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Ryoko of the East

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:26 am
by Ryoko
Ryoko, Heavenly Dragon of the East

It's something that I'm still asking myself, really.

Ever heard of "The Rapture"? Some people call it something else. Most people don't believe in it. Personally, I have no idea if the hand of some god will come down to take the better part of the population away. But, regardless, the part that you all got wrong was the assumption that there was only going to be one Rapture.

I'm what you'd call a yokai, one of millions of the natural spirits that walked the earth a thousand years ago making the world a better, or worse, place for mankind. Most of us walked around in human skin most of the time, but, well, there wouldn't be so many stories about us left behind if we didn't get caught au naturale every once in a while. We all had our jobs that we were to do, but our contracts were only made to last so long.

I don't remember the exact day it happened, I know it came without warning. One early morning, about a thousand years ago, we all just stopped existing. And, before you get excited, it's not like the fantastical shit you see on television. None of us rose into the sky and caused a big commotion or anything. We all went quietly.

I can't speak for anyone else who got left behind, but I can tell you what I saw. A golden barrier keeping me out of the land where my brothers and sisters were rewarded for their efforts in preparing the world for the age of man. Now, I could argue that I saved and taught and comforted more people than any of my siblings, but apparently that wasn't enough to get in. Can you believe it?

I spend a few hundred years having fun with the people who worshiped me and taking pride in my actions and suddenly I'm vain and narcissistic. Doesn't matter how many people I saved or how much I helped their crops flourish. What a fucked up system, right?

They told me actions didn't matter in the slightest. That I had spent too much time among the hairless apes and "contracted their vices". That my soul was unfit to walk amongst my siblings in the good place. And then I fell. I fell for a hundred years and came crashing right back down into a world that no longer needs the Yokai. That longer needs the Dragons.


And now I'm supposed to try to become a better person to get into what you'd call "Heaven". Easy, right? Of course it's not fucking easy. If it was so easy, I'd have done it already. But, apparently, now that I know how my story is supposed to end, my good deeds no longer count towards good karma. Not like they ever did, anyway.

That's okay, though. I've already spent enough time blabbing on about my problems at this point. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do to "cleanse my soul", nor do I have any idea where to go to find out. But what I do know is that I've got all the time in the world to find out and a lot of problems that need to be fixed in the meantime.

Hopefully I'll figure it out before the world ends.

Didn't I literally just tell you that I'm a dragon?

Though, maybe you don't understand what that means.... Alright, let's simplify this to something that you can easily understand.

There are lots of reptilian, fire breathing creatures that purport to be dragons out there. You know em', the fat fucks that sit on piles of gold, fap all alone in a dark cave and kill people over fucking quarters. Those are the fakes that drag my people's name through the dirt. Like gangsters to educated black men. Real dragons are the best thing that's ever happened to mankind.

At least, in my opinion.

We were seen as spirits representing protection, success, wisdom, loyalty, fearlessness, strength, balance, and immense possibility. All that good stuff. We existed as shepherds to mankind up until their technology and knowledge had grown to a point where they could care for themselves. And then... most of us got rewarded for "tilling the land", so to speak.

If you want a great analog for real life angels walking among mankind, we were it. And now we're fucking gone.


Let's see...


I don't have to bother scrounging about for food and water like the humans. We're kinda like living stars, we run until we don't and are entirely self sufficient. Part of my job used to be knocking stray meteors away from the planet, it'd be kinda dumb if I had to wait for them to hit the atmosphere and cook the place, wouldn't it?


I'm sure you already guessed that I take forms aside from, well, the Kaiju that I'm sure you're expecting. It's not free-form transformation either. Like, I can't randomly turn into you or a chair or the Krakken or some shit.

I can turn into any creature that I've eaten and enhance that for with as much draconic energy as it can take before it starts to, well, turn back into a dragon. And each of my forms still has my identity. It's not the most useful ability, but you'd be surprised how useful an unassuming spider on the wall or fly in the corner can be during an investigation.

When I need to, I can let a bit of true self out and bear my claws. And fangs. Rarely do I encounter something that I can't just dice into pieces if I an get my hands onto it.

Also, before some stupid shit starts up, relax. Yes, I ate a human. He was a rapist and a murderer, get over it.


Duh. I'm a fucking dragon. The real deal, I don't need no fucking wings, neither.

I can't really do it right now though... I gotta release a few of my scales to actually get off of the ground.

-Draconic Fire

If you really wanna call it fire. I mean, it sets stuff on fire, but... well, lemme put it like this. Yes, it's fire. It functions just like fire in the physical world, but it's got a bit more going on than what you can see.

Normally, I just spit out plain fire. It tends to get the job done without causing any issues or significant property damage. But, if I run up on a ghost or some guy who doesn't burn (for some reason?) I can add a little bit of spice to it to allow it to burn a target on the astral plane. In other words, I don't really need to burn your body if I can just boil the soul housed inside of it. I can even use it to heat up by body and add some fire to my punches.

And, well, let's just hope you never have to see the breath that comes out of the dragon, dragon.


We were made to last and, up until the rapture, we did. The human body that I'm using to talk to you is kinda fragile compared to my real body, but it's too convenient to pass up. Still, I can shrug off bullets without too much issue and it takes some high grade equipment or a decent superhuman to make me bleed.

My body's made to naturally resist the mystical forces that most of these cocky metas like to use to brainwash or transmogrify the people around them, but it's not like I've never run into another Yokai whose magic was left me wounded. Especially when walking around like this.

Even in this human form, my strength and speed surpasses that of any normal man. Right now, you can think of me as a bear. Or a large gorilla, I guess. The more of my reptilian self that I let leak out, the more of my real strength you'll get to see... and the more property damage I'll cause, unfortunately.


When I'm injured, I heal.

Well, ok, I guess that's also true for you but... not to this extent. The same plasma coursing through my veins can be used to build and replace lost or damaged tissue and bone. You can literally watch small wounds close in seconds and limbs can be replaced in minutes. Internal organs are a bit harder to replace and, depending on how bad it gets, they might be impossible to restore beyond a certain point.

Still, as long as I'm not killed in a fight, I'll walk away from it looking like a new woman every time.

-Enhanced Senses

I see good. I smell good. I hear good. I'm also privy to things in the astral plane that wouldn't normally be visible to the human eye.

I've also got a knack for sensing, how to put it... reservoirs of mystical or esoteric power. It's a good way to set my priorities straight. Like, should I fight the guy with enough power to topple a building... or a continent first?


Why don't you just hope and pray that things never get so bad that you have to see that firsthand, mkay?

A Home in the English Woods- [^]

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Re: Ryoko of the East

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:27 am
by Ryoko
Mav convinced me to give it another shot, so here I am, lol

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Posted: Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:50 am
by Ryoko
Updated a bit

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Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:13 pm
by Ryoko
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Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:54 pm
by Ryoko
Slight update- 4/1/2020

Not sure I'll be writing many blogs, but I might as well keep em logged on here.