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Team Rocket?!

Post by Evolve » Wed Jan 08, 2020 11:35 pm

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There has been a recent lull in the activities of the twin teens who terrorized the Los Angeles area and baffled police for two months straight. Like outlaws of the Wild West, the pair that goes by the (probably copyrighted) title of "Team Rocket" quickly developed a track record of burglaries, robberies, shoplifting, assault, battery...if it's involved in taking something that's not theirs, they've probably done it. Hiding behind alternating masks of various (also copyrighted, probably) "Pocket Monsters" when in action, and the innocence of childhood out of it, the two seemed almost unstoppable, at least on a street level.

Their secret to success: a unique genetic code, activated in a variety of ways based on exposure to external elements. How's it work? They don't know, just that it does, and they put it to good use, developing different tag-team strategies each time they get into a fight to keep themselves unpredictable. Individually, most of their powers can't overlap, which makes working as a duo all the more advantageous - an advantage that they're more than willing to push.

Once again, they have been recently inactive, and police have reason to believe that the pair has left their former hunting grounds. But that begs the question: where are they now?

And where will they strike next?


Name: Ashley Kazuo

Age: 18 y/o (older)

Hair: brown

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'4"

Personality: The brains of the operation, Ashley is the one who organizes the pair's criminal activities, gets them out of difficult situations, and distract heroes, law enforcement, and other aggressors. She is the more level-headed of the two, more patient with her abilities, and more likely to end a fight peacefully than start one. She is staunchly loyal to her brother, but will be at best maliciously compliant with anyone else who tries to tell her what to do.


Normal: When unaffected by other elements, Ashley is literally able to talk, convince, or otherwise escape from any situation. Usually, she can do so with the inclusion of her brother; however, it's only guaranteed to work on herself.

Water: After drinking water, Ashley develops both an enhanced healing factor, and the ability to heal others who have also consumed water. The ability lasts for one hour, a timer that resets every time she drinks more.

Psychic: When exposed to psychic energy - which happens often enough that it's noticeable - Ashley develops the ability to predict the actions of the people around her up to one minute in advance, for one hour. This ability is not renewed with new exposure to psychic energy sources.

Ice: When exposed to temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (freezing point), Ashley develops the ability to manipulate the cold weather to her advantage, ranging from frost or wind to a full blizzard. This effect lasts for as long as the external air temperature remains below freezing; however, the weather induced by her ability may last longer, to its natural conclusion.

Magic: When exposed to magic of any kind or nature, Ashley develops the ability to directly manipulate the emotions of others. This effect lasts for as long as the magical energy lingers, and one hour following; however, the effect lasts until an external force changes the emotions she induced.

Poison: When exposed to a substance toxic to the human body, Ashley develops nonlethal biological neurotoxins in her tissues, glands, and fluids nearly instantaneously. The effect lasts for one hour, after which her body is shown to be entirely clear of any toxins, her own or the original to which she was exposed.


Name: Gray Kazuo

Age: 18 y/o (younger)

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Height: 5'8"

Personality: While not quite the pair's "brawn", Gray carries their more active roles - attack, defense, breaking things. Being the more hot-headed of the pair, he's far less likely to think ahead, relying mostly on his sister for planning, just like she relies on him for execution. He's also much more likely to pick a fight with interference than she is, which makes her role in getting them both out safely that much harder.


Normal: When unaffected by other elements, Gray has no abnormal abilities. However, unlike his sister, he can deliberately summon up one of his forms for exactly one hour without exposure to any element.

Electric: When directly exposed to electricity, Gray develops increased speed and reflexes comparable to a "speedster" metahuman for one hour. Repeated exposure lengthens the time and increases his speed.

Fire: When directly exposed to fire, Gray develops the ability to expel fire from his lungs at will, as well as basic pyrokinetic skill and high resistance to dangerously high external temperatures. This ability lasts for one hour and does not reset.

Dark: At any time of day during the full moon, Gray develops the ability to strike fear into all persons within a 5 yard radius. The effect is indefinite.

Grass: After consuming plant material (usually vegetables), Gray's physiology changes into a more plantlike than animal structure. The plantlike form is slower and less flexible than his regular form, but much sturdier, more resistant to physical attack. The effect lasts for one hour and does not overlap.

Flying: Free-falling for more than twenty feet results in Gray developing a form of gravitation resistance, or superhuman flight, the direction and speed of which can be controlled at will. The effect lasts until his body makes contact with the ground.

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