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Post by illirica » Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:13 pm


Name: Madison Meyer
Alias: Diva
Age: 21

Diva is a master of special effects: Lightning, thunder, breaking glass, toppling buildings, sudden inexplicable fireworks for no apparent reason - if it's in a bad action movie somewhere, she can probably pull it off. Her powers work incredibly well on whatever environment she's in, but what they don't seem to be able to do is effect people - at least, not directly. Something about the sapient mind keeps her from being able to toss human beings around like ragdolls - but she can certainly hit them with a ten ton steel girder that just so happened to fall off of a nearby building.

As with most action movies, the laws of physics are more of a suggestion, where Diva's abilities are concerned. Things like gravity and momentum and chemistry all work in an approximate form, but explosions might be bigger than the chemical reactions present would suggest, items may fall at an improbable speed or angle, and the momentum of a speeding vehicle can drop off so it comes to a stop just inches before hitting a baby carriage.

More importantly, her powers get stronger the more attention she gains, so she always wants to be the center of attention. She's not too particular about whether it's positive or negative attention - both work equally well as far as she's concerned. She enjoys playing hero, and if there’s someone to save she’s more than happy to jump in and make a name for herself as a hero - but if there’s nothing going on, it’s entirely likely that she’ll start something just because she’s bored.

She's not particularly durable against people, although for some reason she can catch or push environmental objects like cars or breaking buildings just fine without injuring herself. In combat, she mostly gets by because there's an incredibly high chance of attacks just missing her, or causing only superficial injuries - usually wherever looks dramatic without actually hindering her ability to fight, or simply causing damage to her clothing in a slightly suggestive but still somehow PG-13 manner. She wouldn't want to alienate any audiences, after all.

Diva would love to see some of the Action Comics styled “Hero Team” vibe come to fruition, but she doesn’t know if it’ll ever happen because most of the heroes running around these days just aren’t any fun. Also, she’s not exactly renowned as the world’s best team player, given her propensity to play whichever side looks like the most entertaining.

But it’s possible that with the right allies, Diva could become a more traditionally styled force for good… or for evil. Currently it looks like she's tending more towards evil, because good is boring.
Although a supervillain, Diva still follows a strict code of actions:
- No harm to children, infants, or cute animals. The defenseless should not be harmed.
- The alias is sacred. If she should ever find out the alias of another hero, she would never reveal it, even if it is her nemesis.
- No attacking other supers when they aren't in costume. Going after them in their homes and so on is not done.
- Only nonlethal attacks against underage superheroes. The younger generation needs a chance to learn to be the superheroes and supervillains of tomorrow.

Diva's special effect system also gives her a certain degree of protection while being a supervillain:
- A supervillain cannot be harmed by anyone other than a superhero. Superheroes wear costumes. Diva is essentially invulnerable to anyone who isn't a superhero in costume.
- A supervillain always has time to monologue. Attacks made while she's making a speech tend to miss, unless they happen with particularly dramatic timing.
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Re: Diva

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illirica wrote:
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Nice bio. Cool powers too. ^_^

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