Commander Grievous

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Commander Grievous

Post by Lord of Nothing » Tue May 21, 2019 12:57 am

"There is little true joy in what I do."
Name: Grievous

Alias: Commander Grevious, Model-192B, Commander of Carnage, The World Ravager

Species: Dakorakk (Xeno)

Age: 3,000

Height: 15 feet when standing fully upright

Weight: 5 tons
Grievous is and always has been a weapon of War.

Eventually however, the synthetic race known as the Dakorakks grew weary of war very quickly. And as a result, the entire race came under one banner. Given time, they were able to progressively create technology that all but eliminated scarcity. The lack of need for resources had all but eliminated the need for large scale warfare and conflicts had become small, personal and in the larger scale of things, all but irrelevant. Soldiers were exchanged for peacekeeper. And in their warring ways, they were put into a merciful sleep where they would dream of peace or dream of battles.


The planet had been very isolated. Indeed, quite like earth, this planet had little no interaction with those planets outside of it. And yet, this small world had managed to create technology capable of expanding empires at an alarming rate. Such a world could, on paper, be attacked with little intergalactic intervention and could easily allow one to spawn an entire empire with only the materials and data required to make one's dreams come true.

Creatures utterly alien to them and far more adept in the ways of war than even their most ancient soldiers had decided to simply take what sat there waiting to be taken. They reaped their technology and took every bit of data they had for themselves, ravaging the world which resisted them. Once they'd what they needed, they did not wish to give the world time to recover. Already, rebellion was rapidly developing the technology needed to engage and so, they saw to it that such a rebellion could never take place.
Their entire world was ultimately exterminated, leaving little in the realm of resistance to ravage them. Unkbenounst to them, there were some who survived. Not scientists, but soldiers. Creatures of combat.

It is left to them to carry sift through the remnants of what once was and perhaps to try to remake it anew.


---To Be Explained in greater detail----

Grevious design makes him like unto a living fighter spacecraft.

Grevious from the beginning, has been a weapon in almost every sense of the word, having been designed from ground up to be a Soldier. Most every feature on his body is designed for combat, from his Cubic Boron Nitride Claws to his very mouth, which is not a means of eating, but a means of emitting powerful blasts of energy. Originally, Grievous was an atmospheric fighter, designed to engaged aircraft.

However, the integration (and arguable improvement) of otherworldly technology has allowed Grievous to become functionally a flying aircraft, no longer relying on gliding or exerting large amounts of energy for flying. Indeed, Grievous can float or however at will while his wings help him maneuver. He gained the ability to control gravity and matter from the all too common reaction-less drive of many spacecraft, enabling him to lift very large and bulky object. His control over magnetic fields allows him to deflect incoming space debris and also enables him a large degree of manipulation of metals and plasma.

Cybernetic Physiology

Carbon Nanotube Musculature

Diamondoid Armor

Boron Nitride Blade

Prehensile Tail

Metamaterial Skin

Mass Effect Field

Electromagnetic Field

Plasma Breath

Bashanipal,The Scholar of the First Sin
Voracious, The Vampire Vagabond
Vas, The Prince of Euphoria
Lethe, The Wild Reaper
Ultra, The Psycho Crusher

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