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The Vârcolac Cartel

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:40 pm
by Lord of Nothing

Alias(es): Varcs, Wulves, Defectors, Nossies (For those that know of them), Haunts, Spooks, Strigs, Phantoms, Owls, Bloodsuckers, Rats, Nozzies (If you wanna piss them off)

A word which originates from Romanian tongue, given to a nearly mythical drug Cartel which has all but become the silent scourge of South America.

There are many interpretations to the myth which surrounds the Cartel in and of itself. Some speculate that they are a gang created originally was actually a vigilante group. One which was good enough to combat all of the Cartels simultaneously. Thus, they attracted the attention of the United States Army, to be trained as an anti-Narco part of the Mexican Army. Trained by Special Forces -- they were slated to be the most persistent drug related force in the country.

However, things changed. The men had come to terms with the reality that their home was sustained by monsters. And in order to destroy them, they had to replace them. They had to become monsters themselves.

And some say that they did. The Varcolac had all but faded from sight, yet the effects of their acts precedes them. The sweep through the ranks of other cartels that cross them like a scythe through wheat. They steal military grade weapons and equipment with nearly no trace. They rob burn money of federal reserves as though it were nothing and look down upon small petty bank robberies. They secure the most important shipments from the shadows and tear apart most vigilantes who would so seek to disrupt their operations.

Some suspect that the group is composed of metahumans. But how can so many skilled, motivated and professional metahumans gather in one place? This is an unlikely ensemble. Even the Society doesn't have that many metahumans gathered in a single place.


The Reality

The Varcolac Cartel harbors a darker secret yet still. The men had forsaken much of their humanity before the they had give up on their flesh. And then, they had been given a chance to become true Apex predators. Opportunity presented itself in the form a dark and ancient power that corrupted the hearts of men in exchange for near mastery of the flesh and an awareness of the dark. With this, they could pull off jobs they had only dreamed off. They could kill nearly any man in the world and they would have access to greater riches than they could ever imagine.

Most importantly, they would be able to make a difference and rule how they saw fit. They would be better than those who had come before them. The cost would be their humanity, but they'd already lost that, hadn't they? The men sought to become true monster if that meant a better country for them all.

They were were named the Varcolac. And were likened to a pack of bloodsucking wolves, who's control over the elements allowed them to approach areas under the shroud of utter darkness.

Their powers came with weaknesses to the sun,silver and fire. Yet, this made little difference to the men. Well trained, nothing much had really changed. The sun was a problem. A silver knife may as well have been a normal knife. Fire is often slow, rare as a weapon and considered inhumane enough to inhibit most advanced incindiary weapons from being used against them. And even their, bane Break armors uses conventional armor to offer protection against even the sun.

In a way, Clinging to their training and to their enhanced version conventional combat has helped the faction cling to their humanity, despite savage feeding habits which result in the deaths of a great many thousands at their hands and their distance from general society.


The Varcolac was a terrifying beast of legend, said to be like a blood sucking wolf capable of consuming the moon in Romanian Legend. The Varcs name simply stems from them likening themselves to a pack of bloodsucking beasts.

Court of Owls
The Varcolac's Inner Circle Consists of only approximately 150 members internationally. These members are the elites. They rarely appear in person and mostly leave the actual work to the minions who serve them. Their presence however is to enslave and control.

Phantom Wolves
The claws. The tip of the spear. The executioners. The small but potent tip of the spear. A small private army numbering only in a few hundred but making up for a lack numbers with

The Rats
The many. The uncountable. The innumerable and often ignorant people who don't even know what they actually serve or simply do so with only the vaguest knowledge as to who or what their true master really are.

The Varcolac generally participate in the most profitable ventures possible. They are above high risk, low reward ventures such as bank robberies, sticking with the drug trade, larger scale robberies, white Collar crime and managing large scale ventures

Drug Trade- The main source of income. With access to resources, property and land across the Americas, they can produce functionally any drug under the sun and they mostly sell to the United States more than anywhere else. Have established a notably large deal with one Vlad Dracula.

People Smuggling- Not everyone who is being moved by the Varcs are in debt to them. Simply put, if you have the money, they will move with usually few questions asked. The exception to this are VIPs and people who incur a certain risk. That costs extra.

Human Trafficking- This in particular can blur the line between smuggling and human trafficking. Varcolac generally has a policy against kidnapping individuals for the sake of trafficking them. People however in poorer countries often will agree to carry out contracts in which they work for the Varcolac as slaves, prostitutes and/or blood-bags for a set amount of time or indefinitely.

Protection Racket- Functionally, this actually does function as private security. The Varcolac will not force you to accept their protection. Simply, they allow their reputations to proceed them. And with the amount of vigilantes running around, there are no shortage of people in illegal businesses who need protection.

Gun Running- Having a large degree of military grade firearms from across the world, the Varcolac can provide almost any conventional arm imaginable. Most of these are Russian. However, arms from other countries are able to be made or obtained

Robbery- They take. Not just money, but things which can be transferred into money. From robbing other cartels, to taking rare earth elements, to federal reserves. The Varcs never rob banks, and look down upon those who do pursue such petty ventures.

Repossession- A completely (mostly) legal enterprise in which a company repossesses items which are considered legal assets in the case of a debt.


Territories and Stomping Grounds- High=500+, Medium=100-499 Low=Less than 100
  • Duskburg, USA (High)
  • Kowloon, China (High)
  • Mexico (Medium)
  • Chile (Medium)
  • Columbia (Medium)
  • Romania (Medium)
  • Italy (Low)
Money and Finances- Currently Drug Cartels are able to make untold billions from trading with the U.S. and other countries. The Varcolac in is no exception, raking in an amount that numbers in the tens of billions from their operations alone. While the drug industry in and of itself is worth $500 Billion. Few people know truly how much money the Varcolac has at their disposal at a given time.
  • The Shadow Bank- A bank with which the Varcolac and affiliates may withdraw large amounts of money
Cyber-Warfare-The Varcs are capable of tracking down most people who would attempt to hack any electronic media they have, boasting access to police resources in both Duskburg and through latin America. They can easily trace phone calls, tap into cameras and trace cellphones.

Chemical Production Facilities- Any wide number of businesses which are used to produce drugs. This also enable them to use ordinary weapons.

Shipping Companies- Used for the movement of drugs and (Un)Living Assets

Vehicles- The Varcolac have most any kind vehicle which one can imagine. Most notably however, the group have access to improvised armored vehicles such as Semi Trucks, SUVs and other IFVss. Particularly Narco Tanks.


Nosferatu Physiology

The Varcolac members each typically have access to a varying degree of otherworldly power which gives them a supernatural edge over most competitors. Typically only receive enough blood to possess meaningful potency in three categories.

Vigor- Superhuman Strength. A common ability among all of it's members. Superhuman strength is a simple yet very versatile power which is useful against all

Celerity- Superhuman Speed. A common trait among wolves.

Resilience- Superhuman Durability.

Protean- Transformation of the Flesh. A god-like ability which very Varcolac actually possess. This enables for the control of one's own flesh and even of non-living elements which comprise flesh. So it also allows for the control of water and dirt. This rare ability allows for users to spawn claws and sharpen their teeth to geometries which should be impossible. Even under a microscope, some who have studied Nosferatu flesh find that their claws are capable of cutting through functionally anything bar truly indestructible substances.

Investment in this allows one to achieve many of the other abilities, but it tends to also distance from their humanity. Those who have this are usually more powerful and higher ranked than others.

Dominate- Mind control. Common among owls. Used to control both people and animals alike. The power seems to rest primarily in the eyes, though some more advanced users can subsume or otherwise influence humans with also their voice.

Insight- Many are well acquainted with the flesh and some specialize more so in this perception. Any Nosferatu is fully capable of identifying one's species and sometimes even one's abilities by smelling a singular drop of blood. To exude blood means to be tracked and seen anywhere. Once blood is drawn, the sense smell is all but impossible to throw off.

Most are highly tuned to hear the sounds of blood. To see the pulsing heat of the human body. And to taste the differences in human flesh.

Occulus- Illusions and mindtricks. The dark and the light are two sides of the same coin, and through learning the dark, they can form mental illusions.


Bane Breaker Armor

A design stolen from the armor of one unaffiliated Nosferatu Vigilante known as Septimus Nier. This armor serves to mostly invalidate or less inherit Nosferatu weaknesses to fire, sunlight and silver. This allows the vampires to move about and operate during the day, withstand fire and stop soft silver bullets dead in their tracks.

eing that Nosferatu do not have to worry about their bodies overheating and they produce little to no smell, they are well suited to wearing full body armor with functionally no detriment. However, some Nosferatu (those who transform) forsake the armor so that it may not impede their transformations or that it might not otherwise inhibit their mobility.
  • Type III Ballistic Plates- Bullet Resistant Plates present on the Torso, the Back and the sides
  • Nomex- Fire Resistant Material Interwoven with Kevlar
  • Kevlar- Cut Resistant and Flame Resistant Weave which prevents conventional swords and knives from cutting.

A high powered Battle Rifle with a great many variants and offshoots. Only a vampire has enough strength to control the weapon in fully automatic fire out to farther ranges. It makes a good weapon for engaging targets at a range, serving the role of a designated marksman's rifle to take out foes at who sit at a longer distance.


The most common weapon in the world. A reliable and high powered Assault Rifle with many variants among all ranks.


An Assault Rifle based heavily off the M4A1/M16 series assault rifles and used by many special forces units around the world, including that of the U.S. The weapon is reliable, accurate and modular, employing the all too common 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge. The weapon maintains armor piercing capabilities of other rifles and greater accuracy out to a range. This weapon is exclusive to owls, wolves and those who directly serve under them as agents and guards.

Benelli M4

A versatile semi-automatic Shotgun. A common weapon which can use many different kinds of ammo.

FN P90

Personal Defense Weapon. A lightweight gun with a high degree of stopping power, capable of punching through body armor and boasting a high magazine size. Reserved for higher ranked and proven members. Used in URban combat.


High Stopping Power Pistol. Reserved for higher ranks.

Glock Series handgun

A wide variety of durable, reliable and cost efficient handguns. Common among all ranks. Most variants are 9mm.


Machete-like knife designed to deliver grievous blows capable of hacking off limbs, splitting skulls and decapitation.


Versatile Sword made primarily for thrusting though the grab in armor. However, it is also cutting and smashing into armored targets,

Father Donovan, the Martyr

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:42 pm
by Lord of Nothing
"People have allowed tragedy to rob them of their faith."


Name: Donovan Francisco

Alias(es): The Martyr, Father Donovan, The Fallen Hunter, The Traitorous Templar, The Godless Prophet

Species: Human (Thrall)

Affiliation: The Vârcolac Cartel

Date of Birth: 1265 A.D.

Height: 5 ft 9 (6 ft 2)

Weight: 135 lbs (170 lbs)

A once great, faithful and gallant Knight of the all too famous templars. And from there, he was a hunter of the supernatural. A killer of witches, creatures of the night and banisher of demons. Soon however, mortality caught up with him. He grew old. The cartilage in his joints had worn out. His spinal column shrunk as Osteoporosis took hold and he hunched over whenever he walked.

He stood on the forefront of that which threatened humanity. Now a homeless monk who owns nothing and is utterly content with it. Through exploring sin, he has realized the corrupting nature of excess and developed an appreciation for more wholesome and immaterial desires. His lack of motivation by material things has turned him into a very loyal and motivated follower of Bashanipal himself.

In recent times, the centuries old thrall has

Powers and abilities
Without the Darkblood, Donovan is but a frail old man no more or no less capable than his counter-parts. With it, he becomes greater than any human being can, for a cost.

By drinking the blood of Bashanipal himself, Donovan is capable of acquiring a fraction of the Vampire Lord's power for himself, imbuing him with physical skills beyond that of any man.. But this power serves to allow the old man to use skills his body is otherwise too weak for. He owns nothing save for a bottle of his master's blood, the clothes of his back and his knightly equipment. Which oddly still in very good condition.

Vigor: A strength which surpasses that of that which any human,.

Celerity: Dononvan is capable of running at approximately the speed of a wolf. And he can exert twice this much speed in bursts.

Resilience: A toughness beyond most natural creature. Donovan is capable of surviving a car crashing into him and strikes which would otherwise break bone.

Protean: A limited variety of shapeshifting which strains the human body when used. The Martyr so far can only use this ability to grow slightly in size and resume a face much like his younger self.

Swordsmanship: Father Donovan is adept at German Longsword Fencing. He seems to also have a penchant for Zweihanders and is considered by some to even be a master of such blades. He was legendary and known for being able to take the heads off multiple approaching undead with but a single swing. The man has taught many a hunter his ways, up to an including one Septimus Nier.

Leadership: The Martyr seems capable of gathering a small following among the homeless. Enough to recruit many such Forsaken into the faction known as the Varcolac.

Darksteel Sword: A Bastard made of a long lost metal. This is a shame, as the steel is much more durable than most forms of steel around. For some reason, this steel does not seem to rust and thrives on being doused in blood.

The sword is impure. It is not fully made of the mystical steel. While thin, the metal is rather dense and heavy. Particularly. Perhaps this is why it is not used in armor. The sword is sharp enough to withstand blows from carbonadium along it's edge and capable of slicing through lesser steel plate. Which conventionally would be sword proof. Indeed, the weapon can cut into bulletproof armor and leave grievous marks on armored vehicles. Against the unarmored, it is said that it can cut through multiple men at once if the user is sufficiently skilled.

It's durability is enough to maintain a razor like edge with some honing. But ultimately the blade does dull. This one has lasted for more than five hundred years and while well maintained, it is not as sharp as it once was.

Monster's Claw: A Knife curved inward like the claw of an animal, this custom weapon is functionally the same as a large Karambit. This makes the knife exceedingly useful in slicing and ripping off chunks of flesh from opponents. With a heavy blade composed fully of darksteel, it is even capable of punching into armor.

Hunter-Armor: A lightweight armor easily concealed underneath a cloak, it features a hardened leather and fractions of steel plate. An underlying chainmail mesh exists under the armor, rendering the user at least immune to conventional knife strikes. This armor is however, while lightweight, is not bulletproof.

The Mother

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:27 pm
by Lord of Nothing
"Beauty comes in a great many forms."
Name: Karine Yahontov

Alias(es): The Mother, Mother Karine, 母亲 (Mǔqīn) Drinker of Orphans, Devourer of Children, Connoisseur of the Young, The Baleful Baba Yaga,

Species: Nosferatu Vampire

Affiliation: The Varcolac Cartel

Date of Birth: ???

Height: 6 ft*

Weight: 140 lbs*

*=Variable. The mother can become large or small, shrinking or growing to suit her needs at a moment's notice.
"Mother" as she most commonly called is a high ranking owl who was apart of the faction known as the Varcolac before it became a Cartel. A veritable veteran member of the ancient Cartel, she is one of it's oldest members and is considered to be one of the highest in rank.

Few people know that however, with the legends of the mother being little more than urban myth to most people. Myths that speak of things that abduct naughty little children into the night should they misbehave. Legends that spoke of an owl like creature which swept away children who stayed out playing too late in the dark or who wandered into the woods during the dead of the night.

As of late, such myths and legends seem to circulate the city of Beijing. Woah to those children left without homes and abandoned onto the city's all too crowded streets.
There once was one born with in an age of strife and sorrow. And she had everything one could need to live. And more.
Parents? They were wealthy nobles who'd dealings with the church. They gave her nearly anything she could ask for. She'd book and entertainment. The girl was a natural product of good breeding, having a beauty she'd inherited from her mother. She'd an abundance suitors lined out of the door (some of which she'd snuck into her bedroom) and many hearts to break. Servants who waited on her hand and feet. The most delightful of food. And yet for the young girl this was not enough. For all of it was given. And non of it was hers. And whenever the girl stepped out of line, the parents were sure to let the girl who was given everything and who owned nothing where she stood.

One day, something that once a man came to her and saw her sorrow. Spoke of her potential. And gave her choice. To live with all that she had been given. Or to die and enter a new life of freedom in which she owned everything she herself earned.

Powers and Abilities
Karine is a powerful Vampire Lord with a whole array of abilities that make her a terrifying nocturnal predator with a firm hold over those whom she abducts. The woman has every attribute a typical Nosferatu vampire would have, as well as her own finely developed abilities and one unique ability passed down to her in the form of diablerie. A soul eating attack seen by many her followers as the ultimate sign of the mother's love.

Protean: To alter one's body to accomplish any number of things.
  • Polymorph: She traveled and tasted many types of animals. Her flesh itself is a sea of animalistic textures, and she may choose any one to line her skin with.She can form any material which might be derived from a noctornal predator or scavenger.
  • Witch's Wings: A pair of owl like wings which allow her to fly at the same speeds she can run.
  • Rubbery Flesh: The mother is capable of making her flesh like unto rubber., able to contort and become flexible to the point of negating blunt force trauma. She may become hard or soft, and squeeze in through a crack not seen through the human. Few places are inaccessible to her as she grows, shrinks, stretches and expands at will. She may squeeze into gaps much, much less than an inch wide and flatten herself to the point of achieving the thinness of a pierce of paper.
  • Hollow Bones: The woman has the ability to adjust her overall mass and weight, shunting it away to such a point that she was less than the air and can defy gravity. Despite her lack of any shape, she can push against the air with her wings effortlessly.
  • Natural Talons: Her default claws. Jet black talons jutting out from the tips of each individual digit and her toes Razor sharp. Enough to split hairs. Perfect poking holes in steel pale and kevlar. Or ripping off large chunks of flesh.
  • Vorpal Claws: Long slender talons sprouting from each individual digit with an edge so sharp that there exists lense capable of comprehending their edge. Capable of cutting through any conventional material known to man. Trees very casually fall from a single stroke. Wired cabling whip lashes forward when severed, causing an entire bridge to creak in agony. An owl like figure dances among a crowd of trained soldier, reducing their flesh, bulletproof ceramics and kevlar to ribbons. A pillar holding up a building begins to slide away, all too easily falling to the ground with a subtle push. A diamond necklace, synthetic and forged beneath pressures that would make the earth's core blush, falls unceremoniously in two from a victim's neck.
  • War Form: A transformation which makes Karine into a killing machine. Her size becomes such that she becomes a gaunt humanoid that stands at roughly a story. It's limbs slender. In hands large enough to wrap around a human being. Claws reaching sizes more than than of men.
Vigor- Unnatural Strength which imbues the fibers of her body with a strength beyond that of a mere human. The woman can very casually decapitate mortal men with but a singular backhand and can rip limbs away. With her wings, she can whisk away grown men without any real resistance. And throw them across a street as though they were puppies.

Celerity- Some hunters have been wise enough to load silver bullets against the witch. She can count on one hand how many of said hunters ever managed to hit her. Her acceleration is instant without penalty, and though she does not move faster than a bullet, she does not need toThis unerring speed and acceleration appears to extend to her flight.

Resilience- The woman may become as hard when she wishes to. Though the focus of her blood is to her claws. She may be shot, stabbed, impaled and so on and so forth when they are in use. Only strikes to the heart cause lasting harm. She does not experience blunt force trauma the same way a human does, unable to feel dazed or dizzy from such types of damage. Indeed, few things outside of fire, silver or sunlight seem to do long-lasting harm.

Occulus- The woman is adept with blending in with the dark and remaining undetected.
  • Scentless: Her undead body produces no scent. Only harboring that scent of the environment. To find her, one must draw blood. But even that smells of an alchemical mixture of multiple components.
  • Dark Camoflauge: The woman reacts strangely when confronted with the dark, becoming functionally invisible within the shadows.
  • Mirage: The woman can generate a field around her body which can alter the way that she appears to be human. This repulsive notion allows a layer of blood to make her appear human. She may appear to be any human larger or small than she typically is (due to her shapeshifting). Well fed, she can maintain this form for roughly an hour.
  • Euphoria: Through ingesting her blood, the woman can control it's properties and thus muddle with the mind of anyone who ingests her blood for better or worse. She can emulate any number of sensations and feelings within the person, from warm to passion to love and even paralysis. Helpessness. Send someone frothing from the mouth into a trip. Or so on and so forth.
  • Subtle Steps (Protean): Is capable of reducing her weight to such an extent that she does produces practically no sound whatsoever.
Dominate- One look into her eyes is all it takes. She can tell you to sleep. To forget. To love. To kill. The target will do anything that they are mentally capable of doing.

Instinct- Supernatural Senses.
  • Raptor sight: Can perceive the desirable warmth that defines and emanates from living things. Allows her to track foot steps and heat trails.
  • Dark Vision: Like many Nosferatu, the woman can see completely well in pitch black darkness. Indeed, the less light, the easier it is for her to see.
  • Sanguine Connoisseur: The taste of one's blood allows the Drinker of Orphans to ascertain nearly anything about them, from things as simple as what they've eaten, their state of health and any diseases, to their genetic structure.
  • Rushing River: Can hear practically living thing which has a heartbeat within a range of a city block. And can detect things with rushing veins within her immediate vicinity.
  • Bloodhound: Can identify any number of things from the scent of one's blood.
  • Intimate Touch: Is sensitive to subtle changes in the pressure and temperature in the air. Can identify materials and people by their touch.
Diablerie- The consumption of what makes you, you. Your hopes. Your dreams. Your experiences. Knowledge. Emotions. The mind, body and soul is drank through the blood, brain matter reduced to worms as the victim finds something new waiting for them in the afterlife. The mother gains knowledge from the person and may take on certain traits of their personality.

It merges with that of the the mother, becoming not many, but one functional whole. Many miserable children find such warmth in their embrace. Why not be like her?