藕 Cult of The Lotus 藕

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藕 Cult of The Lotus 藕

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The Lotus Clan had always looked to boost the abilities of humans, but metahumans should be no different. Meta, super, mutation whatever one chooses to call it though it should be seen as nothing more than human. So we wish to change that for the better. Of course many will say we're the villain, the criminal and so on. But there should be nothing wrong in giving power to the people.
Shattered: "Body of The Lotus"
image.jpeg (389.43 KiB) Viewed 102 times
Name: Amadi
Age: 29
sex: F
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Role Within The Cult: As the Lotus clan grew over the years despite favoring the human condition it gradually collected metahumans as well. The Cult's ideal is that the power of metahumans shouldn't be belonging to a minority that power should be gifted to others. Meanwhile the gifts of the Lotus should have a chance to pass on to far more. "The Body" is a role dedicated to defending the head of the cult and embodying the physicality of superhumans and Lotus physical conditioning.
Powers: Amadi has become known as the Shattered Lotus as within every strike bones break like glass. Although her upper limits show being capable of punching through iron and lifting vehicles. With this of course is durability being barely scratched by high calibur munitions and high speed collisions leaving little more than bruises.
Gear: Usually brings with her a pair of blades and a rebreather rarely finding much need for anything else.
Ideology: "If everyone shows capacity for evil there should be no hesitation in killing anyone."
History: "I knew from an early age little could harm me, that I never seemed to fall ill. A dumb child nearly was poisoned for trying to eat a battery sure but any accident was simply a thrill. As a child though I saw parents die from a robbery, their killers were just a couple trying to get ahead in life just a bit more money to get by. They weren't bad people but they did a bad thing, because of this I hated them. Because of who they were they wanted to take me in for the night and drop me off at an orphanage in the morning but instead I lashed out. Small fists felt skulls shatter from their blows, I didn't think myself a bad person but I'd done a bad thing. A clan found me not long after a gathering I find to be of good people doing nessecary evil, Asuka though has enlightened me of a need for more.
Ice and Fire: "Heart and Soul of The Lotus"
image.jpeg (1023.5 KiB) Viewed 101 times
Name: Hiro and Hanzo
Age: 57
sex: M
Height: 6'8
Weight: 230 and 209 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue and Yellow
Role Within The Cult:
Powers: Cold Pyrokinesis/Hot Cryokinesis the twins have a strange aspect of their powers where the affects of their abilities is swapped. Abilities of ice and fire manipulation remains the same, it's just that the ice burns and fire freezes.
Gear: Hiro brings an axe while his brother brings a katana though both carry an assortment of kunai some having chains connected to them.
Ideology: "A Lotus at their heart just wishes for the thrill of confrontation. The soul of the Lotus is to kill in silence."
History: "We would argue our history is of minor significance. Twins born to a clan of assassins and raised to find such a home. For my brother Hanzo nothing became as exhilarating as taking a target down in silence. For myself nothing was more thrilling than the numbers stacked against me in combat. For this we're given the position of heart and soul of the clan, a pair of individuals who showcase what the clan was and is at its core. Granted in our faith in Asuka we understand that view may one day change, there's a chance this is about rebirth over sticking to old ways.
Distorted: "Head of The Lotus"
image.jpeg (119.75 KiB) Viewed 102 times
Name: Asuka Shimuri
Age: 18
sex: F
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Role Within The Cult: Leader
Powers: "I simply speak things into being, instead let me tell you of the other Chances of the clan. The Chance of Understanding and Resilience. Of knowing the enemy and ones self, and knowing how to endure."
Gear: Little more than reinforced gloves.
Ideology: "I was born into the clan the pride in myself it brought me should be passed on. They shunned my gift though when I would say such a blessing should be shared."
History?: "There are many chances of the Lotus and for a Lotus. Some are born some are made, it teaches an understanding of self though which is the most important aspect. Key word there is understanding, for those of us with a gift we become in-tune to all that it could be. For those without a gift it further improves the body allowing a sort of natural advantage to other actions. For a child seen as a threat there was a need for resilience. Again a key word there, as an art was learned to assist the clan in surviving what they should not. It isn't like the other chances where reflexes are grand or healing is brief, this is an art allowing a girl to be hit by a superhuman and not having her bones shattered. Perhaps it's the closest to mysticism or maybe it's just awareness on a level that looks like it. In either case I endured and through these Hope to help the rest of humanity to endure. Now perhaps that doesn't tell the story of a girl as much as you'd like, but faith does usually come with some unknowns.

Additions Post the event dubbed Ninja Asylum

It has been decided that we will in the future mostly just send three or four of us at a time. Asuka and a few followers to perform a mission as opposed to a number of ninja's at least in most situations. However that isn't to say others won't be present. Specifically James Mcair and Maria Matina who record the cults actions, one of us who can teleport people and the devilish mute who speaks through the mind. We grew in number during the asylum gaining roughly twenty or so new recruits of various ability of those two soon to be seen in the field are as follows.

The Vocal Lotus "Voice of the Lotus"
image.jpeg (205.03 KiB) Viewed 60 times
Name: Cadence Kotone
Age: 26
sex: F
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 100lbs
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Violet
Role Within The Cult: "To make us either heard or a whisper"
Powers: Vocal has the power to generate and manipulate sounds with a deep understanding of frequencies. Through this she can somewhat control and manipulate emotional responses, release devastating sound attacks, generate heat, or muffle sound. Without going to in depth with abilities apart of her understanding comes down to her body being seemingly lighter then it ought to be as if she was sound. Because of this she can accelerate herself to the speed of sound and function at such velocity that being 767 mph or 343 meters per second.
Gear: Usually just a katana and the shimmering Violet projections of her sound attacks, which at times may look like for example knives or a spear. This is more just for the enjoyment of having a visual aspect to a fight it doesn't necessarily need to have such a glow.
Ideology: "It was through Asuka I've become intune to just how significant sound can be."
History: "A nurse at the asylum let's leave it at that and simply see what becomes of me now."

Click below for "minor members" as we like to call them valuable but not quite the spearheads of change

image.png (424.19 KiB) Viewed 59 times
Name: "They call me Bob "The Fool" Omaly
Age: 37
sex: M
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Role Within The Cult: "consider me the accountant if you will"
Powers: A minor ability to generate probability in my favor in regards to funds"
Gear: "I'm not one of the combatants..."
Ideology: "I just wish to have the wealth to do as I desire."
History: "I was arrested for things like theft and fraud, I was put in the asylum because of how violent I became when someone called me a lying thieving fraud."

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