Dr. Rushmore

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Dr. Rushmore

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A Scientist Living her Dream

Skill alone is not enough to challenge the sinister unknown. Only with the proper application of meticulously-engineered technology, the use of applied knowledge to overcome human limitations, can the world be properly protected. Hypercorporation DETERRENCE understands this better than perhaps any military unit alive, pouring endless resources into research and manufacture of cutting-edge tools. A grasp of theoretical science, advanced physics, mechanical engineering, computer programming, and an endless array of mathematical processes are required of the minds which make up their SCIENCE TEAM.

But all groups need leaders to remain focused. A hierarchy needed to be established, and quickly, lest the entire operation collapse. Whether this was mandated by command or suggested by her is unknown. But she's referred to as the most intelligent for a reason. As well as a host of other things, of course...but those things are to be expected from plebeians.

Her name is Dr. Eris Rushmore, self-proclaimed smartest woman alive.

A bold claim, but one she earns more right to with every passing day...


Name: Eris Rushmore
Code name: Keystone
Alias / Titles: "The Quantum Queen," (AAAS Person of the Year title) "Little Boss" (nickname from staff she has no knowledge of)
Identity: Well-known among academics for her myriad papers on quantum physics and advanced engineering.
Occupation: Chief Development Officer of Deterrence
Clearance: Absolute. Eris is one of the highest-ranked members of the organization. She has independent authority to develop her own special projects.
Country of Origin: United States
Education: Significant; Eris Rushmore is a high-level polymath. She has earned several Ph.Ds from an array of top universities.
Age: 40
Height: 5'3
Weight: 93 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Base of Operations: Rig Omega, Deterrence Headquarters, the Caribbean Sea


Eris defines herself by her intelligence, indisputably her strongest quality. She is not merely learned, but possesses a greater capacity for understanding, critical thought, prediction, and information absorption. As a result, she grows distant and aloof around those she feels cannot match up to her speed, particularly in conversations. A natural preoccupation with efficiency and clarity leaves conversations short, unless there's something she wants from the outcome.

She works for Deterrence because they provide her with projects in fully unexplored fields along with a virtually unlimited budget. Her chance to be a pioneer in science that is both difficult, interesting, and significant to the survival of humankind in the face of exonormal threat is exhilarating to her. Capable of throwing herself into her work for days on end, she possesses obsessive tendencies, which happen to be of great utility to both her and the Security Nation. During these "overdrive" periods of time, she produces rapid advancements in her work, often solo.

Eris is committed to rigorously adhering to scientific principles involving safe testing. Conditions are always to be controlled, and protocols followed to the absolute letter. Harshly reprimanding any underling who doesn't meet her standard, she cultivates an image of cold calculated precision, demanding 200% from all employees underneath her. She will use any method necessary to ensure her orders are followed, for the sake of both the safety of her team and for science itself. There will be no accidents.

Eris' personal relationships are complex. Having personally developed the weak AI "Widget" system, Eris proudly uses the prototype original, Widget-1, to aid in her calculations and as a "lab partner" of sorts. She has had no romantic partners or inclinations since her employment at Deterrence, but has dated in the past. Eris' sunglasses, in addition to providing a HUD readout, are worn to obscure her eyes, discouraging personal attachment. Her friendships are purely work-related. Eris is estranged from the remainder of her family, save for her young cousin Baxter, of whom she is the legal guardian following the unexpected death of her sister.


Eris is a slender woman of below-average height. Her hair is white and always kept above shoulder-length for lab safety. Her green eyes are constantly hidden behind a pair of hi-tech tinted sunglasses (her own design) providing her with continual information readouts. Eris' skin is pale. Her posture is controlled, but confident; she moves with poise. Typically, she boasts an earpiece as well, for continual updates from her science squad. Eris chooses to wear makeup when not working in the lab (chemically reactive substances are to be minimized during operations), indulging somewhat in her own appearance. Her lipstick is usually red, to match her massive coat.

Eris' crimson lab coat doubles as a waterproof garment for casual wear, combining the practicalities of science with the sensibility of fashion. Black gloves constantly cover her hands. The coat is somewhat larger than necessary but comfortable, a unisex piece of clothing that was intentionally selected to play down her figure somewhat (she jokes that it's to avoid distracting the workers - but only to Widget). When outside the laboratory, Eris usually wears high heels to equalize her height somewhat, which is a sore subject and never to be mentioned.



Simply put, Eris Rushmore is a genius. Her brain appears to be unusually neuroplastic, and while not a metahuman in any observable regard, she appears to have the potential to be about as intelligent as a 21st Century human being can be. Her memory is exceptionally powerful, and while not perfectly eidetic, she is capable of retaining vast quantities of complex information at a time. The use of cognitive strategies, RFR training, and daily stimulation of the mind has further improved her mental ability. Beyond this impressive capacity for memorizing information, she can put the knowledge to use just as easily, conceiving of and solving complicated mathematical problems, for example, casually.

Eris' neuroplasticity enables her to specialize in specific fields for prolonged periods; she focused on quantum physics for her dissertation, for instance, and then moved on to complex weak AI, developing the Widget system for Deterrence. So far, analysis is inconclusive on what exactly led her to possess this outstanding ability, and efforts have been made to replicate it in test subjects. These attempts, so far, have been unsuccessful.

Eris is fluent in a number of languages, including English, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and American Sign Language. She is also adept at the use of digital language - coding. Having personally written the foundation for Deterrence's Widget mainframe, she is more than familiar with computer science, data manipulation, and hacking. Her ability to pick up new skills has been described as fully intuitive; with practice, she can become proficient at nearly any activity. However, retention of past knowledge may suffer as she internalizes and focuses on new information, a natural limitation of her nonetheless stunning intellect.

Eris' intelligence extends to field work as well. She personally oversees the development, construction, and initial deployment of new gear, vehicles, armor, and secret projects, such as the enormous, lumbering Anthro Gear. In theory, she has both the authorization and the know-how to operate all of this technology, at least on a basic level.


Like all vital personnel of Deterrence, Eris underwent repeated RFR training, which stands for Rejecting False Reality. Given her high intelligence and above-average neuroplasticity, she took to the training well, demonstrating the ability to reject the effects of debilitating drugs, hypnosis, illusions, and telepathic intrusion. Though hers is less combat-oriented than the sort undergone by Agents, Eris' RFR abilities enable her to resist direct interference with her subjective experience of reality, including but not limited to soul-manipulation, mental distortion or mind-reading, and induced illusions.

Those who have undergone RFR conditioning are better equipped to cope with pain of all kinds, including loneliness.

Given the potentially dangerous nature of her employment, Eris possesses a rudimentary level of training in personal self-defense. While no match for any trained close-quarters fighter, she has a grasp of the basic principles of melee combat, enough to surprise a threat at close range and possibly escape. The use of improvised weapons and strikes against an attacker's weak spots, such as the eyes, joints, and privates, all contribute to an at least rudimentary level of personal security.

Though by no means a proficient markswoman, Eris was given basic firearm safety training and is authorized to wield small-arms equipment, such as her hold-out handgun.



Eris' ever-present red lab-coat boasts a few properties beyond those which are readily apparent. In addition to being chemically non-reactive and radiation-shielded (as is common to labwear for high-tech scientific experimentation), it is lined with anti-ballistic NNF gel, essentially boasting the same resilience to harm as a standard bulletproof vest. The coat's deep pockets conceal other gear as well, often miniaturized and / or compartmentalized for easy carrying.

Eris' sunglasses boast Third Eye technology specially configured for scientific analysis. The readouts connect her to Deterrence command, updating her on the status of projects as well as keeping her informed about the nature of those who work under her. A holo-HUD projected on the lens in conjunction with the weak AI of Widget-1 (always present in a pocket) gives her access to a miniaturized supercomputer at all times.

Though officially non-combat personnel, she anticipates situations in which she may be in harm's way, and as such packs some self-defense tech at all times. She carries a silenced micro-PKD variant, easily palmed, and equipped with a reinforced barrel capable of firing high-velocity shots. Her gloves contain charges which can deliver a powerful electric shock on touch, enough to induce heart failure in even highly-durable foes. Finally, a stretchable anti-gas hood can be deployed from the back collar, protecting her from airborne hazard. This works in conjunction with an experimental nano-aerosol which can be released from her coat to target a foe's internals directly upon being breathed in.

Eris carries Deterrence MedGel at all times, a precaution for hazardous experiments.



A small contingent of composed of both Deterrence infantrymen who scored "outstanding" on intelligence evaluations and recruited engineers who developed combat aptitude, this elite group serves directly under Eris' command, equipping distinctive yellow hazard suits while providing security on Rig Omega, the science center of Deterrence's floating society. Given that they often engage with the profoundly weird, their armaments and defenses are suited to combating a wide array of enemies, though flamethrowers feature prominently in their arsenal.

As Deterrence infantry, wear modified ATG Body Armor, typically paired with FRAME Type-1 basic exoskeletons to aid in dexterity, load-lifting, and physical power. They have access to Deterrence's entire arsenal of firearms. Their familiarity with the more technical aspects of both their own gear and the enemies they face make them significantly more effective in combat, a higher order of infantry than the standard fighter of the Security Nation.

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