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藕 Copper Baba Yaga 藕

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Other Titles: The Malachite Mercenary, Copper Gila Monster, The Soviet Sorceress
Name: Svetlana Drogov
Age: 30
Weight: 140
Height: 5'9
Eye color: Jade
Hair color: blonde

Hunting survival and recon were a huge element of Lana's upbringing. To be able to adapt to her suroundings, find any one and dispatch anyone without being caught off guard. She is not a hacker of elite ability or a top end mechanic, she can't promise a gourmet meal. However she is very likely to at least do these sorts of things well enough to get by. An assassin and spy she is quite gifted in many areas, that said a huge focus was on fighting ability. Powers were nothing if one couldn't fight. Weapons are great to know but the ideal weapon is self.

Her fighting style starts with Systema which has four main principles breathing, relaxation, posture and movement. Building on trusting intuition, aligning senses, freeing from tension and achieving a high level of fluidity. At her core Lana is relaxed and in her element during a hunt or fight, the motions come with a highly instinctive grace. Deadly and effortless Systema encourages striking grappling and disarming all with a training meant to be more defensive than art or dedicated routines. This would then lead to learning Sambo a unarmed Russian martial art with an emphasis as well on movement and disarming, further expanding on a knowledge of kicks, striking and holds. To disarm and end a fight quick it blended with Systema fine and should be noted before delving into the more Kung fu like teachings she would come to know.

Branching off of these teachings was then Imperial Martial Arts beginning with hardening the body and mind. Padding went from something teased for in coming up to being completely abandoned. Making the body ready to strike without gear, it isn't practical to assume one will have protection or be hitting someone with such. So one had to be ready to rain punches or kicks on an enemy without damaging oneself, and if necessary ready to risk hitting someone better protected because one can't just run from a fight or expect it to favor them. From there the Baba Yaga was trained in four specific styles those being Alligator, Lizard, Salamander and Centipede.Alligator is a style focusing on rolls and joint locks(chin na). Seeking to reflect the alligator's own death roll the style uses motion often extending to full body to rend flesh, shatter bone or even tear open the body. Lizard would focus on a low or even "ground" posture with motion often on hands and toes increasing strengths as one focused on climbing and hanging. Kicks and spearing strikes allowing for one to rip tear and grip a foe while also being wildly agile. Salamander lendedleant itself simply to these teachings already focusing on rolls grip strength and lower stances it naturally bled into the teachings. Then came Centipede a bit against the lizard and reptilian theme but it was something Svetlana latched onto. Considered the art of a hundred kicks from the ground, toughness training that then latched onto fast combos to overwhelm a mark. To launch such a flurry that the pain and speed would bring opponents to the ground. This all culminates in a style that can drive most back with the power behind punches and kicks, that can easily progress into holds with even worse intentions, all from a woman who is despite being dexterous almost perpetually relaxed and controlled in a fight.

Centipede is an art of a hundred kicks from the ground, not an exact number but in how fast these combinations and flurries are thrown. Centipede use the highly toughened feet and legs already trained in the Main Animal Styles to break the lower legs, knees, feet, or attack the groin. The sheer pain, speed, and intensity of this style has sent trained fighters running or climbing up the walls to escape.

Powers?: What the Baba Yaga is officials will tell is classified. She does seem the spawn of two myths but as well seems a possible experimentation. Lana will tell you though "I'm just a Russian girl". In situations where powers should be muted she still seems to usually have them though. Similarly when without equipment it still seems there.

~Luminous~She seems able to turn herself or things green blue gold or luminous. This while odd does serve some practical uses. Having deceived people with what was thought to be riches or things crafted as gold, or assisting in camouflage. The glowing aspect though is perhaps the most useful in a combative sense.
~Far reaching~It is said the Baba Yaga of myth would stretch to one end to the other of the cabin. While Lana doesn't exactly grow snake like limbs she does seem to still reach farther...the leading theory is telkinesis but it does seem tied to motion and not just mental works so most classify it as an unknown.
~Advanced Biology~Three times that of the finest lizard is the usual stat used. So for example the fastest lizard is the spiny tailed iguana so she runs at sixty three miles per hour. While quick like a viper she's not nesearily super human in striking alone just difficult to out run. In addition she can cling to surfaces, specifically the Baba Yaga is known to use this for a death grip...moving on. Poisonous as thrice that of the Gila monster, a venom that can be delivered by biting or scratching while mostly seemingly durable as a person if enhanced only slightly her teeth and nails seem startlingly resilient. Regeneration like the leopard gecko but thrice as fast means can even regenerate brain cells, and in Lana's case within days. The first discovery of this was when she woke up in a morgue a headshot not having done her in like the enemy state thought. Eyesight is incredible seemingly able to handle almost any lighting any time Lana explains colors they seem bolder as well somehow. Perhaps though most significant is her eyes function as a sort of hybrid of a lizard's third eye, even if to dark or bright to see normally she navigates well and those eyes are something a person could get lost in.
~Turn into a lizard~It's rather simple she can turn into a lizard...while I am supposed to be thorough in this file she's just weird okay and there isn't much to add here.
~Smell~Lana once tracked a man down who was on the other side of the world by simply sniffing a strand of hair. Now she practically stuck that hair up her nose, it's uncomfortable at times to watch her work that said her means of tracking is astounding.

Equipment?: As stated previously it is hard to know if this is her load out or her uniform. Is it selected gear or something else? Hard to classify but for simplicity sake she is known for four things.

~Gauntlets: Mortar~ When wearing these the Baba Yaga hits like a mortar shell. As in literally they are explosive weirdly enough..
~Boots: Pestle~ It seems in gauntlets as well but stands out more in her boots and shin guards, it almost seems like a mix of copper and bone. More importantly though one should know her kicks seem like an almost unwavering club. Seen her kick her way through way more than what her strength should alone allow.
~clothes~So often her clothes look and turn out to some how be made of malachite or at least consist of some. Not exactly the best armor but it's interesting to note.
~beret/cap~it seems to control summon or conjure lizards and never be far from her. She calls it her crown.

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Svetlana was born in a hut just outside of Volchansk in the winter of Nineteen Ninety and would be adopted by a couple who met during the Cold War. Said couple consisting of Russian Spetsnaz officer and Japanese Yakuza member at least so the reports say. From around six the young woman was climbing along walls. Around seven she was taken into a military base for experimentation. Meanwhile Lana at the age of ten ran away only to run on back, claims she "met her parents in a cooky hut". In short all documentation of Lana as a child is a mix of erased files and conflicting tails, what she is remains largely unknown. We do know that her adoptive parents were from an early on raising her for the Volk Okhotnik division. Everyone knew early on that Lana had a strong sense of smell, thus a piece of a leather jacket she was told to keep with her. When she found this man, when the scent matched that was when she'd have found the person she was to kill.

She became in service of Russia as a soldier from two thousand six, serving in the Second Chechen War. She would see it to its end before made a spy to be apart of the Insurgency of North Caucasus into twenty seventeen. Occassionally being sent as well to Russia's intervention in the Syrian Civil War from twenty fifteen onward. For fourteen years she has come to know conflict. In oh six the war had largely been won at least on a large front, but there was still a need for counterterrorism. The smaller fights and close corner work of fights inside structures and places of hiding helped bring more attention to Lana. Of course she had a purpose long before then but it's here where she became a bit more known from the larger internal structure. Leading her to the promotion of spy and assassin.

In the span of time from ten to fourteen the over all casualties of North Caucasus was lower each year, often said to be in part by the targeting of high value targets. Not much can be said but there is no denying this helped hone the woman into the killer she is today. It was in twenty eleven when a general was slain, they said his manor he called a home was almost a fortress. Yet on a summer night Lana confirmed the kill, and became called the Baba Yaga. From then on she was a dedicated veteran known for her work specifically in the removal of anyone against government bodies and for her work in counter terrorism. All of this though was largely just serving Volk Okhotnik looking for the wolf and training to be ready to kill the enemy of the nation Lana loved. Recently her combat tours have ended she has a lead, and her country intends to guarantee she has the funds and resources needed to bring home a wolf pelt...

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