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Capacitor (Teja Docesznic)

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The God-Damned lightning.
Basic Information
Name: Teja Docesznic
Alias: Capacitor
Date of Birth: 7/26/1991
Affiliation: Society of Superheroes
Citizenship: Dual (USA and Slovenia)
Languages: English, Slovenian
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green


Charge Immunity, Absorption, and Discharge: Capacitor is naturally capable of nullifying electromagnetic charges, or of absorbing them up to a certain natural limit. Absorption beyond her limit causes an immediate discharge. She can also discharge energy at will, either to release targeted electrical strikes as an area-of-effect, or single-target lightning bursts. The affected area and the strength of the discharge is variable.

Magnetic Field Manipulation: Capacitor can manipulate nearby electromagnetic fields, or generate them using her inherent charge. She's able to use this ability as a movement skill, altering her own charge to be affected by the cast field. As such, she can reach high speeds and can also exhibit zero turning radius movement, although turning at the highest speeds is very challenging for her. She can also use this skill to alter charges and magnetize items, giving her the capability to stop bullets or other projectiles.

Synaptic Control: Capacitor has spent a great deal of time studying her own mental synapses, and is capable of detecting when they differ from her normal and using her ability to alter her brain synapses back to her preferred state.

Originally operating under the public alias Capacitor, Teja Docesznic was an agent for the US government up until recently, when a series of events resulted in a break of her allegiances. With roots going all the way back to an event in London, this dissociation - while unfortunate - was something that had been building for a long time. The London event brought up an informational gap, and testing after that event showed that her ability to generate charge had been something that had grown at an alarming rate, and not only that, at some point in the future would eventually overtake her ability to contain the charge she carried, resulting in constant destructive discharge.

At that point, plans as to Teja's future began to shift. She started spending more time with other heroes, rather than just with the government, and perhaps as a result of that or perhaps as a result of the impending changes in her life, she started becoming more and more discontent with staying in the background and assessing information, rather than actively trying to stop some of the situations that occurred. With the military's assurance that it was willing to turn a blind eye so long as she didn't get caught, Teja began engineering work on a side project that would eventually become the Valence Shell armor system.

The armor system made its first public debut in Manhattan, in a hunt organized by a woman under the alias of Alpha, leader of a group that called itself The Pack. The armor system performed well enough, as did Teja's cover, and the initial operation was deemed a success. Other than that, though, there was little about the event that could be considered successful. Teja's fellow soldier Hector Williams was devastatingly injured disarming a nuclear device, and he vanished into military medical care, leaving Teja with a bit of a vendetta regarding Alpha and her Pack. Some time later, the Pack made an attack on a MAVU laboratory, and despite Teja's requests, the military ordered her not to participate. Dissatisfied, she switched to her secondary alias and went in anyway. From the standpoint of managing to handle the situation as it occurred, she was quite successful, but from the standpoint of maintaining proper cover, her success was questionable, particularly to Teja's superiors.

This breach of obedience led to the impending end of Teja's career , and it was decided that it was best if she and the military split with reasonable amicability. Despite being an unofficially amicable split, it was necessary for the public view that things seem less so, and thus the event of her leaving was largely staged.

After her departure from the government, Teja began operating officially under the alias Recurrent, enabling her to take action against the Pack in Detroit. This would also prove one of her first major interactions with a man from MAVU Enterprises known as David Keith, operating under the alias Meshindi. While the Pack, as usual, retreated before a full defeat could be accomplished, she would meet Meshindi again a short time later in Manhattan, undertaking an effort to interfere with the actions of a drug cartel operating in the dockyards there. That event would also be her first meeting with a hero known as Invictus, who would recruit her to help him develop his concept for a Society of Superheroes. Unfortunately, interactions between Invictus and Meshindi were tense from the start, with Teja taking a more midline route between them that would prove to be a recurring theme. The event also proved her another opportunity to work with fledgling hero Tremor, who she had met some time ago in DC, as well as young hero Noctua, who had been present at Teja's break from the government. Both would eventually be recruited into the Society of Superheroes as well, at a later date.

Much of Teja's energy that hadn't gone into these events had gone into the construction of her personal science lab in the Mojave desert, known as AMPERE. It would not be long after the lab's construction that its existence attracted attention from an unknown meta who called himself Myrmidon. Tensions between the two were high, as Teja's scientific experimentation had unknowingly destroyed a device Myrmidon had claimed as his own. While both survived the following combat, a distinctive animosity had developed, which would come into play when it was later revealed that Myrmidon was part of an extraterrestrial group led by the villain Surgath, who enacted a plan to 'save mankind' under his own strict terms - or destroy it, under anyone else's.

The combined efforts of the Society of Superheroes and other responding forces would be enough to turn Surgath's attack away, though not without sustaining heavy losses, including the defeat of Akhilleus, Teja's ally from her military days - at the hands of Myrmidon. Her attempt to preserve his life via energy distribution may or may not have been effective, but Akhilleus was taken under the wing of Nicholas Pendragon, until a future date. Teja - and the Society - would soon have other things to concern themselves with. The so-called 'Decimation' brought to light the existence of a shadowy group involved in the containment and control of what they referred to as 'anomalies,' and Teja would take point on dealing with their representatives, as well as beginning to spend more time with students, work to emphasize the Society's aspect as a cohesive team, and attempt to manage the still-challenging rift between herself and Invictus as leaders of the Society.

-Meshindi's Noose, Nadir

Volksgeist, who was first encountered...

This is gonna be like 200 pages. Ugh. It's a work in progress, okay?

The death of Volksgeist left Teja with a number of changes. Despite their long-standing enmity, they made peace at the end, finding more in common than either of them would have preferred. Volksgeist chose to pass on to Teja the Eldest blade Stahlzahn, which she holds at his behest - but this far, has not used. It is a blade made for killing, and Teja is trying to retain the Society's original inception of avoiding death where possible. Further, the destruction of her Valence Shell armor led to further concern over her ability to control her charge. She chose to return to her previous alias of Capacitor, letting the Recurrent identity rest with the armor.

She endeavors to lead the Society of Superheroes to the best of her ability, and to be a hero worthy of the title in her own right, shouldering the mantles of Invictus... and of Volksgeist. Challenges arose in the ongoing fractalization of her relationship with Hector Williams, both of them fighting their own abilities more and more as their strength increased. The Society held together, though, as best as was possible given the developing pressure from Assurance and its newly deployed creation Augustus. To further acerbate the situation, the return of the Titans from the Decimation of six months ago brought additional strain. In this instance, lightning-bringer Myrmidon chose to stand with Earth rather than against it, and his information was indispensable to prepare for the coming conflict. Surgath's return took out Augustus, cynically solving one problem, but his attack left the Society greatly damaged. Akhilleus' power spiraled out of control, and Teja took up the mantle of Volksgeist to try to stop him - permanently.
The Return to Order:
The rebounding of Teja's attack on Hector Williams at Alaska rendered both of them comatose, and the situation was taken in hand by the government's shadowy new agent, Revolt - who would later be revealed to be Teja's identical self from another dimension. Teja's final return to consciousness resulted in her willingly parting with the blade Stahlzahn in an attempt to allow it to heal Hector Williams - however, before any results of that could be determined, Revolt took control of the situation as well as Williams, attacking in an attempt to kill Teja, ostensibly to purge the Eldest influence. Teja's ability to manipulate electronics allowed her to get a signal out to bring in the Society, and the potential fight was halted before it could progress too far. Nicolas Pendragon and Revolt took custody of Williams, and Teja returned to the Society - as did Garrick Valeria, who had made it through Volksgeist's trials and returned.

Teja now seeks to rebuild alliances and technology, fixing what has been lost or broken in the time of her absence.


Single Layer Ionic Protection
Made of miniature capacitive cells, the SLIP suit is not so much armor as fabric, and designed to be worn under clothing rather than over it. Like Valence Shell before it, the capacitors are capable of either storing charge to be used later, or absorbing unwanted discharge from the wearer - but unlike Valence Shell, it retains nothing of the impersonal, sometimes-robotic look. SLIP is skin-tight and very thin as far as materials go, but interplay between the capacitive cells and electromagnetic forces means that it is still capable of absorbing great amounts of force. SLIP could easily stop a bullet, should one get close enough to Teja to strike her, and can also turn the attacks of most basic edged weapons.

Pale gold in color, SLIP is worn as a bodysuit, most often beneath a short white greco-roman inspired chiton. Currently, the overdress does nothing, because while Teja would love to be able to design multiple new components in a single sitting, these things take time. Likely, she will adapt technology into the clothing at some later point.

Those few fragments of her original Valence Shell armor that remain have been reworked into greaves, vambrances, and breastplate. A cape in the original Capacitor green completes the look, and while Teja doesn't generally wear a helm, tying her hair up in a green-ribboned ponytail provides a look vaguely reminiscent of the old greco-roman styles as well.

Internal Operational Nuance Management & Assessment Situation Kit
Fitting over her eyes in the style of a domino mask, it was originally designed as an interior component of the Valence Shell. Unlike traditional masks, there are no openings, so it has been likened more to a blindfold than a mask, from the outside. From the inside, she can activate a single-way transparency window that allows her to see as normal, or bring up multiple small-scale screens detailing information on the current scenario, anything from terrain scans, hacks from security devices, files accessed through various servers, et cetera.

An extrusion can be fitted into one or both ears, acting as an audio delivery system for information, an audio enhancement system for listening in on quiet conversations, or an audio blocking system to seal and protect against loud noises. The eye covering as well automatically dims when lights above a certain threshold are noted, preventing onset blindness or disorientation from devices such as flashbangs.

Junction Ulterior Motive Portal
Designed by breaking down and combining aspects of Nicholas Pendragon's portal technology with the Society of Superheroes translocation technology, the JUMP system has one specific function - increasing battlefield presence and mobility. While inertial compensators on the Valence Shell give Teja the ability to move very quickly on the field, she is limited to what forces a human being can sustain outside the shell. Consequently, she designed the JUMP system to compensate for this weakness after an altercation with another electromagnetic wielder in Nevada.

The system fires a portal at any location within Teja's field range and instantaneously pulls her through it. While JUMP is a standalone system and can be used without Valence Shell, it can also be activated through the armor's conversion cannons. Given that like most of her technology, it requires an immense amount of power to activate on a regular basis, it's unfortunately not something that can be mass produced for the rest of the team, unless a suitable independent power source can be designed.

Computer Overlay Neural Network Electronic Communication Tether
A standard computer connection cable, ending in a small, hollow needle. The needle itself inserts into a port at the base of Teja's skull, and ionized metallic fibroids are passed through the needle into a web that reads her brain synapses and allows her direct computer access through ionic manipulation of binary data. While she has more or less mastered "reading" the data she accesses, she is still not fully proficient at outgoing influences, and neural output tends to appear more as static than anything more clarified.

This is the system that she uses to link into POWER:CELL at the AMPERE facility, but she has adapted a take-along version as well to splice into other systems, such as that in the Empyrean command center.

Status-Harmonized Inceptive Energy Leeching Defense
Set Point Energy Anchor Relay

While SHIELD and SPEAR are two unique pieces of technology, the underlying function of both items is precisely the same: To absorb any scattered ambient energy, and hold it until it can be later used, released, or absorbed. More so than any previous devices, SHIELD and SPEAR mark a change in Teja's design system, as they were not designed for a single purpose for a single wielder, but rather to function in different capacities depending on who is using them.

SHIELD, like Valence Shell, is an unstructured piecemeal design, capable of being held together by electromagnetic current. Having absorbed charge, it can be "locked" into a particular shape, and indeed function for the shield for which it is named, but prior to lock it is a more fluid design, the pieces designed to flow, free-form. When Teja uses them, she often deploys them in a scattered effect behind her. Each piece is capable of absorbing "unclaimed" energy within about 5 meters of itself, so keeping the parts scattered in a more open pattern allows them to absorb more ambient energy. The device operates on the principle that in high tier fights, there is often a massive amount of energy utilized in attacks which miss, and SHIELD is meant to pick up that energy and hold it for later. Adapted in part from the earlier Battery Backup, the device is capable of measuring her own ambient charge levels and is capable of either absorbing excess from her or pushing needed charge back into her if she has depleted herself.

SPEAR is much what its name suggests, a tipped weapon made entirely of fused capacitive plates. Unlike SHIELD, SPEAR's parts are immobile, fixed in place. Its absorption radius is much larger as well, up to 20 meters. Teja's ideal deployment of SPEAR is not to hold it, but rather to stick it in the ground as an energy beacon, pulling in excess battlefield energy. She can, if necessary, retrieve the weapon and discharge the energy at literal spearpoint, but as previously remarked, these devices were never made for a single wielder - but rather to be passed between two specific wielders: Teja herself, and Hector Williams.

Williams' ability functions as an energy sink, drawing in energy in order to sustain himself, but the possibility always exists that there will not be enough energy to do so, and in his hands, SHIELD is a protector, able to release energy back into him at a slow trickle, enough to keep him marginally functional for a time, or release it all at once to give him a boost of power.

SPEAR is the weapon that he once was, reforged. Its output in his hands functions similarly to Teja's Conversion Cannons, able to be adapted into any desired energy form and unleashed on a target, to devastating effect. Used in conjunction, SHIELD can reabsorb any unused energy from a SPEAR strike, and vice-versa.

Teja admits that even she isn't entirely sure what Williams will be able to do with those devices, but they were meant to be fielded together: In a sense, much like herself and Hector.
Additional technology can be found in Personal and Technical Developments
Teja's acceptance of Volksgeist's blade has given her control over the weapon. While she has not yet tapped into its destructive abilities, she has relied heavily on its healing abilities to slowly reverse much of the damage that has been done to her over the course of time - a good portion of which was done by Volksgeist himself. She is aware of the irony.

While holding the blade, she has also shown some very rudimentary abilities in terms of earth manipulation or sensitivity, though it is not something that she is fully in control of or able to manifest at will - further, to use this requires her to hold the blade, and Teja resists this as much as possible. It is a killing blade, after all, and to hold it is only a step away from drawing it.

She will draw it when she intends to kill, but not before.
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