Ezekiel D. Mandrake III

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Ezekiel D. Mandrake III

Post by Drake » Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:19 am

Name: Ezekiel Durham Mandrake III
Age: 32 (technically speaking, about 200 and something)
Alias: Drake
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 183 lbs
Occupation: Host of Plainsville; magical investigator
Connections: ACF - Independent Asset [Handler: Hope Philips]
Likes: Smoking, flirting, adventures, the 80's, petting dogs (specifically the normal ones), trenchcoats (duh), magical studies that require little time to actually decipher
Dislikes: People with a stick up their arses, Hollywood magic shows, modern music, modern technology, modern world, pretty much anything related to the current century that he cannot wrap his head around, holy spirits, people preaching against the 'purity' of his magic
Magic Affinity: Necromancy
Source of Power: Plainsville
Patron: Charity
The Mandrake Family
To first comprehend Drake's bizarre prowess with magic and it's even stranger origins, one must first delve into the mysteries of the 15th century, when the Mandrake family begun to properly make a name for themselves. In times of close to no technology, where science was null and tales were ever common in the tongue of the people, this family thrived in resolving certain inconsistencies not quite on the natural side of the world. Quaint happening, occurrences not even the most brilliant of minds could decipher, the Mandrakes were there for that sort of thing, bolstering their claims of the supernatural with an incredible collection of recordings about them. The obscure, always something the masses were afraid of, if they could eventually come to control it, their power would be unsurmountable.

It was with this in mind that Drake's ancestors struck a deal with odd forces of an abyss, granted unimaginable powers by aiding these forces to spread their chaos. They were linked to another reality, one where those who would come after were sworn to protect from the outside, embracing new inhabitants whilst keeping it a mere whisper around the other times and realities. A plethora of branches soon opened up for the Mandrakes, the relativity of time, the infinity of creation, from that simple spot, a mere smudge in the vastness of reality, they could go wherever, whenever. Many befell into madness, the sheer knowledge melting into their brains and sprouting so many distinguished ideas, so many distinct concepts to improve, and for generations the Mandrakes were never seen in good light again. Dealing with the dead, making pacts with entities who spoke in strident clatters, spreading delusional dreams of entities that were so far away in the sky yet still could communicate with them. Lunatics. Powerful ones at that.

And, naturally, as soon as Drake was born from his late parents, he was trained in the dark arts like many from before, introduced to the summoning ritual where he first met his companion, and cast into the world with no roots to come back to.

The Rules of Plainsville
Certainly, one could properly comprehend the enigmatical forces offering the deal wouldn't allow them to do whatever. It was, somehow, an orderly turmoil. The Mandrake family was contracted to guard, independent of the threat, their city of Plainsville while not directly being affected by it's very own 'inhabitant clause', therefore being able to properly chase those who escaped. However, in order for the contracted to not be the ones escaping, they were perpetually tied to their own 'timeline', being unable to flee throughout the cosmos, changing times and dimensions at whim. In other words, they can only spend a certain amount of time in different times, and often this time may or may not be extended depending on the gravity of the situation. Once it runs out, they are immediately dragged back to their own timeline, consequently making it easier for them to be hunted down.

Time still flows normally for them, in a way. For example, if a Mandrake were to be insulated in an island fifteen thousand years in the future, when smog killed humanity and gigantic cockroaches ruled the Earth, and they spent exactly one year there, they would be then brought back precisely one year after they had left their own timeline.

Another exclusive gift for the family is the capability of willingly entering Plainsville, shared with none other human beings anywhere, except for a few anomalies here and there. It is their home and, in some way, they always know their way back, no matter how locked the rooms in the asylum are.

Eldritch Magic
Since he is the sole person currently drawing his mana from Plainsville itself, Drake's potential for magic is quite sizeable. It's how he technically can feel everything wrong with the place, even though not properly pinpointing what is the cause of the problems or it's exact origins. His very soul is linked to the place, tied in a knot so he may draw as much as he needs for his many spells. It is believed this was one of the reasons why many of his ancestors went insane, keeping senseless notes and carving bizarre symbols into walls, Drake did get accustomed to the voices quite early, though. Mostly due to his patron.

Patrons, of course, are the ones who shall guide and aid their contracted throughout their lifespan. It's unbeknownst which entity precisely bestowed the family with their powers, but it's known to change the patron of each member of the family to an exact match of the contracted's personality. Multi-eyed beasts, bloodthirsty animals, cursed dolls, they had it all, but for Drake's unorthodox personality amidst so much darkness shrouding his family, his patron took the form of a rather playful and innocent girl, called Charity. It's needless to say they were best friends in a mere moment, and he appreciates her presence moreso than he would permit others to believe.

The entire deal seemed quite gratifying for the family, no? Ridiculously powerful spells at the mere cost of possibly losing your sanity, who wouldn't take up such an offer? Not shady at all. Except, of course, there is a gist to it. Due to the very nature of Plainsville and it's forces, the family's spells have a quite noticeable percentage to go... wild. Even moreso when used within Plainsville itself. After all, no one can expect the singularities of the Ancient Ones to suddenly start spreading orderly spells, can they?

Known Spells
As any good magician, Drake keeps his studies up-to-date, and remembers quite a lot of them on his own. However, ever since the 'golem incident' he has forgotten quite a few of them, scattered in notes not only throughout Plainsville but throughout Britain itself. Still, he is no zero when it comes to combat.

Shadow Ball: A ball of dark flames is invoked midair and fired at a target, it's obsidian flames do not burn as the usual flames would. Instead, upon touching a living target, what they would feel is the chilling touch of death, flames so absurdly cold they could entirely freeze a man in a matter of minutes.

Fear: Upon being cast, people in a radius of 30 ft. hear a guttural yell, not of a human nor of a beast, or perhaps of both. It's a terrifying sensation, sending chill down their spines and striking fear into the heart of even the bravest of men. A blend of suffering, anger, pain and wrath will continuously echo in the minds of others. Drake may choose some people to be unaffected by this.

Blindness: The target is immediately made blind and will remain as such until it can break free of the illusion of darkness or until Drake releases the spell. While affected by it, it would seem as if the person permanently lost his/her vision.

Deafness: The target is immediately made deaf and will remain as such until it can break free of the illusion of noiselessness or until Drake releases the spell. While affected by it, it would seem as if the person permanently lost his/her hearing.

Wall of Horrors: Drake raises an odd-looking mass of pulsating darkness, protruding tendrils, eyes and mouths are randomly scattered in this disgustingly adamant wall of abominations, and it will safeguard whoever is behind it against overpowering blows more than any metallic wall ever could, let alone concrete.

Plague: Drake summons a numerous wave of insects, much akin the Plagues of Egypt, and they will spread out in unison creating an annoying barrage to advance through. He can control where they are going and how exactly they will aid him while they remain in a 100 ft. radius, any further than that and the insects vanish. He cannot choose which critters will come out of it, though, Plainsville itself has the honor of doing so.

Speak with the Dead: Self-explanatory. Drake can talk to any looming soul, no matter how long after their deaths, as long as they are willing to talk.

Hands of the Deep: Drake summons a substantial amount of shadow-looking tentacles that protrude from behind his back, these tendrils have superhuman capabilities and are quite able to devastate whoever stands in their way, much like the monstrosities they take after. Their appearance is indistinguishable from that of a shadow, except for the fact shadows don't lunge towards yourself.

Create Undead: Drake utilizes his unorthodox arcane powers to craft the body of an undead, the appearance and characteristics are as he wishes they are, but it's no stronger than a mere zombie. It can talk with whichever voice he may want, and interact with the world around it, yet keeping it alive costs mana for every minute.

Coming of Time: Drake targets a single person and that person's body, if affected, will be aged substantially until their will broke them free from the spell or Drake releases his grasp. While in an older stage, the body deteriorates quickly and the person has a severe loss of physical capacities, just as old age would give them.

Astral Projection: Drake projects his body into the Astral plane, being able to interact with apparitions not quite often seen by the mundane eyes. It's quite taxing to project his soul into another plane of existence, and leaving his body unprotected in the meantime might not be a bright idea, which is why this is a seldom used spell.

Constrict: Drake summons Eldritch-looking tentacles from the very ground which will attempt to wrap around the target with tremendous might, coiling around the target to make it be still until it can either release itself or be released by the necromancer himself.

Darkness: Drake summons a dark mist that stretches on a 30 ft. radius, any who are caught within it, except for himself, cannot see or hear a thing, they are solely lost in the midst of darkness. The mist dissipates rather quickly, and any who aren't caught within it can, perhaps, make out a shade or two.

Nightmare: Upon being targeted by this spell, you are instantaneously greeted by a terrifying fear from the depths of your very mind. It can interact with you in any means necessary, touch you, make you feel scents or hear it's words, it feels the most realistic possible and your brain believes, no matter how odd, that it is real. It's even more effective if the target is asleep. The only way to escape is either through overcoming the illusion or having the spell cancelled eventually.

Portal of Plainsville: The trademark spell of the Mandrake family, they were often connected and even depicted in ancient art as coming from an abyss filled with terrifying screaming and omionous zephyrs, cutting through reality with protruding feelers, expanding from the pitch-black darkness. Unlike most abstract art these pieces are often confused with, they actually represent a great deal of the truth. Perhaps not the uneasy sensation most feel when seeing it, but the wild shape and ever-gazing eyes always tend to be spot-on. Much like Plainsville, this spell can get Drake anywhere, except it can only move physically and not through periods akin to the Eldritch dimensional playground.

Shadow Rise: Drake's spell to seize the essence of a corpse and turn it into his slave, the quintessential spell for a necromancer. It does not always work, and it very much depends on chance and strength of the being in life. Drake may try three times for a single corpse, if he is denied the three of them, he can no longer tamper with that dead. If he succeeds, however, the risen shall obey his every command as a mindless servant of his powers.

Shadow Empowerment: Drake can sacrifice one of his risen to grant him strength, adding the might of the sacrificed into his own body for a temporary period. It also boosts the regenerative properties of Drake's human body, a much needed perk in his line of work.

Shadow Healing: Instead of spending his mana on spells for himself, Drake may as well spend it on his minions, being able to heal their wounds to guarantee they can still fight and tire the opposition despite the severe wounds inflicted beforehand. This does not function on the living neither does it on other undeads that not his own.

The Risen
Mere husks of they once were whilst alive, Drake's risen assume a quite distinct form when compared to the usual necromantic process. Instead of rotting corpses looming around with their humming and stank, Ezekiel's risen are known as Shadows. A projection of the very being who's essence was captured and turned into a mindless slave, maintaining it's principal characteristics it was recognized by during life. Attire, special abilities, trademark weapon, all of it is maintained as they transition into this new form.

Shadows are incapable of emotion, as well as of speaking, they are simple pawns ordered by their leader to do what they are supposed to. Unlike the usual armies of dead most necromancers use, Durham's approach to the display of his power is much more subtle than most would be led to believe. Hiding within his own shadows, the entirety of his forces remaind until called upon, summoned from their slumber to take the battlefield. These shadows can be harmed by conventional means, and unless affected by the wildness of his magic, will not receive any boon or bane under his spell.

The worth of a Shadow is only equal to the worth of the carcass it left behind.

Squiggle, the Kraken:

The first Shadow risen by Drake after his metamorphosis back into what he had been in the first place, the Kraken from Plainsville's impossible-to-pronounce lake once more stretched it's limbs from the abyss. Properly named Squiggle by Hope, it possesses tremendous power and size, as one of it's kind should. Even though it's obsidian-hued skin and constantly ghastly presence hide the shrieking noises it once made, boasting all it's aggressive glory, the Kraken is still unbelievably strong and nimble, able to survive even on land.

It, however, did not come at small price, as when the spell to rise the being from beyond the grave was cast, Plainsville's wildness instantaneously affected the magic, thankfully not damaging the product, instead giving it humongous postules of air around it's face, which when full can be used to keep the being adrift. They are ominously gray-colored and, according to Drake, fit the name Squiggle flawlessly.
Magic grants power in many distinct ways, and some of those are stored in symbols, engraved on the annals of history, lost to time as they should be, a mere spec of dust carried by ever so gentle breezes into the lives of a few. Drake, despite his rather young-looking appearance, was around during a time where magic was significantly more frequent when compared to the current days, and coming from a family of deranged innovators of such subject, he promptly learnt how to imbue his prowess into words and enchant objects with them. As a child, he learnt the uncanny Eldritch language, not to it's completion, for it was too much for any human brain to ever process, yet basic informations which, when put together, would give the enchanted gear a magical capability it could not have received any other way.

In recent times, though, his repertoire was expanded somehow. Through some unbeknownst method, the most basic knowledge of demonic runes. They follow the same principle of the Eldritch ones, but may carry different properties, most notably the way they are written and some different elements added in the mix.

The extent of Drake's abilities culminate in being able to properly write elements of nature and their derivatives, standard characteristics of an object such as it being visible or not, it being small or tall, it weighing much or not, numerals, time-related concepts (hours, days, weeks, months), emotions and physical characteristics, such as speed or durability of an object.

It's noted that eldritch runes have a better result when exploring the plethora of emotions of a being, whilst the hellish ones add quite a few distinct words into the mix. The word soul is a new discovery, and so are actions such as "absorption", "release", "erasure", "empowerment" and "enprisoning". There is also a rather unorthodox element added to the mix in the way of "hellfire", as well as the newfound humane characteristic "sinner".

How the necromancer puts these words to work is subject solely to his own will.

Much akin to runes, rituals also involve a quite unique symbology, although much more complicated and intrinsically more difficult than the latter. They require items, sometimes, and preparations way beyond that of a mere word or two. These need to be flawlessly inscribed within one's notes or one's mind in order to properly pull them off. Therefore it should come to no surprise the very limited amount of different rites a single magician can perfectly perform on memory alone, usually resorting to texts for guidance. Ezekiel knows only a couple through memories alone.

Rite of Passage: The ritual utilized to ban unruly souls from a plane they are not supposed to do, many times unresolved in this plane, they will attach their very essence into an object or person. A quest for revenge or merely a very strong sentiment not utterly erased, these phantasmal forces can only be banished through defeat or specific rites. The imagery for this is a coursing river and it's two margins, encircled by a perfect, well, circle. A boat facing the right side is drawn and, from a distance, it seems to be shaped like an eye. Tendrils shoot out from the drawn circle, in each of them Eldritch inscriptions are engraved. To complete the passage of a soul to somewhere else, the object of affection must be destroyed, or the person tied to the ghost must offer a droplet of their blood to be cast into a fire.

Rite of the Dead: Unlike his Speak with Dead spell, this rite will bring back a willing spirit from the other side to share his information, it lasts for mere minutes until the soul simply dissipates midair. The symbol for this is a gaping mouth surrounded by stretching hands and desperate eyes. In the center of the mouth, you must write the deceased's full name.

Rite of Protection: A ritual of protection against a specific kind of creature or monstrosity, the symbol for it is a perfect ring drawn not through lines, but through the constant repetition of the same Eldritch sentence. Something along the lines of asking the nameless kings and lords of the deep to keep their infinite eyes wary for enemies. This must be repeated in five circles, equally spaced, and at the very center one must place a part of the creature's body, or parts of diverse creature's bodies. An invisible barrier preventing said things from coming in will then be erected around the outermost ring.

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Re: Ezekiel D. Mandrake III

Post by Drake » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:04 pm

Update 1:

Added Squiggle, the Kraken to Shadows list and the Portal of Plainsville spell I had forgotten.
Drake was feeling just fine again today.

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