Harry Thompson [N-Class-C]

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Harry Thompson [N-Class-C]

Post by illirica » Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:45 am


Name: Harold "Harry" Thompson

Alias: none

Rank: N-Class-C - Class-C Foundation asset with no specific area of specialization.

Location: Various mobile, officially assigned to L-14 under R-Class-D Dr. Cody Redd

Age: 20 years of age

Hair: dark brownish-black

Eyes: brown

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 59.3 kg

Languages: English (native), Spanish (conversational), French (atrocious), Tolkien Elvish (more fluent than he admits), Klingon (passable)

Skills: Fairly good at paperwork.

Hobbies: Reading fantasy novels, with occasional bouts of science fiction.

Foundation History:
Following the 2018 Breach Event, college student Harry Thompson stumbled onto evidence of anomalous nature. His natural curiosity propelled him to investigate, leading to his initial contact with the Foundation. At some point shortly thereafter he was recruited by ACF because the kid wasn't going to leave it alone for his obvious interest.

Due to his eagerness and relative shorthandedness of qualified personnel given the incident, Harry was assigned as a class-B to L-6 under the command of SV-4 "Hack." In early 2019, he began working directly with [DATA EXPUNGED BY ORDER OF SECURITY COUNCIL].

At some point, Harry developed a degree of syne[DATA EXPUNGED, LEAVE THE INFO OUT. THANK YOU.]

Harry Thompson was promoted to Class C following [REDACTED, [EXPLETIVE]. REDACTED] and was subsequently assigned to L-14. His easygoing nature has made him optimal for extraFoundational activities, particularly first-contact situations.

Additional Notes:
Following Recent Events it should be noted that Mr. Thompson has acquired a certain way of looking at things.

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