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Llamanati Profiles (Mega Thread)

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 4:03 pm
by lowlaville
Relevant Characters within Llamanati.

ImageClass: Risky
Designation: Khanivore, Beastie, the Soul-less
Origin: Unknown. Khanivore the Beastie was discovered in an ancient Aztech ruin, chained up and on the verge of death.
Age: Estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Likelly older.
Gender: Female
Personality: The anomaly is very friendly when she's not in battle. It's designated as Risky because of how it behaves when it steps into the ring or is compelled to fight. The normally household class anomaly grows into a dangerous risky class.
Powers & Abilities

Khanivore regenerates from even the most fatal wounds received to her. She was once reduced to ash in an experiment conducted by Llama, and it took her an instant to be back to her full self. For this reason, her blood is a useful ingredient in the supplication for a potent health potion supplied to most operatives within Llamanati.


Countless research, some paranormal in nature revealed the anomaly named Khanivore had a second more darker ability, and an explanation for why the ancient civilization might have used her. She did not have a soul, an individuality of her own. Essentially, despite it being a fully functioning body, Khanivore was incapable of intellectual decisions. No matter how many experiments done on her, she was unable to hate her captives, nor was she able to disobey them.

Could she have been a vessel for gods and divine beings? An immortal body that the gods did not disdain, which was clearly superior to human beings. However this was just a theory that Llama came up with, with nothing to back it up.

2. Agent Smith

ImageName: Agent Smith
Age: 33
History: [REDACTED]
Rank: Containment Agent (Security Division)
Clearance Level: L-2 (authorized to handle and use Household anomalies)
Answers to: Administrator (Alpaca)

Re: Llamanati Profiles (Mega Thread)

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 4:26 pm
by lowlaville
Added Agent Smith and Khanivore here.