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The Vessel

Post by ODIN » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:33 am


The Human



Place of Birth






The Shell
"You are free."

The shell of the Vessel is a body of the highest caliber, designed to overcome the limitation of the human body, all while emulating it's greatest attributes. Every aspect of its form has been artificially replaced, all except the organic brain housed within a double-jointed titanium foam skeleton. A skeleton then wrapped in hyperdense supercoiled polymer artificial muscles. Muscles that can effortlessly generate over one million newtons of striking force without wind up. Possessing the power to not only ragdoll most humans, but punch through solid concrete. This powerful frame is then coated in a crosslinked network of polymer and carbon artificial skin. Further infused with Technora fibers, all to give it an extreme resistance to chemicals, heat, and puncture force. This artificial skin has no intrinsic forms of restoration when torn, however, it's the soft polymer-based material will begin to reform when subjected to a chemical bath, allowing for the lost skin to be healed after deployment. While technically cold underneath the polymer lies a temperature control system, allowing it to not only emulate the natural human body temperature but to deaden its heat to avoid heat based scans or thermal imaging. This skin can also detect both pressure and heat with the help of humidity and tactile sensors before translating it into a similar sensation to touch, only suffering to properly translate elements such as texture. Instead, relying on an inbuilt system of recorded textures before echoing them as soon as contact is made in order to give the Vessel the most accurate picture of what he's interacting with. However, while this creates one of the most accurate physical reconstructions of the human body possible, a variety of utilities have been further added on and into it. Including a phased-array optics system of active camouflage, allowing the Vessel to overlay a three-dimensional hologram onto of his artificial skin that appears as a perfect replication of the surrounding environment, regardless of angle or distance. A process that when combined with the temperature suppression renders him virtually undetectable. As well as an adaptable direct access omnitool within both the left and right hand. Using carefully calibrated nanite tipped prongs to reconstruct the tips of the Vessels fingers into basic required tools or connectors. Allowing the Vessel to gain complete access to virtually any form of device, breaking open both it's hardware and software.

While the Vessel doesn't possess the same balance issue as something as massive as the ODIN, within its chest lies a variation of the same IntelliGyro system used in the mechanical titan. However, rather than supporting basic movement, the Vessel's system enables high-speed movement that would be impossible to formulate and maintain without assistance. For instead of using its prediction and analysis to determine where the Vessel should step, it sends that information to several electrodeless plasma ion micro thrusters mounted in several key locations dotted around the Vessel's body. The application of this system is two-fold, both allowing for heightened movement and evasion. As the IntelliGyro and thrusters can be used to counteract gravity for short instances of time, enabling softer decents, rapid low altitude gliding, and short-range propulsion. Yet the ratio of force and time can just as easily be altered to allow for rapid bursts of energy, knocking the Vessel a small distance at immense speed. Useful for both close combat engagement and quickly repositioning oneself. In the end, this combination results in a form of simultaneously fluid yet explosive movement that appears to emulate elements from both Recurrent's Valence Shell and Excelsus' Reactive Countermeasures.


While the Vessel's mind is organic, it has been pushed well beyond the limits of what one could call whole. It has not simply been augmented, rather it has been upgraded. Neurological systems completely removed and replaced with something new. To the point that if they were to be removed, the Vessel's mind would cease to function. Freezing and compressing its consciousness until it could be completely transferred into an artificial mind. Yet while it remains a living organism, it has been elevated to become something more. To make a brain smarter is difficult, something that might require a lifetime to crack, to make a computer faster, is not. Thus the delay of information for the Vessel is negligible, if not virtually instantaneous. Testing shows that the Vessel not only reacts within less than a millisecond of observing an action but is able to thoroughly process and consciously understand before moving. It is for this reason that the Vessel does not "flinch", not because he cannot be surprised or taken off guard, but because his brain does not need to possess an emergency catch-all response to danger. Relying instead on formulated plans of defense or evasion processed at nearly the exact same time the danger occurs. On top of that, the Vessel possesses a myriad of cerebral tools implemented into his brain directly. With features such as frequency hopping communication, high-speed calculators, encrypted file storage and previewer, enhanced optical processing and rangefinders, as well as heavily protected and quarantined access to the internet.



The Multi-Stage Adaptable Handgun, a sleek black weapon designed to look as fluid as it fires. Given to the Vessel by ODIN after completing the initial calibration into his new body, as proof of both fealty sworn, and their common goal. The gun itself holds two functions, commonly denoted as it's close-range neutralizer and long-range decimator. The former of which acts as a high power electro-laser, capable of generating an almost instantaneous beam of ionized air leading from the barrel to its target, before conducting an intense amount of electrical discharge through the air. This variable amount of charge is most often administered in nonlethal dosages, however, it possesses the ability to easily stop the human heart along with frying internal organs before one's brain could process any form of pain. The second function of the gun first requires the gun to undergo a slight transformation. Extending both the stock and barrel along with altering the chamber to hold physical rounds. Before loading in a variation of the extremely vicious radically invasive projectile. Specially designed to rip the target apart from the inside out.

With a propulsion system similar to the MA-HVR's main cannon, the MS-AH's decimator is more akin to a railgun then a rifle. Propelling its package with powerful electromagnetic instead of gunpowder. However, the system is severely scaled down, allowing it to be carried by a single personnel and fired in populated areas without the risk of collateral. For instead of relying on the sheer kinetic force for its damage, the MS-AH utilizes a cluster of one hundred small ball-bearing, all held together into a single round orb by a central magnet while spinning at extreme velocities. A bullet that is then fired silently, and at speeds comparable to high power anti-material rifles. Upon a successful hit, the magnetically separated orb of spinning ball-bearings burrows into its target, the rotational force effortlessly tunneling it's way into the victim, tearing and ripping apart flesh before the magnetic link separates. Instantly repelling the ball-bearings in a wild explosion of shrapnel, not unlike a fragmentation grenade buried within the targets chest. The explosion is quick and brutal, eviscerating the target from the inside out with a visceral detonation that quickly reduces them the several ravaged piles of flesh.

The weapon is also far heavier then it looks would imply, in large part due to how dense the device is. Housing the equivalent of a long-range sniper within the area of a handgun. Even while constructed out of lightweight and durable graphene, the mass requires an uncomfortable amount of force to heft, much less aim. Making it the perfect weapon for the Vessel's enhanced form, and his direct calibration with the weapon allowing for freeform aiming no matter the position of the gun or himself. With an "intuitive" sense of where the tip of the gun is in space and the through triggered firing pin, the Vessel barely needs to consider any elements beyond his target when engaging.
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