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Heroism with a Smile
Is he a man? Is he a robot? Is he - both?

Wrong on all counts, true believers - TOTAL EXPERIENCE is neither! A mild-mannered fitness freak struck with the mysterious ELECTROGENESIS EFFECT found himself able to transform into a being of pure mechanized muscle, boasting uncanny resilience to harm and unbounded physical might! With his path ahead clear, he dedicated himself to professional superheroics - studying the greatest historical heroes as well as their contemporary counterparts in his single-minded quest to do good wherever he was able!

And he'd do it - with a SMILE!

Real Name: Edward J. Siegel
Occupation: Professional Superhero!
Identity: SECRET
Height: 6'5
Weight: 250 lbs.
Species: Super-Human
Age: 34
Base of Operations: New York City

A hero must always try to be at his best, and always answer the call to protect others! World-ending threats loom over the horizon, but with a can-do attitude and MUSCLE MACHINES, no threat is insurmountable! But it's not TOTAL EXPERIENCE'S strength that makes him special. After all, as he's fond of saying, "Anyone can learn to use a crane - they're just as good at moving heavy things as I!"

No. What makes a hero is their UNWAVERING COMMITMENT to good, never diminishing others or showing weakness of character, and maintaining a positive outlook that they can spread to others. A man might not be able to be perfect all the time, but a true hero never stops trying!

Little is known about TOTAL EXPERIENCE's civilian life. Though he doesn't wear a mask, his face doesn't match any person on record; his powers sufficiently alter the structure of his head and jaw to the extent that he becomes unrecognizable in his transformed state. When asked about his name, he replied that it came to him in a dream - right after he got his fantastic powers!

Truly, the most larger-than-life thing about TOTAL EXPERIENCE is not his fantastic metahuman ability, but his pure exuberance, an optimism untarnished by the often-bleak world that constantly faces threats from aliens, demons, and metahuman terrorists. That, he maintains, is his real superpower - his SMILE.

TOTAL EXPERIENCE possesses the power to transform his body into a supernaturally fit MUSCLE MACHINE! This startling conversion confers extreme resilience to harm, the golem-like chrome form no longer requiring oxygen, food, water, or rest! What's more, TOTAL EXPERIENCE has an astronomical amount of strength - enough to hold up an entire building at once (his proudest moment so far)!

At the moment of conversion, every ounce of biomatter in his entire body retrofits itself into a highly-evolved technological "nanocell," a living nanomachine which mimics the life processes of an organic human. In addition to bestowing TOTAL EXPERIENCE with uncanny strength and durability, these machine cells also enhance the speed at which his brain can process events, granting him superior reaction time and reflexes. As a result, he can sprint at high speeds without colliding with walls or losing control of his direction, as well as perceive the motion of high-speed objects such as bullets with far greater clarity than any ordinary human.

Fascinatingly, TOTAL EXPERIENCE's organic metal body has several variable properties of its own. Through focus, he can actually act as a receptor for various energies not unlike a lightning rod, enabling him to pick up on certain signals. What's more, through powerful focus, he can make his body magnetic, allowing him to either attract small metal objects (such as bullets) to himself, or, if he's dealing with something of greater mass, adhere to it like a magnet on a fridge.

Though he does not tire from ordinary physical activity while transformed, TOTAL EXPERIENCE does have a limit to the amount of time he can remain in his superhuman state before he needs to become human again to recover. He can severely injure himself through over-exertion while in this state, and greater feats of physical strength drain his "time limit" more quickly. With practice, he has managed to extend the standard time he can remain in his MECHA-MAN state from thirty minutes to a full day.

A comprehensive dive into Total Experience's powers can be found here.

Total Experience's standard gear is listed here.

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