Vlad Dracula (not to be conflused with Vlad Dracul)

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Vlad Dracula (not to be conflused with Vlad Dracul)

Post by The Original » Fri Jun 07, 2019 12:28 pm

Irish famine didn't just bring unrest and strife to the hold of Millenium City. It also brought a cur across the ocean, a cur that was at the time a hunted criminal by the strongest force of the time. Vlad Dracula was born in Romania in 1428 to the House of Basarab, the royal family of Wallachia (old name for Romanian principality). No one knows exactly how Vlad the Impaler became a vampire. It's a mystery unsolved. Whatever his means, he led many conquests across Walachia and Europe during his reign, and even suffered defeats at the hands of, the Ottamans and Romans many times. He was the ruler of Valachia for over 300 years before he was eventually forced to flee Europe in 1842, a time of great strife amidst which even dominant clans such as the Aelfrics were annihilated overnight, Vlad managed to escape this cruel fate in a weakened state where his progeny were burned and killed on crosses. It was time for change and Vlad understood he had to evolve if he was to survive in the age of powerful metahuman beings.
Hmph. What was the new world in the face of an unrelenting being whose pride and ego would not let him admit defeat? They forced him to hide and cower in here, and they forced him to flee his home, his principality, but they never managed to erase his name from the annals of history. Everyone knew who he was, what he did, and told his tales. Still, tales did not sate Vlad's quest for control. A title was nothing to him. They were strong, but were they strong enough to defy his undying WILL?

He preyed on the weak and defenseless for decades to come, slowly building up followers in Duskburg, giving them favor and power in return for loyalty. While Dracula slept within his coffin in a dark castle constructed within the marshes, his minions spread out and took control of the hold from its former residents. The unrest that resulted from the Irish famine was in fact of his making in part. His shadowy eyes was upon everything, whether the metahumans realized it or not. The advantage of making a minion out of metahuuman was one of the more profound advantages he gained in this new world.
The forever night is something many see it as a curse. Dracula sees it otherwise. He sees it as a blessing. The forever night in the 1950s allowed the prince of darkness to boost his crime empire, allowing him to settle grudges with enemies and solidify a foothold in Duskburg.

Area's of Vlad Dracula's influence include:
Human Trafficking
Supply Distribution
Night Clubs
You want to know what his powers are?


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