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Containment: Behemoth

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Invictus, Latin, invincible. Excelsus, Latin, elevated. Meshindi, African, conqueror.

Three different perspectives of heroism. They each stand for their concept of justice, of peace, of truth and the ideal human. They are names that inspire awe, admiration, and occasionally fear, names belonging to the best-known examples of humanity's greatest achievements, placed before the rest to see. They are principles incarnate, principles held strongly enough that they have clashed more than once in physical combat. They are exemplars, they are mighty, and yet they are men, just like everyone else.

These are, for every intent and purpose, superheroes.
Agent 666
Behema. Hebrew. Animal.

That name carries more weight than its literal translation, of course. Anglicized it's become synonymous with a beast set on earth alongside men. Scholars theorize that it might be the elephant, or the hippopotamus, or even a sauropod dinosaur. A gentle giant, unstoppable, but nonlethal. To others, however, the name has become synonymous with a monster, a beast with incredible healing, draconic scales, and a cold face of bone, with claws and teeth that could each skewer a grown man. In this case, it's made synonymous with the apocalyptic Beast by three digits: 666.

The name, she said, helped with connections. It gave an impression, like any other superhero; it reminded him of his roots, where he was from, why he was doing all of this, who had sent him; and it would leave him open to interpretation, more than a number or a title. It left him open to any interpretation.

What that interpretation is actually going to be, is anyone's guess.

Behold behemoth whom I made with thee,

The Project's Everyman


Reality-bending butterflies, hereditary insanity, and all-healing facewear mark out the Containment Project's other managers as "different" from the outside world, somehow abnormal or outstanding, like the small and secretive Project itself. Perhaps, then, it comes as a relief that at least one of its representatives, stationed in New York City, is for all intents and purposes normal.

Name: Cotta, Isaac

Alias: Agent 666; or more commonly, Behemoth

Occupation: member of the "Containment Project"; otherwise unknown.

Age: 20 y/o

Hair color: blond

Eye color: green

Public History

Close-Quarter Combat Technique
The Behemoth displays an unorthodox form of combat training apparently not based on any one traditional martial art or physically combative sport. The style seems to be highly improvisational, with focus more on attack than defense, with somewhat obvious trust in his armor rather than his own ability to protect himself. It also appears to be aimed primarily toward meta-human opponents, with a freedom of movement that leaves him prepared for a variety of powered attacks. The form is very similar to that observed in [DATA EXPUNGED].

The Emergency Medical Assistance Suit, v3
Despite its pacifistic name, Behemoth's armor is slightly redesigned for combat situations. While maintaining the basic design of Rin Metzger's EMA v2 and softshell properties, the armor has been reinforced with red and black carbon-fiber plating that gives the Behemoth a first line of defense before the softshell armor needs to be activated. The plating is standard, and is only intended to soften blows dealt on his armor.

To be a true superhero, one requires a mask that appropriately conceals his identity. The Behemoth's scratched skull-shaped faceplate is actually part of a more solid helmet, which is connected, conveniently, to his hood. The helmet itself carries most of the machinery behind the functions of the faceplate, and has a playback feature for recordings or communications. The faceplate, however, has far more uses than that. Its mismatched lenses - one completely dark, one glowing red - serve dual purposes. The dark lens records all information the Behemoth takes in visually, for later use. The glowing lens has a variety of features, including heat vision, night vision (which is also found in the dark lens), facial recognition, anatomical scans, and ultraviolet vision, among others. The faceplate is also extremely durable, and any vocal transmissions sent while wearing it are distorted beyond the capabilities of most standard vocal recognition analyses.

While, yes, primarily for dramatic effect, the Behemoth's cape has several properties that the EMA does not. Basically, these properties boil down to being fireproof and waterproof, and durable enough to avoid tearing in meta-torn zones. Other than that, it's definitely just there for the dramatic effect.

Gloves and Boots
Features not included in the original EMA designs are gloves and boots, which would be detrimental to [REDACTED] stealth missions. This is not a problem the Behemoth faces, as most of his assignments are in cape-and-mask regalia. The Behemoth's gloves are designed similarly to the EMA itself, with the addition of retractable, claw-like blades inserted into the fingertips for climbing and combat. His boots are much heavier than the rest of the suit, almost weapons in themselves if he can land a solid kick against an opponent. The weight allows him to brace himself against most surfaces, though it does limit his mobility and speed.


Energy blasts: The white devices that double as guard on the Behemoth's forearms are storage units for energy. He will generally use these to deflect blows, as they absorb the kinetic energy of attacks and convert it into stored power that can be released against an opponent or used as a shield at any time.

Bladed weapons: stored in various pockets in his belt, the Behemoth carries various x-shaped blades on him at almost all times. A pair of these weapons is expandable for use in hand-to-hand fighting; the rest are small, lightweight, designed to be thrown or for close-range stabs to non-metahuman opponents.

Job 40:15

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