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Name: Dacey (Call him this at your own peril.)

Alias(es): Amaranth, The Ultimate Life Form

Species: Mutant

Date of Birth: Roughly 2050 B.C.

Height: 6 ft 7

Weight: 750 lbs


He is called many things. A god. A devil.

He cares not refute these accusations. So he accepted the title of God-King not out of self declaration but out of others deeming him such. In all reality he does not care as to whether or not he is a god. But he likes the control. He likes the idea of someone strong taking over the weak.

A revolutionary alone cannot meaningfully change the world. They can only hope to destroy. To topple a system and then replace it with nothing. What the world needs more of is a conqueror. Someone like him who quite frankly beat the small part of mexico into submission and then forced it to get better under his wise rule. It stand peaceful empire today. One built on blood, slavery and stolen technology.

But a peaceful place none the less.


The tale of Amaranth begins with a baby boy by the name of Dacey who was born during the peak of the Mayan Empire. He was born different from the other children and was thus dubbed functionally a demon. One who would fulfill the prophecy of being one who would one day come back and wreak bloody havoc upon these lands as he came back conquer it. As it did turn out, he did. But not at first.

The boy remembers only having animals as parents. And he remembers devouring a great many creatures and things. And he went from being the bottom of the barrel to being the Apex predator. Here in these woods he lived for over two decades before he ate a man. Simply put, he grew and grew and grew. Until finally, while he was not able to be ultimately killed, a hero collapsed a temple on him and made it into his tomb.

Until he was buried out again in a new age. An age of futuristic technology and delectable superhumans.



Genetic Assimilation: Perhaps his eeriest power, is the ability to gain the DNA of whatever he eats and to selectively incorporate these attributes into himself. This goes beyond just people and animals, even extending to micro-organisms and plants. He started by devouring the DNA of animals in his efforts to become the ultimate, amorphous life form and soon began to feed on metahumans as they became more and more prominent. This allows him to blend superpowers together, such as using superhuman durability to amplify his tiger-like retractable claws to cut through concrete.

Strength: His strength is nothing short of . Can casually punt cars multiple blocks away and can very well hammertoss a 40 ton tank some hundreds of feet away. He cannot lift objects that are excessively large because most objects are not strong enough.
  • Shockwave: Is capable of generating shockwaves by striking the ground or sufficiently objects with forces measurable in the hundreds of tons. The harder and tougher the object, the greater the shockwave.
  • Thunder-Clap: Creates at powerful blast of air that creates a deafening noise powerful enough to reduce any humans within 10 feet to paste and to shatter ambient window.
Speed: Is capable of moving at speeds akin to a drag racer at approximately two hundred and forty miles per hour. Usually this is done in a series of hops. The faster his speed, the more uncontrolleable his movement becomes.
  • Instant Acceleration: Can hit these speeds nearly instantly, reaching these speeds in under small fractions of a second.
Durability: Has a good deal of resistance to damage from all sources.
  • Blunt: Can be knocked through buildings without much damage. He is more vulnerable to being struck in some areas than others just as a normal human is, making where one strikes also important.
  • Sharpness: Most forms of steel fail upon his form, drawing little more than a scratch on his flesh. A sword made of conventional steels would sooner bend and snap before it pierces him.
  • Ballistic: High Caliber ammunition hurts, causing scratches and eventually bruising. Whilst anti-tank rounds can harm his natural durability.
  • Heat: Can withstand temperatures up until that of molten lava.
  • Electricity:Can withstand a lightning strike. Exposure to something along the lines of a normal power line can cause him to become paralyzed. Interestingly enough, it still is able to override his nervous system much like a conventional human.
  • Dissolving Agents: Acids and Lyes effect Amaranth with varying degrees of effectiveness. This dependents on the chemical in question.
  • Poisons: Only the most potent venoms and synthetic
Agility: For one so large, he has understandably superhuman degrees of agility. He can very easily spin and backflip multiple times as he jumps hundreds of feet into the air

Intelligence: Is intelligent of the way of being able to learn new skills and theoretical tasks quickly. This is however tempered by having actual experience in the task and growing beyond his actual growth. But things that are relatively linear and straightforward are easy to learn.

Retractable Claws: Tiger like claws located in each finger and toe, augmented with superhuman durability to be able to cut through steel, concrete and metahuman flesh.

Fangs Teeth and Fang: The better to rend flesh with.

Camouflage: His skin can change it's color and texture to anything he desires.

Blood Freezing and Hibernation: He is capable of surviving frozen in the arctic and can hibernate during the winter like an animal if he chooses too. Though now that he does not live in the wildnerness, he

Senses: The creature man has the senses necessary to hunt down his prey without them having much hope of escape.
  • Thermal Vision: Can see heat signatures and even thermal footprints left behind from people stepping in certain places.
  • Night Vision: Functions as an image intensifier, making subtle amounts of light appear brighter in his eyes. With his bio-lumiscience, he can emit a small amount of light to aid in this and make his eyes like nightvision goggles. Though this renders him particularly vulnerable to exceedingly bright lights.
  • Echolocation and Hearing: Can hear the fluttering of a butterfy's wings from but a few feet away. A human heartbeat from twenty feet away. And with a generated noise, he can feel everything around him for hundreds of feet
  • Omni-Directional Vision: Can see in all directions at all times.
  • Molecular Sensation: Can feel things all throughout his body and out it's exterior down to the point of the molecular level.
  • Sense of Smell: The equal to a bloodhound. Can detect only two molecules and is nearly impossible to throw off. Has the ability to identify mutants and others with genetics oriented superpowers.
List of Sacrifices

Is it not a good thought to know you go on being useful? Even when you are long dead?

Virtue -Magnetic Field Control via whistling.
Progress - Evolutionary abilities gained through combat.
Diva - Movie Effect Powers. Including special effects and invulnerability to non-superhero combatants
Faker -Shapeshifting Face
Leon -The gift, a limited set of mana-less magic
Atypical -Biokinesis

Lethe, The Once Reaper
Voracious, The Vampire Vagabond
Vas, The Shadow Man
Amaranth, The Ultimate Life-Form
Jackal, The Devil's Dog


Varcolac, The Cursed Cartel
Nosferatu, The Damned Descendants of the Darkblood

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