Jacob the (bounty) Hunter [WIP]

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Jacob the (bounty) Hunter [WIP]

Post by The Original » Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:03 pm

The bounty Hunter

Jacob was born to a middle class family in New York City, to an abusive drunk of a father and a trauma bonded mother who couldn't escape the abuse. And he fucking hated it! This was how he got sidetracked and ended up on the streets at the ripe age of 15, wandering the streets with the homeless, eating and often sleeping with them and not returning home. Life was easy for the young Jacob.

And he fucking loved Tacos. Even growing up he didn't have a particular taste for meat, so the 'curse' was easier to manage for the young Jacob who was already consciously keeping himself away from meat despite it smelling so good. This temperament definitely helped with the diet but in order to deal with the added stress to his behavior, Jacob looked to means of venting his frustrations. At first he was involved with street gangs and violence, beating dudes up and dealing. Drugs were a means to forget the hunger and provided him with a much needed sanity so to speak.

Ten years later, he looks weak as hell. Bleach white hair falls on pale white skin, a figure that looks deathly pale. Jacob had quit the drugs for a while now and drastically changed his lifestyle. He quit the gangs and took on the profession of bounty hunting. And instead of killing his bounties, he gives them a way out and still manages to cash in. Doesn't always work, but it works more than it doesn't.

Powers and Abilities

Curse of the Werewolf:
Otherwise known as Lycanthrophy, Jacob was bitten by a werewolf when he was 15, turning him into a Lycan. It gave Jacob advanced healing and superior senses as well as superior strength and speed when transformed.

His healing in human form is still better than a humans's, deep cuts heal with noticeable speeds to the naked eye. Can recover from non lethal wounds and is armed with a jacked up immunity capable of defending against most normal diseases and viral infections. The host of the werewolf curse is otherwise a healthy specimen capable of fending off mortal diseases including the eventual deterioration of stem cells. A side effect of this is longevity, the ability to stay forever youthful and without death.

In werewolf form, Jacob can heal from most lethal wounds with a faster degree of healing. He can repair broken and/or severed limbs by rapidly burning calories and stamina during the process. Beheading still kills the werewolf and wolfsbane and Silver can interfere with a werewolf's regeneration.

Inhuman Reaction speed and reflexes:
Jacob's senses are sharpened by the curse. When the adrenaline starts pumping through his system, he experiences the world in slow motion, coupled with his body's ability to move at superhuman speeds, Jacob becomes capable of dodging bullets after it has been fired. And this is just at his base human form. In werewolf form, he does loose a lot of fine tuned movements, but its compensated by the insane speeds at which he is able to move.

Superior Strength:
Tougher bones and denser muscles give the bony looking Jacob strength unparalleled to any peak human's strength. His punches can crack concrete and when transformed, can topple over cars without much effort. His claws and canine teeth are sharp enough to bite through reinforced steel.

Jacob has a nigh infinite amount of stamina and can run at top speed for hundreds of miles without fatigue. His vegetarian diet affects this ability though, and is arguably one trait the young lycan is unable to enjoy.

The werewolf hide is tough, being resistant to cutting attacks and to a lesser degree, bullets. This is credited to the pelt's toughness which is no less than Kevlar vests designed for close quarter combat applications.

Arguably the most useful trait of the werewolf, Jacob is able to track even the faintest of smells over vast distances without losing track of it, unless the trail is deliberately being tempered with. As any canine's nose, Jacob's is capable of processing thousands of smells at once and isolate the chemical composition of what he want to follow. This ability works best when Jacob is in werewolf form.

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