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Title: Martyr
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Name: Megan Sleyn
Age: 20
Height: 5'5
Weight: 126lbs
Hair color: black with green accents
Eye color: green

Megan truth be told is sleepless and bordering on suicidal the weight of her ability essentially ravaging her mental state. Despite such eternal suffering though she makes an effort to be boisterous and outgoing. There is an inherit nature in her to either take pain from others seemingly a good trait, or inflicting it on others though which is clearly leaning more toward evil.

Primary Power(s)

Martyrdom: Is what she has chosen to call it, most likely if looking for a source one would find it to be in arcane in nature. There is no genetic component, she isn't exactly casting spells though either. This power provides an assortment of abilities including. Art of Suffering: Within this "art" as she likes to call it is the ability to drastically increase a subjects physical body becoming faster and stronger, to anoint a human to be bordering on or even superhuman. Of making someone aware of suroundings on a level that seems suernatural, despite not being able to see through walls she often knows when someone is on the other side. Perhaps her greatest ability though is to heal others taking their ailments as her own. The cost however is in harm to self, skin feeling like its on fire blood feeling like its starting to boil. While Megan might be able to fight despite this pain it's at an extreme risk. Essentially when already feeling on say fire on the outside the last thing one wants is to be shot where that pain now begins to feel internal as well. Art of Sacrifice: This "art" involves the more destructive nature of her ability, causing mental plights such as exhaustion or insanity. She can trigger spontaneous combustion, or perhaps the most dangerous sharing of or giving pain. The literal willing of suffering on others to a point of physical damage. None of these arts seem to have an upper limit but are rather bound more by what she can endure.

Passive Powers

Regeneration: Do to the burdens of her ability it provided her with a high pain tolerance, stamina, healing and less need for sleep. She won't quite bounce back at any given instance of course but rather by the next day or two should still be able to keep going. This is both a boon and a bane, as she might lose an arm and then get it back ready to use. But when so much of her work is feeling pain having a skinned arm doesn't exactly help. Attract/deflect: A self defense mechanism for either herself or everyone else. Upon entering a conflict it is often that much of the harm will find its way to her, perhaps she simply instinctually rushes to catch a strike, or maybe the bullets curve. On the opposite end as she is nearing her end in a fight she often begins to direct attacks away from her making others be at the risk of what she does at a start of a fight.


Any and all uses of her power again come with a price of Megan's own body and mind. Amplifying the body or senses often will make other parts of her feel as if burning. She can not heal others without taking the damage for herself, it isn't reversing a stab would but the transference of such a wound to herself. Her attacks on the psyche or stamina will wither at her own while combustion chills her to the bone. And naturally when pain is shared it's a perfect reflection on both ends, each blow given is felt and each taken is delivered in a cycle of violence.


Backpack: the ever exciting back worn, means of carrying supplies. Specifically she takes with her a small assortment of gear to help start fires changes of clothes rations and some medical supplies. All trivial to most outside of assisting in keeping weapons.
Axe and knives: needs little explanation, though adjusted for the modern age a bit sharper and more durable then say the ones of old it's a largely unchanging and familiar design.
Pistols: two pistols capable of auto fire and having a twenty round magazine capacity. She usually carries six magazines for each of the pistols.
Faith: made of a wood from a distant world and struck with nails used for high industrial works Faith is a baseball bat. The weapon is incredibly durable having survived everything so far without even much superficial damage. Despite seeming no more than a bat. Often resting on the right side of the backpack.
Sable: While having other weapons should she need her primary choice of weapon is a rather large almost alien in design rifle. The instrument has a grappling hook under barrel and the over all design is collapsible to the point of being often looking like a grimoire she simply carries with her. More importantly though is its biologically bound to Megan, it'll teleport back to her if lost/dropped and be it just a "book" on her hip or in her hands it seems incredibly reluctant to let go to a point it'd likely be harmful to Martyr. It's munitions are variable but at the cost of blood, it can function as anything from rockets to a sniper rifle, grenade launcher to machine gun, though she is partial to the shotgun function. This was given to her to avoid over using her other more risky abilities, however her healing only goes so far. While it means the weapon is useable, firing off a dozen rockets would request pints worth of blood quickly able to put her unconscious if not careful.


"I could tell you some sad story about how everything went to shit, but let's just leave it at that. My family and friends are gone, sure could blame some villain but they're all the same. Heroes aren't much better, lost in reaction only and social status. If you want to help people you can't be a little bitch. And if your going to be a villain, best to be the worst one. Now excuse me while I try not to be so sour. Coffee? I'm buying."
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