Pantera Salvaje

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Pantera Salvaje

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Pantera Salvaje


For most of his life, Juan Guerrero was your typical athletic non-superpowered jock. His grades were always fairly average and, aside from his affinity for sports, he had no remarkable skills to speak of. And so, he rode his athleticism through highschool, then college, and straight into the ring. Just... not the ring that he had originally intended to find himself in.

Throughout high school, college and the vast majority of his free time outside of school, Juan fought to turn his body into a machine of destruction and his mind into a suitable pilot. He took some time to pick up a bit of boxing and some Muay Thai for kicks, but his real passion was fighting wars on the ground. Jui jitsu and Wrestling were burning into his muscles from the age of 4 and became a way of life for him. And he took those skills to make a name and a career for himself as the famed "One-Touch Pantera", luchador extraordinaire.


Unfortunately, life had other plans for him.

See, no matter how skilled Juan was in the ring, and no matter how much of a show he put on, Luchadors just didn't pocket all that much money. On top of that, the art of cinematic wrestling was a dying form of entertainment eclipsed by the WBA and UFC. And, with the evolution of entertainment, the entertainers had to evolve as well. And so, Pantera Salvaje turned his sights to the octagon to shed his mask and enter the cage.

Now, the shift from Luchador to MMA wasn't much of a problem for Juan. The boy knew how to handle himself in a fight. But what he couldn't have predicted was the tragedy on his opening night in the octagon.

The Fight

Pantera Salvaje or, at this point in time, Juan Guerrero, attracted more attention in his opening bout than anyone hosting the event could've ever predicted. This was mostly because, well, they all had expected him to get his ass kicked by whoever he was going up against. It was so much of a draw that his manager asked him to keep his mask on for the fight and stick with his old stage name.

Luckily, Guerrero obliged the man.

Now, as soon as Pantera Salvaje hit the mat, something changed in him. All his life, he thought himself an average man with a slightly above average kinesthetic intelligence. And, up until that point in his life, he was. A dormant metahuman gene awoke in the man and, well, let's just say that his legacy as the "One-Touch-Wonder" held true. That the last fight that either Pantera or his opponent would ever have in the ring.

The Return

Five years after the gruesome events of his last fight, a masked vigilante with a commonly known public identity made his debut; dealing with a small group of gas station robbers in what was arguably the flashiest beatdown in recorded history. His name started popping up on candy bars and cereal boxes and the mask that once brought such joy and hype to a faithful audience became a household name once again.

Juan Guerrero may have no longer qualified for the ring that he once held dear, but the urge to fight and put on a good show for his audience would never die. Now, Pantera Salvaje dons his mask to enter the fray once more. For this luchador, a life without struggle and combat was a life unfulfilled.

Although Juan's powers are little more than the traits adopted through random mutations like all metahumans, Pantera Salvaje is, undoubtedly, no mere metahuman. To his audience and his fans, his abilities are not simple powers, they are gifts from the Luchador Gods!

The Gift of Life

Juan's primary ability is that of simple regeneration. Bones, organs and blood are all rapidly constructed from the basic metabolic materials in his body and he is capable of healing even the most grievous of wounds in seconds as long as the basic building blocks of his tissues are readily available to him. While this makes it nearly impossible to kill him in a single hit, let alone a dozen, it also places a pretty hard limit on the amount of damage that he can heal before effectively starving himself to death through regeneration

Much like the tissues of any average human, Juan's body slowly and incrementally adapts to the strain that it is forced to endure on a daily basis. As a result, he is capable of building superhuman strength by simply tearing his muscles in the gym (or in battle against other physically superior metahumans) and allowing them to heal to a level of vigor and fortitude that a man with no meta gene would be incapable of reaching. The limit to his strength, if there is one, is unknown, but the struggle to surpass his strength every day gets harder and harder. Currently, his strength is limited to around 10 tonnes; his muscles having recently grown accustomed to bench pressing cars and pickup trucks.

His bones and skin are no different than his muscles. As he repeatedly damages his knuckes, fingers, elbows, shins, feet, and any other bone that he employs in combat, they break and are repaired to a much sturdier form. Currently, he is capable of breaking brick and bending thick steel with single punches without damaging his bone. His skin, like the rest of his body, grows more and more resilient to damage as it is continually torn and shredded in combat. Juan hopes to rise to great heights like the heroes that came before him, but only time and diligence will produce the results that he strives for.

Juan's very blood carries the power of life that he named his own regeneration after. When Pantera Salvaje shares his potent blood with another, they experience rapid healing. When orally ingested, Pantera's blood acts as a sort of stabilizer. Wounds immediately close and blood rapidly clots to prevent further bleeding. Toxins are purged from a person's body and disease is tapered temporarily. When intravenously introduced into someone else's body, they undergo more potent healing and can actually regenerate full on limbs and organs.

The Gift of Earth

Pantera Salvaje's second, and more subtle ability, is to alter his own mass and weight independent of his size and density. In other words, Juan can alter how much of an effect gravity has on him and give himself as much or as little inertia as he wants. He can become an immovable wall of muscle one second and a weightless beast running atop water the next. He can leap for miles with the gentlest of pushes against the ground, or flatten a car a few feet into asphalt after falling only a foot down onto the hood.

He refers to this ability as "The Gift of Earth" as it allows him to keep himself firmly planted on the ground against any force that may attempt to move him and makes him as difficult to move as Mother Earth herself. That and, well, it also massively improves his ground-game in a fight.

The Battle Gear

Nothing all that special about it, really. Just some armor on his forearms, shins and over his crotch. It doesn't do much to actually protect the luchador extraordinaire, but it does keep him from ending up naked after an elbow drop that would've instantly ripped all of his clothes off and left him very NSFW.

The Panther's Shroud

You can break his bones, shed his blood and strip him naked in the streets. But you don't even try to take off a luchador's mask, bitch.
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