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Bran Sunderson

Posted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:22 pm
by Orange

General information:

Name - Bran Sunderson

Age - 830

Alignment - True Neutral

Height - 6'0

Powers, abilities, and equipment: Once upon a time one of the most talented mages of his age he broke with the traditional way of gaining magical knowledge through study, practice and the grace of his lord instead of finding a way to summon entities, not of our reality and making deals with them for power. Unfortunately since his "death" several hundred years ago many of the entities have abandoned their deals with him leaving him severely weakened. He is still very much capable of magic but lacks the power for its most advanced forms. Despite this, he has some of the best education from the 13th century and any knowledge this new body holds. (Please note I will be using a mana system for spells and I may also roll a d20 to affect certain reactions with NPCs)

Staff of the Geas: A powerful staff created a long time ago by the Court of Winter and gifted long ago to a human serving them. Now in Bran's possession, the staff boasts a number of abilities such as being indestructible to a point, serving as a focus for magic increasing a spells potency, a fine melee weapon with its bladed top and finally the true magic of the Staff. The Staff of the Geas is enchanted with a powerful mind control spell known as the Geas runes magical runes are etched into the staff giving it the power to influence people making them see things from Brans point of view. The tip of the blade must tap the area above the heart to cast the spell on the person.

Total mana: 300

Known spells: (Gains more spells and mana with completion of jobs from patrons)

Tentacle grab- A summoned tentacle grabs you and holds you in place. Mana cost: 15

Telepathy- Read minds, protection against physic attacks and communicate with others. Mana cost: 10 per person

Eldritch blast- Blast your opponent with sheer magical force there's nothing more reliable than this or a cheaper offensive tactic. Mana Cost: 5

Disguise self- He changes his appearance to appear as someone else or something else for a time. Mana cost: 10

Darkness- A spell that covers an area in a shroud of darkness. Be careful for the night is dark and full of terrors. Mana cost: 9

Hypnotic lights- Used for a quick distraction or put people into a trance for a quick escape. Mana Cost: 7

Heal- Heal yourself or someone else does not restore limbs or fatigue. Mana cost: 15

Misty step- You conjure some fog that lets you mysteriously disappear allowing you to teleport a short distance away. Mana Cost:25

Magic Stone- You imbue magical force into a stone or object small enough to fit into the palm of your hands and throw it at someone or something. Certain effects can be applied to the stones to affect opponents or objects that are hit with them. Mana cost: 10 per object

Chaos Bolt- A much stronger blast randomly accepting in the chaos that changes the spell fundamentally. Mana cost: 20

I remember the first time they used the word "warlock" to describe me. What was it 600? 800 years ago? I've lost track of time down here in this tomb. For all, I know it could have only been around 20 years but for all the power that I've lost, I could sense the change in humanity it feels as if they've lost the Art altogether as if the magic light that was once inherent in all humans has dimmed. The Council won and our push for change, our little revolution failed and the price was too high. My colleagues are dead none of the others made the deal that would give them immortality which was why the Council trapped me here in my decayed and desiccated body as a seemingly perfect prison. But as all mages do they prepare for the worst, for the time when they will need me or my knowledge. So they stored a piece of my soul in a ring to prevent my escape.

A cold and raspy voice of my one contact over all these years well except for the rats that would occasionally gnaw on my body," Theresssssss another way alllllllll you have to do is askkkkkkkk."

"No the ring will come back someone will return it soon."

There was a pop as somewhere in some far off reality as its jaw probably dislocated again," I ammmmm the oneeeeee who has granted you eternal lifeeeeeeee. I can expel you'reeeeeee soullllllllll for a price. Itssssssss never coming back the mortalssssssssss don't listen they only useeeeeeeeee it to killlllllllllllllll each other."

Once it had finished I heard another pop as it reattached its jaw, "But your the only one left the price is too high."

"Summon the courtsssssssssssssss they remain. You are of no useeeeeeee to meeeeee hereeeeeee thissssss willlllllll be the last timeeeeeee I comeeeeeeeeeee."

I knew the threat it was making but I would lose everything I had left if I accepted the deal. But I don't have the power to free myself only if I had that blasted ring I could I do so. Is it worth the risk?

"Very welllllllll goodbyeeeeeeeeee my young fri..."

I interrupt him before he finishes," I accept break the enchantment please free me from this decayed vessel."

"Excellent choiceeeeeeee my friend," a snap suddenly could be heard echoing throughout the crypt as a gust of wind blew through my body carrying my soul out of the tomb and into the new world. In mere moments I would traverse the globe several times to find the "perfect" body to be my new vessel. Unfortunately, the body I found in a large seemingly abandoned cottage would need a little bit of work but it had that tiny spark of magic waiting to be grown underneath just have to fix the drug problem.

So without delay, I jumped into the man's body and the fight would begin what would only seem like the man convulsing for a couple of minutes was on another level one of the greatest battles you could ever see as I ruthlessly and methodically destroyed his soul in his own mindscape. It shouldn't even be this easy and I've never seen a mind that was so empty before. It almost makes me pity the fool if he already wasn't dead as his dismembered and mangled soul left to be eaten by some demon spawn or some eldritch being and now the body belonged to me. This was my body now.

As I looked around I began to take in how this world had changed wondering how much time I had missed since my imprisonment and now my newfound freedom. This was a question I could not answer myself and I needed to secure myself some new power first. So what would I need to do again to summon a member of the fey courts? The blood of an innocent and some sweets," to the bakery then."

Esca is a pixie assigned to Bran by Mab of the Winter Court to inform her when he finishes a job or contract. As a pixie, she has the ability to fly and has the signature fairy dust that has two uses to put people to sleep or to allow people to fly like her. She also has a wicked bite attack. Esca has died after being shot during the heist at a museum in Chicago when Bran stole a magical staff known as the "Staff of the Gea."

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Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:54 am
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