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The word demon evokes the malevolent, the supernatural. Something violent and terrifying which cannot be understood by the likes of man, diving in from the shadows, a predator from the abyss.

But the original word of the Ancient Greeks, daimon, does not hold the same meaning. The Romans translated it as daemon, though the meaning remained the same - a divine power, an inspiring force originating from within the souls of champions. A mighty confluence of ability and purpose, a complete achievement of potential. A demigod.

Such beings walk the Earth again today. Invictus, Recurrent, Gyras, Akhilleus, Chevron, Noctua, and many others understand, on some level, what it is to become a symbol, to be something more. It was the supers who saved the world, not because they had greater firepower, coordination, or skill, but because they had unlocked something within themselves that allowed them to transcend the beings they once were, to be more.

If there is a superior strategy, then it is to be embraced. The times have changed. It's the Wild West again.

It's no place for a lawman.

It's a place for a superhero.


Name: Arno Johnathan Flint
Occupation: Full-time Superhero
Identity: Secret
Alias: Daemon
Height: 6'1 (Variable)
Weight: 210 lbs. (Variable)
Species: Human
Age: 37
Alignment: The Good
Gender: Male
Base of Operations: HQ-1, New York

Arno J. Flint thought he knew the world. It was a dangerous place, and he felt he had a duty to protect others. That took a few forms throughout his life, his natural aptitudes for problem solving, strategic thinking, and physical exertion carrying him through the police academy around the same time reforms were put in place to deal with emerging super-criminal threats. Though more than capable of thinking on his feet, he chose not to deal with the insanity of metahuman villainy, opting instead to work with Central Intelligence to defend the country from threats abroad.

Disillusioned with CIA work, he moved into private work, working security for companies overseas. He was a deterrent, a guard for high-class business deals, special shipments of classified product designs, and an enforcer of contracts if somebody decided to break a deal. The wild and untamed Third World welcomed him, but there was nothing there for him in the end.

When the Hypercorporation called DETERRENCE revealed itself to the world, he was a natural candidate for command. His experience and dedication allowed him to thrive under the influence of the Security Nation - eventually becoming, without question, its top agent. He had weapons and power he'd never dreamed of wielding, and he put both to good use. Everything happened so fast; he even killed a God.

But something was wrong with the soul of the world. Arno found himself on the side of the devils once again, this time opposing the lunacy of superheroes. His nemesis was Michael Carter, the man called Invictus. Call it providence if you will, but when the world ended a third time, Arno found himself fighting on the side of the Society of Superheroes - his old rivals.

With Deterrence liquidated following their failure to secure the planet (especially compared to their competition, the supers), Arno was faced with a choice - retire, or become something better. Make up for old mistakes, and keep protecting the world.

It was never really a choice at all.

Arno's been through a lot.

Having very nearly died seven times in his life, he possesses an outlook that not many share - not even other masked adventurers, the ranks of whom he has surprisingly joined. There's an intensity to Flint unmatched by most human beings, an energy that puts him in an entirely different class from most "reasonable" people. Having fully embraced the "Wild West" nature of the modern metahuman world, he endorses no standard other than the one he makes for himself, doling out justice in a way only he can.

Now fully autonomous, he approaches problems with a blunt ruthlessness, direct in his methods and brutally frank with his words. However, this outwardly obtuse nature belies a cunning edge that most overlook. Relentlessly perceptive and impossibly driven, Arno's greatest ability is not his battlefield skill or marksmanship, but his frankly insane degree of endurance.

Capable of not only withstanding astronomical pain and pressure, but doing so with a smile, he lives for nothing other than the challenge, dedicated to his project of fulfilling his absolute potential. A tactical mind now bolstered by a complete break from the civilian world, he walks among beings who boast enough power to break Suns, contending with ordinary street crime along with creatures from beyond that would leave even the most experienced fighter dumbfounded.

Proud and aggressive, he retains a commitment to justice, fueled by contempt for evil, refined by exposure to pain and death. With a never-give-up attitude and a fearlessness most could only dream of, Arno has embraced his new role as the Daemon - throwing himself without second thought into harm's way for no reason other than that it's the right thing to do.

Flint's relationships with others are complicated. Having made enemies of the entire superhero community doesn't exactly leave one with many peers. Dismissive and rude to those he has no time for, he works outside the lines, shunning his old command station in favor of solo outings into the most dangerous situations. His only genuine relationship at the moment is a retained friendship with Dr. Eris Rushmore, who procures most of his gear and intelligence.

Arno has abandoned anything resembling a civilian life. He owns a home in Maine, near the Canadian border, though it's purely for relaxation. The cabin is sparse and very small, as nearly all of his pay was donated to various nonprofits; Arno never had any use for stuff. This attitude persists - though sociable, and arguably more talkative than ever, Arno has little time or desire to hang out with normals, dedicating all of his efforts instead to his new occupation.

No rules, no fear.


Arno's physicals are nothing short of Olympian. Contending with enemies who often boast above-human endurance, strength, and speed requires a top-tier physique, and given his dedication to his mission, Arno rises to the challenge. His endurance is optimal, and his ability to withstand pain is impossibly refined. His raw strength and punishing combat skill make him a truly imposing adversary in a one-on-one fight, with both his long reach and tactical mind giving him a tangible advantage over enemies who outclass him on paper. His resistance to injury is superb, even without his armored garb.

Flint is a master user of CQC. When in close-quarters combat, he uses heavy strikes that make use of his strength-enhancing armor. Flint's style involves simultaneous attack and defense, targeting an opponent's most vulnerable points, using simple and easily repeated blows to incapacitate a foe, and incorporating weapons or objects on-hand to improvise and make use of the environment. Manipulating an enemy's weapon and their balance is also key.

Wrist control and weapon control make it possible for Flint to battle enemies wielding exonormal weapons with his bare hands. Adding in the extra strength of gloves and armor makes up-close battle simple. When up against the metahumans, these principles can be applied to a variety of situations. For example, the abnormal blades they often wield can be evaded or caught rather than deflected, then seized to cut through otherwise-impenetrable armor.

The principles of balance and relative weight can be turned to a fighter's advantage when engaging enemies possessing superhuman power. Rolling with blows from super-strong enemies and evading attacks which penetrate or ignore armor is key. By performing advanced holds and attacking a foe where they are most vulnerable, Flint can incapacitate even super-powered foes. Mixing martial arts moves with advanced weaponry and the environment lets Flint successfully and efficiently defeat foes he should stand no chance against. It is very easy to underestimate his effectiveness on account of his "mere" humanity. Flint demonstrated this when he successfully intercepted a planetary-level axe swipe by catching the blade between his hands, then using the principles of balance to hurl his much more powerful foe into a volcano.

Arno now wears a stripped-down ATG Bodysuit, upgraded to be more form-fitting. This special gear lets Arno endure strikes from superhumans. He has been shot, stabbed, launched into the side of a mountain, and dropped from an airplane while wearing this gear, and yet still he can persist. The addition of a special VERSATILITY SHROUD to his costume, designed by Dr. Rushmore, has further enhanced his combat effectiveness. For further information, see Daemon: Gear.

Preparation, misdirection, and prestidigitation make all the difference in a fight against a God. The beings Arno hunts require more than brute physical force to defeat. A combination of guile, strength, and perseverance is necessary. Because of that, nothing can be left on the table - weapons need to be employed. Arno was renowned as a master marksman during his Deterrence days, but that's not because he was particularly good with a gun; it's because he had the skill to load, aim, and fire patiently, without second thought. The same skills translate into the use of all other weapons and gadgets, the accuracy with which he can deploy a tool a holdover from his time spent as a soldier.

Arno has largely abandoned the use of guns for four key reasons. First, guns are bulky, and when dealing with a being that can crack planets, the real damage doesn't come from the projectile, but whatever payload it's delivering. Arno discovered that it's better to focus on miniaturization of explosives and the rapid deployment via precise tools rather than weapons. Second, guns are fragile, and can be damaged when worn on the body. Unlike his new tools, they could not be easily broken down and reassembled during combat, meaning there were chances of them being damaged by enemy attacks - such as that of the Panacea in Detroit, who was defeated not by a gun, but by a tool. Third, guns lack the element of surprise. As an almost universal weapon, even across the universe (as the Decimation revealed) when one is deployed, people know exactly what to anticipate. Fourth, guns are mass-manufactured, which detract from the individualized image Arno conveys as the super-hero Daemon. They would reduce his effectiveness as a symbol - a key element of posthuman combat.

If Arno does use a gun, it's for a specific reason - an edge, if he needs to do something from a distance. A rifle is not uncommon, though handguns have largely been abandoned as outdated. Another advantage presented by compartmentalized gear over a handgun is the ability to transition from holding or throwing a weapon to barehanded combat - something which empirically factors far more into engagements with superhumans than firearms. This has been proven time and again - Invictus or Meshindi provide excellent examples of how foregoing firearms in favor of sheer versatility can present one with an edge.

However, Arno will never neglect a tactical advantage. If an opportunity presents itself, he will readily make use of enemy tools or elements of his environment, field-stripping a foe to turn their weapons on themselves. His skills are further amplified by Deterrence's special tactical edge; he possesses tanglewire, which is indispensable for combating intangible enemies, as well as a predictive combat computer built into his helmet that can turn the tide against foes who move too fast for the human eye to follow. He has made use of a bow to deliver more exotic attacks, such as against Myrmidon, Zephiel, and Surgath.

The key staples of the old Deterrence firearm vault have been broken down and reformatted into ready-at-hand gadgets that can be deployed in an instant. These include thrown explosives, hyper-accelerated homing flechettes, high-powered acoustic weapons, and a compartmentalized laser beam stored in Arno's gauntlet. For a full list of gear, see Daemon: Gear.

Arno is fast. Not only does he hit like a train, he moves like one. The stripped-down Type-1 Exoframe in conjunction with his pseudo-muscle EXCELSUS-1 armor permit him a rate of motion that dwarfs even the most agile human beings. Not only can he exert himself at maximum capacity for hours at a time, he can move with enough speed and grace to effectively battle beings who should by all means destroy him in single combat. His range of motion extends to the vertical axis, a powerful grappling device capable of carrying him high above foes by using the environment. Arno demonstrated the power of the grapple gun in conjunction with heavy armor when he foot-dove the Panacea in Detroit, effectively manufacturing a superhuman-force blow using nothing but the principles of physics and momentum.

Flint's boots and gloves make use of Van der Waals forces to enable him to easily adhere to virtually any surface, even sheer walls and ceilings. The boots' sound-dampening function remains as a holdover from the old design, capable of completely masking the sound of his footsteps when sneaking. When combined with his grappling gun, he can appear to move like little more than a shadow, over any terrain.

Flint can deploy the advanced Versatility Shroud to glide for phenomenal distances. When used in conjunction with a propellant, he can fly through the air at high speeds, the flowing cape on his back growing rigid and permitting him easy navigation through the sky. The cape's miraculously durable nature owes itself somewhat to the design of containment foam, a sample of which was collected from Invictus' attack on Arno in the Birthday Party Incident.

When it comes to longer distances, or a need for heavier firepower, Flint has access to prototype Deterrence Vehicles left behind after the Company went into liquidation. Time will tell if he receives a special SOS Teleportation Watch, which would grant him an unparalleled range of operations. He and Dr. Rushmore are currently attempting to reverse engineer one using data gathered during the Decimation.

Arno's tactical ability is informed by his careful planning and use of technology to amplify his innate human strengths. These include an unparalleled degree of both perception and communication. His specialized computer - a Deterrence WIDGET - can decode most languages, run diagnostics, scan enemies for information, and keep Arno in contact with whoever he needs to speak to...all at once. The Widget can hack targets from a distance by means of radio or acoustic spoofing, as Jason Carpenter showed in Rome.

Arno also possesses a degree of environmental versatility which is difficult to match. His helmet can close, filtering external oxygen if it is poisoned, or, in the event that he should find himself in an anaerobic environment, providing him with his own supply, which is stored in the bodysuit. Arno can survive in the vacuum of space while wearing his armor, the faceplate deploying more than fast enough to seal off the suit. It can withstand temperature extremes, high-class bursts of radiation, and magnetic attack. An aural dampener protects him from the effects of sonic distortion.

The lenses of Flint's helmet are highly advanced, a closed computer-system enhancing his vision in the same manner a Deterrence HUD would. The visor is capable of video-audio recording at the press of a button within Flint's glove, or taking pictures with a rapid series of blinks. The visor protects the his eyes from bright lights, such as his flashbangs, and also boasts a form of night vision enabling him to operate flawlessly in low-light environments. The visor protects his eyes from debris and liquids as well. The helmet has a setting which grants Arno 360° vision, and while utilizing it would be nauseatingly disorienting for any non-practiced user, his newfound experience with the device makes it just as effective as any normal eyesight.

Flint's connection to his Widget, as well as his ability to contact Dr. Rushmore with the push of a button, give him a holistic perspective of any scenario he finds himself in. He can peer through walls, listen to conversations in another room, and more with his gear. After Invictus demonstrated the drawbacks of relying on a battle computer in Solar City, though, he prefers to use direct line-of-sight, unobstructed by a HUD. It activates only on command now, rather than being a passive element of his work.

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