weaponry
Transforming your body into a weapon means that you never go anywhere unarmed. Fortunately for Lily, she also has weaponry. She is able to psychically create martial arts weaponry that appears in her hands. These weapons feel and hurt just like the real thing, except they are composed of a spectral blue energy and can dissipate whenever she desires. She is also able to psychically augment her unarmed attacks by creating psychic arms to protect or attack. These arms do not convey damage to Lily, but she feels the pain regardless. Another minor benefit of this psychic ability is that she can also use it to transform whatever she is wearing into her more heroic outfit. Normally she can blend in with a crowd of teenagers rather easily.

Psychic Augmentation (post-Flower on the Tracks)
After venturing onto the train with her girlfriend Kira, Lily fought Vocal and The Fool, two members of the Lotus clan. As they were leaving, Lily and Kira left with them, adding themselves to the swelling ranks of the Lotus. Since she already had a power, the Lotus instead augmented what she already had. In exchange for her next mission, her psychic weaponry has been vastly augmented. She can now add the power of the psychic arms to her hits, resulting in strikes far more powerful than a normal person should be able to deliver. But that's not all. By concentrating, Lily is able to create a psychic manifestation of herself that she can manipulate and work in tandem with. Any blow inflicted on this version of Lily is felt by the original, and any life-ending blow will end its existence. But it is a powerful tactic that can turn the tide of a fight.


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